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Bullets bouncing off Clark.
Invulnerability is the ability to be impervious to harm and impact wherein most cases beings with this ability are also immune to all diseases and ailments. Kryptonians have this power, among others, while under Earth's Yellow Sun they are even invulnerable after death with only Kryptonite able to pierce their skin. Some Metahumans and other alien species also have varying degrees of invulnerability. This ability is possessed by very few beings, making it a rare power.

Prime Earth Lana Lang and Smallville Earth Lana Lang both possess this power. Their invulnerability is comparable to that of Superman.

List of usersEdit

This list features users from a number of different universe


  • Clark Kent – Clark's invulnerability has grown stronger over the years he has spent on Earth, to the point where he is now almost fully indestructible. When he was younger, he could walk through fire and come out unharmed, his body was unaffected by warm and cold temperatures.
  • Brainiac - Brainiac is highly durable but not as much as Kryptonians.
  • General Zod – Demonstrated invulnerability when he took over Lex Luthor's body after being freed from the Phantom Zone.
  • Jor-El – When Jor-El came to Earth in 1961, he showed invulnerability when Lachlan Luthor tried to shoot him.
  • Bizarro – Has shown invulnerability on a level comparable to Clark's, having taken his DNA and created a complete duplicate of Clark.
  • Lana Lang – Gains invulnerability after having the prometheus powersuit grafted to her body. First demonstrated in (Power).
Lana breaking through glass & catching a bullet with her bear hand, without getting injured.