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Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor has been Superman's archenemy for most of the superhero's existence. He has been envisioned as Superman's dual opposite; morally depraved and relying on intellect over strength. Rather than harnessing his genius for good, Luthor seizes power for his own benefit and is a threat at large. Though originally portrayed as a rogue scientist, he was later rewritten as a Machiavellian industrialist and white-collar criminal (even briefly serving as President of the United States). Later characterizations have shown elements of both interpretations.

Currently, Luthor is a scientist and former chairman of one of the most powerful high-tech conglomerates in the world, LexCorp. Distinguishing Luthor from the majority of Superman's rogues gallery is his normality; Luthor is an innovator and possesses no special abilities besides that of his own cunning. He is bent on destroying Superman.

Luthor is also notable for having appeared in several adaptations of Superman adventures for other media.

Notable UniversesEdit

New EarthEdit

The robots responsible for Lana's behaviour.
  • When Clark appeared in public as Superman some years later, a lonely and depressed Lana deduced his true identity and became something of a stalker, to the extent that Lex noticed the frequency with which she appeared in the vicinity of the hero and actually had her kidnapped and tortured in an attempt to gain whatever inside knowledge of Superman she might have. However, Lana bravely kept Clark's identity a secret and upon his rescuing her their relationship became more healthy once again, albeit still at a distance. Lana's behaviour and stalking proved to be caused by a long-term conspiracy of the Oan-created androids, the Manhunters, from whose control Lana and the rest of Smallville's children born around the same time as her were eventually freed.


DC Animation UniverseEdit

  • Lana and Lex briefly dated in this universe. She bump him when he found out about his criminal activities.



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