Lana Lang (Superboy:TV Series)
Biographical Information
  • Superboy TV Universe
  • Alive
  • Florida
  • Lana is a skilled investigator
  • Clark Kent
Media Information
Portrayed by: Stacy Haiduk
First appearance: Superboy (TV Series)
I don't know who you are, or where you came from, but thank you.
Lana Lang to Superboy.

When Clark and Lana reach Shuster, they quickly adapt to college life. Clark settles in with his roommate T.J. White, who is the son of Perry White, editor-in-chief for the Daily Planet in Metropolis. T.J. quickly becomes a friend to both Clark and Lana.

Just weeks later, Superboy goes into action again. A group of terrorists steals a powerful laser weapon created by the government. They plan to use it on the space shuttle for sabotage. While they steal the weapon, Lana interferes and is kidnapped by the crazed leader of the group. Superboy intervenes and goes after Lana and the laser. When Lana is taken up in a helicopter, Superboy flies after her. The terrorist leader sees Superboy and pushes Lana out of the helicopter toward certain doom. Superboy comes to her rescue for the first time. "I don't know who you are, or where you came from, but thank you." are Lana's first words to Clark in his Superboy persona. When Superboy flies off leaving Lana with T.J., Lana notices something. "Does he remind you of somebody?" she asks T.J. Superboy catches the terrorists and returns the laser to the government.

Clark and Lana went through some big changes when they were sent to intern at a place called the Bureau for Extra-Normal matters, an organization that investigates strange occurences and the paranormal. They met and became friends with Matt Ritter, a co-worker at the Bureau. They also met C. Dennis Jackson, their boss, who is hard on them all time, but only because he wants them to succeed.



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