Clark, this is Smallville; the meteor rocks have given a lot of people special abilities.
Jonathan Kent to Clark Kent in Covenant.

Metahumans are altered beings that possess superhuman abilities. Humans can become metahumans by mutations (chemical or kryptonite exposure) or by birth. Those who acquire metahuman powers as a result of kryptonite exposure are sometimes referred to as "meteor freaks." Alien characters whose abilities surpass those of humans are also sometimes classed as metahuman, though they are not actually human.


Lana Lang founded an outreach organization called the Isis Foundation which is to offer support and resources for meteor-infected individuals.

Throughout Smallville, Lana Lang has had many metahuman attack her:

Image Episode Episode Name Attacks
Lana1x1 1x01 Pilot Jeremy Creek (A metahuman with the ability to manipulate electricity until he was cured.) attempted to kill all of the students of Smallville High, including Lana, in order to get revenge for becoming the scarecrow. Clark stopped him, and he got amnesia.
Lana1x2 1x02 Metamorphosis Greg Arkin, a metahuman with bug-like powers, kidnapped Lana and put her in a cocoon in a treehouse. While Clark Kent battled Greg at Creekside Foundry, Whitney Fordman went to the treehouse and rescued Lana.
Lana1x4 1x04 X-Ray Tina Greer (A metahuman with the abilities of shapeshifting and super strength.) was envious of Lana and wanted her life, so she threw Lana into an airtight crypt. Clark used his x-ray vision to find her.
Lana1x5 1x05 Cool Sean Kelvin (A metahuman with the ability to absorb heat and project icy energy from his body.) almost sucked the heat out of her body but she sought refuge in the Luthor Mansion.
Lana1x18 1x18 Drone Sasha Woodman (A metahuman with the ability to control bees after being stung by a kryptonite-infected hive.) attacked Clark and Lana with a swarm of bees in an attempt to knock Clark out of the race for class president. Clark was able to get Lana to safety and drive the bees away.
Lana2x9 2x09 Dichotic Ian Randall split himself in two and attempted to kill both Chloe and Lana by throwing them off a dam. Clark caught Chloe, knocked one Ian out, pulled Lana to safety, and let the other Ian fall off the dam.
Lana2x21 2x21 Accelerate Having no moral conscience, Emily Dinsmore threw Lana into a river after Lana told her she couldn't be saved years ago. Clark pulled Lana out of the river and resuscitated her.
Lana3x3 3x03 Extinction While Lana was swimming in the school pool alone, Jake Pollen attacked her, using his ability to breathe underwater. Van McNulty (a student) shot Jake while on his mission to rid the world of meteor freaks.
Lana3x14 3x14 Obsession Alicia Baker (A metahuman with the ability to teleport from once place to another in the blink of an eye.) attempted to kill Lana in a jealous rage until Clark arrived and used his heat vision to cover Alicia in lead paint, which prevented her from teleporting.
Lana3x16 3x16 Crisis Adam Knight (A metahuman with the ability to continue living only by injecting a specialized serum into his body.) shot Lana, but she was able to call Clark, who caught the bullet. Clark knew what was going to happen since he heard the same call a day earlier.
Lana3x21 3x21 Forsaken As an adolescent, Emily Dinsmore (A metahuman with the abilities of Super speed, super strength, intangibility, Accelerated aging, Kinetic Abilities.) escaped confinement and took a second attempt on Lana's life, concealing her in a glass room which she gassed with chlorine. Clark busted through the glass walls to save her.
Lana4x3 4x03 Façade Abigail Fine (A metahuman with the ability to cause hallucinations with a kiss.) gave Lana a deadly kiss that caused her to hallucinate due to elevated levels of serotonin. Lois, Chloe, and Clark worked together to obtain the antidote.
Lana4x12 4x12 Pariah Because Tim Westcott (A metahuman with the ability to dissolve his body, including the clothing he is wearing, into sand.) thought Lana had poor morals because she was dating Jason Teague, he tried to suffocate her while framing Alicia Baker in the process. Jason Teague was able to save her.
Lana4x21 4x21 Forever In an attempt to re-create high school, Brendan Nash (A metahuman with the ability to freeze people and turn them into wax. He could also turn them back.) kidnapped Lana along with several other students, using his meteor power to threaten them into participating in school activities. When Clark defeated Brendan, everyone who was frozen went back to normal.
Lana5x2 5x02 Mortal Escaped Belle Reve (a mental institution) patients Tommy Lee (A metahuman with the ability to absorb electricity directly from a source as an outlet, broken wire, or a light socket, and project it from his palms.) and the Twins (Two metahumans with the ability to create a force field together only when they achieve physical contact with their bodies.) took Lana hostage along with Martha and Jonathan, demanding that Clark steal a serum. With Chloe's help, Clark was able to defeat them.
Lana5x5 5x05 Thirst When joining the Tri-Psi Sorority (Metahumans with the ability to infect others with super vampiric traits.), Lana was infected with a string of vampire rabies from kryptonite-infected bats. Clark received the antidote from Lex and injected it into Lana.
Lana5x20 5x20 Fade Because his identity was in jeopardy, Graham Garrett (A metahuman with the ability to refract light, thus rendering himself invisible.) attacked Lex and Lana. Lex blindly shot Graham, but in his last seconds of life, Graham fired at Lex and Lana. Clark caught the bullet.
Lana6x5 6x05 Reunion Duncan Allenmeyer (A metahuman with the powers of Astral Projection and Psychokinesis.) nearly crushed her with a chandelier during one of his attacks on Lex.
Lana6x8 6x08 Static Chloe and Jimmy saved her and Lex from Bronson (A metahuman with the ability to travel to different frequencies of reality and create other planes of existence.).
Lana6x18 6x18 Progeny Clark saved her from a metahuman under Moira Sullivan's (A metahuman with the ability to control other meteor-infected individuals.) influence.