Kristin Kreuk
Cast Member
Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Birthdate: December 30, 1982
Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Media Information
Portrays: Lana Lang

Kristin Laura Kreuk is a Canadian actress and executive producer, best known for her roles as Lana Lang in the Superman-inspired television series Smallville. The gorgeous and talented Kristin Kreuk played Lana Lang from October 16 2001 to February 5, 2009 (8 seasons).

Kristin Kreuk-Lana Lang Fun Facts:Edit

  • Kristin Kreuk and Annette O'Toole, who played Lana Lang in the film "Superman III," costarred together in the TV Series "Smallville" (Annette O’Toole played Martha Kent).
  • Kristin Kreuk and Bunny Henning who played Lana in the 1961 TV pilot “The Adventures of Superboy”, were both 18 years old when they were cast to play Lana Lang.
  • Brandon Routh who played Superman in the film "Superman Returns" and Kristin appeared in the same episode on the TV series Chuck (Episode: “Chuck vs. The Mask”).
  • Shawn Ashmore, who played a freak-of-the-week (Eric Summers) on 'Smallville', also co-starred with Kristin Kreuk in the TV mini-series "Earthsea". His twin brother, Aaron also appeared on 'Smallville' alongside Kristin playing Jimmy Olsen.
  • Actor Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) auditioned for the role of Clark Kent on "Smallville," which would have paired him romantically with Kristin Kreuk’s character Lana Lang. He was obviously destined to play Lana’s love interest because just a few years later he was cast as Lana’s boyfriend Jason Teague during the show’s fourth season.
  • Brandon Routh also auditioned for the role of Clark Kent on "Smallville", which eventually went to Tom Welling. Brandon went on to play “Supmerman” in the film "Superman Returns." He then of course appeared on the same show as Kristin (Chuck).
  • There is a Clark and Lana reference during an episode of "Chuck" (“Chuck vs. The Mask”):

Hannah: “That is (your ex-girlfriend Sarah)…right? Any idea what she is doing here? Other than making you jealous with that ridiculously good looking date of hers.” [Brandon Routh appears on screen]Chuck: “Ridiculously good…him? Him? Yeah, if you're into the strong ‘Supermany’ type of a guy.” *wink*

  • Kristin Kreuk and Faye Dunaway who played the evil villain Selena in the film "Supergirl", appeared together in a Hill Zaini music video. Supergirl and Lana Lang share a lot of history together in the comics.

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