Pete Ross (New Earth)
Biographical Information
  • New Earth Universe
  • Erased from existence
Cause of Death:
  • The entire universe was erased from existence.
  • Divorced
  • Store owner
Media Information
First appearance: Superboy #86

Peter Joseph Ross (of New Earth), was the Vice-President of the United States under Lex Luthor. After Lex was indicted Pete became the President. He was married to Lana Lang and they had a child together, Clark Peter Ross.


Pete was not initially aware of Clark's secret. However, the secret was known by the villainous Manchester Black, who informed then-President Luthor of the secret, only later to wipe his memory of it. Prior to losing the knowledge of Clark's secret, Lex informed Pete that his close friend Clark Kent is in fact Superman. While Pete initially refrained from telling Clark about his knowledge he did eventually tell him.

Later, it appeared that Ross had become a villain named "Ruin", but it was later revealed that he had instead been kidnapped by the real Ruin, Professor Emil Hamilton. Hamilton also kidnapped Pete's wife and child. Superman defeated the insane Professor Hamilton, rescued Pete, Lana, and their child, and exonerated Pete of the charges against him.

Lana and Pete's relationship/marriage was occasionally strained due to Lana's knowledge of Clark's secret and Pete feeling that he was fundamentally Lana's second choice.

After they divorced Pete returned to Smallville without Lana to raise their son. Pete and Lana both decided that they wanted to give their son, Clark Peter Ross, the benefit of a good solid Smallville childhood, like they had. Later, it was revealed that Lana often visit Smallville to see her son.

One night, while she was on her way to Smallville, Lana confided in Linda that since the divorce things between her and Pete were awkward. She then went to say that she accepted that's how things usually are with Exes. Pete was last seen working in a general store.