Earth-One Item
General Information
Status: Erased
Origin: An Alien gave it to Lana
Physical Description
Type: Power granting device
Usage Information
Possessed by:
Used by:
Used on:
  • Oneself
Used for:
  • Transformation and Flight
Media Information
First Appearance: "Superboy #124"

Bio-Ring the infamous alien Bio-Ring which gives the Insect Queen her power to turn into any insect or arachnid and the power of winged flight. Only Three people have worn it.


The Bio-Ring is a mysterious alien device which allows the user to assume an insect form of choice. Lana Lang received the ring as gratitude for saving an alien insect who was stuck under a fallen tree. The alien did not tell her what the ring can do he figured she would find out herself. Eventually later that night Lana heard something coming from downstairs in her house. it was so dark that she said she wishes she could see.

In an instant she grew a firefly's abdomen and the room was brightly lit. She then saw what the ruckus was it was a burglar trying to break in. The burglar ran away in fear after seeing what happened. Lana then tried to use the ring again but nothing would happen. The next few days she figured out how to use it simply by asking it to help her. After hearing her teacher compliment her on finishing her after school assignment, Lana then went home and made a costume out of rubber material, and became the Insect Queen.

Users Of The Bio RingEdit

Lana Lang was the first to posses the alien Bio-Genetic Ring.(Superboy, Issue 124).

Lois Lane, used it in Girlfriend Lois Lane #69.

Velvet O'Mara, stole it from Lois in Girlfriend Lois Lane Issue 69, and tried to kill Superman by turning into Kryptonian Insects.