Lana absorbing kryptonite.

Kryptonite absorption refers to ones ability to absorb kryptonite radiation. This power was only featured on Smallville-Earth.

List of kryptonite absorption users
  • Lana Lang: Besides granting her powers similar to Bizarro and Clark, Lana's prometheus powersuit also allows her to absorb the radiation of Green kryptonite into in, and not into her body, which is why unlike Bizarro, she can not/does not metabolize it. Unfortunately, this also leaves the suit/her nano-skin irradiated.
  • Bizarro: The imperfect duplication of Clark's powers gave Bizarro the ability to absorb and metabolize the radiation of Green kryptonite in the same manner that normal Kryptonians absorb yellow sunlight. The metabolization of kryptonite is probably a continous process rather than an abrupt one, given the fact that Bizarro's flesh appeared green after absorbing large amounts of green kryptonite.
Bizarro absorbing kryptonite.

Bizarro showed himself capable of absorbing massive amounts of this radiation which, one can assume, fuelled his powers in a similar way to how Solar energy fuelled Clark's. Nevertheless, the energy absorption was depicted as somewhat overwhelming for Bizarro in contrast to Clark's harmless absorption of yellow sunlight. Furthermore, the absorption process seems to require a certain proximity to kryptonite but no direct contact.