Level 33.1
Level 33
Smallville-Earth Location
General Information
Status: Closed
Character Affiliations
Owner: Lex Luthor
Media Information
First Appearance: "Smallville (TV Series)"

Level 33.1 was a secret floor in LuthorCorp Plaza where Lex Luthor stored and studied metahumans, after kidnapping them. One patient, Bronson, escaped and tried to expose the project, but it was covered up by Lionel and Bronson was killed by Lex.

Since the disastrous events of the escape of Bizarro, Level 33.1's Project Ares has seemingly been put on hold. Claiming to have reformed, Lex Luthor worked with an immortal doctor named Curtis Knox to help cure Level 33.1's subjects and release them as healthy individuals, albeit with significant memory loss.