Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)
Biographical Information
  • Smallville Universe
  • Alive
  • Married
  • Watchtower (former)
  • Starcity
  • Journalist for the Star City Register
Other notable relatives:
Romantic Exes:
  • Henry "Jimmy" Olsen (ex-husband) †
Media Information
Portrayed by: Allison Mack
First appearance: Pilot
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Chloe Sullivan is a journalist for the Star City Register and Oliver Queen's wife. Chloe is one of the only two female leads (the other being Tess Mercer) of who have killed somebody in cold-blood (her victim was a metahuman named Sebastian Kane). Her husband, another cold-blooded murder, once used this act to blackmail her into keeping quite about his intentions to blow up Lex Luthor (which he succeeded in doing).


She was introduced as one of Clark Kents best friends. She was born in Metropolis but moved with her father to Smallville after her parents divorce. At the High School she formed a strong friendship with Pete Ross and Lana Lang. In her senior year, she figured out Clarks Power and later she became his "sidekick". She went to college and later became a reporter for the Daily Planet. After her second year as a reporter, Chloe met Henry "Jimmy" Olsen again. Both know each other since their internship at the Planet, back in High School. They became a couple again but it wasn't easy for both of them. Chloe tried to keep Clarks secret from Jimmy and he was jealous about him. Their on and off relationship ended with a marriage but after the wedding, Jimmy was wounded by Doomsday. After he came back from a hospital in Star City, they broke up again. Jimmy couldn't trust Chloe anymore. A few weeks later, Jimmy figured out Clarks powers by himself and they get back together but quickly after their "first" kiss, Jimmy was killed by Doomsday.

After his death, Chloe threw herself into her role as the Watchtower of the Justice League of America. Soon after, Chloe and Green Arrow began a relationship but it ended disastrous. Oliver was kidnapped by the Suicide Squad. After Chloe put on the Helmet of Fate of the deceased Doctor Fate, she contacted the Suicide Squad and took the place of Oliver. Chloe was gone for months and she also tried to erase her own past. Later Chloe came back and was accidentally married to Oliver. They didn't cancle their marriage and moved to Star City, where she began to work as a reporter again. After the arrival of Apokolips, Chloe came back to Metropolis to help Clark in his finale fight against Darkseid.