Lillian Luthor
Biographical Information
  • Smallville Universe
  • Deceased
Cause of Death:
  • Passed away from unknown illness.
  • Lachlan Luthor (father-in-law) †
  • Eliza Luthor (mother-in-law) †
  • Lucas Luthor (stepson)
  • Tess Mercer (stepdaughter) †
  • Lana Lang (former daugther-in-law)
Media Information
Portrayed by: Alisen Down

Lillian Luthor (1951-1993) (of Smallville-Earth), was the mother of Alexander Luthor and Julian Luthor, and wife of Lionel Luthor.


After Julian's death, Lillian's health rapidly deteriorated, and she died several months later, in the spring of 1993 when Alexander was 13. He later confessed to Clark that he was in denial about her impending death, and spent the time researching treatments and doctors, instead of being with her. Lex also told Lana Lang that he was away at boarding school when Lillian died, and found out about her passing from reporters who had sneaked into his school. Lillian left her shares of LuthorCorp to her son and Pamela Jenkins (a nanny, who Alexander regarded as a second mother).


Lillian's death has been extremely influential in adult Lex's life. He has had visions of his mother on many occasions. When Lex was shot and ended up in a coma, he had a near-death experience. In it, Lillian visited him and showed Lex an alternate life of happiness that he could have if he walked away from Lionel and LuthorCorp. However, in the end of the vision, Lana (his dream wife) suffered complications during childbirth. Because of Lex's lack of resources and estrangement from his father, he was unable to transfer Lana to a better facility, and she died; this led Lex to believe that Lana died because he lacked enough money and power; with these, everything else in life could be secured. As a result, Lex ignored his mother's warning, and continued his lifestyle of deceit and corruption. After realizing this, Lillian is seen in the reflection of a hospital window crying over her sons choice. When Lex was injected with the Limbo drug, a drug which placed its users in a state of "clinical death," he met Lillian again, who told him that she was angry with him for ignoring her advice.