Blue Krytonite
Smallville-Earth Item
General Information
Status: Existing
Origin: Krypton
Physical Description
Type: Meteor Rock
Color: Blue
Usage Information
Used by:
  • Various
Used on:
Used for:
  • Suppresses Kryptonian powers, making them vulnerable like a mortal. Also appears to contribute to human health.
Media Information
First Appearance: "Blue"

Blue kryptonite is a mineral from the planet Krypton that, while a Kryptonian is in close proximity, temporarily removes the powers and abilities that Kryptonians receive under a yellow sun. After the meteor shower, blue kryptonite has been found in relatively abundant quantities on Earth.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Effect on Kryptonians

Blue kryptonite suppresses Kryptonians' power and abilities under a yellow sun, making them essentially human and without any superpowers.

When part of a bullet, blue kryptonite can also temporarily suppress a Kryptonian's invulnerability long enough to leave a tracking code on his or her skin.[1]

As a result, Kryptonians under the influence of blue kryptonite are immune to the crippling effects of green kryptonite radiation. [2]

Despite the fact that this stone removes their abilities, Clark has proven on numerous occasions to have retained some body resistance while under its influence (one could attribute this to his naturally high-density Kryptonian physiology. [3]

Effect on Bizarro
Blue kryptonite's effects on Bizarro.

Blue kryptonite has the opposite effect on Bizarro; reflecting the inverted nature of his body's ability to process energy, rather than removing his powers, it overloads his body with power, causing him to explode, compared to attempting to power a lightbulb with a nuclear reactor.

Effect on humans and environments

It also purifies water and makes crops grow even in the harshest of environments and humans, by ingesting it, become perfectly healthy, giving off its radiation.


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