Mystic Scarab
Earth-Two Item
General Information
Status: Erased
Origin: Lewis Lang gave it to her.
Physical Description
Type: Power granting device
Usage Information
Possessed by:
Used by:
Used on:
  • Oneself and Insects
Used for:
Media Information
First Appearance: "Superman Family #213"

During the Bronze Age (also known as Earth-Two) Lana once again became the Insect Queen but had different powers than her silver age version (also known as Earth-One). Lana receives a magical scarab from her father that possessed her and turned her into a villainess temporarily. Later, she became an occasional superhero, aiding Superman on at least one occasion. The scarab granted her the ability to control insects and make them grow to massive sizes. As the Insect Queen, Lana was also capable of winged flight at minimal speeds.