Bizarro (Smallville)
Biographical Information
  • Smallville Universe
  • Deceased
Cause of Death:
Romantic Exes:
Superhuman Characteristics
Powers and abilities:
  • Demonstrated: Super strength, super speed, flight, heat vision, super hearing, X-ray vision, invulnerability, healing factor, kryptonite absorption, genetic memory
Media Information
Portrayed by: Tom Welling
First appearance: Zod
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I love you.
Bizarro's last words to Lana in Persona.

Bizarro, or Bizarro Clark, was the last and possibly most dangerous Phantom wraith that escaped from the Phantom Zone (a kryptonians prison). He was accidentally created in a laboratory on Krypton, and was later discarded and sent to the Kryptonian prison by Jor-El and Martian Manhunter.


After returning back to Smallville he found Clark gone, and devised a plan take over Clark's life and managed to avoid suspicion from all of Clark's friends.

When Bizarro told Lana that he wanted to help take Lex down, Lana revealed to him her lab at the Isis Foundation where she was attempting to care for a woman named Casey Brock, who had been poisoned by Brainiac. Bizarro recognized that Brock was speaking Kryptonian and sought out Chloe Sullivan's help to translate it, coincidentally saving her and Jimmy Olsen from an explosive device. Together, they learned that Brainiac was attempting to reboot itself.

Bizarro tracked down Brainiac to ask him for a way to live under the sun and take Clark's place permanently. Brainiac was too weak to help him, but divulged that a Kryptonian scientist named Dax-Ur, who could be located with a shield, could help. Bizarro went to the Fortress of Solitude to look for the shield and alerted Jor-El to his presence, which led to Clark being freed from his icy imprisonment to put a stop to his lookalike's plan. Bizarro again asked Chloe for help, but his behavior made her question if he was really Clark; she was proven correct when Clark returned. Lana was also informed of Bizarro's charade and was shocked to realize that she had been living with an impostor for over a month.

Lana discovers that in fact it was Bizarro and not Clark. Persona

However, Brainiac was using both Bizarro and Clark to locate Dax-Ur for himself. While posing as Lionel Luthor, Brainiac told Clark that he could acquire a supply of blue kryptonite from Dax-Ur and use it to destroy Bizarro. Meanwhile, Bizarro followed Lana to Oliver Queen's apartment, and Lana called Clark for help when she saw Bizarro's true appearance in sunlight.

Clark arrived, but was powerless once he opened the lead box containing the blue kryptonite; as such, he was left unable to get close enough to Bizarro to defeat him. Finally, Lana declared her love for Bizarro, which lowered his guard long enough for her to place the blue krytonite in his hand. Shortly before exploding, Bizarro then reciprocated Lana's feelings.