Disciples of Zod
Biographical Information
  • Smallville Universe
  • Aethyr (Alive)
  • Nam-Ek (Deceased)
Cause of Death:
  • Nam-Ek was killed by Raya.
Media Information
Portrayed by: Alana de la Garza & Leonard Roberts
First appearance: Arrival

The disciples of Zod! They must be stopped!
Lionel Luthor to Lana.
You are referring to the people from the spaceship?
Lana to Lionel.

The Disciples of Zod (of Smallville-Earth), were two Kryptonians loyal to General Zod. They arrived on Earth in the Black Ship during the 2005 meteor shower, intent on finding Kal-El/Clark Kent and forcing him to free Zod from the Phantom Zone (a Kryptonian prison).


The Black ship landed in Smallville along with a meteor shower and the two emerged from the ship. They traversed Smallville in search of Clark, leaving a trail of destruction and brutality in their wake. The two believed themselves the last survivors of Krypton and wished Clark to join them in making earth into a new Kryptonian paradise. Clark rejected their violent ways and in the ensuing confrontation, both Aethyr and Nam-Ek were forced into a portal to the Phantom Zone by Clark.

Months later, when Clark was exiled to the Zone, the two disciples confronted him, seeking revenge for their imprisonment. The two wished to execute him immediately, but Raya's quick witted deception convinced the two that he could free them from the Zone. At the last moment she betrayed them, slicing open Nam-Ek's throat and killing him. Aethyr was last seen stabbing Raya the instant before Kal-El triggered the escape portal from the Zone. Whether she remained in the Zone, despite Raya escaping, or landed somewhere on Earth wasn't revealed. Over a year later, Jor-El said that Bizarro was indeed the final Phantom/Zoner to be dealt with, indirectly confirming Aethyr was left in the Zone.