Carter Bowfry
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  • Smallville Universe
  • Alive
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Portrayed by: Ted Whittall
First appearance: Power
Oh, poor, poor, pitiful you. How long have you been feeling sorry for yourself? Let me guess. Your entire life.
Carter Bowfry to Lana Lang in Power.

Carter Bowfry (of Smallville-Earth), is a former military man and Tess Mercer's former Strategic Adviser. He trained Lana Lang to fight her demons and ignore pain and torture.


Carter was involved in the military, training soldiers and Green Berets to ignore pain and torture so that when captured they were less likely to release information.

I am not training you to be LIKE someone else. I'm training you to be Lana Lang. Rise from the ashes of your previous life. Stronger. More Powerful. Fearless.....It's time to rise.
Carter Bowfry to Power.

Carter met with Lana who she came to train in ignoring pain and torture. Carter dismissed Lana at first claiming that she would not be able to handle it but she assured him that it was in the worlds best interests. He began training her and at first she couldn't handle it with Carter provoking her to succeed. He trained her for 7 months in which she learned to ignore pain which made her a more formidable human. She however thrived more power and so left Carter but he wanted to help so he got a job as Tess Mercer's strategic adviser providing Lana with inside information on LuthorCorp.

Later, he was confronted by Clark Kent who was looking for a missing Lana and he told him of how he met Lana and how he trained her.