"Superman at the End of Days"
Series  New 52
Number  15
Writer  Grant Morrison
Pencilers  Brad Walker, Rags Morales
Colors  Brad Anderson
Lettering  Steve Wands
Publication Date  December 5 2012
Lana Lang's comic appearance 
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Action Comic #15 is the 15th issue of superman's action comic in the new 52. Also, Action Comics #15 is Lana's first cover appearance in the 'New 52'!


In Action Comics #15, Superman has to face trial. It's not going to be easy for him if the jury is the Anti-Superman Army, a super villain team that hates Superman.

Lana in-storyEdit

On the night of the senior prom, Clark Kent waited behind while his father helped a salesman with his engine. In the meantime, Ma Kent encouraged young Clark's relationship with their young neighbour Lana Lang, who had gone to the dance ahead of them. Soon, Pa finished helping the salesman with his car. That salesman was Lord Vyndktvx.

Later, as Lana and Clark danced together happily, they were interrupted by the police, reporting that Clark's parents had been killed in a car accident.



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