Loana El
Loana El (DCAU)
Biographical Information
  • DC Animation Universe
  • Erased
Cause of Death:
  • She was just a dream.
  • Clark Kent
  • Kon-el
Media Information
Portrayed by: Dana Delany
First appearance: Justice League TV Series

Loana El is the fantasy wife of Kal-El, a dream made from Black Mercy. She appeared in one episode of the Justice League TV Series titled "For the man who has everything".

In the episode, Superman is put into a dream-like state by Mongul. In this dreamworld, Superman is living on Krypton with a wife (the physical appearance of Superman's wife suggest a combination of both Lois and Lana, as the character has the voice and appearance of Lois but with red hair, the character was list as Loana) and has a son name Van-El, along with Superman's father Jor-El. Dana Delany, who voices Lois Lane in Superman the animated series and Justice League voices Superman's wife in this episode.