Phantom wraith
Biographical Information
  • Smallville
  • Existing (Locked up)
  • Phantom Zone (A Kryptonian prison)
Media Information
First appearance: Zod

Phantom Wraiths (of Smallville-Earth), are non-corporeal beings from the Phantom Zone. Wraiths often appear to be non-corporeal versions of Kryptonians that have been stripped of their physical body, others like Bizarro and Dr Hudson (A Phantom wraith who has the power of mind control), were non-corporeal humanoids.

The Phantoms Wraiths are cast or portray criminals sent to the Phantom Zone (A kryptonian prison) with their physical bodies destroyed for the most horrific of crimes. Resembling wraiths, the bodiless phantoms roam the Zone at will, attacking with little, if any warning. Though primarily insubstantial, they are able to cut, and even grab, their victims. Outside of the Zone, they are not shown to have any substance; however, they are able to possess a host at will. Once they do so, the host body gains any abilities the Phantom Wraith may have had in its original form. However, these powers vanish once a Phantom leaves, or is forced out of, the individual they are possessing.

Phantoms can be forcibly removed from a host using a Crystal of El (A Kryptonian crystal shaped like the Kryptonian pentagon displaying the insignia of the House of El.) or a similar device. It is worth noting that if a phantom possesses a vessel of its own DNA, such as a clone, it will be made whole again, as seen with General Zod.

Known WraithsEdit

  • Zod was stripped of his physical body and thrown into the Phantom Zone.
  • Faora was also stripped of her form and tossed into the Phantom Zone along with her husband Zod.
  • Bizarro was an experiment that was tested on Krypton and later discarded and his physical form was removed and he was sent to the Phantom Zone.
  • Baern was some alien that was based around eternal energy and his form was also stripped away and he was tossed into the Phantom Zone.
  • Dr. Hudson was some mind controlling entity that got stripped of his form and was sent to the Phantom Zone.