Lana Lang (Batman:TDKR)
Biographical Information
  • Batman:The Dark Knight Returns
Media Information
Portrayed by: Paget Brewster

Lana is an overweight, middle-aged woman, and The Daily Planet's managing editor. Over the course of the story, she becomes Batman's (Bruce Wayne) most outspoken supporter, appearing in a series of TV debates on a show called Point vs Point in which she and Morrie argue over Batman's methods and influence.

Towards the very end of the story, Bruce fakes his death. Lana and Clark Kent/Superman are both seen in attendance at his funeral. As Clark leaves Wayne's funeral he gives Kelley (a female robin) a knowing wink after noticing a faint heartbeat.

Note:(In the current DC Multiverse, the events of The Dark Knight Returns and its associated titles are designated to occur on Earth-31.)



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