Laura Lang
Biographical Information
  • Smallville Universe
  • Deceased
Cause of Death:
  • Killed by a meteor
  • Married
Other notable relatives:
Media Information
First appearance: Pilot

Laura Lang (nee Potter) (1959-1989) (of Smallville-Earth), was Lana Lang's mother. She was the sister of Eleanore "Nell" Potter.


Lewis and Laura before they died.

She was once involved with Henry Small and while separated from her husband Lewis, conceived a child with him, Lana. However, their affair ended when she and Lewis reconciled. When the 1989 meteor shower hit, she and Lewis were coming back from the homecoming game. They were struck by a meteor and killed right in front of Nell's and three-year-old Lana's eyes.

Lana found her mother's diary and learned that much like Lana herself, Laura Lang had hated cheerleading and dreamed of leaving Smallville. Nell Potter told Lana that Laura gave the 1977 graduation speech. The first line said: "I never made a difference here, but maybe my children can." Due to the controversial nature of the graduate speech, the editors of the Smallville Torch decided not to print the speech that year. Chloe Sullivan was able to locate an audiotape copy of the graduation speech, and Lana was able to hear her mother's speech.

Lana has seen visions of her parents on two separate occasions. When she hallucinated her worst nightmare, in Scare, she had a vision of all of her loved ones dying and leaving her alone, including her parents.

Lana has seen visions of her parents when she became addicted to the Limbo Drug which caused a near-death experience in which she was able to see her deceased parents again. She became temporarily addicted to the serum due to the happiness she felt while in their presence.