Daily Planet
Daily Planet
General Information
Status: Operational
Character Affiliations
  • Clark Kent
  • Lana Lang
  • Perry White
  • Jimmy Olsen
  • Lois Lane
Media Information
First Appearance: "Action Comics #23"

Metropolis' premiere newspaper. Run by Editor-in-Chief, Perry White.


Silver Age (Earth-One)Edit

Lobby of the Daily Planet

Founded around 1861, the Daily Planet began life as The Daily Star, a newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio. Editor George Taylor grew the paper to be an international journalism powerhouse before relocating the paper's offices to Metropolis. That same year he left the Daily Planet and was replaced by Perry White, the Daily Planet's longest running editor to date.

By the time of its Centennial Celebration, the Daily Planet had branch offices in London and Paris. The Daily Planet staff were considered to be some of the finest reporters in the business.

In 1971, the Galaxy Broadcasting System bought The Daily Planet and folded the staff into it's TV News division, WGBS

Among the changes were, replacing the iconic globe atop the Daily Planet building with a TV tower, Morgan Edge replacing Perry White as the News Director, and moving Clark Kent to roving reporter. For Kent's new job he was given a 'mobile TV studio' truck equipped with cameras with telephoto lenses, remote pick-up microphones and live radar.

Eventually Clark Kent becomes the nightly news anchor with Lana Lang as his co-host.

Mordern Age (New Earth)Edit

After being relentlessly headhunted by Perry White, Lana Lang finally joined the staff at the planet as their Business Editor.

Smallville UniverseEdit

Lana and Clark on the rooftop.

Lana contacted Clark via his super hearing and asked him to meet her on the roof. Lana told him he didn't have to worry about her any more because she could protect herself using Project Prometheus, and would no longer be a distraction to him. They passionately kissed. (Power)

Later, Clark and Lana were separated permanently by Lex Luthor, who forced Lana to absorb kryptonite into her Project Prometheus supersuit. (Requiem)