Series  New 52
Number  10
Writer  Grant Morrison
Pencilers  Rags Morales
Colors  Brad Anderson
Lettering  Pat Brousseau
Publication Date  June 06, 2012
Lana Lang's comic appearance 
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Action Comic #10 is the 10th issue of superman's action comic in the new 52. Lana did not make a character appearance in this issue, she did however appear in a photograph.


CLARK KENT is DEAD!The three-part ACTION COMICS summer event storyline begins here! New villain NIMROD THE HUNTER is on SUPERMAN’S trail! He’s killed every living thing he’s ever tracked – but he’s never killed an ALIEN!

Lana in-storyEdit

While killing time before an important job interview with Perry White, Clark, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen hang out in Clark's apartment. Jimmy goes through Clark's photo albums, and becomes excited when he spots a photo of Lana Lang in her prom dress. Very jealous, Lois snarkly begins asking about Clark's past with Lana, but Clark is distracted by something else. He's been sifting through Lois' Superman scrapbook, which documents some of his earliest appearances. He is surprised to discover news of certain Superman sightings that predate his official appearances.