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Lana Lang is a fictional supporting character in DC Comics' Superman series. Created by writer Bill Finger and artist John Sikela, the character first appears in Superboy #10 (September/October 1950). Across decades of Superman comics and adaptations into other media, Lana has most consistently been depicted as Superman's teenage romantic interest growing up in Smallville; as an adult, she is a close friend of Superman in his civilian identity as Clark Kent.

In the Silver Age, Lana regularly appeared in comic books depicting the adventures of Superman's teenaged self, Superboy, and also appeared as an adult in numerous Superman titles, vying with Lois Lane for his attention. In modern revisions to DC Comics continuity, she and Clark are shown to have remained close friends since their teenage years. The precise story varies across differing revisions of Superman's origin story. For example, in Superman: Secret Origin, Lana becomes privy to Clark's unusual abilities at an early age and becomes his earliest confidant outside of his parents and the futuristic Legion of Super-Heroes. In the current comic continuity, Lana became the superheroine known as Superwoman.

The character was ranked 91st in Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Sexiest Women in Comics" list.

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Teenage Lana


In 2011, DC rebooted their mainstream comic book reality/continuity and started a new one on the newly created Prime Earth.

Lana Lang was introduced in this new continuity in Action Comic #6, in 2012. Interestly enough, the core elements of Lana and Clark's relationship in Smallville has not changed. She was a childhood friend of Clark and has been privy to Clark's unusual abilities from an early age. She grew up to became the superheroine Superwoman.

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The Girl Next Door~ Clark has loved Lana Lang since he was five years old, recognizing within her a kindred, gentle spirit. But she is always far more than the beautiful girl of his dreams. She becomes a true, loyal friend to the boy hero even as their romantic feelings continue to deepen. His constant, patient love inspires Lana in her darkest hours, ultimately leading her to becoming a strong heroine in her own right, dedicated to upholding justice, just like her beloved. She, in turn, is "part of the reason" he becomes the hero the world will one day know as Superman- for she helped him realize what it truly means to love. Read more of this article

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Clark's Dream Wife

First appearing in "Action Comic #6" in DC's "The New 52", Lana Lang of Prime Earth is revealed to be not only Clark's childhood friend but also his dream wife.

What makes this revelation even more intriguing is the fact that Superman is dating Wonder Woman and lusting after Lois. However, in his most private fantasies he's married not to Lois or Diana, but to Lana.

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Super speed

Super speed is the ability to move at superhuman speeds, often only appearing as a blur to others.

Super speed is Lana's favorite and most frequently used power. It's also the power she finds easiest to control and use.

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Lana to Carter Bowfry in Power.

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Lana is Superwoman.
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