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First appearance: Legion
Inspired by the Legend of Superman, teenagers from across the universe journeyed to Earth to form a Super-Team unlike any other in history. Representing Diversity, Unity and Tolerance, they protect all planets and all races of the 31st Century as the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The Legion of Super-Heroes is a team of super-powered individuals from a number of different alien worlds, active in the 30th Century. They protect the United Planets from crime and injustice, as well as threats both internal and external.


Lana of Earth-One was a reserve member of the futuristic superhero team the Legion of Super-Heroes. She had several adventures with them.


The Legion lives in a future directly 1,000 years from the present.

In 2009, Founding Legion members Rokk Krinn, Garth Ranzz and Imra Ardeen traveled through time to the 21st century to stop Persuader, a 31st century villain, from killing Clark. After defeating Persuader, they realized that they had landed on the day Brainiac emerged in a human host and realized that they and Clark had to kill the host to defeat Brainiac after the Phantom Zone crystal (a Red crystal) was destroyed.

The orb that will later become Brainiac 5.

They tracked Brainiac at the Daily Planet where he had just began to upload all of the human knowledge leaving the entire planet stood still before using an electro magnetic pulse to temporarily short circuit him. They plan to kill Brainiac by killing the host body, Chloe, before Clark stopped them and they took Brainiac back to the barn where they managed to extract him from Chloe with Imra connecting to Chloe telepathically, Rokk using his magnetic powers to extract Brainiac's microscopic parts while Garth used his powers to short-circuit him. After defeating Brainiac by extracting it from Chloe, they intended on making a better use of it, in the form of Brainiac 5. They later returned to their own time.


  • Imra revealed that Lana would go on to do incredible things and that she grew up reading many stories about her.
  • Rokk revealed that Clark would accomplish things so great he would be known throughout the galaxies.
  • All three Legion members revealed that Chloe Sullivan was not known in history, but that Lana, Lois and Jimmy (Chloe's ex-husband's little brother), were all known.
  • Rokk revealed to Garth that Lana founded the Isis Foundation to help people embrace their powers. According to Garth, he flunked history.

Known MembersEdit

The Legion of Super-Heroes first appeared in the Season Eight's Legion. The known members are:

Image Code Name Real Name First appeared
Rokk1 Cosmic Boy Rokk Krinn Legion
He has the power of all magnetic forces and is able to control them at will.
Imra Saturn Girl Imra Ardeen Legion
She has the power of telepathy and can communicate with other beings, read minds and control other minds.

Llad Lightning Lad Garth Ranzz Legion
He has the power to generate electricity within his body and manipulate it externally.
B5 Brainiac 5 Brainiac 5 Homecoming
The powerful artificial intelligence reprogrammed to be a force for good and a member of the Legion.


People who have worked with or have been involved with the Legion at one point or another.

  • Clark Kent - Inspired the Legion to form. Was saved by the Legion and in return, helped them defeat Brainiac.
  • Lana Lang - Imra Ardeen asked Lana to convince Clark to kill Chloe (who was possessed by Brainiac), but refused to do so. However, Clark quickly came around to their way of thinking but Lana talked him out of it.