Smallville – A television series based on the Superman comic books that first aired on The WB network from October 16, 2001 to May 11, 2006. The show then aired on the CW network until its series finale in 2011. The series was developed by writers and producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. Its original cast included Tom Welling as Superman/Clark Kent, Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor, and the gorgeous Kristin Kreuk as his love interest Lana Lang. Its storylines revolved around Clark Kent and his relationships with his family and friends in the fictional town of Smallville, Kansas, during the years before he becomes Superman. It also heavily focused on Clark's relationship with Lana and their touching love story.

This show maintained a great level of success for many years, such as breaking the record for highest rated debut for The WB, with 8.4 million viewers tuning in for its pilot. It also holds the title for the longest-running comic book based series in television history. Over the course of the show’s run, there have been many cast and storyline changes. However, in season seven a more drastic change occurred with the departure of the series executive producers Al Gough and Miles Miller along with its stars Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk. Although, Kristin came back for five amazing episodes in season eight, the show was never the same.


Note: Only a few episodes have been recaped.

Season 1Edit


The season's stories focus on Martha and Jonathan Kent's (O'Toole and Schneider) attempts to help their adopted son Clark (Welling) cope with his alien origin and control his developing superhuman abilities. Clark must deal with the meteor-infected individuals that begin appearing in Smallville, his love for Lana Lang (Kreuk), and not being able to tell his two best friends, Pete Ross (Jones III) and Chloe Sullivan (Mack), about his abilities or his origins. Clark also befriends Lex Luthor (Rosenbaum) after saving Lex's life.

The journey begins in outer space. A hoard of meteors & a small ship are on a collision course with the earth. There is some very nice, yet ominous music at the start of the episode. Back on Earth, we see a helicopter flying over the corn fields of Smallville, Kansas. Inside, Lionel Luthor and his 9 year old son Lex sit. Lex is ROCKING the red hair. Lionel's reading a newspaper which discusses the presumed death of the Oliver Queen's parents. It’s interesting that they actually went somewhere with that story line years later; however, I can't imagine they planned to though. Anyway, Lex is scared of flying ... Lionel wants Lex to toughen up and open his eyes. It seems the Lurthor's don't have the luxury of being afraid ... they're leaders. He doesn't feel that Lex is going to reach his destiny with his eyes closed. We then cut to a shot of Smallville ... it's the standard closing in shot they used for years in the credits. Again, as I've mentioned before, THIS shot would make a person think the town of Smallville contains maybe a couple thousand people ... certainly not 25,000; or the 45,000 who would inhabit it 12 years later.

Of that tangent ... we then cut to a flower shop and a young girl dressed as a fairy princess. Of course, we know who this is. In comes Jonathan & Martha Kent. Haha ... Bruce Hornsby's "The Way It Is" can be heard in the background. Man, that reeks of mid/late 1980's. Anyway, Martha & Jonathan have a brief talk with Nell Potter. There seems to be a slight tension in the room when they discuss flowers. Afterward, Martha walks over to Lana and they talk about her costume. It seems that her parents are at the football game and Nell is watching her. Lana wants to make a wish for Martha. She uses her wand and the Kent's exit the store. Outside, Jonathan knows that Martha wished for a baby. Annette & John have such great chemistry right of the bat. However, I can never believe that the next scenes will be 12 years later. They don't look much older. They embrace and smile as the cheerleaders are heading down main-street in a car. It seems like another victory for Smallville High School ... in other words, a perfect day.

Meanwhile, the ship & meteors are entering Earth's atmosphere...

Lionel is busy at the creamed corn plant working on some sort of deal. Lex ventures into the field and hears a voice. A young boy is tied to a post like a scarecrow. He pleads for Lex to help him, but in comes the first meteor. It crashes into the ground, creating a massive reaction. Lex dives to the ground ... Back in town; the residents notice the streak through the sky. At this moment, we see Lana's parents arrive to pick her up. However, they look to the sky and another meteor crashes down RIGHT ON THEM. Man, why didn't they think to move out of the way? Anyway, talk about trauma for a young girl. Nell holds Lana as a stream of meteors fly over the town, causing horrific damage throughout. The money used to create this sequence is way too much for the show now days. It looks pretty impressive and is highly dramatic. Outside the town, we see Martha and Jonathan trying to avoid the meteors, but they crash into a hole created by one. In the aftermath, Lionel finds Lex in the field ... his hair having been removed by the blast. Lionel, like every great parent ... seems to find his hurt child disgusting ... WHAT A DAD. Back at the truck, Jonathan notice a pair of young feet walking towards them. A young boy pokes his head down to look at them. He smiles and they pick him up, and begin walking around the area. Jonathan mentions that kids don't fall out of the sky. However, he notices a ship in the ground. Martha feels that the boy found them, not the other way around. They all look up to the sky ... a new family ... brought together in the most tragic of events.

We jump to the present to see Clark Kent on the computer. He's reading about records for fastest men in the world. It seems a Colorado man ran the 100 meter dash in 2.4 seconds ... somehow I think Clark feels he can top that. Anyway, Martha calls for him to come down because it's time to go to school. He walks down and we have our first product placement event in show history ... Pepsi and Mountain Dew are seen in full view as he opens the refrigerator door to get some milk. Clark seems to think it’s okay to just drink from the bottle. You know, people who do that bug the crap out of me. Martha wants to know where he learned his manners ... when Jonathan does the same thing, it's obvious where he got his manners. Clark wants to try out for the football team, but Jonathan tells him it's not possible, because of what could happen. Jonathan is very protective of Clark ... he doesn't want to deal with any sort of accidents. He wants Clark to hang in there ... Clark just wants to avoid being a total loser. This scene was very good at setting up who Clark is ... a young man who knows he's different ... but would give anything to be like everyone else. What young kid doesn't want to be able to participate in football ... or any sport?

Of course, Clark Kent still misses the bus. He’s faster than a speeding bullet, but not quick enough to get ready on time to make the bus. On the bus, we meet Chloe & Pete ... it seems Pete has a habit of betting against Clark. Clark decides to use his speed and race the bus. Of course, it's no contest.

They arrive at school and they talk about the dance. Pete wants to go with Chloe ... as friends ... if she doesn't go with Clark. She says that he's full of it and not interested in Clark. THAT is a good one Chloe. Suddenly, Chloe is shocked to find Clark still made it there on time. He tells her he took a short cut. Chloe wonders if it was through a black hole. Pete then drops an "intrepid reporter" line on Chloe. Looking back, man ... it's almost too bad she wasn't ‘Lois’, given how bad things would get towards the end. Chloe mentions all the strange things that happen in Smallville. Pete and Clark change the subject and talk about trying out for the football team. Clark is having second thoughts. Chloe wants to know why they want to go out for football. Pete mentions the story of the freshman scarecrow. He feels that if they are members of the team, they can avoid that terrible distinction. Clark seems to lose his concentration as he spots a brunette in the distance. Its Lana Lang ... Clark says goodbye to Pete & Chloe and walks towards her. Chloe and Pete have another bet on how close Clark can get to Lana without falling over. It seems like the answers about 5 feet. Poor Clark ... he just can't catch a break. Lana is so sweet in this scene. She picks up his books and asks him if he's man or superman. Clark says he's still trying to figure that out. My only question, why does Clark have a novel by Nietzsche, he's a high school freshman? Isn't that a little early for that? Anyway, Clark really looks sick in this scene and it gets worse when Lana's boyfriend Whitney shows up and kisses her. He does say hey to Clark, so at least he wasn't a total douche to him right of the bat. It seems he needs his freshman girlfriend to review his SENIOR English paper. Whitney asks Clark if he's going to hurl. He throws a book to Clark and it causes Clark to fall down. Poor Clark.

Meanwhile, we see the kid from the first meteor shower smashing into the trophy case. Why is he there ... and why does he look EXACTLY THE SAME? He says it's payback time and grabs a photo of some football players.

We then cut to Luthor Corp and see an older bald Lex Luthor exit from his Porsche. He doesn't seem too excited to be in Smallville.

Back at school, football practice is taking place ... also on the field the cheerleaders are practicing. Somehow, Lana seems to be head cheerleader. Honestly, I can't imagine that going over really well with the other cheerleaders, given that she's a freshman. Oh, and to the people who always mention Lana and cheerleader in the same sentence as a way of mocking her ... THIS is one of only 2 occasions in the ENTIRE SHOW where Lana is in any sort of cheerleading attire. Clark is observing from the stands. He begins to day dream about being the starting quarterback and making the game winning play with no time left. After scoring the touchdown ... he goes in for a kiss from Lana. Of course, at that exact moment ... his dream is interrupted by his GOOD PAL PETE. Pete wants to know how he looks. Clark says he looks like a tackle dummy. Man, they were using Pete for mockery even in the first episode. He never had a chance.

Later, we see Lex driving down the road and Clark at the bridge. He doesn't seem to care about paying attention to the road and tries to avoid some wire in the road ... and proceeds to smash into Clark sending him them into the river. Clark manages to tear off the roof and pull Lex to safety. Lex is sure that he hit Clark. However, Clark notes that if he hit him, he'd be dead. Nice introduction to the two future rivals.

Afterward, Jonathan shows up to find his son. In an interesting touch, both Clark and Lex are wearing red blankets to keep warm. (Okay, not that it affects one of them) Jonathan wants to know the maniac who did this. Lex mentions that he should be proud of his son. He wants to know if there's anything he can do to repay them. Jonathan wants him to drive slower. Again, funny thing is that they would go back to that line in season 4 episode "Transference". As they walk away, Lex notices his trashed Porsche being pulled out of the river.

A few hours later, we see Clark looking through his telescope. Who is he looking at? Hmm, I wonder. We see Lana come out of the house; this seems to excite Clark. He's got a big grin on his face. Shortly after, Whitney surprises her. This seems to kill Clark's fun. Lana tells Whitney that if Nell catches him there, he's basically dead. Please Nell, catch him. Whitney is surprised to hear that Nell knows the Luthors. He wants them to put in a good word for him, because Lionel owns the Metropolis Sharks. Lana mentions that he should talk to Clark, since he saved Lex Luthor's life. Whitney is shocked to hear that Clark could save anyone. Lana notes that sometimes people can surprise you. She thinks it's kind of cool. Awww. Whitney, being jealous, and sensing that the conversation wasn't revolving around him, mentions that a scout from Kansas State is coming to watch him play in the next game. Lana says it's great for him. Gosh, I really can't stand Whitney & Lana together. Oh well, Whitney mentions that he doesn't want to be a "remember him" type of guy; he feels that Smallville has enough of those guys. Lana gives him the meteor rock necklace for good luck. She feels that so much bad luck came out of it ... there can only be good luck left. He gives her a kiss ... and Clark's had enough snooping for tonight.

Across town, we see a man working in an auto shop. The kid from the meteor shower shows up and confronts him. He tries to grab him, but is shocked with an electric pulse. He then continues to attack him with electricity. Man; that is one upset meteor freak.

The next day, Clark notices a new truck. Martha tells him it's a gift from Lex Luthor. She tells him that Jonathan has the keys. Clark seems to know that the upcoming conversation isn't going to go well. Jonathan tells him that he can't accept the gift. Clark seems to think that he earned it. Jonathan doesn't feel that way ... and that Clark should think about where the money for the truck came from. Man, Jonathan hates the Luthors, but you have to give him this ... he's all about doing the right thing. He knows Clark is upset, but says it's normal. Clark gets agitated and wants to show him what's normal. He sticks his arm in the wood chipper and Jonathan freaks out and tries to get it out of there. He's shocked to find that there is ZERO damage to Clark. Clark tells him that the car hit him at 60 mph and that he'd give anything to be normal. Jonathan turns and looks to Martha as Clark runs up to the loft. He seems to have accepted that it's time to tell Clark the whole truth. Jonathan walks up to the loft and the scene is really nice. There is a great use of lighting, or lack there of, during this conversation. He shows Clark a key written in an unknown language. He tells Clark that his parents weren't from around here. Clark scoffs at this notion and wants to know if he's trying to tell him he's from another planet. Jonathan tells him his ship is in the storm cellar. Clark seems to think this is one big joke. Clark gets angry and wonders why they didn't tell him before. He storms out of the cellar into the night. Again, all of these scenes work great, because of the great cohesion these actors seemed to have right away.

We fade to black and return with Lana riding her horse into a dark graveyard. Man, that's not really the place for a young girl like Lana to be hanging out in at night. Anyway, she gets off the horse, carrying flowers. She hears a noise and asks who is there. Clark steps out and says it's him. She's surprised to find him there. Lana wants to know what he's doing there. Clark says she'd never believe him if he told her. There is also a very smart use of imagery, by having Clark stand in front of a stone angel. Anyway, he looks like he's been crying for a while. She asks if he's okay. Clark says that hanging out in a graveyard isn't normal behavior. She mentions that she's hanging out there as well. Lana asks him if he can keep a secret. He notes that he's the "Fort Knox" of secrets. Now THAT is actually pretty clever. She tells him that she's visiting her dead parents and figures he must think she's pretty weird. However, Clark says he doesn't think she's weird. Clark is almost enchanted with Lana at this point ... likely due to the fact that he's right next to her, and not sick. She then introduces him to her parents. They then proceed to have a conversation with her dead parents. There are a few funny and sweet jokes mixed in, mainly about Clark being upset about a boy. Once again, Lana wants to know what Clark's doing there. He asks her if she ever wonders if her life was supposed to be different. Lana talks about her dreams of being with her parents; totally happy, but in the end she wakes up and she's all alone. Clark seems to pick up on what to do and joins in the conversation. He says that her parents will always be there with her, watching her, and that she'll never be alone. MAN; that was smooth Clark. Lana seems genuinely touched that Clark is there and saying the things he's saying. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again … a portion of Lana Lang’s heart belonged to Clark Kent at that moment. You can see it in her eyes.

Afterward, we see them walking back to Lana's house. She notes this is the first time they've ever really been able to have a conversation and enjoyed it. They decide that they should do it again sometime. Clark asks her about the dance. He wonders if she has a date. Boy, Clark ... I wonder. She says she's going with Whitney. However, Lana notes that if he shows up, she might save him a dance. She then leans in and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Clark seems to be on cloud nine, and Lana smiles at him, walking away. In the background, we see Whitney lurking. Oh, no. Overall, these were a couple of tremendous scenes. Again, the actors are just so great together. I don't know how you can watch the graveyard scene and not want these two to be together.

The next day, we see Clark walking around the Luthor mansion. He hears people fencing in a room. As he walks in, Lex throws his sword right near Clark's head. Clark thinks it's a great place. Lex isn't very impressed with it. Lex mentions that Lionel has never even lived in this home. Funny, how they would change that years later, when it benefited the story. Clark tells him that he can't keep the truck. Lex realizes that his father doesn't like him. Clark says it's more about Jonathan not liking Lionel. They have a back and forth about their families. Lex asks Clark if he believes a man can fly. He notes that in the seconds his heart stopped, it was an exhilarating experience. He says he flew over Smallville, and didn't see a dead end, but a new beginning. Lex feels he has a second chance and wants to be a friend to Clark. Again, good scene, but Lex was almost too creepy in it.

Later, we see police and paramedics at the scene of the "accident". Chloe notices the boy standing across from her. For some reason, he intrigues her and she takes his picture. Then Clark shows up and they talk about this guy. Chloe seems to have found out EVERYTHING about him. This is totally absurd. They are solving this case in seconds ... why can't the authorities. Chloe feels that the blast from the meteor shower must have caused it. Chloe and Pete show Clark the "wall of weird" ... Clark notices a crying Lana on "Time" magazine. He feels it's all his fault and walks away. This is the first of many instances of Clark blaming himself. Anyway, he runs into Whitney who attacks him. It’s seems he’s going to be this years’ scarecrow. Clark tries to fight him off, but Whitney has the kryptonite necklace. Whitney tells him that necklace is as close to Lana as he's ever going to get. YEAH WHITNEY ... way to show respect for that necklace Lana gave you. What a jerk.

Now we cut to Clark hanging in the corn field. He's got the 'S' painted on his chest and is still wearing the necklace. Man, they really sold this show on this image. Anyway, Jeremy Creek shows up and talks to him about it. Creek notices that the pattern never stops. Kids continue to hurt people, so he's going to hurt everyone else. Clark wants him to help him get down. Jeremy says Clark is safer here. As he walks away, Lex notices him as he's leaving Luthor Corp. He's intrigued by him and walks to the field. He hears Clark calling for help. Lex goes and helps him down. The necklace falls off Clark, allowing him to slowly regain his strength. He leaves the scene and Lex grabs the green necklace from the ground. Well, I can't say I'm surprised Lex was so interested in Clark. He was such an enigma.

Back at the dance, we see Pete and Chloe, along with Lana and Whitney dancing. Ugh!!! Meanwhile, Jeremy is trying to turn on the sprinkler system to begin his attack. Clark confronts him and says he won't let Jeremy hurt his friends. Jeremy says he doing this for people like them. He feels he has a gift and a destiny. Clark says he has one as well. He grabs Jeremy and throws him into a truck. However, he gets in the truck and crashes into Clark. Problem is that Jeremy gets trapped in the truck, and water is filling it. Not a good combination for a guy with electrical powers. Clark tries to help him, but it's difficult. Jeremy is electrocuted by his own powers. After he gets to him, Jeremy doesn't even remember who Clark is, or where he is.

Later, Clark arrives at the dance, just in time to catch a glimpse of Whitney and Lana kissing. Man, I really feel bad for Clark. He saved the day ... and he has to leave without the girl. He walks away, but before he leaves, he decides to do something to release his anger.

After the dance, people leave and notice a bunch of trucks stacked on top of one another. One of them is Whitney's. He's really upset, and this causes Clark to give a nice smirk. You can tell this is YOUNG Clark, because he's allowing his anger and jealousy to make him do things that he would avoid doing later on. We get the sense that Clark IS 14 or 15 years old. Anyway, Lana is intrigued by what she sees and looks to the distance. It's almost like she just missed Clark having walked away.

Back at the farm, we see Clark looking out the loft next to the telescope. Jonathan comes to him and they talk about the telescope and when he got it. Jonathan wants to know if Clark's okay. He tells him to ask in about 5 years. Again, that's almost sad now days; considering the show has gone twice as long as that. Clark tells Jonathan that he's glad they found him. However, Jonathan says that Clark found them. Clark turns on some music ... "Everything", by Lifehouse. As he looks to the telescope, he hears Lana's voice. She mentions that she missed him tonight, but she came to give him his dance. This is a very sweet scene with Clark and Lana dancing. He seems to be elated beyond belief. Lana asks him if everything is okay. Clark's response ... "it's perfect". It's like his life has a real meaning and purpose when he's around Lana. However, his enjoyment is short lived when he hears some horns ... it seems his dance was simply his imagination. He turns and sees Lana being dropped off by her friends. She is happy and smiling. As she walks to the door, Clark says, "Thanks for the dance". Lana stops and slowly turns around, almost as if she could hear him. She gives one of the most precious smiles you can imagine and walks inside. Then we see Clark continue to look out the loft window as we fade to the sky.

Now again, this review is for a Lana Lang site, so where exactly do we find Lana in this episode. We are introduced to a girl who is almost living two lives. She's living the life people expect from her, but we also have a girl who's deeply stuck in the past, dealing with her parents death. One thing I noticed ... think to an episode from season 3 "Perry" ... in that episode Lana mentions that she hasn’t had to visit her parents because of Clark's involvement in her life. In this episode, her current friends and Whitney don't seem to be the type of people who can alleviate that need or pain. Lana was waiting for someone ... she was waiting for Clark to come into her life. However, in a way, they saved each other.

We begin with a summary of the events of 'Pilot'; hitting on all the key points. This episode begins immediately after Lana entered her home, and Clark looked out the loft window. We even cut to the episode with "Everything" by Lifehouse playing ... and going to a quiet peaceful melody, however, the mood changes when we see some pimply faced guy hanging out in some trees. Inside, we see Lana put away her Homecoming Queen crown. She notices a box on the bed. After opening it, butterflies come flying out. Unbeknownst to her, the guy is filming her every move. GOD, he's like Clark Kent, except totally creepy. Lana looks totally gorgeous in this scene ... but it's no excuse dude ... that's just wrong. We then see him leave in his car.

He arrives home to find his mother. She's watching some of his videos. It shows Lana and Whitney. His mother is disgusted with his actions and wants to know how she can face Lana's aunt, knowing of his actions. She wonders if he was doing the same tonight. He says he was collecting bugs. His mother is disgusted with that habit as well. He tries to defend himself, but his mother won't here it and says she's sending him to military school. Funny thing though, he was more concerned about who would care for his bugs. He leaves to the music of "Last Resort" by Papa Roach. The show really dates itself in the early 2000's with this music. He drives away, quite erratically, and knocks over his jar of bugs, which have a mysterious green color. Oh, oh ... wonder what might happen. The jar breaks and they seem to attack Greg. IT becomes too much and he crashes into a pole. He begins to scream as they continue the attack. Later, we see Greg's glasses on the ground, with a grasshopper crawling about. His mother is calling him, she opens his door, and No one seems to be there, so she leaves. However, when she closes the door, we see that disgusting looking dude, full of bites and looking simply horrific basically stuck to the ceiling. Ugh, if Spider-Man went totally wrong. We cut to the opening credits and here Remy Zero's "Save Me" for the first time.

We return by doing a flyover of Smallville ... all the way to Lana Lang's bedroom. We find out it's Clark hovering over her bed, looking at her. She wakes up and tells him that it's all his fault. Suddenly, we hear Martha's voice ... Clark is floating above his bed and falls down. She tells him they are getting ready to go to the farmers market. Great scene that teased Clark "floating" and also his fears about the truth of the meteor shower.

Later, at the farmers market, we see Clark nailing in some signs with his thumb. Lana and Whitney arrive and Chloe salutes the Queen. Clark eyes Lana and she asks him why he didn't make it to the dance. Lana still had a bit of an awkward voice at this point. I guess Kristin didn't have her voice down for Lana quite yet. He mentions being a little tied up and gives Whitney a glare. Jonathan then congratulates Whitney on his awesome performance in the game. He smiles and shakes Jonathan's hand. Gosh, I wish Clark would have just slugged him in the face right then and there. Whitney was such a two faced jerk. Instead, Clark just gives a depressed look and walks away to get some more boxes from the truck. Whitney says he will help and walks away, as Jonathan gives Lana an apple. She gives him a beautiful smile and we cut to Whitney and Clark. Whitney wants Clark to realize that the night prior was simply a joke. Clark doesn't find it very funny and doesn't acknowledge him. Whitney stops him and asks for the necklace back. Clark says he doesn't have it and if he wants it, he can go look for it at the cornfield. Nice one Clark.

Meanwhile, Lana is looking at a butterfly wind chime like display. She turns around and it's a no glasses, no acne, more confident Greg Arkin. He's turned into an evil version of emo Peter Parker in "Spider-Man 3". Lana says she didn't recognize him. Greg starts on about butterflies and their life expectancy. All the sorts of thing teenage girls just love to discuss. However, Lana is being nicer than 99% of girls who look like her would with this guy. He asks her if she can help him with his literature paper. She says she would be glad to help. Greg asks her to meet at this house, after school; but Lana mentions that the library would be easier. Greg says, "it's a date". Oh, God ... this dude is creepy. For the first time ever, I'm glad to see Whitney interrupt and mention that Nell is looking for her. He tells 'bug boy' to do him a favor and quit tailing his girlfriend. Greg wants to know if Whitney's afraid of a little competition. Okay, if Clark said that line, I'd laugh, but when he says it, I can only roll my eyes. Whitney says they're not in a competition, but if he finds out that Greg's been leaving butterflies in her room, he'll know about it. Actually, can someone just kill both of these guys?

In the distance, we see Lana and Whitney kissing as he leaves. God, Lana ... have better taste than this lame QB with the cheesy haircut. Oh, it's not bug boy watching ... it's the other stalker ... the friendly neighborhood stalker Clark Kent. Lex walks up to him and they discuss his taste in women. Oh, lord ... He wants to know what happened the night prior. Clark says it was a stupid prank. Lex mentions that he could have died out there. Jonathan stops by and Lex says hello, shaking his hand. He is pretty impressed that he got that much out of Jonathan.

Clark and his father leave and Lex notices Lana walking in the distance. How could he not ... but I'm scared of the underlying aspect of this scene ... especially as he watches her, while taking a bite out of an apple. Sadly, the seeds were planted right here ... we'll just have to wait 5 + years for it to destroy a bunch of viewers. Anyway, he smirks and walks away.

We cut to Whitney driving in his truck. Question ... how did he successfully manage to get it down from that stack of trucks? I'm sure quite a few scratches ... not that it will matter in a few minutes. Anyway, he's being stalked by Bug Boy, who leaps onto his truck. The truck flips and Whitney is knocked out. Greg leaves the scene as he notices the Kent's heading for the scene. Clark gets out of the vehicle and rips open the window to get Whitney out. The gas line is leaking and it's a dangerous situation. Clark drags Whitney away ... this is a scene that screws with Clark's powers. He's got SUPER STRENGTH, he can pound a nail through wood with his thumb, but he struggles to drag a 180 lb boy from a truck. Anyway, the truck explodes and Clark covers up Whitney as the flames surround them. The Kent's run over to them, worried that Clark could be in danger. Eventually, they notice how hot Clark's clothing is; yet he is fine. They smile at him as the scene ends.

Back at the farm, Clark and Jonathan are discussing Whitney's condition. It seems that he's going to be okay. Clark mentions that he really freaked out Martha with that incident. Jonathan notes that she was very proud of him. Clark then tells Jonathan that another incident occurred earlier ... he woke up floating. This catches Jonathan by surprise. He says it's something he can't explain. Jonathan wants him to have a little faith.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Lex is looking at the meteor rock necklace. He places it in a box and seems deep in thought.

Later, we see Lana arriving at the stable after riding her horse. She runs into the man in black ... Lex Luthor. She seems perplexed at what he's doing there. He introduces himself. She notes that he's already met her. He's confused ... she notes that when she was 10, she saw him in the pool with a girl skinny dipping. Lex is shocked that it was Lana. He notes that she's all grown up now. He walks over and sees all the ribbons and trophies that Lana's won. He notices the necklace that he had found in the field. Lex wonders why she's not wearing it. Lana mentions that she gave it to her boyfriend Whitney Fordman. Lex says that it's the same guy that Clark saved. Lana says yes and that Whitney was lucky Clark was there ... Lex says he knows the feeling ... and then puts in a remark about if Lana is seeing the right guy. "One chucks footballs ... the other saves lives". Lex thinks that Lana's more interesting than being with the one who chucks footballs. He then tells her to ask Whitney what he was doing before the big game. Oh, there goes Lex ... trying to play match maker.

At the Arkin home, we see Greg's mother walk in ... it's 103 degrees in the house. She walks into his room to find it basically filled with webbing. Greg confronts her and well, God, this guy is creepy. He tells her the story of the farrow spider ... after it hatches, it kills it's mother. He then shoots a bunch of webbing out of his mouth as the screen goes black.

Meanwhile, Clark is looking at a model of the Battle of Troy in a room at the mansion. Lex comes in and Clark apologizes for his parents giving him a hard time. Clark notes the model is a great gift. Lex notes that it was a strategy tool. They discuss the battle ... noting that two men were in love with the same woman. Lex mentions that it's the same as him and the quarterback. Lex says that it's not over, and that Lana's not as infatuated with him as Clark thinks. Sadly, Clark is not full of confidence in this situation. He feels that Whitney's status amongst the people of Smallville is a lot to overcome. Lex mentions that if he hadn't saved Whitney's life, the problem would be solved. He then notes he's just kidding. Lex says he's got Clark's 'Trojan horse' ... he opens the box and we see the meteor rock necklace. Clark begins to get sick ... Lex is giving him some really creepy looks. He closes the box and Clark is fine again. The box is made from lead and discusses the history behind the box. He offers it as a gift to Clark; Clark says he can't accept it. Lex says that the necklace gives him the power. Give it to Lana, and she's his.

At the school, we see Lana and Whitney discussing his actions before the game. Lana asks him if Whitney strung him up in the field. He says it was simply a prank. She wants the necklace back. Whitney tells her he's lost it. She gets upset and leaves. We hear "insect sounds", which means one thing ... creepy bug boy is going to appear ... and he does, and he wants to know why Lana didn't make it to help with his Literature paper. She notes that something important came up and needs to do it another time. Greg wants to know if she's blowing him off for her boyfriend. He even grabs her arm. GOD, Lana slap this loser. She tells him she has to see Clark. Greg is aghast at this development. He wants to know if Kent is more important than he is. Ugh, someone kill this boy ... he's single handedly lessening my enjoyment of this episode. Lana says she'll talk about it later ... but has to go.

Meanwhile at the farm, Clark is testing out the effects of the meteor rock necklace. His hand begins to turn green throughout his veins when he's exposed. He closes the box and it heals immediately. He walks into the barn and notices Lana standing by his telescope. And here begins the first legitimate time that Clark has stated ... "Lana" in the way only Clark does. (Usually when she arrives or he finds her in the loft) She's really impressed with his loft. He says his dad calls it the "fortress of solitude". Lana notes that you can see her house from there. Clark is quick to act like he's clueless to the situation and turns the telescope. He also states that they've lived a mile apart their whole lives and it's the first time she's come over. She admits that she knows the truth about Whitney's actions. She wants to apologize. Clark says it's not her fault and that Whitney should be the one doing it. BTW, during this scene we once again here the same music that played as Lana told Clark about her parents and her dream in the graveyard. Clark wants to know who told her. Lana admits that it was Lex Luthor. She says that he left the bread crumbs and she just followed the trail. She calls him a good friend to Clark. Clark then calls Lex one of a kind. He wants to know what Lana's going to do about Whitney. She doesn't really know. Then she says that Whitney lost her favorite necklace ... which contained a piece of the meteor rock that killed her parents. She got it as a gift from Aunt Nell when she was adopted. She notes the line about change ... sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's beautiful, but most of the time it's both. "I better go". lol ... get used to hearing that as well. She walks off and Clark is left in thought.

We go from that sweet scene ... to Greg Arkin molting in his shower.

Later that night, we see Jonathan working in the barn. Clark offers to give him a hand. Then he hears a sound ... it's Greg Arkin. He attacks Clark and runs away. He tells Jonathan that someone's in the rafters. Jonathan turns and sees Greg, but is pushed off the ledge, towards some sharp farm equipment. Clark uses super speed to race to the bottom and catch Jonathan. However, Clark has totally destroyed the blades on the equipment. Cool effects. Jonathan wants to know what happened.

Later, Martha arrives, questioning what happened. Clark says that it was like the person wasn't entirely human; but it looked like Greg Arkin. It seems Clark used to hang out with Greg back in grade school. Jonathan is quite perplexed and thinks it's all "out there" ... Martha mocks him since he's been hiding a spaceship for 12 years. Clark wonders why all this crazy stuff happens in Smallville. Everything has gone crazy since the meteor shower. He thinks it's all his fault. Jonathan blames Luthor Corp ... Clark says they didn't kill Lana's parents. Once again, Jonathan tells him he can't blame himself, even if he feels bad. Jonathan notes that the feelings Clark has are what makes him human.

The next day at school, Clark and Chloe discuss Greg's involvement with the Torch. She mentions that Greg hasn't been in the office for a week. Clark then says he'll talk to Chloe later and decides to leave. Chloe is upset that he does this. Clark wants to know what he does. Chloe feels that Clark shuts her out and is outgrowing her as a friend. He tells her that he could never outgrow her ... other than vertically. Chloe says it's amazing how far the Kent charm can get him. Anyway, it seems that Chloe is able to find a bunch of information right away. She feels that the bugs might have been infected by the meteor shower ... and then maybe Greg was infected by them, and became bug boy. Clark wonders if his bugs attacked him. They take Pete and head to Greg's house. They discuss Greg and somehow the conversation gets to a point in which it comes up that Clark's afraid of heights. They sneak into the house.

Inside, it's a total mess. They find molted skin in the bathroom. Chloe wants Clark to come into his room. Pete notes that Clark's not the only one in Smallville with the hots for Lana. Chloe notes that he's found his mate. Clark then finds Greg's dead mother in a cocoon. He's immediately scared for Lana.

Back at the stable, Lana is feeding the horses. Whitney shows up to talk to her. He mentions being freaked out when he saw her and Clark outside the night before the dance. She wonders what he thinks they were doing. He says he'd do anything to take it back. Greg shows up and says it's too late. He feels that Lana is his now. Oh lord ... two losers want the same girl. Whitney walks up to him, but is thrown into a stall. Greg goes over to Lana and says it's time. Lana is confused ... he says it's time for "us".

Whitney is struggling to get up, when Clark shows up. They decide to go find her. Clark tells Whitney where to go ... but then Clark disappears to the tree house they played in when they were younger. He finds Lana in a cocoon. Greg orders Clark to get away from Lana. He grabs Clark and they fall to the ground. Clark chases Greg to the foundry. Greg begins beating up on him due to kryptonite in the area, which is impacting Clark's ability to fight. He notes that Clark got sick at this place when they were kids. Poor Clark, he's getting tossed like a child. However, Clark finds a piece of wall lined with lead. Once Greg is near him, he grabs him and tosses him. While on the ground, Greg pulls a level on accident and some seriously big equipment comes crashing down on him. Thousands of little bugs scatter away in the aftermath. Okay, I guess he should be dead ... but is he? Clark races away from the scene.

We then see Lana being uncovered from the cocoon. Oh, great, Clark has saved his girl. No... it's Whitney. He helps Lana out and she is seemingly forgiven him for his actions and they hug. Clark is left watching in the distance, hurt and sad that once again, he had saved the day ... and Whitney was reaping the reward. The hero's journey ... we cut to the music "Wherever You Will Go", by The Calling.

Later that night, we see Clark reflecting on everything that's happened. He decides to grab the box and head for Lana's house. He uses all his strength to place the necklace on the door knob. He hears Lana's voice. She thinks Whitney is there. She walks outside and Clark runs off. She turns around and finds the necklace hanging there for her. She smiles and grabs it, looking to the distance for someone. She walks inside, happy again. Clark's is looking on from the trees and he smiles as well, knowing that he did the right thing. And that is what Superman does ... the right thing. Lana's happiness above his own. This is one of my favorite endings in the series.

In "Metamorphosis", we still see Lana sticking with what's easy, even though you can sense she longs for something else. Lana is a much different person around people like Clark and Lex. When she's around Whitney, she's just this regular girl, stuck in her shell that society has placed around her. Around the other two, it's like she becomes who she really is. She's actually interesting around them. Clark is someone who is there to listen to her; and be there for her and Lex is someone who's more so there to challenge her. Oh, and once again ... she's friendly to all people; not just the "cool" guys. Most girls like Lana would have laughed at Greg's face when he talked to her. Lana is showing to be a caring person, not the self indulged type you'd expect from the "head cheerleader" ... and "Homecoming Queen".

It's a rainy night ... Smallville High School is in the midst of a grueling football game. We have some weird music playing in the background. Whitney just got CRUSHED. The coach ... um, Jack Arnold from "The Wonder Years" is really pissed and wants Whitney to run the play correct. The score is 24-20 ... Smallville is down. Not much time is left on the clock. Whitney drops back and throws the game winning touchdown pass. They show the cheerleaders and Lana isn't even there. Okay, that's weird. Anyway, there's excitement in Smallville. Afterward, we see them enter the locker room to celebrate the victory. Oh, there's Pete Ross. I wonder if he even sniffed the field. The coach is really pumped ... he's very high strung. Whitney explains that the next game will be for a birth in the State Championship ... and Coach Walt's 200th win. How special. I'm pumped myself.

Later, Coach Walt Arnold ... they seriously used "Arnold" for his last name. AWESOME. Oh well, he is relaxing in his "own private sweat box". For some reason, his sauna contains rocks that have pieces of meteors and give off a greenish colored steam. Wouldn't a person find that incredibly odd? Okay, this is ludicrous, but I guess it's Smallville. He hears a knock on the door from Principal Kwan. It seems that there's a cheating scandal on the football team. He tells Coach that they are ineligible for next week's game. Coach Walt wants him to keep it under wraps until after the season. Principal Kwan doesn't agree and says that the football team isn't his concern. Coach then gets really upset and starts to scream. Kwan doesn't seem to budge on the idea and says that he's going to suspend the players. After he leaves, Coach Walt slams his towel on the table and flames burst. He seems surprised at what's going on. Dan Lauria is a great person to play this role. He can be so menacing and really exudes authority. Anyway, we slowly fade to black and the opening credits. I love how the opening credits basically spoil events in this episode. I wonder if they did in the original airing. I mean seriously, two of the biggest scenes in this episode are shown in the credits.

We return to Smallville High School on what I assume is the following Monday. Chloe wrote an article about the football team. "Football: Sport or Abuse?" She doesn't seem to be a fan of the coach. Chloe talks about the hate mail she's receiving. In the background we see Lana (in the cheerleading costume for the last time ... well, outside of the later scene in the school) and Whitney talking about the cheating scandal. Whitney doesn't seem to think it's a big deal; Lana disagrees. She thinks it's a very big deal and walks away. She walks by Chloe, Pete, and Clark and Chloe makes WAY too loud of a comment about a "pom pom meltdown". Chloe is lucky Lana didn't stop in her tracks and ask her what her problem was. Coach Walt is busy talking to the players about the situation. Chloe is filming and upsets a player who then throws a football at her. However, Clark having cat like reflexes, catches the ball. He then whips it back at the player REALLY HARD. Coach Walt seems to have noticed.

Shortly after, Coach Walt walks up to Pete and Clark. He feels that Clark has a lot of power and potential. He wants him to join the football team. Clark says that his dad won't let him. Coach Walt mentions that he coached his father; and that he was one great player. He thinks that Clark inherited some of that skill. Clark notes that he's adopted. This doesn't stop Coach Walt's recruitment. He says that Pete Ross has no physical talent, but a truckload of heart. Pete thanks him for the backhanded compliment. Clark says he will think about it. Coach still isn't done; he calls over Whitney, who is with Lana. He wants to know what Whitney thinks about Clark as a football player. He says that he'd probably be pretty good. Coach says that Clark seems to be afraid. Lana speaks up and doesn't think that's the real reason. Clark tries to mention his father again; but is interrupted by the Coach. He wants Clark to step out of his father's shadow and be his own man. Finally, Clark decides that they can count him in. Lana is shown and almost seems disappointed that Clark joined the team. Hmm. Anyway, Coach tells Clark to be at practice at 3 PM. Pete teases Clark over what his father will say about this decision and walks away.

Meanwhile, Lana and Whitney are still arguing over his support of the cheaters. Lana is not sure what to think of everything. It seems she's not really sure of anything in her current situation. She notes that Whitney is great at football, and she supports him, but she wants to find something she's great at. It seems the cookie cutter life that she's supposed to lead isn't what she wants.

Back at the farm, we see Clark talking to Jonathan. He tells him Coach Walt didn't really give him a choice on playing. Jonathan says he'll have to tell him he can't play tomorrow. BTW, I thought he said practice at 3PM TODAY. Why is Clark at home ... and why is Jonathan talking about tomorrow? ... Or am I mistaken? Oh well, regardless ... Jonathan isn't interested in Clark playing. Clark feels that Jonathan doesn't trust him. Jonathan thinks that Clark is meant for more than throwing footballs. Clark continues to press the issue and says he's playing and Jonathan can't stop him. Nice to see Clark really speak up and try to state his case.

Meanwhile, Lex walks into his study to find several men, including Dominic. It seems Dominic works for his father. They have a back and forth about Lex being late for a meeting. It seems the financial numbers were down for the quarter. Dominic notes that this must mean a decrease in work force. Lex disagrees, stating that he will actually increase the work force by 20%. Dominic isn't impressed. Lex feels that they have to spend money to make money. Dominic notes that Lionel sent him to Smallville to turn the plant around. However, Lex feels that it was actually because Lionel loves to surround himself with mindless drones; rather than someone who would challenge his archaic business practices.

At the same time; Lana is in her room folding her cheerleading outfit. Nell comes into her room and wonders why she's home early. She figures that they must have canceled cheerleading practice. Lana says that she's quit cheerleading. Nell thought that Lana loved being on the squad and is confused. However, Lana notes that she thinks there's more to life than cheerleading. She talks about the situation with the football players. Nell doesn't want Lana to let a few bad apples spoil the experience. Lana wants to enjoy other things. She has decided to get a job to make some money. Nell offers her a job at the shop; but Lana declines, wanting to do things on her own.

Later, Clark arrives at football practice. Jonathan showed up to make sure that no one gets hurt. Clark is playing tail back. On the first play he gets nailed. Coach gets upset and wants Clark to stop looking at his father. On the next play, Clark gets the ball and runs wild; smashing over people; scoring a touchdown. Jonathan isn't impressed and walks away. Clark seems a little disappointed.

Afterward, we see Coach Walt watching a film. Principal Kwan comes in and mentions that a player has stated the Coach supplied the test. Coach Walt mentions that the school board is going to protect him; due to his history. Principal Kwan says that he will get people to testify; and they won't be able to protect him. This REALLY angers the Coach as he slams his playbook down, causing the television to burst into flames. Kwan is really confused at what's going on and walks away. As he enters his car, Coach seems upset. All of a sudden, the car bursts into flames and he's stuck inside. Clark and Pete are coming out of the school and after telling Pete to get help, Clark gets Kwan out of the vehicle, just as it explodes. Whew, that was close.

Clark is now back at home discussing the events with Jonathan & Martha. Jonathan is worried that someone might have seen him use his powers. Clark assures him that wasn't the case and that he managed to properly explain his save. The conversation turns to Clark's football practice. Clark is upset that Jonathan won't give him any credit and respect for his ability to play safe. He also notes that he's going to be the starting tailback for the game on Friday. Jonathan simply walks away and Clark mockingly states that everyone doesn't have to congratulate him at once. After he leaves, Martha talks to Jonathan about their upbringing of him and keeping him sheltered. Jonathan feels that his gifts come with responsibilities. Martha thinks he needs to believe in him. Jonathan says he does, but he's scared of what could happen if an accident happens.

Later, Clark, Chloe and Pete walk to the Beanery. They are discussing the save of Principal Kwan. Inside, they are surprised to see Lana. She's actually a waitress and tells them she quit cheerleading. Clark begins talking to Lana and realizes that she's not wearing her necklace. She tells him that it's against the dress code. Clark says she looks very "waitress like". Okay, Clark ... smooth comment. Lana goes to get the orders, and Clark follows her to talk about her quitting cheerleading. He wants to know what Whitney thinks of it. Lana slyly remarks that he's his teammate now, so maybe Clark should ask him. Clark talks about how it's crazy that the same day he made the team; she quit the squad. He also states he was hoping to see more of her. Boy, Clark, could you be any more obvious. Anyway, Lana says she works four times a week and Clark can stop by any time. Their conversation is interrupted by a manager who tells her that some customers are waiting. Oh boy, this sort of thing would be common place in the coming years. Whenever Clark Kent shows up, Lana always seems to forget that she actually has customers to deal with.

Back at the table, Chloe notes the craziness of Clark being a football player, and Lana being a waitress. Pete wonders what's so crazy about that. Chloe says nothing, but she wants to click her heals to get back to reality. At the same time, some football players are discussing a meeting at the football field with the coach. Chloe is intrigued and decides to follow them. As she's walking out, she seems to distract Lana for a split second and she then bumps into a customer. People clap for her mistake ... Lana simply looks like she's overwhelmed on her first day and can only give Clark an embarrassed grin.

At the field, Coach Arnold is talking to his team. He wants to know who talked to the Principal. One player mentions that colleges won't even look at them if they have cheating on their record. Coach Arnold walks over to him and smacks him. Fun fact, the kid he just hit; Trevor, is played by the same actor who would become Dan Turpin in season 8 episode "Bulletproof". Anyway, as he hit him, the sprinklers ignite in fire. WOW, that's freaky. He's adamant that nothing is going to stand between him and his legacy. Meanwhile, Chloe is filming the events.

The next day, Lionel shows up to talk to Lex about his actions of increasing the work force. He wants him to know that just because he's his son; doesn't mean Lex is going to receive special treatment. Lex thinks he never has. Lionel wants to know if Lex knows how he feels about him. Lex notes that he's been sent to a crap factory in Smallville; which should explain it perfectly well. Lionel insists that Caesars sent their sons to the furthest parts of the empire to appreciate how the world works. Lionel wants to fence Lex for the work force. They decide to do battle. They go back and forth. Boy, they are really good. Lionel is especially fleet of foot. Lionel notes that Lex is ruled by his emotions and can be a fatal flaw. He eventually defeats Lex and orders the workers to be gone by tomorrow.

Meanwhile in the loft, Martha and Clark discuss the situation with football. She notes that she understands both sides and that both are at fault. She admits that she wants to trust him; and so does his dad.

Across town, Chloe is having a secret meeting with Trevor. She asks him if Coach Walt Arnold supplied the players with the tests. He tells her to stay away in order to remain safe. She shows him the shot of Coach Walt on the field with the players. He walks back to his car and is grabbed by the coach. He grabs his arm and seems to be burning him. OUCH. He's upset that Trevor was talking to the school newspaper. He insists that nothing was said; but mentions that she has a picture of the sprinklers. He tells him to go home; while he takes care of the situation.

Chloe is busy working at the Torch on the story. All of a sudden; fire erupts from the computer. Coach Arnold is seen starting the blaze outside the room. Chloe goes to a window and screams for Clark to help her. She dives through some fire; but is engulfed again. She thinks it's over. Clark finds her and as he does; Coach Arnold stops the inferno. Afterward, Chloe and Clark discuss the events. Chloe thinks that Coach Arnold is responsible for these events. She seems to have solved it all by herself. She goes through the whole story that she's looked into. Chloe tells him that Trevor might open up to Clark if he talks to him.

Back at the Beanery, Lana walks up to Lex. He's busy going over some papers. He's surprised to see her; he wonders if Nell put her on the street. Lana insists that it was her choice to join the work force. Lex seems to approve of her choice. He thinks she'll be employee of the month in no time. However, Lana notes that her only record is broken dishes in a single day. He orders a cappuccino and then Clark shows up. He wonders if she's seen Trevor. She mentions that he hasn't been in. Clark asks her how the day is going. Lana says it's one of those days where you just want to scream. Clark thinks it's cool that she got this job. Lana is upset that she won't get to see him play. He orders a cup of coffee and sits down with Lex. He is congratulated and Lex figures that his dad must be thrilled. Clark notes that it's not the case and that he told him he couldn't play. He feels that his dad wants him to make his own decisions, but shuts him down when he does.

Lex brings up the whole "staying out late in order to avoid any uncomfortable silence when he gets home". He notes that the Luthor's wrote the book on it. Clark asks Lex what he's working on. Lex is trying to figure out who to let go from the company. Clark wonders if there's any way around it. Lex says that once his father has made up his mind; it's hard to change. Lana returns with the drinks and notes that Nell's face when she took this job. She sits down next to Clark and they continue to talk. Lex mentions that Clark and Lana stood their ground; while he caved. He says they have inspired him. He raises his glass to them for a toast. Clark says they are a couple of rebels. Lex takes a drink of his cappuccino and Lana wants to know how it is. He says it's perfect. She's happy and walks away. Of course, after she leaves; Lex tells Clark it's not even close to what he ordered.

The next day, Clark walks into Trevor's garage. He finds him sitting in the corner next to a bunch of fire extinguishers. He tells him to leave before Coach Walt finds out. Trevor tells Clark about all the abuse Coach has given to players. He admits that the coach gave them the midterm. Clark sees the burn on his arm. MAN, that is some burn.

Later, Clark shows up at Coach Arnold's sauna. He wonders why Clark isn't suiting up for the game. Clark tells him that he's not walking out to the field; and neither is the coach. Coach Arnold tells him that he doesn't want to tick him off. As he says that, Clark begins to be weakened by the meteor rocks in the sauna. Clark mentions what happened to Trevor. The coach gets up and says Trevor should have kept his mouth shut. Then, Clark is punched in the gut. He falls to the ground and the rocks fall to the floor. Coach locks him in there and goes to get ready for the game.

Shortly after, we see the game underway. Hmm, for some reason the quarterback of the Crows is now left handed. Is Whitney on the bench? Did they forget if he was left or right handed? Anyway, Jonathan and Martha show up. They notice that Clark is absent. Chloe says she hasn't seen him either. Meanwhile, Clark is trying to smash the window with a rock. Jonathan walks down to the field to ask Pete if he's seen Clark. Pete hasn't seen him all day. Coach Walt walks over and tells him that no parents are allowed on the sidelines. The coach mentions that he needs Clark out here as well, but it seems he doesn't have what it takes to be a winner. He walks away, but Chloe thinks the coach is lying. They decide to go look for him. Coach Walt follows them off the field, much to the chagrin of his assistant coach. Clark is still trying to smash through the window. He does, but passes out afterward. Jonathan walks to the locker room and eventually finds Clark in the sauna. He smashes the door in and helps Clark out of the room. However, Coach Walt Arnold is there and attacks them. However, Clark is healed and he kicks Coach Walt through the glass office window. That was pretty cool. He gets up and confronts him. The coach seems to be getting really angry. He sets a blaze around Clark. However, it does nothing to stop him. He's shocked that Clark isn't dead. Clark tells him it's in the "genes". He throws him into the showers. Clark tells him to give up. The coach gets REALLY enraged and fire surrounds him. Um, I guess he dies. WOW.

Meanwhile, at the Luthor mansion, Lionel is enraged at Lex's new proposal. It seems he's worked out a scenario where can cut budget by 20% without losing a single job. Way to go Lex; that's a good businessman. Lionel isn't impressed. However, Lex says that with this plan, Lionel doesn't have to deal with any bad public relations. Lex offers him another go at it with fencing. Lionel states that Lex has one chance to defy him, no more. Lex wants to know what makes Lionel more upset ... if it's the fact that his plan works ... or that Lionel didn't come up with it first. He tells his father that he has no idea what he's capable of. Nice foreshadowing.

Back at the school, we see Clark and Jonathan talking. They have a heart to heart over the recent events. Clark notes that he was out of line. Jonathan says that he does trust Clark, but he really is just afraid ... but that's just part of being a parent. They hug and walk away.

Shortly after, we see Clark on the field. Lana shows up mentioning how peaceful it is. He's' surprised, because he figured she'd be working. Lana admits she was let go. That's the nice way of putting it. Clark wants to know how Nell took it. Lana says that she thinks it was a sign to reconsider cheerleading. Lana brings up the situation with the coach. Clark mentions that he won his 200th game and didn't even get to see it. She asks if Clark is going to play next season. Clark thinks that it's time to break the vicious cycle. Lana notes that he had a pretty short career and wonders why he had a change of heart. Clark says that he realized that his reason for playing was no longer there. WOW, talk about throwing something RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN. Lana just gives him a little smile and says she's sorry to here that. Clark's response ... "who says life is fair". Again, he's really putting out some serious signs at Lana. God, what are you doing with Whitney, Lana? You're so much more interesting around Clark. Anyway, Lana asks if he's going to be okay. Clark says he will, but sometimes he just wants to scream. Lana feels that they should. Clark's a little baffled by this, but eventually agrees. They stand in the middle of the field ... and on 1...2...3 they scream. Great ending!

Well, Lana certainly made some changes in this episode. She's trying to break that mold of being the typical cheerleader. She seems to want more with her life. She wants to follow her own path, make her own choices, and be great at something on her own. Of course, it's funny that she's such a horrible waitress, but will basically become the manager of a coffee house in a dozen episodes. Anyway, the key to Lana ... get her away from Whitney. He seems to hold her character back. Finally, it was nice to see her and Clark help inspire Lex to stand up to his father. The three of them were an interesting combination; and it really started at the Beanery.

We open with Lex Luthor walking into Smallville Savings & Loan. Why is Lex there? Wouldn't he keep most of his assets in a bank in Metropolis? Um, for some reason he's got a backpack over his shoulder. Lex Luthor wouldn't be caught dead wearing that around town. Something is definitely going on. The bank manager walks over to him to talk. Lex wants to close all his accounts. This causes the manager to question the reason. Lex wants to know if there's a problem. The man says that there's not. It seems the Luthor's have been banking in Smallville for 12 years. In other words, when the meteor shower took place. Whatever ... anyway, Lex wants all of it in cash. Um, Lex ... I don't think this bank could accommodate anywhere CLOSE to the amount you want based on their "on hand". Regardless, the manager asks for his signature for the transaction. Lex obliges. The manager goes and tries to verify the signature and is shocked to notice how different it is. Something is wrong. He asks to see his driver's license. Lex gets upset and pulls a gun. Jeez, he runs out after having robbed the bank. He runs directly into Clark and throws him through a window. In a shocking moment, Clark seems to look directly through "Lex" and sees a bunch of green kryptonite flowing through his body. "Lex" continues on down the street.

Shortly after, we see a lady confront her daughter Tina about a bag full of money. She asks Tina if she robbed the bank. Tina notes that she didn't, but Lex Luthor did. She proceeds to transform into Lex Luthor. Creepy ... she then turns back. She said she did it for them, to help better their life. It seems she's jealous of Lana's life. They get into a tug of war over the bag of money and Tina's mom falls down the stairs, snapping her neck. Well, that's no good. Tina is freaking out, and starts to dial 911, but hangs up the phone when someone picks up.

After the opening credits, we return to the Kent farm. They are discussing the incident at the bank. They can't believe that Lex Luthor would have to rob a bank. Neither can I. It seems the robber got away with $100,000. Seriously, that's chump change to Lex Luthor. Why would he steal that? Clark says that it couldn't have been Lex. Jonathan notes that Clark saw him with his own eyes. Clark mentions that he's not sure what he saw. Martha hopes there is a reasonable explanation for the incident. And who shows up at the door ... why it's Lex himself. He hopes there's an explanation ... he also promises that he's not packing heat. He walks in and says he was in Metropolis at the time of the robbery. Clark wonders who could have been responsible because it looked exactly like Lex. Lex says he just hopes the money will turn up, but in the meantime, the tabloids will have a field day with the story. He implores that he's not a criminal mastermind. Clark jokes that a real criminal mastermind would have worn a mask.

Later, at Smallville High School Clark is busy with rope climbing in physical education class. However, he's more interested in the physical education of Lana Lang; who is walking off the gym floor. Pete notices Clark staring at her. Lana turns and we see her look over; although it's never really obvious if she's actually looking at Clark, or just looking that way. Whatever ... Pete tells Clark to keep his eyes in his head. Clark suddenly gets a headache and the coach tells him they need to get their blood pumping.

Next, we see Pete and Clark attempting to climb rope. The coach is joking with Clark that he will have laps if Pete beats him. Poor Pete, everyone thinks he's such a loser. Anyway, Clark gets a pain in his head again and suddenly, he sees through Pete's body. It's a creepy visual. It causes Clark to fall to the ground. A "human" would have hurt themselves quite a bit with that fall, but not Clark. Anyway, he gets up and a super power seems to kick in again ... he is seeing through the wall, into the girls locker room. At first he tries to make it stop, BUT he notices Lana walking to her locker in a towel. Oh boy, she's getting changed in front of him. He's got quite a big grin on his face. Oh Clark.

After school, Clark discusses the incident with his parents. He notes that he can see through solid objects, even people ... and sometimes it's like an x-ray. Clark tells them that he gets headaches and then it kicks in. Martha figures that there's got to be a way to deal with it. Clark is upset, noting that HE CAN SEE THROUGH THINGS. Jonathan feels that Clark needs to condition himself to deal with them. Clark isn't so sure; he wonders how he can do it. He is upset and walks out of the house.

Meanwhile, Tina Greer shows up at Lana's garage. Lana is going through a bunch of crap. They talk about Lana quitting the cheerleading squad and now Lana can have more time for her "unpopular" friends. Lana claims that Tina is not unpopular. BTW, Tina Greer is played by Lizzy Caplan who would later play a "loser" in "Mean Girls". Anyway, she begins to talk about how lucky Lana is to have Nell. She feels that if something happened to her mom, nobody would take her in. Tina tells Lana that she has the perfect life. O'RLY. Tina seems to be obsessed with Lana. Lana tells her that if she wants her life, she can have it. Oh no ... Tina then mentions how cool it would be if they were sisters. She wonders if Nell would adopt her if anything happened to her mom. Jeez, this is just creepy. Lana is seemingly freaked out as well; however, she's at least being nice about it.

Back downtown, Clark is walking by the Talon, or at least what will be in a few episodes. He gets a pain in his head and sees people in x-ray form again. He notices some green flowing in someone's body. It was Tina Greer. They walk over to the antique store. Tina's mom comes out to talk to them. However, we know Tina's mom is dead, so it could only be one person. She tells them she's thinking about selling the place and moving to Metropolis. Clark asks if Tina is around. Tina's mother says she's at Lana's. Haha, she called her Lana in the opposite way of how they pronounce it on this show. Clark decides he's going to go for a walk. Martha asks for the lamp that was being fixed. "Tina" walks to the back to get it. While she's gone, Martha notices some money on the floor. It looks like the kind that was stolen. She picks it up, and confronts "Tina" about it. She notes that a client paid her in cash and she was looking for that. Martha is very curious about everything. Martha leaves her purse, so "Tina" gets it for her, stealing her keys though. After Martha leaves, she transforms back into her body.

Martha is standing outside looking at a newspaper when we hear a car coming. WTF, Clark is driving the truck down the sidewalk towards her. Seconds later, the real Clark shows up to see if she's alright. Martha and Clark embrace.

Later, Jonathan, Clark and Martha talk about the incident. They retrace their steps. It seems Tina Greer's mom's name is Rose. She believes that Rose stole the money, and tried to kill her. Clark mentions that he though Tina's body was looking weird when he was x-raying her. Martha mentioned the medical issues she had as a young girl. They note that she got better around the time of the meteor shower. Clark wishes that he could control his x-ray vision so he could utilize it in this situation. Jonathan wants Clark to focus and tell him what he has in his hand. Clark says it's a pocketknife. Jonathan can't believe Clark could see through his hand. However, Clark notes that Jonathan always carries his knife in his pocket. That was funny.

Meanwhile, Lana is in her garage looking through some dusty boxes. She finds some of her mother's old things. Among them, a journal. She walks back inside and finds Nell icing a cake. She tells Nell that she lied to her about her mother.

Back in town, Lex is confronted by Roger Nixon of the Metropolis Inquisitor. He shows Lex the cover about the bank robbery. He then brings up some of Lex's juvenile records. Lex says those records are supposed to be sealed. He then mentions an incident at Club Zero. Lex thinks that Roger is looking for a payoff. He asks for $100,000 to make the story go away. Lex isn't impressed and he drives away.

Later, Lana arrives home to find Nell. It seems Nell told Lana a lie about who her mother was. She was basically told a fairy tale. It seems Lana's mother didn't love cheerleading and wanted to leave Smallville. Nell told her what she thought Lana could handle. Nell mentions that Lana is reading a journal of a 17 year old girl. They talk about how Laura Lang was tapped to give the graduation speech. It seems she pretty much rambled on about everything that had built up inside her. Her first line was "I never made a difference her, but maybe my children can."

The next day at Smallville High, Clark is staring at Tina. Wow, Clark ... talk about just being weird. Chloe and Pete arrive to snap him out of it. He asks them if they've ever noticed anything weird about her. Pete says the only thing weird is the amount of time she spends idolizing Lana. Chloe notes that she's basically Lana's clone. Clark continues to stare down Tina. Eventually she notices and Clark acts like he wasn't staring at her. Lana and Whitney exit a classroom at the same time. What are they doing in that room? Why would Whitney have a class with Lana? He's a senior, she's a freshman. Anyway, when Tina calls out for Lana, Whitney seems annoyed. She wants to know what she thinks of her sweater. It seems she's gone and got one just like Lana's. She even got an emerald necklace like Lana's. Whitney isn't surprised. Tina senses that Whitney is slighting her. He says he'll see Lana at lunch. The two girls walk down the hall. Tina mentions that her mother is moving to Metropolis full time and doesn't want to pull her out of school. She wonders if Nell would take her in. She mentions that money wouldn't be an issue, and that she could even get a horse, so they could ride together. UGH, this girl is insane. Please, someone take her out immediately. She wonders if this idea sounds great to Lana. Again, Lana is trying to be polite, but can't help but show her disinterest. She tells her that she'll have to think about it. And people call Clark Kent a Lana stalker, he's got nothing on this girl. She's CRAZY. Lana says she needs to run it by Nell. Tina says that Nell loves her. She doesn't understand Lana. She figures that she'd be happy about this news. She mentions that they even look alike. REALLY, Tina ... um, you two look NOTHING alike. Lana doesn't think it's a really good idea. Tina freaks out and gets upset at Lana for pretending to like her. Tina notes that if Lana said yes, it would have been perfect. She storms off leaving Lana confused.

She goes and puts her necklace and books in her locker and exit's the hall. Shortly after, Clark comes out of a room and x-rays her locker. He notices the money in the backpack. His concentration is interrupted by Tina Greer yelling at him for staring at her. Clark apologizes for his actions and leaves.

Shortly after, Clark arrives home to talk to his parents in the barn. He informs them that he's learned how to control the x-ray vision. He tells them about finding the money in Tina's locker.

Meanwhile, Tina is trying to write Lana Lang's signature. Some police officers show up. She transforms into Rose and talks to them. They want to talk to Tina about the money that was stolen from the bank. She lets them know, she'll send her over when she arrives.

Later, Clark is sitting up in the loft when Lana shows up. He's holding a piggy bank and trying to figure out how much is inside. Lana says that he could always just take the money out and count it. She mentions the situation with Tina and the money from the robbery. Lana also tells Clark about the whole "living together" situation. Clark thinks that would be a bad idea. She starts talking about having issues with Nell. Clark is surprised to hear that. Lana mentions having a sort of dual identity. There's the person everybody sees, but also the person that you want to be. Clark says he knows the feeling. She's acting pretty forward with him. This is causing some confusion for Clark. She moves close and kisses him. He says "what about Whitney?" ... Lana is like "forget Whitney". Yeah, I totally agree. She says she's had her eye on him, just like he's had his eye on her. They kiss again. This really excites Clark. However, we then see it's not Lana, but Tina Greer. UGH, that was a creepy reveal. She wants to know how Clark found out about the money. She attacks him and pushes him through the loft window to the ground.

Afterward, the Kent's talk to Clark about Tina. Clark mentions that can't call the police, because Tina could be anyone, and only he can tell the difference.

The next day, Lana shows up at the Torch to talk to Chloe. She needs Chloe to help her find her mother's graduation speech. Chloe searches through the records, but seems to be unable to find that speech. It seems that the speech was controversial so wasn't posted in the school paper. Nice little Chloe and Lana scene.

Later, Lex is drinking in his study. Roger Nixon shows up and Lex throws him the money. As Roger is leaving, Lex tells him that if he walks out the door, he'll make him disappear. He claims he won't hurt him, but he'll erase his existence. Okay Lex ... whatever. Roger thinks Lex is bluffing. Lex manages to convince him that he's serious. Roger throws the bag of money back to him. He wants to just be even. Lex says they won't be. He mentions that Roger's brother works for Juvenile Court and likely stole records to try to blackmail Lex. He notes that it's a serious crime. Lex rips into him for trying to destroy his life. Lex says that he just wants Roger's help with his father. Lex says that he will feed him stories to print and that Roger will kill any negative stories about him. He then shows him the Porsche from the Loeb Bridge incident. He wants Roger to help him solve the puzzle of the incident. Oh boy, Lex ... don't you know curiosity killed the cat.

Meanwhile, Clark is on his porch, holding the lead armor box. He's joined by Lana. Of course, he's a little skeptical at first, due to the incident with Tina, so he's basically staring at her. Lana wonders what is up. He apologizes and said he thought it wasn't her. WOW, Clark ... that doesn't sound weird. They talk about the situation with Nell. She then tells Clark that she found her mother's diary and found out some things about her that she didn't know. Lana feels that her mother was basically talking to her. Clark thinks she's lucky that she got a little time with her parents. Lana wants to know if he's ever tried to find his parents. He figures they're a million miles away. She wonders what he would ask them. He goes through the usual questions. Clark hopes Lana finds what she's looking for. Nice moment.

The next day at school, Lana talks to Whitney. She says she wants to spend time with the best boyfriend in the world. Okay, I already know this isn't Lana. She's way too clingy with Whitney and she'd never say something like that. WOW, she just pushed him against the wall and attacked him with her lips. Yep, this is definitely Tina's style. He wonders what's gotten into her. Lana says it's the new her. You know, Kristin looks WAY hot in this scene. This is almost a preview of "alpha" Lana. She asks Whitney for his lettermen's jacket. He gives it to her and says he'll see her tomorrow. Now, Lana turns into Tina Greer, completely killing the mood.

Later, Clark and Pete are talking about Tina and her transforming ability. Pete thinks this is Chloe's territory. They stop at Rose Greer's store. They are going to search for any clues. Clark uses his x-ray vision and finds a body hiding in a cabinet. Clark says they have to go in, he says it's a hunch. He finds Tina's mother in a cabinet. Pete asks how he knew she was there. Clark says, "Because I could see right through the door". Pete takes it as a total joke. That was actually a great line. Clark figures she died due to a broken neck. Of course, having x-rayed her, he knows she did. Pete figures that Tina's already on a bus to Metropolis. Clark doesn't think she is. He finds Lana's signature written dozens of times. Clark figures Tina wants to become Lana.

That night, Lana is in the cemetery talking to her parents about the speech. She is joined by Whitney (wearing his letterman's jacket) ... so we know it's Tina. "Whitney" basically says that her parents are dead and to move on. He says she has a great life and she' can't even see it. He says that her parents aren't coming back, so deal with it. He says she doesn't deserve her life. Whitney then transforms back into Lana. He pushes Lana to the ground, knocking her unconscious.

Lana awakens in a crypt. Meanwhile, Clark shows up and confronts Whitney. He asks where Lana is at. As Tina approaches, holding the kryptonite necklace. Clark is weakened, so Tina hits him. She's totally destroying him right now; throwing him into headstones. Tina threw the necklace away with the jacket and Clark is now full strength. He smashes her throughout the cemetery, demanding to know Lana's location. Tina says that Lana is dead. Clark is angry and throws her into a tree, knocking her out.

Having defeated Tina, Clark uses his x-ray vision to search for Lana. He finds her in a crypt. He smashes through the cover and of course she's unconscious. He carries her to safety.

Afterward, we see Clark talking to Chloe. She tells him she came to talk to Lana. Lana is okay now and Chloe gives her a cassette of her mother's graduation speech. Lana is very happy. Clark's parents show up and tell him that Tina won't be able to hurt anyone else. Jonathan doesn't understand why someone would do all Tina did? Clark says he does, says she had a secret and saw everyone else being normal, and got jealous. Then guess who shows up? Oh yeah, Whitney. He embraces Lana, causing Clark to get a little upset. Martha notices the jealousy in Clark's eyes. She says, "You really like her, don't you?" Clark walks away. Poor guy. As they walk inside her house, Clark x-rays the house, seeing Whitney hug and kiss Lana. Clark asks Martha what she would do if she could see everything. She tells him to try to close his eyes.

Later, Lana is in a truck, and listening to her mother's speech. The impact of the speech brings a tear to Lana's eyes. A nice ending to the episode, as Lana found some form of happiness in her mother's own words.

A nice episode for Lana. She's slowly realizing that her mother had many of the same feelings about life that she did, but didn't really do anything about them. You get the sense that Lana is going to want to continue to slowly break the mold that people expect from her, and try to be the person she really is.

We open at a high school party down by the frozen lake. It seems that the lake is full of meteor rocks. Oh boy, that can't be a good sign for someone at this shindig. Chloe and Clark arrive and discuss this awesome gathering. Chloe talks about how booze and a chance of hooking out will make people show up anywhere to party. BTW, Clark doesn't seem too excited to be there. Chloe is shocked that Clark isn't cold. She wonders if he's from an ice planet. She decides to go warm up by the fire. It seems Lana & Whitney are here together as well. GRRRRR. Clark doesn't seem to thrilled; I can't blame him. Anyway, some dude goes over to Clark. I guess his name is Sean. He wants to know if Chloe is flying solo. He goes over to hit on her. Sean uses some pathetic pick up lines & Chloe mocks him. He asks for her phone number. She doesn't think he'll call anyway. Chloe writes it down and he runs off with Whitney and the other jocks. Clark asks Chloe if she wrote her number down for Sean Kelvin. You know, I'm sure "Sullivan" is in the phone book if he was that desperate to talk to Chloe. Clark seems either worried, or slightly jealous. You know how Clark is when people start interacting with his women ... whether he is involved with them, or not. He's very territorial. Chloe tells Clark to relax. Meanwhile, Whitney asks about the situation with Chloe. Sean thinks Chloe is "another notch". Whitney says that's cold. He whips the football onto the ice. Sean runs out after it. As he heads back, the ice breaks and he falls in. It freezes over him and he's stuck underneath. Well, in 99.999999999% of instances, a person dies here ... but we have kryptonite in the lake, so it's a toss up.

The next day, we see Sean break through the ice and walk over to a nearly extinguished fire. He's absolutely BLUE. He puts his hands near the fire to get warm. We see that his body has warmed up, however he also seems to have turned the fire into ice. Yeah, I think something fishy is going on. Anyway, we cut to the credits.

Meanwhile at the Kent farm, Jonathan & Martha are going over some financial numbers. Clark goes the numbers in his head. He figures that he should just go pro in sports to help earn money for the farm. Of course, he's just kidding. It seems Clark can never make it to school on time. He runs off and meets up with Pete & Chloe near the edge of the farm. Why are they at his house. Don't they live in town? Clark lives on a FARM outside of Smallville. Oh well, they talk about Sean Kelvin. Chloe mentions that she hasn't heard from him. They discuss etiquette for such a situation. Pete says that Sean is actually a decent guy. Clark says that he doesn't have a crush on Lana ... nobody believes him. Pete says that if it's true, he should ask someone else out, like Chloe. She gets upset that they are trying to use her as a crash test dummy. This is actually pretty funny. Anyway, she says to just ask Lana out. She would also like them to treat her better.

Later at school, Sean Kelvin is in the nurses office. Man, he looks terrible. His temperature is like 30 degrees. The nurse is confused. When she puts her hand on his head, he gives her the chills. He then gets up saying that he's better now.

Meanwhile, Lex nearly gets hit by a chainsaw from Martha Kent when he interrupts her working. Lex mentions he's holding a meeting with the community to discuss financial issues. Martha is skeptical because they don't need more loans. He mentions that he's offering the role of an investor. Lex wants people to modernize and expand. He feels the town has lost its drive to be competitive. He realizes Jonathan has issues with Lex, but figures Martha could put in a good word.

We then cut to the Talon ... well, the "old" version of the Talon. Lana is in reading a brochure . Lex notices her and goes over to talk. She mentions that Whitney and her are going to an exhibit in Metropolis. Lex is surprised that Whitney would be into that sort of thing. Lana says that it was Whitney's idea. Lex notes that he probably figures that an afternoon at a museum will mean he's off the hook for six months. HAHA. Lex always trying to push Lana away from Whitney. Lana thinks Lex is pretty quick to judge. However, Lex just thinks Lana's with the wrong guy. He walks away when Whitney shows up. She's got a really confused look on her face. He wants to know if everything's okay. She says it is, but looks so incredibly bored with this guy. He tells her that he can't go to Metropolis, because there's a big pay per view fight he needs to watch with the guys. WHAT A LOSER. I love that stuff as well, but if Lana wants to go to a museum with you; you go to the museum Whitney. You can tell she's disappointed. He apologizes and says he'll make it up to her. He walks away and Lex leaves the Talon, full of valuable information.

He goes outside and runs into Clark. He tells him that Lana's available tomorrow night. Lex figures it's the perfect time to ask her out. Clark says she's got a boyfriend. Lex says that Whitney is a high school boyfriend, in other words, an obstacle. He says that if Clark asks her out, he'll give him tickets to the Radiohead concert. Clark wants to know why Lex is doing this. Lex tells him that Clark is like the little brother he never had. He feels that someone should benefit from his experience. Clark doesn't think he can just ask her out. Lex says that the hardest thing to tell the girl you love is that you like her. He also notes that if Clark does it in the next 60 seconds, he'll throw in a limo. Clark GOES FOR IT. He takes the tickets and runs inside. He walks up to Lana and asks if she would like to go to the concert. She is surprised that he got tickets. He tells her that a friend couldn't use them. Anyway, he wants to go with her, as friends. Playing the "friends" card. He seems so full of it. Lana can't be that naïve. You can see based on the look on her face that she knows he's not interested in going as "friends", but she's polite and goes with it. She says she'd love to go.

Shortly after, Chloe, Pete and Clark are discussing the fact that Clark actually asked Lana Lang on a date. Of course, Clark says it's not a date, just going as friends. Chloe says she's still impressed. Pete wonders how Clark got the tickets. Chloe notes that Lex probably did it. Clark affirms her guess. He thanks Chloe for helping him get off his butt and ask Lana. Then Sean Kelvin walks up to Chloe and says he owed her a phone call. Chloe says she's busy right now, but maybe later. This seems to disinterest Sean and he looks to Jenna. WOW, how pathetic ... right in front of another girl. Chloe is left to feel like crap. Clark is suspicious of Sean's actions.

We then cut to a shower, where Jenna is showering. It seems Sean is walking towards her. Oh boy, she figures he would want to take a shower with her. Pretty forward thinking of her. She opens the shower curtain and he's nearly frozen. He tells her that he's cold. He needs to get warm, so he grabs her and kisses her. When he finishes, she's a popsicle and he's warm again. He drops her and she shatters.

Back at the Kent farm, Martha tells Jonathan that they should attend Lex's meeting. She feels that he's being unfair to Lex because of his father. She notes that he's been a good friend to Clark. She figures they need to hear him out. Finally, she flat out states that she already told him they would come. Clark walks in the door. He seems way too excited and this causes Martha to wonder where her son went. Clark says that he is going to a concert in Metropolis with Lana Lang. Of course, he notes it's not a "date" date. Jonathan says that it looks like Lex has helped plan out both their evenings. Martha is confused, because she assumed Lana was with Whitney. Clark tells her that she's not married. HAHA. Look at the Lex attributes rubbing off on Clark.

Sean is cold again, so he's going through the phone book trying to find someone to keep him warm. The first person he calls "Bella" isn't very interested. He finds Chloe's number and decides to try her again.

Later, Clark and Chloe are discussing his "non date". Chloe says he should try not to flaunt his excitement, but notes it will be hard in Clark's case, since he's waited for this moment since his first growth spurt. He reconfirms it's not a date. Chloe isn't convinced and tells him to see what she's wearing. If it's something new, she thinks it's a date. Clark is trying to decide what to wear. Man, this guy has no clue. He decides to check the laundry basket. At that moment, Chloe gets the call from Sean. He says he owes her an apology. A few minutes later, Chloe walks over to Clark. Clark figures that Chloe must like Sean. She says he's a little weird, but is really hot. She's going to meet him at the Torch. Clark doesn't want Chloe to get hurt. Chloe feels that blue is a good color for Clark and hands him a shirt.

That night, the Kent's arrive at Lex's study. It seems that nobody else has shown up to the meeting. It seems that Lex only invited the Kent's. He says he wants to help with their problems. After some brief hesitation, Jonathan says they will listen.

Oh, it's "non date" time. They are enjoying the perks of a limo. Clark notes that a concert beats a night of reading. Oh Clark, don't tell Lana you spy on her at home. He covers by mentioning that she always retreats to a book. Lana says it's easier than dealing with her life at times. Clark says he does the same thing with astronomy. Lana notes that Clark seems to always know what she's thinking. Clark says it's magic. He gives her some cards and uses his x-ray vision to tell her which card she has. Sly dog ... using his powers to impress. Lana thinks Clark is full of surprises. She hands him the card back and their hands touch. She feels this is weird. Lana mentions having to explain the situation to Nell. Clark notes he did the same with his parents. He actually mentions that it's "not a date" GOSH Clark, way to make it awkward. He then asks about Whitney. My lord, why does Clark always want to talk about Whitney? It seems Lana didn't tell Whitney. Well Clark, there's your answer. She didn't tell her boyfriend about the concert, so it's more than just a "friends date". Clark wonders if she feels guilty about it. Lana says that Whitney's with his friends, so she'll spend time with her friends. Yeah, but I don't think Whitney wants to kiss his friends. HEHE. Lana turns on the television and they see the report about Sean Kelvin. Clark wants the car to be stopped. OH GREAT, way to kill the date.

Back at the Torch, Chloe hears a noise. She walks into the hallway thinking it's Sean. She finds a path of flower (I think, it's hard to see for sure). She follows them.

Meanwhile, Clark tells Lana to stay at the Beanery, or Talon ... or whatever this store is. I don't think "Smallville" knows for sure, since it looks similar to the one that wasn't earlier. Clark says things are complicated and is sorry for everything and will explain. However, he does note that this is the best "non date" he's ever been on. He leaves and Lana is left perplexed.

Back at the school, Chloe is still following the path. It leads to the pool. A sign tells her to come in. She walks in and says that she only agreed to a cappuccino, not skinny dipping. The door closes and Sean walks towards her. Oh boy, he's really cold and needs some warmth. Chloe falls into the pool. He sucks whatever heat was in the water and it freezes. Chloe's leg is stuck and she can't get out. Clark shows up and breaks in the door and helps her escape. Sean tries to stop Clark, but gets punched.

Shortly after, Chloe and Clark talk in the Torch office. He brings her a cup of coffee. Clark says she deserved someone better than Sean anyway. Chloe seems to have figured out the mystery right away. Clark says that Chloe needs to get home, he'll take care of things. She says this incident wasn't a passive aggressive way to ruin his date with Lana. Clark realizes he left Lana at the BEANERY or TALON.

It's the BEANERY, why did the sign say Talon earlier. GRRR. Pete shows up and notices Lana sitting at a table. He asks where Clark is at. Lana goes over the story with him. She asks Pete about Clark. Pete says he's so "Clark like" and thinks that sometimes he's totally there, but then has a mysterious side. Lana agrees. Lana figures that whatever it was, it must have been important. Pete blurts out that he couldn't believe anything could have been more important to him than her. Oh boy. Just then, Whitney shows up and wonders what she's doing. Lana tells Pete to take his date for a spin in the limo since she won't be needing it. He thanks her and leaves. Whitney is confused why she was using a limo. She tells him that she was hanging out with a friend. Lana decides she wants to go home.

Meanwhile, Sean is trying to break into an electrical box.

Clark arrives at the Beanery to find that Lana is no longer there. Poor Clark, always screwing things up with Lana. The lights start to flicker and he figures Sean is responsible. Yes he is, we see him getting some heat.

At the mansion, Lex is going over the financial solutions for the Kent's. Jonathan feels that they need to solve their own problems. Lex tells the Kent's about how government subsides help Jonathan's father through some lean years. Jonathan wants to know why Lex is so interested in their family. Lex says that Clark gave him a second chance on life. He notes that Jonathan's father put his family's future over his own pride.

Whitney and Lana are driving home. You can tell he wants to know what happened. Lana says that Clark invited her to a concert. He wants to know why she didn't tell him. She says he's overreacting and that Clark's just a friend. At that moment, Sean is standing in the middle of the road. Good lord, he's frozen again. This dude is screwed. In an effort to avoid hitting him, Whitney crashes the car into the ditch. Man, Whitney's parent's auto insurance must be through the roof. He tells Lana that they have to get somewhere safe. He goes to help her out of the truck. They walk over towards the Luthor Mansion.

Meanwhile, conversations continue between Lex and the Kent's. Jonathan wants to know what Lex gets out of this. He says there's profit to be made in the end. He proposes a toast to the future, but Lana and Whitney stroll in. Martha wonders where Clark is at.

We see that Clark is by the truck and is attacked by Sean. He takes the heat from Clark and leaves him frozen on the ground.

Back in the mansion, Lex brings Whitney and Lana some hot chocolate or coffee, I'm not sure. Anyway, he says he's sorry about her date. HAHA. Lex really doesn't like Whitney. Martha is still worried about Clark. Jonathan says "he's Clark".

Outside, Sean is using the generator for heat. At that moment, Clark is thawing out. Martha says she'll check the generator. Bad idea. She runs into Sean. He seems mighty impressed with Mrs. Kent. He walks up to her to try to get warm. Clark tells her to get in the house. They start to fight. Clark notices the pond next to them. Sean attacks Clark and sucks some more heat from him. He threatens to hurt his friends and family so Clark gets upset and throws him into the lake. Sean immediately sucks out all heat from the water and it freezes over, presumably leaving him to die underneath. What will happen in the spring when the Luthor mansion grounds keeper finds a young man floating in the water.

The next day, Lex shows up at the barn to talk to Jonathan. It seems Jonathan took out a bank loan. He figures that Jonathan must really despise him. Jonathan says he's betting on his family. He figures with the bank, he knows where he stands. Lex says that his offer will still stand if he reconsiders.

There is a vigil at school for Jenna. At least they actually remember that a girl was killed because of Sean. Chloe is really upset because she could have easily been the victim. Chloe notes that she's swearing off men. As they walk the halls, they see Lana by her locker. Clark walks over to her and apologizes for everything. He asks her to go out on Saturday. She mentions that Whitney's taking her to the city. Lana feels that the non date freaked Whitney out. Clark wants to know what she told him. Lana says that she told him the truth ... that we're just friends. OUCH ... poor Clark ... and Lana is so full of it. Seriously, Clark looks crushed ... there's NO way Lana can't tell how utterly disappointed hearing that from her. As she begins to walk away, Clark asks her why she's with Whitney. Lana says when she needs him, he's there ... and he makes her feel safe. She walks away, looking none too happy. Clark is left in the distance, crushed.

(Lana, Lana, Lana ... I know why she went back to Whitney, but it reeks of being "safe" as she flat out stated. It's obvious from their interactions that Lana enjoys being around Clark more. He seems to be able to make her smile. Also, we know that Clark is the one who keeps her safe ... she just doesn't know it yet. What a bummer ending Lana provided.)

We open at a Charity Gala for the new Luthor Corp Collection at the Metropolis Museum. Clark is aimlessly walking around trying to fit in. His interest is peaked by a chest plate with blue and red jewels. Of course, it features a style middle piece. He is joined by Lex who tells him that it belonged to Alexander the Great. Supposedly, the design symbolizes strength and courage. Clark can’t see himself going into battle with that on his chest. Lex then goes over some more facts about Alexander the Great. Jeez, Tom looks OLD in this scene, at least when consider supposed to be like 14 still. I think it’s the suit he is wearing. Anyway, Clark tells Lex that he wasn’t aware he was such a history buff. Lex retorts that he isn’t a history buff, he is just interested in people who ruled the world before they were 30. From behind, Lana tells Lex that he has a few more years to catch up to Alexander the Great. Clark is shocked that Lana is here. It seems that Lex didn’t tell Clark that she was going to be showing up. Lex says it must have slipped his mind Lex was such a Clana fan back then. He decides to leave the two of them alone.

Lana asks Clark if he is having a fun time. He feels he is actually underdressed for the event. Lana tells him that Whitney is just as uncomfortable. CRASH…that is the sound of Clark Kent’s hopes for the night being dashed by one word. Clark sees Whitney, who looks like he is bored out of his f**king mind. Clark seems disappointed that he doesn’t have Lana to his own tonight. Lana invites him to join us. He says okay, but then he looks at Whitney and walks away. Lex stops him and wants to know where he is going. Clark says he needs some air. Lex lets him know that he will never get Lana if he keeps running away from his enemy. Clark doesn’t think Whitney is his enemy. However, Lex disagrees mentioning the sooner he sees him as one, the sooner he will have a chance to win Lana. He tells him to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. As he says this, they are joined by the delectable Kelly Brook. Of course she is playing Victoria. Lex introduces her to Clark. Seems she is an old friend of Lex’s. In a shocking display of humor, Clark asks Lex how close he is going to keep her. Lex smirks and responds that he will catch up with him later. God Lex was so f**king cool back then. Clark asks if Victoria would like a private tour of the collection.

Meanwhile, we see two men in a fight in the bushes. One of them appears to be a detective or cop. He seems to be blackmailing the other man to do his dirty work. Man he is kicking the sh*t out of this guy. At the same time, we see Clark walking out of the museum. He notices a bum sleeping on a bench. Now we see a bus careening through the streets due to the driver suffering a heart attack. Clark realizes that it’s going to hit the man on the bench. Oh, there is also a little dog on it as well. Stop it Clark! He runs over to the bus and in one of the great moments of using his abilities, he stops the bus with his shoulder and it creates an awesome little explosion. Clark realizes that it had little to no effect on him. He notices people coming out of the museum and speeds away. Unbeknownst to him, the detective is aware of what just happened. Great opening to the episode from the Clex, to the short Clana scene, to the save.

It’s now the next day and we are at the Kent farm. Jonathan is working in the barn. Martha wants to know how the night out in Metropolis was. Clark mentions that it was fine, but something happened. He shows them the paper about the bus save. They are concerned. He tells them he is alright. Jonathan is worried that someone could have seen his do it. Clark informs him that everyone was in the museum. Jonathan mentions that he is proud of what he did, he is just concerned.

Later, we see the detective meeting with another man. It seems he is blackmailing another man who he has dirt on. Oh boy, he gives him the photographs from the security cameras in the museum. We see a picture with Lex Luthor and Clark Kent. The detective knows he has his man. What a devious son of a bitch.

Now we are in the Luthor mansion and Lex is having a drink with Victoria. How many times am I going to mention Lex having a drink in a recap of these episodes? He wants to know what she thinks of Smallville. She mentions that it’s fine, but not the place she would expect to find Lex Luthor. He tells her that he is expecting to be back in Metropolis in a few years when his father wants him. She feels that is bullsh*t, Lex seems to agree. They continue to chit chat and Lex wants to know why she is really in the US. It seems that Victoria came to try to persuade Lex to reconsider his position with Luthor Corp and join her father’s company. Lex wonders what her proposal is. Finally, we see them kissing as I guess that is part of her plan.

Meanwhile, back at the Torch, we see Clark and Chloe discussing her latest scathing editorial. Lana comes in and wants to talk to Clark about his disappearance the previous night. Clark tells her he wasn’t feeling well so he left. Chloe gets up to walk away, when she is confronted by Principal Kwan. He feels her latest editorial is a joke. Her article about meteor rocks and the strange incidents in the town is creating uproar with parents. Kwan mentions the school paper is a school paper, not a tabloid. He is relieving her of her duties. Chloe seems CRUSHED. Lana offers to talk to Kwan to help Chloe. Chloe wonders what Lana can do to help.

Later, we see Lex at the Beanery. He is confronted by the detective. His name is Detective Phelan. It seems that Phelan and Lex have a history. It seems that he was on Lionel’s payroll. He was a fixer and it seems he got Lex out of some trouble at times. Phelan tells him that he’s looking for a witness from the accident. Lex wonders why this concerns him. Phelan shows him the photograph of himself and Clark Kent. Lex tells him that he has no idea who it is. Phelan notes that they sure seemed like buddies based on the picture. Good scene which gives more back story on Lex’s previous life in Metropolis.

Clark is now walking into the barn. For some reason he is saying hello, over and over. It seems awkward. He hears some sounds from further into the barn. He kneels down and finds a Metropolis Police badge. At that moment, a generator is dropped from the ceiling on him. Of course, he is able to catch it and be unharmed. Angry, he throws the generator across the barn. Clark is stunned when he hears clapping. It seems that Detective Phelan found his man and is impressed by his skills. Phelan tells him that he is his new best friend. He fells that Clark has a gift necessary for him to achieve his objective. He blackmails Clark to help him or he will expose his secret and leaves.

Later, we see Clark discussing the incident with his parents. Clark tells them that this man saw him stop the bus. Martha wants to call the cops, but Clark notes that he is the police. Jonathan starts to walk away. Clark feels that he is angry with him. Jonathan tells Clark that he didn’t do anything wrong. Clark informs them that Phelan wants to meet him at the Beanery tomorrow. Jonathan tells Clark that he will meet Phelan tomorrow.

That night, we see Clark in the loft, looking at the stars. He is joined by Lex, who says it looks like Clark is carrying the weight of the world. Lex mentions that after one visit to Metropolis, he is already involved in a police investigation. Lex feels that must be some kind of record. He tells Clark that the detective came to talk to him. He doesn’t understand why Metropolis P.D. would send a detective to investigate traffic accidents. Lex informs Clark that he doesn’t want Phelan in his life. He notes his past incidents in Metropolis. It seems Phelan is a dirty cop who will plant evidence and do anything to get what he wants. Good Clex scene where SO much more is going on under the surface. I can only imagine the thoughts spinning in Lex’s brain.

The next day, we see Jonathan meet up with Detective Phelan. He figured that Jonathan would show up to the meeting. He is not impressed with Phelan’s idea of dropping generators on a teenage boy. Phelan makes a quip about it not hurting him. Jonathan asks what he needs Clark for. Phelan goes on a spiel about how he is the guy standing between good citizens and the criminals. He feels that Clark has a gift and he would like to use his talents to further the cause. Jonathan will not let him exploit his son. Phelan tries to bring up all the police reports that Clark has been involved with. Jonathan notes that he has never been in trouble a day in his life. He offers Phelan what ever he wants if he stays away from his family. Phelan wants his son, but Jonathan declines. He then tells Jonathan that if he doesn’t agree, he will tell the world and his life is over. Jonathan gets PISSED and grabs him by the neck and slams him on a table. Good scene with Jonathan being a protective father to Clark. God Phelan is such a piece of sh*t.

Later, at the Torch, we see Clark reading a story about Phelan. It seems that he used blackmail to look like a hero once again. Chloe then enters the room. Chloe asks Clark about Lana’s meeting with Principal Kwan. At that moment, Lana comes in and mentions what happened with their meeting. Lana feels it’s interesting. She tells Chloe they can send out the next issue the day after tomorrow. However, there is a catch. She is the new editor of the Torch. Oh God, Chloe is getting upset. She starts to cry and gets pissed off at Lana. Lana tells her that it was the only way he would re-open the paper. Chloe insinuates that cheer-leading’s not enough, now she wants editor of the school newspaper on her college application. Lana tells her that has nothing to do with it and that Chloe could ghostwrite until we get her reinstated. Chloe is incensed with the idea of working for Lana. Clark notices an impending cat fight and steps in. He tells Chloe that it’s not a bad idea. Chloe feels betrayed and that Clark is just agreeing with Lana because of his feelings. She tells him that he is COMPLETELY OBJECTIVE when it comes to all things Lana. Both Clark and Lana have awkward looks on their faces. Clark then tells her that he needs to go. Chloe then pleads with him to stay and take her desk. Lana informs her that it isn’t what she thinks. Chloe then tells Lana that for a millisecond, she almost thought that Lana was her friend and runs off. Holy sh*t, and people want to call Lana a bitch. That was a horrendous display of jealousy, envy, and just plain selfishness on Chloe's part. What a scene.

Now we see Clark outside the Beanery. He is stopped by Phelan. He tells him to get in the car. After some persuading, Clark gets in the vehicle.

Back at the mansion, we see Victoria and Lex enjoying drinks and dinner near the fireplace. They discuss business and Lex mentions that they should try to take over both their parents companies. Eh, its somewhat dull and I have no other words for it.

Later, in Metropolis, we see Clark and Phelan approach an apartment building. Clark wants to know what they are doing there. Clark was of the belief they were going after bad guys. Phelan tells him that is what they are doing. It just happens that the bad guys are Internal Affairs. He wants Clark to retrieve some files from a safe. Phelan tells him that if he does this, he will never bother him again. Clark breaks into the apartment. He uses his x-ray vision to identify the safe. A split second later, we see the safe being dropped on Phelan’s car. the look on Phelan’s face is priceless. Clark teases Phelan with the files and the police arrive shortly after. Clark speeds away leaving him to deal with the cops alone.

The following morning, Clark is talking to his parents. They ask him if Phelan has tried to contact him. Clark lies and notes that he is out of their lives for good. Of course, at that moment, we see Sheriff Ethan at the door. He claims to have a warrant to search the property. It seems that there is a dead body in the Kent barn. The man was killed by a gun shot wound. Also, an officer found a gun in his truck. Jonathan has no idea where the hand gun came from. Sheriff Ethan tells him that they will have to place him under arrest. As he is leaving, Clark tries to stop them, but Jonathan tells him that he needs to stay here and be strong. Clark then runs inside, pent up with aggression. He smashes a post in the house, destroying it. Afterward, we hear Phelan tell Clark that this is what you get when you try to be a hero. It seems Phelan planted the evidence against his father. It seems Phelan had a contingency plan. Clark is not impressed and slams him against another post. Man what I wouldn’t give to see Clark knock this pricks head right off. What a bastard. Boy Clark looks pretty angry here. It seems that Phelan isn’t done with Clark and wants him for another job. AWESOME scene.

Later, we see Lana busy working on a printer in the Torch office. Clark comes in to find her. Lana wonders what he is doing there. He tells her that he is just hiding out. Lana lets him know that she knows the situation with his father isn’t true. Lana then tells him that she feels way over her head with the whole Torch thing. She feels like she screwed everything up. She mentions that is what you get when you try to be a hero. Clark says he knows the feeling. Clark then asks if she has ever thought about what her life would be if her aunt hadn’t adopted her. Lana is confused by his question. He feels that all he does is complicate his parents’ lives. Lana tells him that he can’t blame himself for what is happening with his dad. Lana notes a story of how she tried to run away to Metropolis when she was 10. It seems Nell found her at the bus stop. On the way home, Lana asked Nell if she regretted adopting her. She told her that it was the best thing she ever did. She didn’t love her any less for being adopted, but she worried about her more. Ah, where was this Aunt Nell on the show. She always seemed like a bitter, me, me, me lady. Anyway, Clark then tells Lana he has to go. Lana feels that it will all work out in the end. I liked that scene very much. We get some nice insight between two adopted kids.

Shortly after, Clark is talking with Jonathan at the jail. Clark tells Jonathan that he lied to him about Phelan. He informs him of what went on the previous night. He feels that he was trying to protect them. Jonathan notes that can’t protect them by lying. He then tells him that there is more. He lets him know that Phelan came back after the arrest. Clark feels that for a second he wanted to kill him. Jonathan then presses his fist to the glass and Clark does the same. Jonathan doesn’t want Clark to let Phelan get to him. He tells Clark that once you’ve crossed the line, there’s no going back. John Schneider was really great in this scene with Tom. It’s scenes like this that are really missing in the later seasons.

Meanwhile, Lex is back at the Beanery when he sees Clark walking outside. He goes to confront him about Jonathan. Lex offers to get the 10 best lawyers in the state to help him. Lex realizes that this is Phelan’s doing. Clark wants Lex to stay out of the situation. Clark mentions the dark past he has in Metropolis. Lex admits that there are things in his life he isn’t proud of, but he doesn’t want to see Clark’s family hurt. Clark doesn’t think he can use Lex’s help and that he needs to handle it on his own.

That night in the barn, Phelan confronts Clark again. He says he has a problem that Clark needs to fix. Clark tries to say no, but Phelan then mentions his father’s murder charge. Phelan says can make all the problems go away in a second. We then see Phelan drive away with Clark. Behind them, we see Lex following. Oh that devious Lex.

We are now back in Metropolis at the Museum. Clark wants to know what they are doing there. Phelan tells him that he is to steal the breastplate of Alexander the Great. Clark and Phelan find a way in, but Clark worries about the guards. Phelan tells him that they are about to get real busy. He calls in a bomb threat. We also see that Lex Luthor has now arrived at the museum. It seems a mysterious package is inside a newspaper machine. For some reason, Lex decided to get it out of there without the cops. Inside, we see Phelan looking at the breastplate with Clark. Clark destroys the bars and glass protecting it. Meanwhile, outside Lex has opened the box and found an alarm clock with no bomb. WTF Lex? Back inside, Clark throws the breastplate to Phelan. He thinks that they are going to make a great team. Clark doesn’t seem convinced and when he realizes the guards are just outside, he throws the bag outside the building towards Lex and the guards. Phelan is REALLY pissed and thinks that he can still shoot Clark. He pulls out a gun and takes a shot, but Clark is able to dodge it. VERY cool special effects shot. The gunshot shatters glass behind him and Clark runs away. At the same time, guards arrive and a gunfight ensues. Phelan is knocked down by a shot. Lex wants him to let him know what he has on Clark. Phelan smiles and tells Lex to go to hell and dies. Great scene where Clark is able to use several of his abilities and he gets the last laugh on the villain.

The next day, Jonathan returns home to Martha & Clark. All the charges have been dropped. Clark is still worried about what happens the next time a guy like Phelan comes into their lives. Jonathan mentions dealing with it when the time comes. Clark wants to give up using his gifts. They disagree, but say he needs to use caution. Martha asks one last time if anyone could have seen him last night. Clark is certain that no one else saw anything. Clark gives them a smile as the scene ends.

Later, we see Principal Kwan confront Lana over a news story she wrote. It seems Lana wrote a story that upset him greatly. Lana doesn’t understand the problem because the story dealt with all his requirements. They then discuss Chloe and Kwan mentions that while he admires her passion, her reporting lacks accuracy. Chloe then enters the room noting that she can work on that. He tells her that if she prints only what she can prove, she can have her job back. Chloe thanks Kwan, but he is quick to note that should be thanking Miss Lang. Awkward smile moment from Lana. Chloe then apologizes for her actions the previous day. She notes that the paper is her identity and it’s the one thing that she does with Clark. Lana mentions that Chloe thought she was trying to cut Clark out of her life. Lana wants to be friends with Chloe, but she doesn’t want to come between Chloe and Clark. Chloe tells her that there is nothing between them, just good friends. Chloe asks Lana and she agrees, saying that they are just good friends as well. It seems that Chloe’s jealous rage is gone for the rest of the episode. Hooray.

Later, we see Lex looking at security footage when he notices a blur on the screen. He is then joined by Victoria asking him if he is coming to bed. He can’t pry his eyes off the screen, SOMETHING or SOMEONE was in the room with Phelan.

(Great early season 1 episode. Phelan was a true villain for a young Clark Kent to deal with. We saw Clark learning that his actions have consequences and he needs to be careful when he uses his abilities. He also has to learn to respect his abilities in regards to his anger. He can do a LOT more damage when he gets angry, as seen in his scene with Phelan in the Kent home. Also, I found Chloe unbearable in her jealousy scene, but I guess it fits her character at that point. Also, it’s amazing how young Kristin and Allison look in a few of the scenes, especially when you see Clark in a scene with them. Clark would begin to age in a better way in season 2 & 3, but in season 1 he just looked so much older at times with those two. The Kent family scenes were standouts and the opening scene with Clark and Lex was greatly entertaining. The effects were top notch for this show and the storyline was a nice change from the freak villains of the previous episodes. Overall, I give this an A-.)

We open in the woods. It seems students are on a class time searching for rocks. Pete and Clark are talking about the rocks they still need to find. Clark mentions they need to find meteor rock and Rose quartz. Pete wants to see who can find it first. Clark uses his x-ray vision to spot some Rose quartz. Cheater. He crashes his fist into the ground and breaks a rock apart to expose the Rose quartz. Pete is impressed that he found it already. All of a sudden, we see Clark in pain. It seems that Lana is wearing her necklace again. She says hello, as does Clark, but he has to create a little distance from her. Chloe finds them and is ranting about having to do this geological scavenger hunt. She feels that she could just order the rocks online. Meanwhile, we see Jimmy Olsen with glasses…oh wait, I guess not He cracks open a rock and finds meteor rock. He tries to give half the broken rock to a pretty girl named Holly. He seems to have a thing for her, but that doesn’t make her boyfriend very happy as he is called a loser and says that he will beat him up if he tries that again. He tells him that he would LOVE to see him try. Just then, we find out that the teacher is his father. It seems his name is Eric. His father seems really strict and almost mean towards Eric. He tells Eric he has 10 minutes to complete the assignment and find every rock. Pete is glad that Mr. Summers isn’t his dad.

A storm seems to be coming into the area. All the students are on the bus, but Mr. Summers informs them that it seems Eric has gotten lost. Clark offers to go find him. He uses his super-speed to search around. We then see Eric standing on the ledge of a dam. Clark can feel that Eric has a meteor rock with him. Clark screams at him to get down, but Eric is listening to headphones and can’t hear him clearly. All of a sudden lightning strikes near Eric and he begins to fall. He rushes over to him to grab his arm. At that moment, Clark is struck in the heart with lightning. The effect seems to trigger some sort of transfer with the meteor rock. Clark sees that Eric is on fire and attempts to touch it and is burned. Of course, this shocks Clark. Very good opening scene.

We return to find Jonathan trying to get the truck out of a muddy hole. He yells that he could really use Clark’s help. Clark makes his way over to the truck and attempts to lift the truck out of the mud. However, nothing is happening and this surprises Clark. Jonathan wants Clark to get with it. He seems to think that Clark isn’t trying. Eventually, Clark slips and falls into the mud. Oh dear. Jonathan wants to know what happened. Man, Clark has a bloody nose. Clark seems really concerned and doesn’t know what is wrong.

Afterward, he discusses what the answers could be with Martha and Jonathan. Martha feels that maybe it’s just part of his development or the lightning strike may have caused it. Jonathan wants him to just get to school and if things worsen to give them a call. It seems that Clark missed the bus and Jonathan tells him to hurry. Clark runs off, but he has no super speed.

Meanwhile, at Eric’s house, we see Eric. He no longer needs his glasses. God his father is a jerk. He DOES have a point considering Eric put the life of another student in danger with his actions. He then talks back to his father and is about to be hit in the head, but his reflexes stop his hand.

Later, we see Clark REALLY sweaty after gym class. It seems Clark isn’t used to being tired. Now he is getting a cramp. Man Clark, sucks to be human. He notices Eric and asks him if he has a minute. He wants to talk about what happened yesterday. Clark asks if he is feeling alright. Eric says he feels great. He also notes that Clark’s nose is bleeding again. Jeez Clark. After Clark leaves, Eric starts to use the weight. He then proceeds to bench 600 lbs. like its nothing.

We now see Whitney and Lana driving Lana to Nell’s shop. He is talking about his father’s situation. He is a mess and he can’t study, can’t train, he thinks he can kiss his scholarship goodbye. Lana offers to help him with his homework later. Again, how is Lana, a freshman so able to assist a senior with his homework? He then notices that a sign says that Nell put the shop up for sale. We then see Lana confronting Nell about the decision. She doesn’t understand why Lana cares as she has shown no interest in the store before. Lana is upset, because she is going to sell the movie theater as well. Nell knows how much it means to her, but if she made decisions based on sentiment, she would have gone broke years ago. Lana wants there to be another option.

Later, we see Clark and Jonathan doing chores. He notes that it’s much more difficult when they take hours instead of minutes. Jonathan wants Clark to take it easy. Clark then asks Jonathan how he finds the strength to do this every day. He tells him years of practice.

Meanwhile, Lex and Roger Nixon are looking at a computer generated analysis of the accident at the bridge. Nixon thinks this would make a hell of a story. Lex tells him that the story will never be revealed, and if it’s accidentally leaked, he will have a serious trust issue with Roger. It seems the analysis points to Clark being hit by Lex’s Porsche.

That evening, we see Clark working on the fence. He slams his finger with the hammer and is in pain. Bright head lights signal the arrival of Lex. Lex notes that he needs to talk with him. Clark is struggling with a piece of wood. Lex is shocked that Clark can’t lift that by himself. He tells Lex that he has been bailing hay for hours and he can barely lift his arms. Clark moves on and asks what is up. Lex asks if they are friends. Clark agrees, last time he checked. Lex wants Clark to tell him what really happened the day his car went off the bridge. Clark mentions that he dove in and pulled him out. Lex is suspicious. He doesn’t think that Clark is being completely honest. Clark wants Lex to tell him what happened. He informs Clark that he hit him at 60 miles an hour, then he ripped off the roof and pulled him out. Lex thinks that Clark is the closest thing to a real friend he has had in his whole life. He doesn’t feel that Clark has to hide anything from him. Clark is surprised that Lex thinks he is hiding something. Clark wants Lex to take a hammer and hit him anywhere. Lex refuses to hit him, but Clark keeps egging him on saying that if he can be hit by a car, a hammer won’t hurt him. He implores Clark that he just wants the truth. Clark notes that he is just a guy who tried to do the right thing, and hopes that is enough. He turns and walks away from Lex. Very good scene.

The next day, we see Eric staring down Holly and her boyfriend. At the same time, we see Pete and Chloe walking in front of him. Chloe mentions that Clark is doing his chores so he had to blow them off. Pete notes that Clark has been acting weird lately. Just then, we notice someone who approaches them and steals her purse. Okay, who steals a teenage girl’s purse. What does he expect to find…$20.00. Anyway, he attempts to get away, but Eric stops him. He pulls out a knife and tries to stab him. He hits him in the hand and the blade breaks into pieces. He then throws the man to the ground in the streets. WOW. He returns the purse to Chloe and she is amazed. He tells her anytime. Even Holly is impressed with his actions.

The next day we see the newspaper headlines calling him Super Boy. Martha and Jonathan realizes what happened to Clark’s powers. They think the meteor rock and lighting allowed the transfer. Clark wonders if all the years of hiding were worth it, considering how everyone loves Eric. Clark also questions whether or not it’s permanent. Jonathan doesn’t think his powers are coming back. Clark doesn’t think being normal would be so bad. Clark wonders if they feel differently about him now. They tell him he is their son, whether he can bench press the tractor or not. Jonathan notes that whether he is normal or super, he is still Clark Kent. He feels that his abilities were a part of him, but didn’t define him. Martha mentions that at least he doesn’t have to hide anymore. She wants him to have fun. After he leaves, Martha questions if Jonathan is relieved. He says that Clark always wanted to be normal and guesses he got his wish. Very nice family scene.

Later, at Smallville, we find out that Chloe actually had a laptop in her purse. (I guess it was more of a carrying bag) It seems that Chloe wrote the article in the Smallville Ledger about “Super Boy”. Clark isn’t that impressed and Chloe wonders why. Eric runs up to them and thanks Chloe for the story in the paper. Chloe seems to have a little thing going on here with Eric. How the f**k does Chloe look at Jimmy Olsen in the future and not think of Eric Summers After he leaves, Clark notes that “Super Boy” is kind of lame. Pete says he is just jealous. Clark just feels that Eric needs to be careful. Chloe tells him that the second he starts throwing people 30 feet, she will write nice things about him as well.

After Chloe leaves, Clark and Pete are joined by Lana and Whitney. Clark notices that she is wearing the necklace, but it has no effect on him. Lana asks if Clark is okay. It seems he is staring at her necklace. Doesn’t she ever wonder why Clark is always staring towards her chest? Whitney is trying to get a pick up basketball game going. Pete mentions it’s great, but Clark doesn’t play. Clark then decides that he wants to play. Pete wants to know when Clark started playing. He tells him just now. We now are in the gym. Man, Clark is getting the sh*t kicked out of him. He even got stuffed by the rim. Lana and Holly are cheering them on. Whitney is just dominating them. He offers them to join them every Tuesday and Thursday. That was nice of him. Clark is grinning. Pete wonders why he is happy, we lost. Clark says “I know, pretty cool, huh?”

Meanwhile, we see Lex Luthor in Metropolis. He is joined by Victoria and her father, Sir Henry. He is upset, because he has been waiting for them. He mentions that if this is the level of respect you show your partners, he wonders if he made the right decision. Sir Henry mentions that their deal is off. He is going to buy Luthor Corp outright. It seems that Victoria gave away information that Lex had disclosed to her and her father is taking advantage. He leaves Lex and Victoria alone. He congratulates her on her actions.

Later, we see Lana in the Talon. Man, it’s so empty in there. Clark shows up and once again notices her necklace. She tells him the story of how her parents met during a showing of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It seems that her father worked the concession stand and her mother got bored during the film and walked out. He wonders how she could have gotten bored watching that movie. Lana notes that maybe she had a thing against aliens. Anyway, she spent the entire night talking. She also mentions that they had never really noticed each other before, but that night it just clicked. BOY, that sounds familiar. Lana thinks that all the evidence of her parent’s existence is being chipped away. The Talon is just the latest example. Clark notes that sometimes letting go is the only way to move forward. She thinks he is right, because there isn’t anything she can do to stop it. She asks how Clark found her. He mentions that Nell told him she was here and he needed to borrow her English notes. It seems Clark dozed off during class. Lana asks if he is feeling okay. He wonders why she asks. She notes that lately he is just less Clark Kent-like. She thinks it’s nice. He is relaxed and doesn’t seem to have the weight of the world on his shoulders. Clark tells her that he woke up and realized that his life had changed and he had to accept the fact that he couldn’t control everything. Lana wonders if she should adopt the same philosophy. Very nice scene.

Meanwhile, Eric comes home and shows his mother the newspaper. He notices that his mother seems distant. His father shows up wondering where all this came from. He tells him that it must have been the lightning. His father mentions that he set up an appointment. This upsets Eric because he doesn’t think he is sick, he is special. His father also notes that after he is cleared by a doctor, he has a colleague who would like to meet him. Eric takes this to mean studying him. He says that he’s not a freak and he isn’t going anywhere. He grabs his father and lifts him off the ground. Eric tells him that he can do whatever he wants and no one can stop him.

Eric then shows up to school wearing a long black leather jacket. He walks over to Holly and Brent. He asks Holly if she wants to go out sometime. Brent wonders what he is thinking. They get into an argument and tells him that he is still nothing. This pisses Eric off big time. Brent tries to hide under a truck, but Eric just picks up the truck and throws it. He then tosses Brent through a table. Clark tries to stop him, but Eric throws him onto a car. OUCH. Oh man, now Holly just called him a freak. This is TOTALLY NOT the way to get over with your peers.

Later, we see Clark being examined by a doctor. He tells him that he should be okay in a couple weeks. He also notes that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Hmm, I remember that being said about Davis/Doomsday in season 8. He is joined by Martha and Jonathan. As she hugs him, he tells her to go easy on his ribs. Clark tells Martha that Eric just got upset and he was in the way. He still considers Eric’s abilities to be his responsibility. Lex then shows up to talk to him. Clark wonders if he came by to make sure he was hurt. He tells Clark that he wanted to make sure that his friend was all right. Clark notes that he’s never been better. He wants Lex to take him to the parking lot and hit him with his car. Lex apologizes for his words and actions the other day. Lex implores that he had no right to question his honesty, and can only plead temporary insanity. He wants to try to put this behind them.

We then see Eric back at home with his mother. He mentions that he screwed up. His father shows up with a golf club. He also called the police to come and get him. This really upsets Eric. He thought his father was supposed to try to protect him.

Meanwhile, Clark and Jonathan are talking at home. He wonders if Jonathan was ever scared of him. Jonathan mentions that there were a few holes in the wall, but he was a good kid. Clark doesn’t think Eric’s a bad kid. Jonathan agrees, he thinks he is just a teenager who is in way over his head. Clark mentions that when this first happened he was freaked out. However, he played basketball for the first time without worrying if he would hurt anyone. He also notes that he can be around Lana without her necklace making him feel sick. He thinks his sore ribs is better than being around the meteor rocks. Just then, Martha came in mentioning that something happened at Eric’s home. The police couldn’t control him. Clark decides that he has to stop him. Jonathan is upset knowing Clark’s current condition. Clark notes that while he has his strength, he may have his weakness as well. Clark feels that this is who he is, whether he has his powers or not. Martha wonders about where he will find a meteor rock. That must be a joke, there are meteor rocks ALL OVER THE PLACE. However, Clark knows just where to go to find one.

Later, in Metropolis, we see Lex confronting Victoria and Sir Henry. He wants to know how Lex did it? It seems that Cadmus Labs, the company Lex talked about to Victoria is worthless. Lex knows, and feels that they should have done their research instead of acting carelessly. Lex mentions that he and his father will be making an offer on their company in the morning. Don’t f**k with Lex and Lionel. Victoria doesn’t understand how Lex could do this. He tells her that she tried to use him to get ahead with daddy. She tells him that it was just business. Lex notes that if sleeping with him was business, he would hate to think what that makes her. Victoria slaps Lex and notes that they could have been great together. Lex plans on being great all by himself.

Meanwhile, we see Lana inside the Talon. Clark shows up to talk to her. She asks if he is okay, considering what happened earlier. Lana mentions that she was really scared. Lana wonders how Eric got that strong overnight? Clark has no idea. She also questions what it would be like to wake up one morning and having powers? Clark thinks it’s scary. He mentions that the powers haven’t helped Eric.

“That’s true, but I’ve still always wished I could fly.”…

“Yeah, that’d be something, Lana.”…

Clark is busy staring at her necklace again and Lana wants to know what is wrong. Clark tells her that it’s her necklace. He has never realized how beautiful it is until now. He mentions that his request will sound strange, but he would like to borrow it. She says sure. She hands it to him and he places his hand over hers as she asks him what he needs it for.

“It’s complicated. Whatever happens to me, I promise you’ll get this back.”

“You’re scaring me again. What is going on?”…

Clark kisses Lana on the cheek and says, “goodbye Lana.”…

Lana is left with a worried look on her face as he leaves the Talon.

Later, we see Clark outside the Eric’s home. It’s a total disaster. We can even see a police car thrown through the roof. Mr. Summers asks what Clark is doing there. Clark mentions that he was worried about Eric. He asks where Eric might have gone. Mr. Summers mentions that he was going to get rid of it at the only place he could. Clark thinks he knows where Eric is.

We then see Clark and Eric back at the dam. Eric dives off the dam. Clark searches the grounds for him. Eric confronts him and tells him that he should have let him jump the first time. He thinks it would have been better than his current state. Clark asks him why he jumped off the dam. Eric mentions that he was testing his limits, and apparently he has none. Clark tells him that he can adjust to the abilities, he just needs to give himself some time. Eric wants to know how Clark is aware of this. Clark offers to help, but Eric doesn’t want his help. He throws Clark into a chain link fence. Eric feels that if they are going to treat him like a criminal, he will give them something to be scared about. Clark tells him this isn’t the answer.

“Come on Clark, If you had this power, what would you do?”…

“I’d stop people like you.”…

“Nothing on this earth can stop me.”…

He throws Clark again. The meteor rock necklace is now on the ground. Clark grabs a hold of hit and tells him “You’re wrong.”

Eric grabs a live power line and as he makes his way to Clark, their hands connect & the meteor rock comes into contact with the electricity. They both fall to the ground. However, we notice the cut on Clark’s forehead disappears. He immediately feels the presence of the meteor rock in his hand and places it back in the lead armor box. He goes over to help Eric. Eric is shivering from the cold. Cool little scene.

Afterward, we see Clark and Jonathan discussing what will happen with Eric and his family. He notes that they had problems long before he had abilities. Jonathan asks how Clark feels. He notes that he feels normal. Once again, Jonathan notes that his gifts are a part of him, but don’t define him. Clark knows, but they complicate all their lives. Jonathan feels that after seeing how destructive Eric got, reminds him of how special Clark really is. Clark doesn’t feel that Eric got his two strongest gifts, his mom & dad. Jonathan pats him on the shoulder and they head home. Another nice father-son scene.

Meanwhile, we see Lex on the phone with Lionel. They are going over their business transaction. We then see Roger Nixon show up. Lex tells him that the experts were wrong about Clark Kent. Lex believes that Clark is just a regular kid. Nixon doesn’t think that’s possible. Lex says he can’t explain the accident, but he is closing the book and putting it behind him. He notes that the Kent’s are off limits. Lex asks if Roger has anything for him. He throws down some pictures. The pictures are of a steamy encounter between Lionel and Victoria. Lex asks who initiated the encounter. It seems that Lionel was the initiator of their tryst.

Later, we see Lana getting ready to leave the Talon. She runs into Clark Kent. The lighting in this scene is superb. It’s very dark and creates a nice atmosphere when combined with the soft music. Anyway, Clark mentions that he brought her necklace back. In fact, he brought it along with the lead box. She thinks it’s beautiful and wants to know where he got it. He tells her that a friend gave it to him. He tells her it’s made of lead armor. He wants her to have it to protect her memories. She opens the box for a second and closes it. She wonders if this is his way of telling her to not wear her necklace. Clark doesn’t want the necklace to hold her back. Lana smiles and mentions that sometimes letting go is the only way to move forward. They leave the Talon together. Lana asks if Clark is okay. She senses that he once again has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Clark admits that he does. Clark offers to walk her home, but she is meeting Whitney at the store. She asks for a rain check. Clark agrees on a rain check and says good night. Clark turns and walks home alone.

(Overall, I find Leech in many ways to be Mortal without the sex. We see Clark acting heroic without the use of his powers. I also liked to see Clark having fun with the other guys. I REALLY wish that Eric Summers wasn’t played by Shawn Ashmore. Every-time I look at him, I see Jimmy Olsen. Don’t Chloe and Clark find it odd when they meet his real life twin a few years later…or in Chloe’s case in Off-screenville after season 1. I really liked the Clana scenes in this episode, especially his borrowing & later returning the necklace. Finally, I like how Lana noticed that he didn’t seem to have the weight of the world on his shoulders for a while, but realized it was back again by the end of the episode. Overall, Leech is one of my favorite episodes from season 1 and gets an A-.)

We open with a man driving outside Smallville. He has a unique flower in the front seat with him. The man’s name is James Beels. Side-note, for those who don’t know or recognize him. James Beels is played by Bill Mondy, who would later portray Dr. Edward Grohl. Anyway, he is in a hurry to get to Lionel Luthor on the phone. However, the secretary doesn’t seem to find his needs great and says she won’t pull Mr. Luthor out of his meeting. He is screaming at the lady and wants her to tell Lionel that he found something. She wants him to hold and this really pisses him off and he throws the phone down and hit’s the gas pedal. We see he is driving behind Jonathan Kent. In Jonathan’s truck we find him listening to “Good Ol Boys”, the theme song for Dukes of Hazzard. Mr. Beels is in the midst of road rage and he flashes lights and then slams into Jonathan’s truck. He then tries to pass Jonathan, but the road is too narrow and he hits something and flips his car. This causes Jonathan to stop and check if he is okay. He goes and drags Mr. Beels from the car right before it would blow up. However in the explosion, it seems the plant was blown over towards them. Jonathan is sprayed in the face by the flower and sneezes. He tells Mr. Beels they need to get out of here.

We see Dr. Steven Hamilton stopping in to talk to Lex at the mansion. Dr. Hamilton is played by veteran actor Joe Morton, who played Miles Dyson in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It seems a Luthor Corp employee stole a flower that he was working on. Lex looks like he wants to laugh at the doctor. He tells him it’s called the Nicodemus flower and it’s been extinct for 100 years. Lex notes that he hired him to study the effects of meteors, not flowers. Dr. Hamilton says that he used meteor rocks to irradiate the seeds. Lex wants to know the effects on people, not plants. Dr. Hamilton feels that it’s the first step. Science is a process and a journey. He then threatens to quit if this is a problem for Lex. As he is leaving, Lex asks who the employee was? He mentions his name is James Beels and he was actually in an accident a little while ago. He tells Lex that someone pulled him out and took him to the hospital. Lex jokes that it was probably Clark Kent. He informs Lex that it was Jonathan Kent who helped him.

Meanwhile, Clark is arriving home. He gets quite a surprise when he finds Jonathan and Martha making out like teenagers in the kitchen. Clark seems shocked, embarrassed and quite frankly mortified. Jonathan says he is just getting the old heroes welcome. Martha goes over to Clark and tells him that Jonathan has been acting strange all day. Jonathan then goes over to the fridge and grabs a beer. He seems completely different. Jonathan asks Clark if he wants to go watch the football game. Clark mentions that they have work to do. However, Jonathan doesn’t think needs to do anything. He then wipes his beer bottle on one of the curtains. Martha is NOT impressed with that. At the same time, Lex shows up to talk to Jonathan about the accident. Jonathan is NOT impressed and starts destroying Lex and his father. He says he doesn’t like Lex Luthor, he doesn’t like Lionel Luthor and he sure doesn’t like Lex’s friendship with Clark. Man, he is really ripping into him. He tells Lex that if all the Luthor’s dried up and died, he wouldn’t shed a tear. Clark feels that Jonathan has said enough and tells him to stop. Jonathan belches and says he is going to take a nap. Clark and Martha have no idea what is going on. John Schneider KILLS in this scene.

Later, Clark is talking to Pete about his father’s crazy behavior. Clark thinks his father has been under a lot of stress and may be about to crack. Talk turns to Lex and Pete reveals that he just doesn’t like Lex because of his family being screwed out of their creamed corn factory. Clark is shocked to hear that Pete feels this way about Lex. Clark also wants to know why Pete never mentioned this before. Pete tells him that he was hoping that Clark would see for himself that Lex is bad news. We then see Chloe is doing a poll for the Torch. She is asking people to reveal their deepest desires. Of course, Pete wants to make out with a hot chick. Chloe mentions that every response so far has dealt with sex and violence. Pete thinks that is human nature. After Pete leaves, Clark asks Chloe about Pete not liking Lex. She informs him that Pete is jealous of his Clark’s friendship with Lex. Lana then shows up and mentions that she would like to climb the Chandler Field windmill. She hears that you can see Metropolis from the top. Chloe finds it boring, but says it‘s good. She mentions unleashing the inner Lana. Lana walks up the stair case as Clark stares at her. Chloe asks Clark his answer, but he is too distracted to answer. She tells him that it’s a PG-13 poll. Clark starts talking about Whitney’s father & Lana and feelings and Chloe seems to be sick of it. She mentions that there are other girls who don’t require crossing an emotional minefield. He understands, but says he can’t just turn off his feelings. Chloe tells him that it’s his choice. He can either sit in his loft and play with his telescope, or move on. MAN, that sounds a lot like Chloe as well. Maybe she should take her own advice. She walks away and Clark is in deep thought.

We then see Jonathan continuing to act strangely. God, something tells me Martha has been getting a lot of loving from Jonathan while Clark is at school. He keeps getting all up next to her and wants to go to the barn and have fun. Martha has a better idea. She wants him to call Lex and apologize. Jonathan doesn’t understand what the problem is. He feels he just told the truth. Martha thinks he is taking things too far. He mentions that he feels free. Martha touches his face and realizes that Jonathan has a high fever. Martha leaves Jonathan alone. Then, he receives a call from Jim Alexander at Smallville Savings and Loan. It seems that Jonathan’s loan application has been turned down. This really pisses off Jonathan and he wants to have a face to face talk with Jim. Jonathan wants to see if Jim still has a pair or if his wife keeps them in a drawer. He slams the phone against a post and leaves. He storms over in his truck. What a reckless driver. He almost hit a couple people on his way over. At the same time, Clark is walking down the street and notices his father. To say Clark is confused would be an understatement. Jonathan has a shotgun in his hand and was ready to walk into the bank. Good lord Jonathan. Clark and Jonathan get into an altercation and he shoots Clark in the chest. Clark being bulletproof allows him to be unharmed. At this moment, Jonathan starts to get really dizzy and he falls to the ground. CRAZY SCENE.

Later at Smallville Medical Center, we find out that Jonathan is suffering the same symptons that James Beels did. We also find out that Mr. Beels slipped into a coma. This really concerns Martha and Clark.

That night, we see Chloe and Lana searching the accident site. Chloe is taking some pictures. Lana searches the grounds in the woods and finds a Hula lady figurine from Mr. Beels truck. However, right next to it is the Nicodemus flower. It rises up and sprays Lana in the face. Lana sneezes and gets back into the car with Chloe to head home.

Meanwhile, we see Lex talking to Dr. Hamilton. Lex isn’t happy to find out how dangerous these plants are. He mentions some previous incidents in Europe centuries earlier. He mentions how a single sneeze would bring about violence in men. Dr. Hamilton mentions that it’s only folklore. Lex wants to know why he brought it back. He tells Lex that while it has deadly toxins, they might have other applications. Lex mentions that he was interested in the meteors. Dr. Hamilton insists that Lex wanted to know what the meteors could do. However, Lex doesn’t approve of people being sent to the hospital. Dr. Hamilton mentions that there are always consequences. Lex notes that if Jonathan Kent dies, he will lose a lot more valuable than just his tenure. He wants Dr. Hamilton to pack up a flower to send to Metropolis to be studied. He wants to find a cure as soon as possible.

The next day at school, we see Lana arrive looking really f**king hot. Whitney notices her and his mouth seems to drop. Lana sure acts like she owns the hallway. She walks up to him and tries to convince him to skip class and go have fun with her. He tells her that he is behind in class due to his father’s condition and needs to be there. Lana is tired of hearing his excuses. She thinks that he’s no fun and is sick of him talking about his father. Whitney can’t believe what she is saying. She feels like she is locked into their relationship out of guilt anyway. THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE ALPHA LANA. Whitney wants to know what is wrong with Lana. She tells him that there is nothing wrong with her, she is just not keeping everything inside anymore. He thinks that if that is the way she feels, they need to reconsider their relationship. Lana is fine with that. She tells him that it’s over and walks away. Whitney looks shocked and pissed. Lana flirts with a few guys as she walks down the hall.

We then see Clark sitting alone in the Torch office. He is busy playing with a toy helicopter. We hear Lana ask if Clark is going to class. He turns and sees her standing in the doorway. He checks her out and she walks in asking if he likes what he sees. He mentions that the operative word is “gulp”. Lana seems to be quite happy to hear that. She sits down with him and tells him that she knows it’s a rough time right now, but he can‘t let it get him down. Lana wants him to let his friends be his friends and let them distract him. She says he should trust his friends. She asks Clark if he trusts her? Clark in a nervous, meek voice says that he does trust Lana. She is glad and grabs his hand and wants him to come with her.

We then see Lana and Clark at the Smallville High School swimming pool. Clark wants to know what they are doing here? Lana mentions that it’s quiet. Clark notes that it’s also off limits. She walks over to the diving board and Clark doesn’t know what is going on with Lana. She takes off her boots. Clark starts to react uncomfortably. He says he isn’t really up for this. Actually, I’m pretty sure he’s totally up for this. Lana starts walking along the board, doing some gymnastic type moves. Lana feels that Clark thinks too much. She then takes off her belt.

Grinning, Clark says, “right now, I’m thinking you don’t seem like yourself.”

“Or maybe I’m more me then ever.”

Lana then takes off her skirt and kicks it to Clark.

“Lana, this is crazy.”

“That’s the point. If life doesn’t make you crazy, then why bother living it? I know that’s how I want it.” Kristin’s voice is driving me crazy (IN A GOOD WAY) in this scene.

Lana then takes off her top, revealing a red bra. Extreme close ups ALWAYS mean that it’s a body double. I know Kristin wasn’t comfortable enough to do the strip tease in this scene, but I have to give the show props for finding one hell of a replacement. Lana looks off the charts amazing.

Clark has REALLY lost it at this point. His jaw just dropped and he probably needs a new change of boxers.

“Question is. Do you want what I want?”

Lana smiles and proceeds to do a flip dive into the water.


“Don’t you want to come in, Clark?”

“I don’t think so.” …Clark

Lana swims towards him and gets out of the pool. She walks up to Clark all wet.

“I know you want me Clark. Just stop holding back. Come on. You’re not made of steel. Or are you?”

Lana then kisses Clark and he soon starts to REALLY get into it. Also, it’s the first time he has really kissed Lana. God, Tom Welling has a tough f**king job. He eventually breaks the kiss.


Lana smiles and says, “Aren’t you tired of waiting?”

Clark then starts to lose his balance and Lana pushes him into the water and laughs at him. She thinks he needs a little help warming up. However, we hear someone coming into the room, so Lana runs away. Clark rises to the surface and sees Principal Kwan standing there. Man, talk about a bummer. From nearly naked Lana to Principal Kwan. Yeah, that scene was f**king hot. NEXT.

We then see Clark at the Torch talking with Chloe. Clark tells her about the incident at the pool. Chloe is shocked at the news. She tells him that at least he got a great visual to get him through detention. He mentions how something is wrong with Lana. He says that she said everything he ever wanted to hear, but doesn’t think she knew what she was doing. Lana wants know what could have made Lana Lang go soft-core. Clark says first his dad, now Lana. Chloe adds Mr. Beels. Clark doesn’t think this makes any sense. Chloe is looking at some photos she took. She notices Dr. Hamilton in one of the pictures. Chloe mentions that she will go talk to him. Clark is going to find Lana because he is afraid that whatever happened to his father, will happen to her shortly.

Later, we see Lana enter the Talon with another scorching outfit. Where did she get these clothes and why did she not wear some of them later on? The world NEEDS more Alpha Lana. She is late for her shift and one of the employees calls her on it. She wants to know why this is her problem. It seems Nell is in Metropolis and since Lana is the assistant manager it’s her responsibility. Lana informs her that she is taking the afternoon off, so they are just going to have to close early. Lex is in the Talon and confronts her. He mentions that the Talon closes at 9. Lana turns around, licking whipped cream off her fingers.

Lex tells her that she isn’t impressing anyone with her attitude. He mentions that he set the bar for adolescent rebellion. She teases him for being a bad boy before he joined them in Smallville. Lana tells him that he doesn’t really care about the Talon, he just invested because she asked him to. She wants to know why someone like Lex would do something like that. Lana is trying to use her feminine charms to seduce Lex. I suppose she can tell that he wants a piece of her ass. She puts some whipped cream on his lips. She notes that Luthor’s are famous for their ulterior motives and wants to know if it was really about profit. He isn’t sure she is feeling okay, because he doesn’t think this is Lana. Lana mentions that she is a little nervous and whispers that she may need some guidance from someone a little more experienced. She wants to know what the boss thinks. Lex turns her down and thinks something is wrong with her. He wants to know where she has been in the last 24 hours? Lex says this isn’t her. She wonders why? Because she isn’t doing what people tell her to, because she isn’t in the corner with a book. Lana is sick of the scared little girl and all her talk of her dead parents. Lana gets really angry and throws a glass against the wall. She then grabs Lex’s keys and rushes off in his car, driving like a maniac. Clark notices and chases after her. God, I have very rarely viewed a scene that was both enticing and vomit inducing. Lana just created one of those scenes. I guess Alpha Lana isn’t perfect.

Meanwhile, Chloe confronts Dr. Hamilton about his actions in the woods. Chloe notices a book about the Nicodemus flower. She leaves him.

Later, Clark finds Lana at Chandler Field. She has made quite a mess of Lex’s car. She gets out and walks towards the windmill. Clark asks if Lex knows she took his car. Lana jokes that he does by now. Clark tells her that something happened to her, but he doesn’t know what yet. Lana feels that she just has self confidence. For the first time, she isn’t repressing her feelings and is free. Clark disagrees with that statement. Lana thinks that Clark should talk. She mentions that he had her in the pool and he didn’t take his chance. She sees the way Clark looks at her. Lana wants to know why Clark doesn’t tell her how he feels. Clark notes that she is sick and he needs to get her to a hospital. Lana doesn’t want Clark to avoid the question.

“Are you in love with me?”


“Such a coward. Can’t even answer a simple question. You want me? Come and get me.”

Clark implores her to stop climbing. She jokes that Clark is afraid of heights. As she nears the top, she gets dizzy and things become blurry. She then falls down, but Clark catches her. Just before she loses consciousness, Lana says “Clark”.

Later, we see Clark coming into the medical center with Lana on a gurney. Martha sees him and wants to know what happened? Clark says that she is suffering from the same symptoms as dad and Mr. Beels. Martha mentions that Jonathan slipped into a coma. Lex is there as well. He tells them that doctors are flying in from Metropolis. Clark is busy watching his father. Lex says that he is sorry. Clark mentions that it’s not his fault.

We then see Clark, Chloe and Pete at school talking about the book “Nicodemus Diary”, which she noticed at Dr. Hamilton’s lab. They went over the effects of the flower. It allowed repressed feelings to come out, followed by violence, sickness and then death. Clark wonders why Dr. Hamilton would be dealing with Nicodemus. Chloe shows him some old research he did. Clark realizes that he was using meteor rocks to bring it back Jurassic Park style. Clark wants to go talk to Dr. Hamilton. She tells him that he didn’t check out the book, Lex did. Pete gets pissed and mentions that he told Clark that Lex was bad news. Clark implores that they don’t know anything yet.

Clark then goes to meet with Lex. He tells Clark that his doctors may have found the answer. Clark asks if it has to do with the Nicodemus flower? He mentions that Lex checkout out the diary. He tells Clark that after the symptoms of Jonathan, he remembered the story and wanted to check it out. Clark asks Lex if he knows Dr. Hamilton. Lex acts like he has no idea. Clark grabs him and doesn’t want him to lie to him. He tells Clark that he isn’t responsible for what happened and he is doing everything he can to fix it. He says that is the truth.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Pete are sneaking into Dr. Hamilton’s lab. Chloe starts looking at things when we hear a shattering sound. Chloe notices that Pete has cracked open one of the flowers containers. Pete is behind her and sneezes. Chloe is now getting worried. Pete then starts to hit on Chloe. She tells him that he is infected and they need to get him to the hospital. Pete gets upset mentioning that once again she is ignoring Pete. He feels that he is just the funny guy. He says that Chloe doesn’t have to sweat his feelings, because she’s only got eyes for Clark. She wants him to calm down, while she calls Clark. Pete thinks that Clark is hanging out with his best friend Lex Luthor. He finds a gun and wants Chloe’s keys. He pulls the gun on Chloe and she is forced to hand over the keys. WOW, Pete Ross really is “The Boss”.

We then see Clark joining Martha in Jonathan’s room. She notes that Mr. Beels died a half hour ago. Clark is crying because with all his abilities, there isn’t anything he can do. Martha decides to tell the story of the first time they met. It seems that Jonathan was taking a finance course at Met U. She noticed him wearing a flannel and eating an apple. She asked if she could borrow his notes. Of course the funny thing is that she was actually the note taker and only asked so she could talk to him. Martha mentions that Jonathan still doesn’t know that. He handed over his notebook without even asking her name. Martha wondered why he was so sure she would return it. Jonathan told her that he prefers to believe in people. Clark mentions that it sounds like dad. She then says that she was embarrassed because at that moment she had one thought, “God, I hope he marries me.” She then breaks out into tears and Clark consoles her. We get a knock on the door and Chloe asks to talk to Clark. She tells him that Dr. Hamilton was lying and that Pete was infected and is going after Lex with a gun. That was a tremendous scene with Martha and Clark.

Meanwhile, we see Lex and Dr. Hamilton researching a book on the Nicodemus. It seems they have found a possible cure for the illness. At that moment, Pete barges in to confront Lex. He asks what Pete is doing there. Pete pulls the gun and shoots out a vase behind Lex. He mentions that he is only pretending to be Clark’s friend. He says that Clark’s dad is going to die because of him. Lex realizes that Pete is infected and tries to tell him that they have the cure to make everyone better. Pete thinks he is a liar. Dr. Hamilton tries to run out of the room, but Pete shoots him in the arm and the book falls into the fireplace. Lex tells him that if the book is destroyed, Mr. Kent, Lana and he will all die. He still thinks Lex is lying. GOD Pete is really upset. Lex says that he is going to grab the book and if Pete wants to shoot him he can go right ahead. As he gets ready to shoot him, Dr. Hamilton hits him and the gun falls to the ground. Lex grabs the book and gives it to Dr. Hamilton and tells him to run. Pete takes several shots at him, but misses. He then moves to Lex. Just then, Clark arrives and tells Pete not to do it. Pete feels the world is a better place without Lex. He mentions that Dr. Hamilton was just here. Clark asks if it’s true. Lex says that Pete is delusional. Clark says that he doesn’t believe Lex. He tells Pete that Lex has lied to everyone. Pete is glad that Clark has seen the light. Clark walks towards Lex and tells him their friendship is over. He slams Lex into the wall, knocking him out. This really excites Pete, who says that he will finish him. However, Clark has other plans as he hits Pete. He snags the gun away at super speed and Pete is shocked. He says that he will get him to the hospital and the taps him on the forehead, knocking him out cold. I always love when Clark does that. He then goes over to Lex who is waking up. He apologizes and Clark tells him it was an act. Clark asks if Hamilton was really here? Lex wants to know what Clark thinks? Crazy scene…man Pete was really losing it.

The next day, we see Clark in Jonathan’s hospital room sleeping. Jonathan wakes him up, seemingly all better. He wants to know what he is doing in the hospital. Martha mentions that Pete and Lana are already up. It seems that Jonathan has no memory of the events. Clark thinks it’s better that way. We see Lex in the background watching them.

Later, Chloe is at Dr. Hamilton’s lab, but finds it abandoned. She is quite confused.

We then see Dr. Hamilton and Lex talking. He is furious at Lex for destroying his lab. He mentions that he’s lucky he found a cure and nobody can remember anything. Lex tells him that he has a new research facility called Cadmus Labs outside Metropolis. He wants to move him there. They shake hands and Dr. Hamilton leaves.

We end back at Chandler Field. Somehow Clark managed to get Lana to the top of the windmill with her eyes closed. Okay. Whatever, he removes his hands and she is able to see Metropolis. Of course it looks more like a 20 minute drive AT MOST. Actually that makes sense considering the later seasons. Anyway, Lana mentions that it’s beautiful. She can’t believe that they are up on the windmill. Clark thinks getting down will be the interesting part. Clark says that it’s good to have her back. Lana mentions all the people who she had to apologize to for her actions.

“I just wish I could remember what happened. It sounds like I got a little out of control there.”

“You spoke your mind, and you did what you wanted. Kind of an alpha Lana.”

Cue… “Beautiful Day”, by U2...

“I couldn’t believe what I was wearing.”

“I kind of liked it.” …this statement intrigues Lana.

“Clark, I didn’t say or do anything embarrassing to you that I should know about, did I?”


“Good, Good. So how does it feel being on top of the world, or at least Smallville?”

“I feel free.”

They smile at each other as we pull away from the windmill. Great scene.

Season 2Edit


Season two picks up directly where season one ended, with Clark (Welling) dealing with the aftermath of the tornadoes that hit Smallville. This season, Clark finally learns who he is and where he comes from, but must also acknowledge a potential destiny set into motion by his biological father that could change his life and the lives of those around him forever. Clark's relationship with Lana Lang (Kreuk) becomes increasingly closer, straining his friendship with Chloe Sullivan (Mack). Clark's best friend, Pete Ross (Jones III), learns Clark's secret this season.

We open after the events of Tempest. We see the space ship flying towards the tornado. As it enters, lightning strikes it & the octagonal disc is dislodged and the ship falls to the ground. Boy, that is pretty sh*tty considering it went across the universe with Kal-El. Anyway, we see Clark inside the tornado trying to get to Lana in the truck. She is lying on the floor, near the passenger side. Clark rips open the door and Lana seems to see him from the corner of her eyes. Clark hesitates for a split second then gets in and covers up Lana to protect her from debris. The truck is ripped apart one piece at a time.

Meanwhile, we see Lionel still pinned by a pillar. He is pleading for Lex’s help. Lex continues to just look at him. Eventually, he pulls him to safety, just in the nick of time as a couple seconds later and Lionel would have been decapitated, by another piece of wood. However, they are still hit by debris and Lionel is out cold.

In the woods, we see Jonathan chasing after Roger Nixon. These two are NUTS. They start slugging each other in an old church cemetery. He wants the camera. Nixon had just taken the video out of the player and tosses it to the ground. Just then, we see a mobile home falling from the sky. Jonathan takes Nixon and they dive into an underground crypt as the home falls on top.

Later, we see Lana lying unconscious on the ground. Clark goes over to her and tries to wake her as the storm dissipates around them.

WOW, that was quiet the opening.

We return to Smallville Medical Center. Clark is carrying in Lana and screaming for a doctor. A nurse comes over to them and checks on Lana. She asks what the girls name is? Lana’s eyes open and Clark runs away knowing that she will be okay.

He arrives in the storm cellar and finds Martha on the ground. She tells him they must find Jonathan. She mentions that Nixon was in the cellar and he has video of the ship. Clark is shocked to notice that the ship is missing.

Back at the medical center, we see Lex talking to a doctor about Lionel’s condition. It seems that he has swelling in his vertebrae, a ruptured spleen, and damage to his optic nerve. Lex implores them to get a chopper ready so he can be taken to Metropolis General. The doctor tells him that there are no options to move him now. After the doctor leaves, we hear Lionel calling for Lex. He tells Lex that he saw his feelings in his eyes. Lionel mentions that if he was gone, life would be easier for Lex. He tells Lionel that he’s sorry.

Meanwhile, Clark and Martha are discussing where Jonathan could be. She mentions that she has never seen him so angry. Clark wonders if Jonathan would kill Roger? Martha implores that he would never do that.

We then find Jonathan grabbing a pipe from the ground and walk towards Nixon. Nixon is screaming as he figures Jonathan is going to kill him. However, he is using it to lift a small monument off Nixon so he can get up.

Meanwhile, back at the medical center, we see Chloe walking the halls. She finds Lana, who seems to have developed QUITE a tan in the hours after Tempest. Lana is glad to see her. Chloe is shocked that Lana isn’t in bed resting. She mentions that she just has a mild concussion and that others need the bed more than she does. Chloe says she is glad Lana is okay. She asks Lana what happened? Lana mentions that was coming back from dropping Whitney off when the winds picked up and was forced off the road. She then discusses how the tornado picked up the truck. Chloe can’t believe that she only walked away with a small bump. She finds that amazing, even for Smallville standards. Lana thinks it’s impossible. Chloe wonders how she got to the medical center. Lana says that supposedly Clark found her and brought her in. This creates some awkwardness due to the events of the dance. She informs Lana that he mysteriously disappeared from the dance, but now she knows where he went. Lana figures that the spring formal was sort of a bust. Lana mentions that if it’s any consolation, Chloe and Clark looked great together. Chloe doesn’t find this much consolation, but thanks her anyway. Chloe has the look of a beaten fighter in this scene. She knows she is dead in the long run versus Lana with Clark.

Later, we find Clark tearing through the barn. He is looking for something in some drawers. Um, I don’t think you’ll find Jonathan in there Clark. He hears someone and it’s Lex. Oh, it seems Clark is looking for a flashlight to continue his search. Lex mentions that his father is in the hospital in bad shape. Clark asks if there is anything he can do to help. Lex mentions that it’s in the hands of the doctors. He tells Clark that he hesitated in saving his father. He talks about how his life might have been better off if he left him to die. Clark thinks that the important thing is that he saved him. Lex doesn’t think that Lionel will feel that way. He will look at it as weakness. Clark asks what he is going to do? He says that he came to help his friend find his dad. We then see them walking in the dark. Lex notices some drops of motor oil from above and looks up to find Roger Nixon’s car hanging from a tree. He tells Clark that he doesn’t know whose car it is.

Meanwhile, Jonathan has managed to light a candelabra. He sees Roger looking for something and asks what he is doing? He mentions that he is searching for his cell phone. Nixon mentions that he has the greatest story in history and he won’t be able to write it. Jonathan says that Clark isn’t a story, but his son. He won’t let Nixon sabotage Clark’s life. Nixon doesn’t understand why he is hiding Clark on a farm. He wants him to tell the world. Jonathan thinks that is Clark’s choice. Nixon notes that Clark isn’t his son and isn’t even human. This pisses off Jonathan as he punches him in the face. YEAH. Nixon is crawling on the ground and mentions that Clark’s destiny is too big for Jonathan to comprehend. You know, Jor-El said that SAME THING in Exile. He feels that Clark belongs to the world. We then hear the phone ring. Nixon finds his phone and Lex is on the other end. Jonathan is able to notice this, since Nixon screamed Lex’s name. He wants to know where Nixon is at, but before he can answer, Jonathan throws the phone against the wall, destroying it. Nixon calls him a stupid son of a bitch, and you know what in this case, I have to agree with Nixon. What a DUMB move when your stuck underground. Jonathan says that he wanted to get out of the crypt, until he heard that Nixon was involved with Lex Luthor. He would rather rot down here, than let those two destroy Clark’s life.

Outside, we see Lex calling for Nixon, but not answer. Clark comes over and Lex mentions that he was calling the fire department. Clark knows he is lying. He is starting to wonder if what his dad says about him is true. They have a blow up and Clark leaves Lex alone.

The next day, we see a missing person board at the Talon. Clark and Martha are discussing any leads. She leaves and Lana comes over to talk to him. She asks him if there’s been any luck. He mentions that no sign of him so far. He is worried, because he’s been missing for over 12 hours. Lana says that they will find him. She is sure of it. Clark asks Lana why she is here? He figures that she would be at home recuperating. Lana mentions that she wanted to help. She notes that people helped her after the meteor shower and it meant a lot. Clark says he is glad that she’s okay. Lana wants to know how Clark found her? He says he was just lucky and found her lying in a field next to the road. Lana doesn’t sound convinced. She asks if that is what really happened? Clark says yes, and asks her why she asks. Lana mentions seeing something that doesn’t make any sense. She tells Clark that the truck was in the tornado and he just….she couldn’t finish her thought because she can’t believe it herself PLUS Martha interrupts them. She says that there is no new information. Lana decides to get back to work and leaves them. Martha mentions that there is still hope as they have found people trapped in a garage. Clark starts to blame himself for his father missing. Martha tells him that he can’t change who he is. She mentions that one day they will be gone and he will have to deal with people trying to exploit him. He doesn’t want her to talk about that. Martha adds that she has no doubt in her heart that Clark will make them proud. She wants him to go back out to search.

Back in the crypt, we see Jonathan discussing the foundation of the crypt with Nixon. He mentions that they mixed lead in with the cement. Nixon doesn’t understand why he is talking about that. Jonathan notes that Clark can’t see through lead. Nixon is shocked to hear that Clark can see through solid objects. He wants to know what else Clark can do? He mentions that the wealth and power that could be attained with these abilities is unimaginable. Jonathan says that people like Nixon are exactly the reason he keeps Clark’s abilities a secret. Nixon feels that Clark is the answer to the questions all the world has been looking for. Jonathan has heard enough and tells Nixon that he may have a way out of here. He wants him to give up the tape and he will help him get out. In other words, it’s his life vs. the story. Jonathan is willing to die in that crypt for Clark. He throws the tape to Jonathan and he rips out the tape. Now, Nixon wants to know what Jonathan’s plan is. He shows him a weak point in the mortar. He figures they can tunnel up to the surface.

Meanwhile, Clark is back at the farm and confronts Lex. He wants to know what he is doing there. He admits that he knows Roger Nixon, but he was just trying to protect Clark. He tells Clark that Nixon approached him before the tornado. Lex mentions that Nixon offered to sell him information on Clark. Clark wonders what Nixon had on him. He says nothing, and that Nixon is a liar and will do anything for a story. Lex says that he told Nixon to stay away from Clark and the Kent’s. Clark doesn’t know what to believe anymore. Lex wants him to believe that he is his friend. He wants to show Clark something. He has a cellular frequency grid. He mentions that only one grid survived the storm, so Nixon has to be within a one mile radius of the tower.

Later, we see Pete, Chloe and Clark walking through the woods, searching for Jonathan. They find the mobile home, but Clark is unable to see underneath due to the lead, so figures it’s nothing. Chloe finds the camcorder on the ground.

In the crypt, Jonathan hears Chloe and Pete and starts screaming. However, it’s no use, they can’t hear them. Nixon starts to panic and all of a sudden, the tunnel starts to collapse and they end up back at the bottom.

On the surface, Chloe mentions that she thought she heard something. Clark scans the mobile home one more time, but still can’t see anything and implores them to continue moving.

In the crypt, we find Jonathan and Nixon COVERED in dirt and rock. Oh and some of the rock contains meteors. OF COURSE IT DOES.

We return to the Talon to find Lana watching a clip of a tow truck removing the remnants of the truck. They talk about how she survived the incident. They call it a miracle. Martha then comes up behind Lana and mentions how awful it must have been. Lana mentions that she has never been so scared in her entire life. Poor girl, in the last couple episodes on SV, she was in a tornado, was involved in a gas explosion & had a gun shot fire at her in Obscura. TOUGH LIFE. Martha gives her a hug and tells her she is glad she’s okay. She notes how familiar this situation is to the meteor shower. She realizes how much of a bad memory that is for Lana and apologizes for bringing it up. Martha mentions that Lana made one wish come true that day. She tells her about how they visited Nell’s flower shop and she was wearing her fairy princess costume. She granted them a wish, and shortly after Clark came into their lives. She notes that Clark isn’t even aware of that story. Lana feels that Clark is so lucky to have the Kent’s as parents. She says that she has always been kind of envious. Martha tells Lana that she is glad that her and Clark have become so close. Lana agrees. Lana is just so damn cute in this scene.

Meanwhile, Pete, Chloe and Clark are continuing their search. Chloe and Clark break away and talk over things. Clark wants to apologize for leaving her at the formal. Chloe says he is off the hook since he was saving a friend. She knows that Clark would do the same for her. YOU DAMN RIGHT, you already f**ked up his “non date” in Cool. Clark asks how he can make it up to her. Chloe feels that the natural disaster put her life in perspective. Chloe decides that it would be best if they stay really good friends. Clark seems surprised by this, but decides to go along with her. Clark needs to get a f**king clue and just man up with Lana. This whole settling thing with Chloe would lead to EVERYONE being miserable in the long run. Of course, we can see that Chloe was sort of bluffing and Clark called her on it. Anyway, he says that their friendship is important and he would hate to screw it up. Clark walks away and Chloe is left to cry. Here is another difference between Lana and Chloe. Lana takes chances and goes for things (sometimes they end horrifically) whereas Chloe ALWAYS is a chicken sh*t in the end. She talks a big game, but gives up WAY too easily. Both in terms of the relationship aspect, as well as working with Clark against Lex in later seasons. One episode she wants to take Lex down, the next episode she backs off. BACK to the episode. Pete joins Chloe and she tells him that her and Clark re-evaluated their relationship. Pete figures Clark ended it. However, she mentions that it was her idea to just be friends. Pete calls it a “defense mechanism”. Chloe says that last night was so close to being perfect, but got ruined. She realizes how bad she sounds considering what has happened to the town. Chloe says Pete must think she is an awful person. He teases her and they go catch back up to Clark.

Later, we see Jonathan and Nixon trying to get to their feet. Jonathan realizes that the cave in cut off the main air supply. Nixon realizes he is going to die in a tomb. He tells Jonathan that at least he has a legacy to be proud of. Jonathan recounts the story of Clark first using his abilities, by lifting their bed in the air. A toddler, lifting 500 lbs over his head. He mentions that they took him to a doctor, but once there, they realized if they left him, they would never get him back. Jonathan says that if that was a mistake, he’d gladly make it again.

Meanwhile, we see Lionel on a gurney in the medical center. It seems the vertebrae will be okay, but the optic nerve will only get worse unless surgery immediately. The other doctor recommends waiting until Lionel’s conditions stabilizes to perform any surgery. Lex decides to go through with the surgery.

Back at the farm, we see Clark and Pete going over some maps from the county planner’s office. Clark notices an old church near Hobson’s Pond, but it doesn’t exist. Martha mentions that it was destroyed in the meteor shower (AH that is why the meteor rocks are there). He realizes that there is a crypt in the basement. Pete mentions that Clark can’t dig him out on his own. Clark and Martha come up with a plan. Pete and Martha will get a rescue team and meet him out there. QUICK thinking Marta Kent.

Clark arrives at the location and immediately rips the mobile home off the ground and finds the opening to the crypt. He runs into the crypt screaming for Jonathan. He finds him, but is affected by the meteor rocks. Nixon notices the effect of the rocks on Clark. Jonathan tells him to get him away from the rocks. Nixon does the opposite and puts a meteor rock in Clark to drag him out of the crypt. Jonathan screams at them. Nixon is pissed off when he realizes his car is stuck in a tree. From behind, Jonathan tackles him to the ground. He starts POUNDING the sh*t out of Nixon, but Nixon is able to knee him to get him off of him. He grabs a steel fence post and smokes Jonathan in the face. OUCH. He stands over Jonathan looking REALLY crazy. He says that the people have a right to know, and unlike Jonathan, he will kill for what he believes in. Just before he impales Jonathan, we hear a gunshot. Lex has arrived and shot Nixon in the chest. He falls to the ground and dies. Lex asks if Jonathan is okay. He goes over to Clark and removes the meteor rock. Clark says he will survive. We end the scene with Lex looking over the body of Roger Nixon.

In the aftermath, we see Clark and Martha discussing Jonathan’s condition. It seems he has a cracked rib, but will be okay. Clark is proud of Martha’s strength. He calls her “Supermom” They go over to Jonathan, who is showing off his chest for the ladies. Jonathan notes that it took every fiber in his being to not kill Nixon. Jonathan tells Clark that Nixon said Lex paid him for information on them. Clark says Lex told him that Nixon was to stay away.

“The question you need to ask yourself is, which one tried to kill you, and which one saved your life.”

Lex is finishing up his statement with Sheriff Ethan and is confronted by the Kent’s. Jonathan says thank you for saving his life. Lex is willing to shake to a fresh start and Jonathan obliges. Clark seems happy at this notion.

Meanwhile, back at Smallville High School, we see Chloe going through her pictures from the Spring Formal. She is going through the images crying. She considers deleting the images permanently, but can’t go through with it. Ah, we will see these again in episode 17 Rosetta.

Later, we see Clark at the farm talking to Jonathan. He asks Clark about Lana and the tornado. Clark says that the only other person involved and he can’t even share the information with her. He doesn’t seem very happy about this AT ALL. Jonathan offers Clark the chance to share things with him. Clark tells him that he’s never been so scared in his entire life. He says that he had virtually no control in the tornado, but willed himself to the truck. He mentions that it felt like he was flying. Jonathan seemed pretty interested in that last bit.

Meanwhile, we see Lex and Lionel in the medical center after the surgery. He calls for Lex to come to him. Lionel tells him that he will likely get back the full use of his leg. Lex thinks that is great news. Lionel wants to tell Lex something.

“If I’ve acted ruthlessly, it was because I knew my opponents wouldn’t hesitate to do the same. I know you’ve always seen us as opponents. Lex, when I needed help, you saved my life. And I thank you, son. Listen, I know you agreed to go right ahead, right away, to operate.”

“I thought it best to take immediate action.”

“I would have done the same thing. And we both would have been wrong.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m blind. The operation failed. And that’s not going to change. It would have been better if you had not helped me. If you’d let me die.”

Lex is shocked by this attitude Lionel is taking and backs away from him. He continues to call for him, but Lex leaves him alone. Well, I guess Lex was right in terms of Lionel thinking his saving him was a weakness. What a terrible relationship these two have.

Finally, we see Clark sitting in the loft. Lana comes up the stairs and asks what he is doing. Clark says he is thinking. Lana thinks that he is hiding.

“I just can’t wait for things to get back to normal.”

“It won’t.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Nell used to tell me that after the meteor shower, but these events change you. Wipes out your illusions. You discover things about yourself.”

“What did you discover?”

“I’ve always had this sense that I was going to die young. Maybe because of my parents. Felt guilty I’d survived. When the tornado came, I thought, this is it, fate has finally found me. Then I saw you in the truck, and you put your arms around me and told me everything was going to be okay.

Clark smiles at this notion and attempts to say something, but is cut off by Lana.

“I know, it sounds crazy, but I started to think of all the other times you’ve been there to protect me. I thought, maybe there’s more to Clark Kent than meets the eye.”

….we cut to “In My Place”, by Coldplay…I must say the music department did an AWESOME job going from the score to the song in this scene. It’s a one note transition and quite impressive.

Clark gets up and walks towards the loft stairs, “Your right. It does sound crazy. There’s nothing more to me than what you see.”

Lana seemingly disappointed, gets up and walks towards him, “Clark, you know you can tell me anything right?”

“I know, Lana. But I wasn’t in that truck.”

“Then how did I survive? It doesn‘t make any sense.”

“Maybe you just weren’t meant to die young.”

It seems Lana is quite sure he is full of sh*t and isn’t pleased, “Just remember, you can’t hide out here forever.”

She walks down the stairs, leaving Clark to think about his actions. Clark seems to re-consider the idea of telling her based on his looking towards the barn floor behind him. Lana had been standing right below seemingly waiting for him to do the same, but walked out right before he fully turned around. Clark is now left alone to consider his actions. That was a TREMENDOUS scene and one in which I admit I never quite noticed how much Clark hesitated at the end until just viewing it now. Crazy, seeing the episode nearly ½ dozen times, I always just picked up on Lana’s hesitation at the bottom of the steps. I guess you learn more every time you watch. ;D

We finish the episode, by looking at a corn field at dusk. We pan lower and notice the ship resting on the ground, as Coldplay plays us to black. Man, that was PERFECT music for the end of the episode. Unreal choice by the music department.

(Overall, a tremendous start to season 2. The special effects were top notch. I love the conflict with Jonathan and Roger Nixon. Lionel and Lex’s story REALLY begins it’s journey towards darkness in this episode. Chloe did the thing Chloe always does, chicken’s out and she loses Clark as a result. Of course, she probably would have lost him shortly after anyway. The Martha & Lana scene was very touching and it seemed to bring smiles to both their faces. Finally, the Clark and Lana saga truly began in this episode. It’s really too bad it would be 104 more episodes, before Lana would know that he REALLY was in the truck. Anyway, this episode gets an A.)

We open at the start of the school year at Smallville High. Clark is trying to film a video for Whitney with Lana, but can’t seem to get the words he wants. Lana wants him to just say what he feels. OK, that could go over well. Pete then joins them and shows Clark how a pro does a video letter. MAN, Pete really does make that video letter his bitch. After Pete leaves, Clark decides to take a rain check on the video. He will stop by the Talon later to complete it. Lana leaves him as Chloe arrives to talk to Clark. Chloe mentions that some things never change. Clark give her a big hug, but Chloe seems a little uncomfortable with it. Chloe spent the summer at the Daily Planet intern program in Metropolis. Clark mentions that he really missed her this summer. Clark wants to know all the stories. Chloe notes that the only story was this hot young intern she met from Metropolis High. Wow Chloe, that was desperate.

Later, we see Pete and Clark walk into Biology Class. Pete isn’t excited because the old teacher would play a sex education tape on the first day. All of a sudden, it got a HELL of a lot hotter in that scorching classroom. We are introduced to Ms. Atkins, who is wearing not much of anything. It seems the class is QUITE impressed. She is pulling down a projection screen in the front when we notice that her dress isn’t long enough and she is giving young teenage boys and girls a peak. Clark almost falls out of his seat. Chloe’s reaction is just hilarious. She is just baffled at what she sees. It’s especially hot because the air conditioner isn’t working. She mentions that they will have to suffer together. Pete wants her to bring on the pain. Now they are busy watching animals mate on screen. How exciting. Clark seems to be pre-occupied by looking back towards Ms. Atkins. He seems to have taken an affinity to her legs. He isn’t the most skilled at staring as Ms. Atkins catches him. Then it gets really funny as he starts acting like he was just looking around the room. Chloe notices right away & just stares at him and chuckles, like he is a pathetic guy. Clark is really sweating (I thought Clark couldn’t sweat). Oh boy, it seems Clark has found her breasts, and sweat is dripping down. He gets all hot and bothered and his eyes begin to burn and all of sudden he starts shooting fire at the screen. The kids start to scream and run out of the room. Clark just stares at his creation.

In the aftermath of the fire, we see all the students outside the school. We then see Lex pull up and Clark thinks he is there to see him. However, Lex runs right by him towards Ms. Atkins. He gives her a kiss and makes sure she is alright. She tells him she is fine, thanks in part to Clark. She mentions that he was the only one to keep a cool head during the ordeal. Lex isn’t surprised to hear that it was Clark Kent who put out the fire. He tells him once again that he is thankful. Clark is really confused about what is going on. Lex introduces him to his fiancée Desiree. Clark is really surprised to hear that, but Lex tells him he’s never been more sure of anything in his life. In fact, he wants to give him the invitation to the wedding. He would love for Clark to be his best man. Clark says he would be honored. Lex wants him to get back to class, because you never know when the next fire might erupt.

Later, we see Desiree and Lex looking over a pre-nuptial agreement that was sent over by Lionel. She wants to know if she should sign it. Lex informs her that if she doesn’t, his father will disinherit him. She tells him that she will sign it if she kisses him. He kisses her and we see that Desiree has some sort of meteor power. Now she tells him that she doesn’t want to sign it. He says that is okay. Lex then rips up the pre-nuptial agreement.

Back at the Kent farm, we see Jonathan and Martha. It seems that the Kent’s like to avoid the air conditioners as well. Clark comes in and they ask him how the day was. Clark notes that it was different. He mentions that there was a fire. He tells them that nobody was hurt. Martha thinks they should be proud if he helped to put out the fire. Clark mentions that he believes he started the fire. He informs them that he was watching a sex education film. Jonathan seems to understand what might be going on. He tells Martha that it could get complicated. Martha mentions that it could be hormonal. Clark thinks he is growing into a fire-starter. Jonathan thinks they just need to try to get a handle on this, just like his other abilities. Clark is concerned, because his other abilities didn’t involve things bursting into flames. They want him to stay close to home while they try to figure things out. Clark remembers the wedding and tells them they won’t believe what is going on. Good family scene due to the awkward nature of the events discussed.

Later, we see champagne being uncorked at the wedding reception. How in the hell did this get set up so fast? Anyway, everyone seems to be having a good time. Clark notices Chloe and goes over to talk to her. This is in the awkward Chlark time where Clark seems to have a grasp on friendship with Chloe, but she is still dealing with her feelings. Clark mentions that she has been distant lately. Chloe tells him that she made a decision in regards to her feelings and she is okay with things now. Clark agrees. Chloe still doesn’t know how she feels about taking sex ed from Mrs. Luthor. Chloe starts talking about pheromones, but this goes over Clark’s head. Clark notices the new Mrs. Luthor and is looking at her. Lex comes up to him and tells him to stop staring or he will burn his eyes out. Clark tries to cover and explain himself, but Lex tells him that he understands. “Desiree is attractive.”…He also thanks Clark again for being his best man. Clark tells him that he was shocked that Lex is married. Lex goes over the events that led to him falling for Desiree. Lex realized that she was different and not just into him for his money. Clark can’t believe it happened that fast. Lex says, “Clark you can waste your time playing it safe, or you can go for it, but at some point Clark, you just know when something’s right.” At this moment, Clark notices Lana who is looking absolutely SCORCHING in I think a teal dress. She is busy rubbing her upper chest to keep cool and Clark seems happy.

That evening, we are at the Talon finding Clark trying to film his letter to Whitney. Once again, he is terrible, but mentions that he hasn’t forgotten their last conversation. He finishes and Lana thinks it was great. She wants to know what they did talk about? Clark notes that Whitney wanted him to keep an eye on her. Clark tries to explain, but they both realize it’s best to move on to something else. Lana mentions that it’s hot and asks Clark if he would like an iced coffee. That was AWKWARD. Clark asks Lana what she said to Whitney. God Clark is such an idiot. He asks her about being in a long distance relationship. I can only shake my head at this guy. Why does he ALWAYS want to talk to Lana about Whitney? Lana tells him that she missed him, but it’s difficult to put her life on hold. She doesn’t think it was a wise decision. She notes that Whitney is having a hard time with all the stuff going on. Lana mentions that at least she has Clark. He then apologizes for not being around much all summer. He has been busy cleaning up the farm after the tornado. Of course, if he really wanted to, he could clean the farm up in about couple minutes. Clark mentions how crazy it is to see Lex happy and married. Lana feels the same way. She thinks it’s romantic. Clark believes that Lex makes it look easy. Lana says that maybe it is. She notes that Lex learned to act on his passion, never holding anything back. Lana wonders if they will ever be able to do the same. This seems to excite Clark as his eyes begin to burn again. He gets up and closes his eyes, but is unable to stop what is coming. His reaction and sounds as he moves away from Lana is hilarious. Lana feels his forehead and notes that he is burning up. She moves away to get her keys to drive him home when he starts shooting fire out of his eyes, setting the walls and the cappuccino machine on fire. Lana thinks it spontaneously combusted and starts screaming. Clark asks Lana if she is okay. Now that was a great scene and truly showed that Clark is JUST like every adolescent male in the world.

The next day, we see Clark sitting alone in the barn. Jonathan comes in and asks why he isn’t in school. Clark tells him that he isn’t going. Jonathan confronts him and wants to know what is wrong. He tells him about the fire in the Talon and how he almost hurt Lana. Jonathan informs Clark that he has an idea of what is triggering the fire in his eyes. He then sets up a scarecrow in the middle of the field. He tells Clark that the first rule is to never practice near the barn. Clark doesn’t understand why they are trying to start fires. Jonathan feels that in order to find a way to stop it, we need to find out how it starts. He wants Clark to remember what he was thinking about the first time this happened. We get a few awkward seconds of father-son tension, before Jonathan realizes that Clark is better off doing this alone. Clark then focuses on the scarecrow and mentions Lana and BOOM. The scarecrow is ablaze. Jonathan grins at the end result. Another short, but brilliant scene.

We now return to the Kent home as Clark is heating up some popcorn. He finally is able to control his heat vision. He is thankful that he can finally go on a date with a girl and not kill her. Jonathan thinks that is a relief.

That evening, we see Clark igniting a bunch of candles in the loft. Man, he lit a BUNCH of candles. He is joined by the new Mrs. Luthor. Clark is shocked to see her. Yeah, it’s a good thing Clark can control his heat vision, because if not, he would have burned down the barn. Anyway, she would prefer he call her Desiree outside school. She mentions that came by to see him. She starts to hit on Clark and he is shocked. She notes that he was staring at her in class the other day. Clark apologizes, but Desiree notes that she is actually flattered. She tries to entrance him with her meteor power, but it doesn’t seem to work. Side note…how come Clark could be entranced by that whore in Hypnotic, but Desiree’s power of persuasion and other similar freaks have no power over him? She tries to kiss him, but he pushes away. Desiree apologizes and implores him not to tell Lex. She then runs away from the loft.

The next day at school, we see Clark and Chloe looking into Desiree. Apparently, her real name is Allison Sanders. Clark tells Chloe that Desiree came over to the loft last night and tried to seduce him. Chloe thinks he is full of crap. He notes that she was dissing Lex and that he was the only one keeping her from Clark. Chloe feels like she wants to throw up. He thinks that she has some sort of hold on Lex. Clark mentions that he will keep digging into it.

Clark then goes over to meet with Lex. Lex notes that Desiree told him what happened. Lex feels that Clark has been the one person in his life he could completely trust. Clark is glad Lex feels that way. However, because of this, Lex finds Clark’s infatuation with his wife troubling. Clark doesn’t understand what Lex is getting at. Clark tells Lex that Desiree came onto him. Lex doesn’t believe him. Clark shows Lex a copy of the report on Allison Sanders. It seems that Lex was unaware of this information. Clark feels that if she wasn’t honest about this, how can he believe her. Lex implores that she is his wife and he loves her. Lex is really pissed and tells Clark he can let himself out. As he leaves, he runs into Desiree. He basically tells her he isn’t giving up. She then goes over to Lex and he asked her about her name change. He doesn’t understand why she would keep this from her. Desiree wants another kiss from him. She uses her persuasion power and kisses him. Now, he is under her control. She tells him that they don’t need Clark or this town.

Meanwhile, we find Chloe and Lana filming more of the Whitney video letter. Lana asks Chloe about her summer in Metropolis. Chloe felt that the summer away helped her deal with mistakes she made. Lana doesn’t think going to the spring formal with Clark was a mistake. Chloe suggests that it was. She let her feelings come out and she got hurt. Lana thinks that she was at least brave enough to take the risk. Chloe then tells Lana about how her feelings came back as soon as she saw him and notes that made up a lame story about meeting a guy in Metropolis. BTW, in season 4 she admits that she DID meet someone (a young Jimmy Olsen)…whatever. She did this to try to get a rise out of Clark. Lana feels that Clark really cares about her. Chloe knows that he does, but he cares about Lana more. Lana doesn’t want Clark to come between their friendship. Chloe says that she doesn’t either. Lana wants them to define themselves by what they do, not who they date or don’t date. I don’t know how to respond to this conversation. Everything said will be for not by the end of the season in regards to Chloe and her feelings.

They are then interrupted by Lex. He has a form for her. Lex is involing the buy out clause in their partnership agreement. Lana has 24 hours to vacate the premises. BTW, how do they TRULY have a partnership. I thought Lana just ran the Talon. Lex is the one who had all the capital in setting it up and paying the bills. Oh well, Lex has decided to re-assess his business relationships. Lana is very upset. Lex tells her that she has to call into question who the judgment of a partner who causes thousands of dollars in damages while entertaining friends after hours. She tells him that she was here with Clark. Lex informs her that his faith in Clark evaporated along with his enthusiasm for the coffee shop business. He then leaves Lana alone. That was a good scene. Lex is truly a bastard when under Desiree’s control.

Later at Smallville High, we see Clark talking to Lana. She notes that Lex is using the fire as an excuse to justify taking back the building. Clark is really upset about that. Lana tells Clark that the actions of Lex prove that the Talon and it’s restoration was never really hers. She runs off and we see Clark eying Desiree. He walks up to her and tells her that he doesn’t think Lex is making these decisions on his own. Desiree says that they are making decisions together. She threatens Clark’s family, friends and the town. Desiree tells him that if he stays out of their lives, this will stop. Clark says he won’t stop.

That night, we see Desiree setting fire to a car. An huge explosion ensues.

Meanwhile, Clark is speaking with his parents about the situation. Martha is very upset that she tried to seduce a teenage boy. Shortly after, a knock is heard at the door. Sheriff Ethan comes in with some bad news. It seems that Mrs. Luthor is claiming that she saw Clark set fire to her car. Since there have been several mysterious fires in the last few days, he is going to have to take Clark in to sort this out. Jonathan tells him to do what Ethan says.

Back at the Talon, we see Lex talking business over the phone concerning the Talon. Martha then comes in searching for Nell. Lex informs her that she just left. Martha begins to leave, but Lex stops her. He says that he’s sorry about Clark. Martha isn’t so sure. She notes that her son is in jail because of his wife. Lex thinks these fires are a cry for help. She feels that maybe this is Mrs. Luthor talking through him. Lex doesn’t want her to call into question his wife. Martha notes that while there needs to be trust, there has to be room for disagreement in a relationship. She says that Jonathan and herself disagreed about Lex. Jonathan couldn’t see past the Luthor name, but she felt he was trying to be a true friend to Clark. She tells him that he knows Clark isn’t a criminal. In fact, he’s the one person who stood by him through thick and thin. Lex feels that he knows Desiree. Martha yells that he only knew her a week before marrying her. Lex is left speechless. Good scene between Martha and Lex.

Later, we see Jonathan walking near the pool in the Luthor mansion. We see that Desiree is busy taking a swim. She gets out of the pool completely naked. Jonathan tries to avert his eyes. He mentions that he is here to talk about Clark, but would prefer to do soe with her fully clothed. She notes that she’s sorry about Clark, but thinks he is a trouble son. Jonathan is getting upset. He starts to leave, but Desiree tells him that it all has to do with Lex. Jonathan turns around and he is hit with her persuasion power. She then kisses Jonathan. Oh boy.

Meanwhile, at the jail, we see Chloe and Lana. It seems they came to talk to Clark. He says he is doing okay. They show him the news on Allison Sanders. She was with her boyfriend when the meteor shower hit. They go through a series of dead husbands. It seems she is a black-widow. Clark mentions that she came after him to kill Lex. He doesn’t understand why she would think he would do it. Chloe mentions that pheromones are the reason. In other words, her pheromone levels are so enhanced that she can get a guy to do whatever she wants. Chloe jokes that lucky for them, Clark Kent seems to be immune to some members of the opposite sex. Cue awkward stare between Clark and Lana. Sheriff Ethan mentions that time is up for the girls. Clark tells them that his dad went to see Desiree and he needs to get out of here. They want him to hang in there. Clark has an idea on how to get out. He sets another fire. Sheriff Ethan lets Clark out of his cell and Clark speeds away.

At the Luthor mansion, we see Lex looking at a will. He thinks that they need to talk. Lex thinks that since he met Desiree, he’s lost all sense of reason regarding his friends and business and suddenly he doesn’t know why. She tells him that it’s too late and that she controls everything. Lex notes that she doesn’t inherit anything unless he is dead. He asks her if she is planning to kill him. Desiree tells him that she isn’t going to kill him, but he is. At the same time, we see Jonathan come in the room carrying a rifle. Lex implores Jonathan to put the gun down. Lex is freaking out. Jonathan tells him that he isn’t going to let him add Desiree to his list of victims. He takes a shot at Lex, but at that exact moment, Clark arrives and uses his heat vision to destroy the bullet in flight. Cool effect. Clark then grabs Jonathan and slams him into the wall. Lex gets up and goes over to Desiree. She smashes a bottle of scotch over his back. What a waste. She then grabs a lighter and sets him on fire. Man that looks like it hurts. Somehow I think they forgot about the burns Lex suffered in subsequent episodes. Clark uses his heat vision on the door handle as Desiree attempts to leave. Smart thinking Clark. He runs over to Lex and helps put out the fire. Lex should be in WAY more pain than he seems. Very cool scene.

Later, at the Kent farm, we see Clark helping Martha with the muffins. Jonathan joins them to discuss that Desiree won’t hurt anyone else. He also notes that the police are going to let Clark off with a warning. Jonathan wants to take Martha out to dinner for the evening.

That night in the loft, we see Lex check in on Clark. Clark asks him how he is feeling. Lex notes that he thought he loved Desiree. He mentions that he filed for an annulment. He feels that he needs to be more cautious and not let his passion take over him. Clark tells him that passion isn’t always a negative. Lex agrees saying that passion for life, work and friends is great, as long as you keep it in check. He feels he should take a page out of Clark’s book. In other words the way he deals with Lana. Lex notes that he tells Clark to go for it, but he doesn’t. Clark tells him that he wants to go for it, but Lana needs to work out her feelings for Whitney first. He can wait. Lex doesn’t want him to wait too long. He pats him on the back and leaves. Good Clex scene.

Finally, we are in the Talon. Lana is continuing to try to film her letter to Whitney. She tells him that it’s been a crazy week, but it’s allowed her time to think about what she needs to say. At this moment, she is interrupted by a knock on the door. Clark came over to help with the repairs. It seems that Lex purchased a new espresso machine. He also is re-working their partnership agreement so this can’t happen in the future. Lana also notes that Lex talked about the incident with Ms. Atkins and Clark’s dad. She says they are lucky that Clark was there. Lana finds it funny that Ms. Atkins was able to seduce everyone but Clark. He feels that she just wasn’t her type. She then asks him how he escaped the jail. He told her of the fire and that he made a run for it. Lana is also intrigued that he was at all the fires. Clark thinks it’s just a coincidence. She feels that it’s just more of the mystery that is Clark Kent. He changes the subject to the tape for Whitney. Lana informs Clark that she is going to tell Whitney how she really feels. She then notes her dishonesty towards her feelings. Lana mentions that having a relationship that’s built on secrets and lies is doomed to fail. That is almost exactly the same line used by Lex in Tempest. Clark agrees with that statement. Clark then says that he will let Lana finish her tape. That was awkward. We end the episode with Lana saying “Whitney, I care about you very much and I always will, but we promised that we’d be honest with each other. And the truth is”…Nice ending to a very entertaining episode.

(Overall, I had a blast watching this episode. There is such a great mix of action, humor, sexiness and the family aspect that is so ingrained in early Smallville. Krista Allen was very good as the seductress Desiree Atkins. I loved the interactions that Lex had with others when he was under her influence. Seeing Jonathan trying to take out Lex with a rife was entertaining. Again, Lex should be REALLY burned after that incident, but whatever. The episode continued the momentum built from Vortex to get season 2 off to a great start. I give Heat an A-.)

We open at Smallville High School. Clark, Chloe & Pete are looking at the new class rings. Chloe isn’t very impressed with the quality. The jewel on the ring looks like a ruby. She actually questions if they are even real. She walks away leaving Pete and Clark. Pete wants to know if Clark is going to go through with getting a ring? Clark says he’s here. Pete is surprised considering Clark’s dad said “three hundred and fifty dollars is a lot to spend on something you really don’t need." Clark is emphatic that he earned the money and his dad said it was his decision to make. Pete interprets that as Jonathan‘s way of saying DON‘T BUY IT.

We then see Lana giving a tour to a blonde girl who is new at the school. Lana mentions that the first day at a new school can be rough, so if she has questions just ask. The girl asks Lana what the “Crows” do for fun. Lana mentions the Talon. Shameless self promoter. She mentions that it’s a really cool place to hang out. Of course, she admits that she is biased since she sort of owns it. The girl is NOT excited. She notices Clark down the hall and wants to know who the hottie in primary colors is? OK…side-track. THIS is the problem with the way the right the show at times. Yes, we know that Lana is into Clark and she is like the hottest girl in school, BUT doesn’t Clark pretty much get ignored by everyone else, but Chloe. (which again, makes no sense given Tom, but they go with it) Now, a new girl shows up and she wants some of Clark. Anyway, Lana tells her that his name is Clark Kent. She would rather have Clark give her the tour. Lana stares at Clark as well, and seems a little perturbed at Jessie’s interest, giving her a look.

Meanwhile, Clark puts the ring on his finger and all of a sudden, we see red going through his veins and his eyes turning red for a split second. Oh sh*t, red kryptonite. Pete asks if Clark is feeling all right? Clark says he feels great. We then see the principal address the girl as Jessie. He tells her that there is a dress code at Smallville High. She is kind of dressed like a cheap slut, but I’ll be honest, that outfit on the right person would go over great in my book. Clark laughs at one of Jessie's comments. He asks Clark if something is funny? Jessie tells him that she isn’t changing. The principal tells her to follow him to the office. Clark butts in and says that he thinks she looks hot, his dress code sucks, and that he should just back off. He then tease him about his own fashion sense. Lana and Pete are shocked by his attitude. Lana looks at Clark weird and walks off to finish the tour with Jessie. Pete wants to know where his attitude came from. Clark says he doesn’t know, but he likes it. Okay, since I don’t have a f**king clue who the actress is, or really care, is it me or is Jessie just NOT good looking enough for the role she is supposed to play in this episode? I will get into it more later on.

Later, we are in Metropolis and see a US Marshall talking to Kyle, a football player, about Jessie and her father. He threatens the boy with a gun. He tells him that she called him from several pay phones. He mentions the man can check his phone bill. He says he will do that. Kyle asks if he can go? The man says he can’t let Kyle go and drops a boom box into water, electrocuting him. We then see a picture floating on the water of Jessie and Kyle.

Back at Smallville High, we see Clark talking to Pete a bar over the county line where they don’t check ID’s. Clark thinks that they should go that weekend. Pete is shocked at this attitude. We then see Jessie come up to Clark. She mentions that the place he is talking about rocks. It seems she stopped there on the way into town. She asks him if they are planning a road trip. Clark tells her that he will let her know if they do. She then writes her phone number on his hand. She walks away and Pete tells Clark that she was hitting on him. Clark mentions that she is kind of hot. Pete mentions that Clark is married to Lana in his imagination. Just then, Lana comes over and notes that he and Jessie seem to be making fast friends.

“Just trying to make the new girl feel welcome. Don’t worry, Lana, I haven’t taken my eye off you all day.”

Pete looks at Clark surprised at that line. Lana doesn’t know what to make of it, so she moves on to her next question.

“So we still on for the cram session tonight at the Talon?”

“If you’re still gonna be there, absolutely.”

Pete says, “I’ll be there.”

Lana just giggles and walks away. Pete looks at Clark and can’t even talk.

Later, we see Jonathan and Martha in the barn. He is finishing up his old motorcycle. Just then, Clark runs in. It seems that Clark was supposed to be home earlier to work on the garage door. Clark notes that it would only take like two seconds. Jonathan notices the ring on his finger. He thought they agreed he wasn’t going to buy the ring. Clark says that he told him it was his decision. Jonathan (as Pete predicted) assumed that Clark would make the right decision.

“Clark that ring cost a lot of money.”

“And I’m tired of worrying about every nickel and dime around here.”

Martha tells Clark to go wash up for dinner, sensing an argument brewing. Clark says he isn’t hungry and has chores to do. Clark seems on edge. He speeds away. Martha thinks that Clark may be going through a stage of classic teenage rebellion. Jonathan says that Clark made a bad decision. Martha says it was Clark’s decision to make. Eventually, Jonathan just smiles and shakes his head.

Meanwhile, we see Lex at the mansion walking into the office. It’s utter chaos as Lionel and some men are busy moving things around. Lionel didn’t think Lex would mind if he made some changes while he is staying with him. Lex wishes that he’d been consulted. Of course, Lionel is walking with a cane as he is blind. He strolls out of the room complaining. Lex tells the men to give Lionel whatever he wants.

We then see the US Marshall looking over phone records during his stop at the Wild Coyote. He asks the bar tender about Jessie. He shows him the picture. He tells the man if she comes in to call him immediately.

That night, we see Chloe, Pete and Lana studying at the Talon. We hear a knock on the door and Lana gets up to get it. She opens it and Clark is standing there. Lana is glad that he made it. They were just studying the Red Scare in American history. Clark stops at the door and seems disinterested. Clark asks if they can do that tomorrow? She wants to know if something is wrong?

“No, it, It’s really nice out. Let’s go for a drive, go dancing. (WHAT…dancing)

“Are you asking me on a date?”

Clark grins, “I’m asking you to have some fun with me.”

“This is a little unexpected to say the least, but we really have to study.”

“Did you know when you get all serious your nose crinkles up? It’s really sexy.”

Lana can’t believe what she is hearing, but says, “Pete and Chloe are waiting for us.”

She turns around and has a WTF expression on her face. Meanwhile, Clark continues to smirk at her.

Side-note…Lana response to this whole situation is PROBABLY the cutest (not hottest) look she has ever given on the show. (check out the gif below for one of them…if you SOMEHOW can’t remember it)

Anyway, the go and sit down to begin studying, but Clark isn’t very interested. He asks if they want to go to a bar. Lana still has no earthly idea what is going on with her farm boy. Chloe notes that they need to study. Clark tells them that high school is supposed to be fun, and this isn’t fun. Clark says it will be his treat. Pete wants to know when he hooked up with the money truck? Clark decided that there is no percentage in playing poverty. Chloe and Lana get up to go get some coffee. Clark mentions that Chloe has a birthmark on her cheek. It seems that Clark is using his x-ray vision on Chloe. Pete can’t believe he is scoping out Chloe. Clark says he isn’t just scoping out Chloe. Clark laughs and says that they need to go. Pete mentions that the test is worth ½ their grade. Clark tells Pete to call him when he is through with Boring 101. He turns around and leaves them. That was very cool.

The next morning, we see Jonathan on the phone with one of his creditors. It seems that some charges were made on their card the previous night. We then hear loud music coming from the loft. They notice a satellite dish outside the loft. They head out to check on it. They walk into the barn and we see a jet ski. They walk up the loft stairs and notice that there is a huge speaker system and Clark is playing a video game on a big screen TV. Clark is wearing a green shirt with a red-dragon logo on the front. They ask Clark where he got all this? He says he got it in an all night store in Metropolis. Jonathan is PISSED that Clark bought all this stuff on his credit card.

“Yeah, I figured it was time I had the cool stuff everyone else has.”

“Clark Kent, you stole from us.”

“No, I used your credit cards. What’s the big deal? We don’t have to pay for it right away.”

“Well, I tell you the big deal, the big deal is, you’re gonna take all this garbage back right now. Come on!”

Clark laughs, “Yeah right.”

Jonathan retorts, “Yeah right. And after you’ve taken this garbage back, we’re gonna have a conversation about this new attitude you’ve developed.”

“Well, Dad, you can talk all you want. I’m out of here.”

Clark then speeds out the loft window, puts on some shades and hops on the motorcycle to drive away. Man, he is already becoming a son of a bitch on red kryptonite. Jonathan and Martha console each other in the loft.

We then see Jessie walking down the highway. She is confronted by her father demanding that she get in the car. He doesn’t want her to dress the way she is, because it could draw attention to them. We then see Clark Kent drive up, he offers her a ride on the motorcycle.

Later, they pull up to the school. Everyone is watching them in shock. Among them, Lana, Chloe and Pete. Chloe wants to know what planet he is from and what he did to Clark. Jessie thanks Clark for the ride. He tells her anytime.

Lana says, “So much for the shy and retiring Clark Kent.”

“I was just giving her a ride to school. Say the word and I’ll save you the return trip.”

Once again, Pete can’t believe what he is hearing and turns to look at Lana. Meanwhile, Lana still doesn’t know what to make of Clark. The bell rings and Lana and Chloe head inside.

Pete says, “Clark Kent, chick magnet. What’s wrong with this picture?”

“People change, Pete.”

Then Jonathan pulls up in front of Clark.

“Clark, I’d like a word with you.”

“Not right now dad.” (the nonchalant way he says this is brilliant, it’s like he couldn’t give a damn)

“Get in the truck, son.”

“Give me one good reason why I should.”

“Because I am your father and I told you to get in the truck.”

“Your not my father. You never were.”

Clark then punches Jonathan into the door of the truck. Man, what a bastard. Clark leaves as Pete helps Jonathan.

We then see Martha icing down Jonathan after the incident. She can’t believe Clark would act the way he is. Jonathan notes that he is like a whole different person. Martha wonders how they will get him home. He tells her that if he doesn’t want to come home, there isn’t much they can do. Martha now thinks this is WAY more than teenage rebellion. Martha wonders if Pete can maybe help figure this out.

Meanwhile, at the Talon, we see Lana working on an order. Clark walks in and comes up to the counter.

“Lana, we need to talk.”

“Clark, please, I really need to get these orders done.”

“Your coffee can wait.” (I wonder if the customers agree Clark?)

“I got the impression that you were jealous when you saw me with Jessie.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You can spend time with anyone you want.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I was happy you were jealous.”

“Clark, what is going on with you?”

“I’ve decided to tell you the truth, Lana.”

“About…about everything?”

“Try Me. What do you want to know?”

“Well for starters, how about what happened the day the twisters hit?”

“We’ll get there, but right now we should concentrate on more important things, like…I’ve had feelings for you for a long time, and I know that you’ve had feelings for me too. So I think we should stop pretending.”

Lana still doesn’t know what to think with Clark, “So, what? Is this supposed to be some all-new Clark Kent?”

“Well, that depends.”

She tries to deliver her order, but Clark take the tray and sets it down, moving closer to her.

“Do you like him?”

He then makes his move and kisses her. He starts by sucking on her lower lip and…actually that seems to be his thing with this kiss. Lana seems in a trance at first. Finally, she comes to….

“Clark, I…What about Jessie?” (the idea LANA has to ask Clark about another girl we JUST met is absurd on the writers part)

“Jessie who? You’re the one I want to be with. I’ll pick you up at 8”

WOW, Red K Clark is pretty damn smooth. Lana seems in shock, but also seems quite pleased by the end of the scene.

Later, we see Pete and Chloe talking. She tells him that the class rings are fake. Pete mentions that something is wrong with Clark. Pete wonders if Clark is on drugs. Chloe says that Clark would have to be on drugs to be on drugs. She then goes on about the jewelry company putting worthless meteor rocks in the rings to save money. Pete is confused because meteor rocks are green. Chloe mentions not the ones near Hobbs Pond. Pete is worried and takes the rock and runs out of the office.

We then see him at the Kent farm talking to Martha and Jonathan about the rock. Pete tells them that Clark’s odd behavior started as soon as he put on the ring. Martha wonders if the red meteors changes his personality. Jonathan figures that they need to find a way to get the ring off him.

Meanwhile, Clark walks into Lex’s office dressed in all black. Holy sh*t…it’s a young NOT CLARK. Clark ask Lex about the change in the office. Clark asks him why he doesn’t just throw Lionel out. Lex turns around to say that the thought has occurred to him, but the blindness changes everything. He finally notices Clark’s darker attire. Clark tells him that just because his father has a problem, doesn’t mean he needs to ruin Lex’s life.

“I wasn’t aware a $2000 coat came with a backbone. What’s going on?”

“I’d like to borrow the Ferrari. Got a hot date tonight, and I wanna rock her world.”

“Rock her world?” (Lex is grinning, not believing what he’s hearing from Clark)

Lex continues, “So, Lana at last?”

“Like you said, a man needs to know when to make his move.”

“Hey I’m glad you’re finally acting on your feelings, but Lana’s never struck me as a girl to be impressed by a Ferrari.”

“Fast cars, fancy home and a ton of money never hurt you, did it? Come on, I just want to make tonight special.”

“I don’t know. It’s a very expensive piece of machinery, difficult to handle.”

“It’s not like I’m going to, drive it off a bridge. All you have to ask yourself is, who’s more responsible than Clark Kent?” Clark grins at Lex and we see a cutaway of Clark driving away in the Ferrari.

That was a very good scene. The Clex dynamic was really working in the scene. It’s like Tom and Michael were having a hell of a time with Clark’s attitude.

Later, we are at the Wild Coyote. Lana and Clark stroll in. Lana looks great. Clark looks…I don’t know, a black cutoff shirt…a very 80’s metal look. Meanwhile, we see a couple of older guys scoping out Lana. This doesn’t go over well with Clark. He confronts them, but Lana says she’s fine (you damn right) Clark asks Lana if she wants a beer? She can’t believe he is asking her that. This seems like the last place Lana wants to be. Clark says that if she doesn’t want to drink, they should dance. Lana wants to go somewhere and talk. She doesn’t feel that this place is “them”.

“I’ll take that dance, Clark.”

We see Jessie come over to Clark and Lana. Oh sh*t. She is once again looking like a whore and quite frankly looks terrible. Clark is impressed for some reason. Jessie tells Lana that she checked out the Talon…and that is why she decided to come here. For some reason, Clark finds this funny. Lana wants to get out of here and grabs his hand. However, Jessie wants one dance and grabs his hand as well.

“Lana, I’ll be right back.” (WHAT…WHAT…WHAT…Clark Okay, seriously, this sh*t with the Red K Clark and his choice of women and interests is pathetic. He shows interest in Jessie in this episode, Chloe in Rush, Alicia (granted she is hot, but tried to kill Lana) in Unsafe, Lois in Crimson…not to mention his love affair with Major Zod in Upgrade. He should be ALL over Lana ALL THE TIME. It’s ridiculous and quite frankly disturbing.)

He walks away and Lana is left with a sad look on her face. f**k YOU Clark. Jessie and Clark start dancing and this is just too much. Somebody kill this bitch dead NOW. The bartender sees Jessie and realizes it’s the girl from the photo. Jessie asks Clark if he likes living in Smallville. He says it’s the only place he’s ever lived. She thinks that the right person ought to show Clark the big, bad world out there. Clark asks if she has anyone in mind? Clark actually moves in to kiss Jessie IN FRONT OF LANA. She walks up to him and says she is leaving. He says that they just got here. He wants her to go get them some drinks so they can all have a good time.

“You’re unbelievable! What happened to telling the truth?”

“What happened to “Spend time with whoever you want”?”

“Is that the way you want it?”

“Sure. There’s enough of me to go around.” (OH GOD CLARK, YOU DID NOT JUST GO THERE)

Lana turns to leave and Clark grabs her arm. A couple guys comes over and asks if there is a problem.

Lana says, “not anymore”. She then finally does leave.

The man puts his hand on Clark’s chest and implores him to let the lady go. Clark gets upset throws the two men across the room. The bartender grabs a bat and confronts Clark, but he uses his heat vision to set it on fire. The bartender goes to punch Clark, but he grabs his fist and chokes him to the ground. Another guy bashes him with a chair, but is tossed aside.

“Anybody else?” Clark is insane.

Jessie implores him to get out of here before the cops show up. Clark wants to go pack their bags and see the big, bad world she was talking about. They leave.

The next morning, we see Clark carrying some bags over to the Ferrari. Martha wants to know where he was last night. Clark tells her he had the best night of his life. Clark doesn’t want to stay on the farm, wasting his life on a $20 allowance. BTW, as noted in the commentary, Tom looks WAY older when he is wearing suits like this.

“Clark, I wish you could hear yourself, there’s something very wrong with you. It’s that ring.”

“You’re still upset about me buying this stupid thing. How pathetic.”

“Clark”, Jonathan tries to stop Clark.

“You really don’t want to touch me.”

“Why don’t you just hand it to me then.”

Martha says, “Clark please, it isn’t the ring itself. Chloe found out it’s made out of red meteor rock.”

“You know how the green rock makes you sick? Well, we think the red rock is affecting your mind. It’s changed your personality.”

“So everything I’ve been doing and saying is because of this?”

“That’s right. That’s why you got to take it off right away.”

“Take it off? I just wish I would have found it sooner. Hey, if you guys want to waste your life in this mud-hole that’s you’re problem. I’m through being poor.”

“Listen, we might not have all the things that other people have, but I didn’t think our family was about that.”

“With my abilities, I can make millions. Sports, TV, it’s all waiting for me. It’s you guys who were forcing me to hide who I am.”

“No, we were the ones who have been trying to protect you. We don’t want anybody taking you away.”

“Protecting me, using me. I’m just another piece of equipment to keep your farm going. That’s all gonna change.”

Clark gets in the car and speeds away. What a pathetic jerk this Clark is. Tom is surreal playing him, but he is the biggest douche in the world.

Later, we see Clark strom into Lex’s office. He tells him that he is going to keep the Ferrari for a while. He tells him he will send it back when he gets himself set up. Lex wants to know what’s going on. Clark goes and sits down and explains himself.

“I left home.”

“What happened? You have a fight with your folks?”

“My parents don’t understand me. The truth is, there‘s nothing left for me in Smallville.” (oh god Clark, you are a sad little alien boy)

“What about Lana?”

“She’s old news. I got a new girl, Jessie.” (is this guy for real…seriously, Clark)

“Kind of sudden, isn’t it?”

“You’re the one always telling me to find my destiny. Well one things for certain, it‘s not here in Kansas.”

“So you’ve just packed your stuff and you’re off.”

“You have no idea what I’m capable of.” (oh boy Clark, you just opened up a can of worms)

“Really? Why don’t you fill me in?”

“Let’s just say that when I’m through showing the world what I can do, I’ll have everything I’ve ever wanted. I may be even richer than you.”

“Maybe you’re right to get away from your folks. Maybe I should do the same. If my father wants the mansion so much, he can have it. I never wanted to live in Smallville anyway.”

“You can come with me.”

“Nobody’s using the penthouse in Metropolis, we could stay there.”

“Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. I like the sound of that. (My lord, Clark is delusional…seriously who is this fool)

Lex tells Clark he needs to tie up some loose ends at the office. He wants Clark to make himself at home in the meantime.

OK, that scene was f**king AWESOME. Michael and Tom killed in that scene.

Meanwhile, we see Chloe walk up to Lana in the Talon. Chloe says she heard Lana had a date with Clark Kent last night. Lana says its not much of a date when the guy leaves with someone else. Lana mentions that she was thrown for a loop by a Clark who could say all the things that the old Clark couldn’t. She then goes to fill up the coffee of the US Marshall. It seems he got the license plate of the Ferrari.

We then see Pete and Jonathan talking about their plan. Lex shows up and wants to talk about their problems. Jonathan says he would prefer if Lex stayed out of their family problems. He says he would, but Clark is hiding out at the mansion.

Clark is busy at the mansion playing pool. Lionel then joins him. He figures Lex is playing pool. Clark walks up to him and swipes his glasses. Lionel swings his cane back and forth. Clark is almost laughing at him.

“What do you want?”

Clark puts on Lionel’s sunglasses. “Lionel, go back to your room. Better yet, pack your bags and get the hell out.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Lex may be too afraid to tell you, but I’m not. No one in Smallville wants you here.”

“You seem to know a lot about me. You got a name?”

“Clark Kent.”

“Jonathan and Martha Kent’s son? As far as I know, they’re good people, salt of the earth. I’m astonished they’ve raised such a blatantly aggressive offspring.”

“Well, if you like them so much, I’m sure they’ll put you up. I hear they have a spare bedroom, and I know they could use the cash.”

“You’ve got a lot to learn about tact, young man, but you speak your mind. That’s good. It’ll take you far.”

“Oh, I’m going to the top.”

Just then, we hear a knock on the door and the Marshall walks in. Lionel asks what he can do for him. He mentions that Clark was at the scene of a disturbance in Lex’s Ferrari.

“Oh, Oh, was that while you were on your way to the top, Clark?”

He wants to know where to find Jessie. Clark says he hasn’t seen her before. The Marshall pulls a gun on Clark. Lionel seems concerned at the sound.

Clark grins, “Is that supposed to scare me?”

He super speeds to the man and takes the gun from him. The man is shocked at Clark’s actions.

“You have no idea who you’re dealing with.”

Clark then proceeds to unload three slugs into his hand and drops them to the ground. The Marshall is shocked and Lionel is confused. Clark tells Lionel that he missed. Lionel runs out to call security. The Marshall attempts to run off, but Clark stops him and pins him behind the pool table. He wants to know why he is looking for Jessie? He tells him her father is a corporate whistle blower and he was trying to get evidence from him for $1 million. It seems her father has some disks with accounting files, memos and endless smoking guns. He offers Clark a piece of the money if he helps him. Clark asks him why he would need his help. As he says this, his face turns red in the lighting from the stained glass. He smacks him in the head, knocking him out.

Another brilliant red K Clark scene. Lionel and Clark’s interaction was simply hilarious.

Clark then shows up at Jessie’s home. She thought he forgot about her. Clark says he is almost ready, but he’s got something to take care of first. He talks about her father and the disks. He won’t leave until he has them. She wants to know why he’s doing this? She says that if he gives up those disks, he’s a dead man. We then see the Marshall again. Clark tells him that he doesn’t want a split on the money. He says Clark needs him to get the money. We then see the Marshall shot by Jessie’s father. He then points the gun at Clark and tells him to get out. Clark says that he is just like his father, always telling him what to do. He says that he doesn’t listen to his father, so why would he listen to him. He grabs the gun and demands the disks. Jessie grabs a bag and runs out of the house. He starts throwing things around and grabs her father. He tells him that Clark can tear the house to the ground and kill him, but he won’t find the disks. He realizes Jessie has the disks.

She is now running through the corn field. She runs right into Clark. Clark says he never realized how easy it was to get everything he’s ever wanted. We then see Jonathan and Pete arrive. Pete tells Jessie to run. She grabs the bag and disks and heads off. Clark says it won’t matter, no one can get away from him. Jonathan has a sledge hammer. He says he won’t let Clark hurt anyone else. Pete opens up a box to expose a meteor rock, Clark is hurting. Jonathan takes the sledge hammer and smashes the ring. Pete closes the box and Clark seems back to normal. Well THANK GOD.

We then see Lionel walking through the mansion. He notices activity in the office. It seems his things are being removed from the office. Lex offers Lionel a drink. He starts to talk to Lionel about advice he’d given him in terms of feeling sorry for himself.

“Stop acting like your blindness gives you an excuse for self-pity.”

“So the son becomes the father.”

“No dad, I’m through indulging you like a child. My office remains my office. You don’t like it, leave.”

“Well, it seems I have done a better job of raising you than I thought. Or perhaps you’ve finally learned the value of directness from your friend Clark Kent. He’s a very interesting young man.”

We see that Lionel has the three bullets that were fired into Clark’s hand.

Meanwhile, Clark and the Kent’s are getting set for dinner. He mentions that he stopped by Jessie’s but they have cleared out. Clark apologizes for his actions and the things he said. Jonathan says that the feelings must have come from somewhere. Clark says that sometimes not having things upsets him, but then he remembers the important things and none of it matters. Jonathan feels that it was a really close call. Clark says that when he put the ring on, he felt a sudden urge to tell everyone his secret. Clark is upset because those feelings are still there. He doesn’t know which one is the real him. Martha feels that the real one who came back to them. Very nice family scene.

Finally, we see Lana riding a horse towards Clark. He is carrying some sh*tty flowers. God, Clark is terrible at apologizing. Lana asks if the flowers are for her. She doesn’t seem to thrilled. Clark says he was hoping they could be friends like they were before. (Oh Clark, you idiot)

“So you thought that if you brought me flowers, I’d pretend like nothing happened?”

“You have to believe me. The things I said, the way I was acting, that wasn’t me.”

“Even the part where you said you had feelings for me?”


“Clark, you can’t have it both ways. Either it was you, or it wasn’t.”

“I wish I could explain, but I can’t.”

“Story of your life.”

“Lana, I really am sorry.”

“I know you are. It’s not enough anymore. Do you think you can find your way *home?”

“Hope so”

Lana rides away as we fade above.

That was an interesting scene to watch. At times, Lana refuses to look at Clark. I can’t blame her. Clark walked all over her heart and then he is gutless in terms of stating his feelings at the end.

We open in the clouds as it appears something is flying us around Smallville. I can't imagine the show being able to pull off some of these shots now days. It's too expensive for them. We now arrive in the Kawatche Caves to find that its Clark Kent and he is floating above the spot in the caves where the octagonal disc is to be placed. He is contemplating his actions and then puts the key in the slot. After touching it, a bright light appears and Clark wakes up in his pajamas in the middle of the road. Somehow Lex, is driving down the road at the exact moment and he just misses hitting Clark. Interesting opening to the episode.

Now we are back at the Kent Farm as Clark finally gets back home. Jonathan & Martha want to know what the hell is going on with him. Clark tells them that he somehow got to Route 8 during the night. He doesn't know how much walking was involved with his getting to Route 8. He tells them about the dreams and going to the cave. Jonathan is concerned about Clark's actions. Jonathan is very protective of Clark and its causing Clark to become agitated.

Meanwhile, at the Luthor Mansion, Lex Luthor is having a conversation with Dr. Walden about the cave. Man, he is a funny looking guy. Dr. Walden tells him that he may be on the verge of a breakthrough.

Later, at Smallville High we see Clark, Lana, Chloe and Pete (WHO) walking the halls. They are discussing a family tree assignment. Chloe and Pete have this nice back and forth stuff. It really is a shame they shafted Pete. As Lana is discussing a game plan for working on the assignment, Clark hears a screeching sound in his ears. No one else can hear the sound and they tease him about it. He runs home and finds the sound is coming from the octagonal disc. It's calling out to him. He decides he's had enough and takes the key to the caves to place it in the slot in the wall. As he does, it lights up with blue, yellow and red, then bright white light shows Kryptonian symbols and now a bright beam of energy passes through Clark. WOW, that is intense, he is shaking like crazy. He is woken up by Lex after passing out from the event. Lex tells him that the guards heard an explosion. Clark is evasive and tries to get out of there. Dr. Walden and Lex are both suspicious of Clark. Lex tells him to not worry about Clark.

Meanwhile, Chloe is working on the computer. Lana arrives and wants to borrow the computer. As she gets started, she notices a file C.K. She is intrigued and clicks on it and reveals the pictures from the dance. Chloe comes in and asks her why she is snooping around. Lana tries to apologize for the invasion, but Chloe is pretty pissed. She thinks Lana is looking at her like a love-sick loser upset about something she has never had. Sadly Chloe that is the case, but Lana won't say that. Lana tells her that she should tell Clark if has feelings for him. Of course Chloe is a chicken sh*t most of the time so she won't do that. Probably better off as she would get railroaded by the Clana anyway, because that freight train isn't stopping. Chloe changes the subject & mentions this is about privacy. She tells her that she isn't allowed to use the Torch computers anymore. She brings up the "fever letter" incident and tells Lana that Clark mentioned her name after. WOW, that was actually a pretty intense scene from Chlana. Again, there really is no friendship with these two. It seems like such a facade covering up envy and jealousy IMO.

Later, Clark is doing his chores when Jonathan comes to talk to him. They talk about several things, pregnancy, dreams and his plans for the day. Jonathan wants Clark to know that any baby won't change the way they feel about him. All of a sudden, the key rings again & Clark is having a hard time controlling his heat vision & he creates a Kryptonian symbol on the Barn. He is shocked at what is happening. They put out the fire, but at the same time Chloe arrives to drive Clark to school. She takes a picture of the Barn showing the Kryptonian symbol. Well, that was certainly interesting to say the least.

Afterward, Clark, Jonathan & Martha discuss trying to deal with the situation. Clark informs him that the symbol means hope. He knows because of his putting the key in the cave wall. He tells him it basically downloaded him with all the information in the cave wall. Jonathan is really concerned about Lex & Dr. Walden finding him afterward. Clark tell him that the truth is worth the risk.

Now at the Talon, Clark seems to be working on his family tree project. Lana comes down wearing a nice green shirt. Oh man, that is definitely one of her colors, along with purple. She is concerned about him because he seems out of it. She mentioned the fire & Clark quickly tries to move on. She mentions that Chloe and her are not talking right now. She mentions that invasion of privacy is a good reason for problems. Clark assumes that it's Chloe snooping in Lana's stuff, but she informs him in this case it was her at fault. With the incident she is reminded that while Chloe and her dad have been great, they're not family. Clark mentions that he wants to tell Lana a secret. It's crazy, her eyes get as big as saucers at the mention. Clark tells her that he is close to finding out where he is from. Lana tells him he should move to find out for sure and not stop. After saying this, she notices weird writing on Clark's family tree. Clark notices as well, its Kryptonian symbols. He gets flustered and knows needs to get out of there, so he crumples the paper and runs by Lex without talking to him. Lex tells Lana that they have been abandoned. Lana tells him that's the story of her life. Lex finds the paper Clark crumpled up and is interested. Very nice short Clana scene. In the early days, even a short Clana scene would be worth it. Man, they both look so young even in season 2.

Later, at the mansion, Lex and Dr. Walden discuss what Clark had written on the piece of paper. Dr. Walden doesn't believe that Clark could possibly have translated the wall. He shows Walden a picture of the Kent Barn. Lex wants Dr. Walden to work with Clark to help uncover the truth. He feels that Clark may just be the Rosetta stone they have been looking for.

Clark shows up at the Torch and tells Chloe that her posting that picture has created a frenzy at his home. He tells her that if she forgives Lana, he will forgive her for creating the crazy situation. She tells him that don't need him to fight Lana's battle this time. Chloe now opens up her email and notices emails from Dr. Swann. The email has a picture of the Barn with the words Hope - I Have Something for You underneath.

Later, Pete & Clark are discussing the email in the Barn. Clark replies back to Dr. Swann's email. He is instantly sent a reply featuring Kryptonian writing. It says "I'm a friend". Wow cool, and we have freaky music playing in the background.

Shortly after, in the caves, Dr. Walden finds the Octagonal Disc which had been stuck in the wall. He places the key in the wall and the information floods his body. Of course he isn't Kryptonian, so he can't handle the overload of information. Clark shows up right after and tries to help Dr. Walden. He is completely out of it. Clark finds the key and leaves.

Dr. Walden has WHITE eyes in the aftermath. He is catatonic. Lex tells Clark that has no idea what is going on. He is very interested in the fact that Clark has been around for all these incidents with the cave. He confronts Clark about the drawings on the family tree. Clark says he was just doodling and to leave it alone. Lex won't back down. Clark tells him that if he feels that aliens wrote this language, he should keep it to himself. After, Clark gets an express mailing from Dr. Swann.

Clark discusses Dr. Swann with Chloe. She seems to know all sorts of stuff on him. She tells him about his work on studying life in other worlds. Chloe wonders why he is interested in a farm boy from Kansas. Chloe is REALLY suspicious.

Lex and a doctor are discussing Dr. Walden's situation. You know, I think that's the same doctor that told Lana she was never pregnant in "Progeny". He just looks a few years younger, weird.

Now at the Sullivan residence, Chloe comes into Lana's room and notices her packing some clothes. OK...sidetrack, where are you going to go Lana, to that bitch of an aunt who moved to Metropolis with Dean and didn't even care to give you much notice. Moving along, Lana tells Chloe that this wasn't a good idea. Now Chloe is saying that she overreacted to the situation. Chloe mentions that she isn't rational with her feelings for Clark. Lana tells Chloe that she can't control how Clark feels about her. Lana still feels bad about the Clark situation, you can tell by the way she talks to Chloe. She seems to respect Chloe enough that she doesn't want to hurt her in the situation. Of course, this would become obvious by the end of the season. Chloe wants to show Lana her family tree. Lana is on the tree as a sister. That is great and all, but the show should show them being friends more often so the viewer believes it, especially from Chloe's end, because so much of their interactions reek of Clark.

Meanwhile, at the farm, Clark discusses going to visit Dr. Swann. Jonathan is being pretty paranoid about the situation. He wants to keep Clark safe. Clark has all sorts of questions and doesn't want to leave them in the storm cellar. He wants to know why he was sent away. Clark tells Jonathan that he has to go it alone in this situation. Clark tells them that they will always be his mom & dad and nothing he finds out will change that. You see, this is something the show lacks in later years.

Later, we are in New York City as Clark enters a room filled with "stuff". He finds Dr. Virgil Swann in the back of the room. HI Seeing Christopher Reeve here is so sad. I remember when the news of his equestrian fall happened back in the mid 90's (94 or 95 I think). Anyway, Dr. Swann tells Clark that he was expecting him. He brings up an animated screen of Kryptonian symbols. Dr. Swann tells Clark it's a message from the stars from 13 years ago. The message says, "This is Kal-El of Krypton, our infant son, our last hope. Please protect him and deliver him from evil". He then mentions that for years he wondered what happened to him. After hearing of the barn incident he learned that the Kent's had an adopted son. Clark asks if he thinks he is Kal-El. Clark seems worried that Dr. Swann wants to expose him. Dr. Swann tells Clark that if he can live with the decision to walk away, so can he, but then Clark wouldn't get to read the second part of the transmission and the door will never be open again.....DUH DUH DUH....cue music.

Now we are back with more from Swann's observatory. Dr. Swann NEEDS to know that he is right about the situation. "We will be with you Kal-El, for all the days of your life", is the second part of the transmission. Dr. Swann tells him that Krypton no longer exists. They go over the possibilities of what could have happened. (War, famine, disease) Clark wonders if there are others like him. Swann tells him only one message and he is the only one. Man if ONLY that would be the case in years after. (outside of Kara) "You won't find the answers by looking to the stars. It's a journey you'll have to take by looking inside yourself. You must write your own destiny Kal-El". The scene closes with a close up of Christopher Reeve. God that is an amazing scene. It's so emotional and having himself there to help show his true origins just puts it over the top.

We conclude in the storm cellar, Clark is looking at the space ship. Jonathan shows up to talk to Clark about the talk with Dr. Swann. He wants him to know that they are hear for him. Clark tells him that there are no others, he is alone. Jonathan tells him that he is never alone, this is your home and we all love you very much. Clark tells Jonathan about the ship's heart. They put the disc into the ship to activate it. Then they put in the big key (whatever its called) and the symbols inside the ship come into view. It's a message from his biological father. "On this third planet from the star Sol, you will be a god among men. They are a flawed race, rule them with strength. That is where your greatness lies." Clark is upset because he feels he was sent to conquer. Jonathan tells him that "HE" decides what type of life he will lead. Clark is very scared. Jonathan tells him he will be a force for good. Clark doesn't know how he is so sure. Jonathan tells him, "I am your father, I raised you and I know you better than anyone." He hugs Clark as the theme plays as we fade to black.

We open on seemingly movie night at the Talon. They are playing the original House on Haunted Hill. I guess Lana got her wish of showing old movies from Drone …just not The Godfather. Clark, Lana, Pete & Chloe are having a fun time enjoying the flick. For some reason Pete feels the need to scream to at the movie. Do people really do that, or is it one of those dumb things they make people do on TV & movies? Anyway, we get to a scary part that makes Lana jump, she immediately grabs a hold of Clark’s hand. Her immediate reaction is shock, as is Clark’s. Although, I think Clark has that OH YEAH mindset about it. The action was not overlooked by Chloe who is in the midst of her extreme jealousy phase with Lana. I guess not being a teenage girl, I can’t comment too much on her behavior and mindset. I will let others jump into the mind of Chloe Sullivan. Eventually Lana lets go of his hand & has a weird look on her face. It’s a face that says…MAN I JUST OPENED UP A CAN OF WORMS. Yeah I was right about Clark’s mindset, just before the end of the scene, he has that SCORE look on his face. Very effective scene.

After the movie, we see Lana cleaning up all the popcorn off the floor. Poor Lana, forced to do all the work by herself. Is there no one else who could be employed to help out. I mean Lex is a partner, surely he could afford some more help. All of a sudden the lights go out in the theater. Then a video is rolled on the projector. We see two little girls playing. Lana seems to be getting more & more scared as doors begin to close and sounds come from the room. Then she turns around and sees a little girl standing right in front of her. She tells Lana that Lana is so big. Lana is freaking out at this point and runs towards the exit, but the little girl is right in front of her again. The little girl wants to play with her. Finally, she runs into Clark who asks what the problem is. Lana assumes she is seeing things. They leave the dark movie theater as the girl holding a bunny watches them. Creepy scene, but one question. How in the hell does a little girl know how to run a movie projector to play that video?

We open on seemingly movie night at the Talon. They are playing the original House on Haunted Hill. I guess Lana got her wish of showing old movies from Drone …just not The Godfather. Clark, Lana, Pete & Chloe are having a fun time enjoying the flick. For some reason Pete feels the need to scream to at the movie. Do people really do that, or is it one of those dumb things they make people do on TV & movies? Anyway, we get to a scary part that makes Lana jump, she immediately grabs a hold of Clark’s hand. Her immediate reaction is shock, as is Clark’s. Although, I think Clark has that OH YEAH mindset about it. The action was not overlooked by Chloe who is in the midst of her extreme jealousy phase with Lana. I guess not being a teenage girl, I can’t comment too much on her behavior and mindset. I will let others jump into the mind of Chloe Sullivan. Eventually Lana lets go of his hand & has a weird look on her face. It’s a face that says…MAN I JUST OPENED UP A CAN OF WORMS. Yeah I was right about Clark’s mindset, just before the end of the scene, he has that SCORE look on his face. Very effective scene.

After the movie, we see Lana cleaning up all the popcorn off the floor. Poor Lana, forced to do all the work by herself. Is there no one else who could be employed to help out. I mean Lex is a partner, surely he could afford some more help. All of a sudden the lights go out in the theater. Then a video is rolled on the projector. We see two little girls playing. Lana seems to be getting more & more scared as doors begin to close and sounds come from the room. Then she turns around and sees a little girl standing right in front of her. She tells Lana that Lana is so big. Lana is freaking out at this point and runs towards the exit, but the little girl is right in front of her again. The little girl wants to play with her. Finally, she runs into Clark who asks what the problem is. Lana assumes she is seeing things. They leave the dark movie theater as the girl holding a bunny watches them. Creepy scene, but one question. How in the hell does a little girl know how to run a movie projector to play that video?

BTW, You know I wish they had changed the images more often in the opening. It got kind of annoying to reach season 4 and still have shots of the main cast from season 1, especially Kristin’s picture from Hourglass and Chloe’s as well…they looks SO much older by season 4.

We come back to find Lana sitting in her bedroom. She is looking at a picture of her and the little girl…Emily Dinsmore. Suddenly, she notices the girl sitting on the bed next to her. Creepy…She tells Lana that the dress in the picture is her favorite. Lana is sure that the girl isn’t real. She tells Emily that she died. Then she hears Clark outside the door. She opens it and notices that Emily has disappeared again. Lana knows how ridiculous it sounds, but asks Clark if he believes in ghosts.

We now our on a small bridge over looking a river. Lana tells Clark the story of how Emily drown. Man does Kristin look young in this scene. She is beginning to get emotional, so Clark puts his hand on her shoulder. She takes his hand in hers and turns around and continues her recount of the events. Lana tells him that Emily actually believed in ghosts when they were young. Lana feels that this may be a way of showing that the dead really can communicate with the living. Clark wonders why she would have waited so long to contact Lana. Of course she has no idea. He thinks that their must be a rational explanation. They decide to go visit her father to see if he has any idea what might be going on. They meet up with Mr. Dinsmore in Grandville. He barely recognizes her at first. Lana says that it sounds strange, but she has seen Emily. He acts like they are crazy, mentioning that he sees her when he hears her favorite song or sees a little girl jumping rope in the park. He mentions losing a child is something that you never get over & leaves. Well, if he truly was unaware of Emily, I can understand his feelings. I can’t imagine it would be fun to have a couple of kids come over to talk about your dead daughter.

Meanwhile, at the Luthor mansion, we see an array of cakes. Lex is trying to come to a decision on his & Helen’s wedding cake. Then Lionel enters and takes a piece of cake. Lionel is awesome here.

“Amaretto truffle. Could I have some water, please? The liqueur seems to be overpowering the butter. Thank You”

I always love it when I hear him say that. Anyway, he came by to give Lex his wedding gift in person since he won’t be receiving a wedding invitation. Lex tells him that he offered the woman he loves $100,000 to leave him. Lionel tells him that he was just doing him a favor. It was a true test of loyalty and Helen passed with flying colors. Lionel feels that Lex should be thanking him.

“Thanking You? Well, my thank you note must be lost in the mail along with your invitation.”

Lex was great during this time. The gift is a Caribbean honeymoon, along with the Luthor Corp jet. Lionel wants Lex to be happy. Boy that is the same line Clark uses on Lana all the time. Another SUPERB scene from John & Michael.

Back at the Smallville High Torch, Clark is using the computer. Chloe comes in on him & tells him that he isn’t allowed in here since he gave up his press pass. Oh that’s right, he quit the torch in the previous episode Witness, because Chloe was being a bitch in regards to his feelings for Lana. He tells her he is trying to help Lana out and that sets her off. Of course when he mentions the investigation of a ghost, she seems interested. Chloe thinks there is another explanation and mentions that Lana has been through a lot in her life. Maybe these haunting are her subconscious. Supposedly Lana cries in her room at 3:00 AM. Anyway, Chloe says that Clark sees a mask during the day from Lana. She mentions that regardless over her & Clark’s issues, Lana is still her friend so he should talk to her. Okay Chloe if that is the case, why are you so mean to her at times. BE her friend and not just a 3rd wheel to the Clana. Okay, Chloe bashing over for now. The scene ends with Clark thanking Chloe for the advice.

Now we see Mr. Dinsmore with Emily. He mentions that he was looking for her. Emily seems to be confused about everything that is going on. She tells him that Lana said she was dead. She tells him she won’t with him and that she wants to play with Lana. He tells her to never see Lana Lang again. Emily is REALLY upset and stabs her own father. Man that little girl means business.

Meanwhile, Pete and Clark are walking through the graveyard in the rain. They are in front of Emily’s grave. Clark is able to see that her remains are underground. Pete notices a little girl with a bunny staring at them. She seems to be very sad about something. Clark sees her running in super-speed. He chases after her. Very cool effects in this scene. Emily manages to get away, but Clark notices a small necklace that she dropped.

At the Talon, Lana is busy locking up. Emily screams for Lana to let her in. Emily tells Lana that she knows why she is scared. She mentions seeing her grave. Poor Lana is losing her mind in this episode. Clark is banging on the Talon door so Clark lets her in. Emily has magically disappeared. Lana thinks she will have to try to convince Clark of the crazy story, but Clark grabs her & tells her that he believes her. He mentions that he has seen her as well. Then he shows Lana the necklace he found. Lana tells a story of how Emily wanted a necklace like Lana’s when they were kids, so her dad bought her this one. Lana has no idea how it could be Emily since she couldn’t still be 10 years old. BTW, Emily looks WAY younger than 10 years old in this episode. I would peg her for more like 8 at the most. Clark tells Lana that Emily can move faster than we can see her. He calms Lana by telling her that at least she isn’t losing her mind. She thanks him. Nice little Clana scene.

Over at Smallville Medical Center, Lex runs into Lionel. Lex is shocked that Lionel is once again in Smallville. Why are you shocked Lex, later in the series, a trip from Metropolis to Smallville would become second nature. Hell, Clark lives in Smallville & works in Metropolis every day. How does that make sense? Back to the show, Lionel tells Lex that he came to visit a former employee. Lex doesn’t seem to buy his explanation. They have another one of their great back & forth discussions. Lionel thinks that Lex is just completely paranoid about him. Lionel leaves Lex. Lex is curious so he goes to check out the employee. While sitting down, he notices a little girl. She mentions that its her father. See I don’t get it, THIS Lex is so nice to the little girl. He seems like he cares about what is going on. He mentions that his daddy was just in here. Emily tells him that Lionel is a bad man. Lex is curious about what Lionel might have done. Lex doesn’t know what to make of Emily. He turns around for a split second and she vanished.

Now we have Clark and Lana exploring the Dinsmore home. I love this Clana. They work together to try to figure out what is going on. I guess this type of interaction is too BORING for the writers. They go to the basement and reach Emily’s bedroom. Clark notices the filmstrip that Lana saw at the Talon. Lana finds Emily’s diary. The last entry was from the day before she died. “Lana and I are going to the river tomorrow, we are going to be best friends forever”. With the use of his x-ray vision, Clark notices that there is another room. They enter the room and there is another basement. (BTW, this new basement, seems like the set used for Byron’s basement in Nocturne) They notice several hyperbaric chambers. Inside each is seemingly a clone of Emily Dinsmore. One of them open’s her eyes and that freaks out Lana and she knocks over some canisters. There was some liquid kryptonite that fell to the ground. Clark is hurting and Lana wonders what is wrong. He tells her that they need to get out now. Ooh…I love it.

Now we are at the Kent Farm and Clark, Lana, Jonathan and Martha discuss the cloning going on at the home. Lana gets her coat and wants to go find Emily. They tell her it’s a bad idea. Martha wants Lana to stay with them. Sheriff Adams comes over and mentions that they found nothing on their search. Man someone works fast in terms of clean-up.

Clark goes back to the house and searches the basement. Everything is gone, but he does see Emily sitting in the corner. She tells him that she saw the little girls like her. Emily is crying so Clark tries to comfort her. He tells her that she didn’t write the journal she has. Clark tells her that the journal is the other Emily’s story, and that she has to write her own story. “There is nothing wrong with being different. I’m different too. It doesn’t change who we are. “ Emily then runs away as Clark runs into Lex. He tells Clark that he met Emily Dinsmore as well. Clark tells him that his father is refining meteor rock and cloning people. Lex is shocked, but mentions that Emily’s father was working with cell technology. Lex mentions that ethics aside, it’s an astonishing accomplishment. You know, this IS the way Lex would think in the future. The end justifies the means. Clark is thinking more about the little girl who doesn’t know her real identity.

The next day, Lana is studying in the Kent living room. She is joined by Emily who says she brought her some pictures. Emily wants to go to the river. Emily tells her she will race her to the river. She runs out the house, for some reason Lana chases after her.

Now in the hospital, Lex has an encounter with Mr. Dinsmore. He tells him that he will help protect him and Emily. He mentions that Emily has no concept of right or wrong and that she is dangerous. Oh Oh.

Clark arrives home and notices that Lana isn’t around. He is getting worried. He sees the picture of the girls at the river.

Meanwhile, at the bridge, Emily is playing around and Lana is trying to get her away from the ledge. Lana tells Emily the story of what happened. Lana is crying telling her that she couldn’t save her. Emily gets very upset and tells her that this time it will be different. She pushes Lana into the river and she is drowning. In a split second we see Clark seemingly run off the bridge into the water after Lana. He finds her at the bottom. She looks dead. He grabs her and brings her to the surface. He administers CPR to try to revive her. After a couple times, she coughs up the water and is shocked to see Clark saved her again. She wants him to hold her. We close the scene with Clana hugging at the base of the river as Emily has disappeared.

At the Luthor mansion, Lionel has ONCE again shown up in Smallville. Lex tells him that he knows he re-opened Level 3. He tells him about genetically engineering humans. Lionel acts like he is crazy. Lionel also tells Lex that while he had his eye off the ball, he took back control of the conservatorship of the Kawatche Caves. Lex is not very happy about that. Lionel truly is a magnificent bastard.

Clark and Jonathan are standing over the new babies crib. Jonathan tells him that the baby will be lucky to have an older brother like Clark. They hear a knock on the door. They talk about the whereabouts of Emily. Lana wants to borrow Clark for a minute.

They go to the loft where Lana wants to talk about “us”. Lana thanks Clark for all his actions of the last few days. She mentions that Clark never doubts her & always believes in her. It means a lot to Lana. She is worried that Clark might have created a perfect picture of who she is.

“I have this fear that one day, you’ll finally get a good look at me and I’m going to disappoint you. That you’ll see that I’m not as strong or as good as you think I am, and I‘m afraid that it‘ll change the way you feel about me.”

Cue…Avril Lavigne “I’m with You”…perfect choice for this scene…


“Nothing could ever do that”…Clark

Lana takes a good look at Clark and comes up to him. Man the lighting in this scene is simply superb. Sometimes, things like that are overlooked. In this scene, the lighting accentuates its greatness. Anyway, she grabs both of Clark’s hands and looks him in the eye.

“Maybe it’s me that needs to start believing in you”…Lana

I think everyone at home is screaming…KISS HER CLARK…but nope, we end with holding hands for now. Oh well, it works for the scene, although it does look a bit awkward when they just stand there for the cutaway. It’s like SOMEONE move.

We close the episode with Lionel talking to Mr. Dinsmore. Lionel tells him that he doesn’t want Mr. Dinsmore involved in the project any longer. Lionel tells him that the girl isn’t his daughter. He calls the specimen defective and calls her property of Luthor Corp. Lionel goes into the made up bedroom to talk to Emily. He brings her a little bunny as a gift. Man this is just SO creepy. We fade away as Lionel is in the midst of a tea party with the girl.

We open at the medical center as Dr. Marcus (played by the same guy who was the lie detector jeweler in Committed) talking to Lex about Dr. Walden’s condition. It seems his brain functions are going back to normal. All of a sudden Dr. Walden is conscious and saying that “the day is coming.” Man, Dr. Walden is a creepy bastard with cataracts. Lex is intrigued by Walden’s thoughts.

Meanwhile, we see Clark sitting in the loft late at night when Lana comes walking up the steps. Lana mentions that she was hoping Clark would still be up. She asks Clark what he is busy doing. Clark tells her that he is trying to work on a toast for Lex’s rehearsal dinner. She is holding a box, which intrigues Clark. He asks her if she is going to tell him what is in it. Lana tells him it’s a surprise. She sets the box down. She tells Clark not to peak, so he covers his eyes. We see Lana lighting matches.

She turns around and is holding a birthday cake. She mentions that it’s a few minutes early, but wanted to surprise him. Clark seems somewhat shocked and almost upset. This disappoints Lana. He mentions that it’s not really his birthday, just a date his parents picked out in the adoptions papers. Lana says that maybe they just want to celebrate the days he came into their lives. Man, she knows how to say just the right thing at just the right time. Clark smiles at this notion and goes with it.

“Make a wish”

“I’ve been wishing for the same thing ever since I was five.”

“And now?”

“And now I don’t have to.” …Clark places the cake down and grabs Lana’s hands. “She’s standing right here in front of me.”

He makes his move and kisses Lana. We fade away from the scene as the continue the tonsil hockey. Very sweet scene.

We then see Clark walking down the stairs the next morning. Martha asks him how his party went. Clark realizes that she was the one who told Lana. They discuss how Clark never had a real birthday party. Martha feels bad about that. Clark understands why they didn’t. He also notes that they can fix any mistakes with the baby. Martha continues to ask about his birthday party. He asks if she is prying? We then see Lex and Jonathan show up. Martha offers him breakfast, but he declines saying he can’t stay. He wants Clark, Martha and Jonathan to sit at his table at the rehearsal dinner in place of his parents. MAN, Lex seems like such a jam up guy in this scene. Jonathan says they would be honored. Lex is thrilled and mentions there will be one open seat next to Clark. Lex asks if Clark has any suggestions? Clark just smirks.

Later, we see Lana and Chloe at the Talon. Lana is busy helping with the guest list for the wedding. Chloe mentions that she is the one person who won’t be on the list. Lana makes a joke about what jobs Lex might force her to do at the wedding. Chloe asks Lana if she was up until 2:00 AM working on these. WAIT a second…2:00 AM. Lana was at Clark’s at Midnight. What did those two do for nearly 2 hours? Anyway, Lana says, “YEAH”. Chloe offers some help is she needs any. We then see Clark walk up to them. He orders a double espresso. Chloe asks if he was burning the midnight oils as well? Things get really weird at this point due to Chloe. He says he was working on a toast for Lex’s dinner. Chloe doesn’t seem to totally buy this story. She seems to be picking up on the awkwardness between Clark and Lana. Thankfully, Pete comes up to crack the tension. Except, he doesn’t. He notices everyone is silent. He asks if everyone is okay. “Yeah, Great, Perfect”. Chloe and Pete head off as Clark asks Lana if he told her. Lana says that she didn’t. Clark tells her that he had a really good time last night. He grabs her hand and asks if she wants to go out after the rehearsal dinner.

BTW, I know nothing would happen right away, knowing Clark and Lana, but SERIOUSLY. Why the f**k does Clark think he can just get with Lana. Remember what a prude he became in season 5 once he got his powers back. Did high school Clark just NOT consider the idea of having sex with Lana? Did it ever come up in his mind? It must have considering the events of Heat. It just baffles me how they completely change his mindset towards his powers & a relationship once he is old enough that they feel comfortable really looking at the sexual aspect of the relationship. OK, off the sex education talk for now.

Anyway, Lana says maybe and seems to be avoiding Clark. He asks her if everything is okay. Clark says if her problems are about the night before, they can take things slow. Lana tells Clark that she thinks last night might have been a mistake. WHAT. Lana says she is busy and will call him later. Clark seems CRUSHED.

Meanwhile, at the Smallville Medical Center, we see Helen & Lex talking about the seating chart for the dinner. He tells her that the Kent’s will be sitting at the table. She wonders if that is a good idea. Helen believes it would be a good time to reach out to Lionel. Lex tells her that it’s not going to happen. They notice that her office has been broken into. Her office is a complete mess. She notices that the vial of blood is missing. He asks if anything valuable is missing?

Later, we see Jonathan talking to Helen about the break in. She tells him that the vial of blood was stolen. He doesn’t understand why she still has it? She mentions that she wanted to keep it just in case Clark got sick again. Helen tells him that it wasn’t labeled, so couldn’t connect to Clark. She feels that it may have been junkies, or made to look that way. Jonathan thinks she is insinuating that he is responsible. He vehemently denies it and asks if Lex is aware of the vial. Helen tells him that Lex isn’t the man he thinks Lex is. Jonathan says that she had better be right.

We then see Clark and Lex at the mansion. He tells him that it’s not a good idea to sit Lana next to him. Lex is shocked and wants to know what happened. He tells him that he went for it. Lex can’t believe that Lana would shoot him down. Clark tells him that it was a perfect moment, but today she wants to act like it never happened. Lex mentions that Lana is scared. He thinks that she wants to fold now to cut her losses. Clark thinks that they are meant to be together. He says he has never been so sure of anything in his life. Lex wants him to tell that to Lana, not him. MAN, Lex had so much good advice for Clark back then. Too bad Clark always would end up blowing it.

Later, we see Lana riding Tyson (I think) in the field. Clark walks up to her to talk. He mentions that last night was a big deal for him. Clark tells her that she doesn’t have to avoid calling him if she doesn’t feel the same way. Lana admits that it was a big deal for her as well. She thinks it’s so much more complicated today. Clark asks her if it’s about Chloe. Lana admits that it’s part of it. She mentions that there are three friendships at stake her, and she doesn’t want to risk losing theirs. See look at how much Lana worries about Chloe, damn these people who call her a bitch over her actions with Chloe. Clark tells Lana that their friendship isn’t going to go anywhere, it will just become something better. (Yeah Clark, you just get to make out) Lana wants to know what will happen if things don’t work out? She wonders if their friendship could survive? Clark doesn’t know, but says he’s wanted it for so long that he thinks it’s worth the chance. Lana gives him a perplexed look as Clark has a slight grin. We then hear a voice saying “the day is coming”. Clark seems distracted. Lana asks him if he is okay. The voice says it again. He tells Lana he needs to go.

Meanwhile, we see Dr. Walden saying “the day is coming” in a padded cell. Dr. Marcus thinks it’s delusional ramblings. Lex notices that the cataracts are gone. Dr. Walden says it another time and uses a power to destroy the glass and escapes. Lex and Dr. Marcus get up from the ground, shocked at what has happened. We then see Clark has joined Lex. The ceiling is full of Kryptonian symbols. Lex thinks it’s “the day is coming”. Clark asks if he knows how to read the symbols? Lex says it’s just an educated guess, because Walden was screaming it. Lex tells him that Dr. Walden can emit energy from his hands. He thinks it’s related to the events in the cave. Clark wants to know why Lex is telling him this? Clark tells him that he already told him all he knows. Lex mentions that the symbols are like the ones on his barn. Clark says he doesn’t know what they mean. When Lex says he believes him, Clark wants to know why he is here. Lex wants to solve the mystery together.

Later, we see Dr. Walden staring at the cave wall. He uses his hand to start up the energy in the wall. IT seems he is receiving more knowledge. He notices the drawing on the wall of a man with a S symbol on his chest. He says, “I know who you are.”

We then see Lana at the Talon serving coffee to Helen. They talk the wedding. Lana asks if Helen is having second thoughts. She mentions it’s gotten complicated. Lana notes that it sounds familiar. Helen wonders if this has to do with the tall, dark, handsome best man?

“If you knew that Lex was keeping secrets from you, but he was being truthful about the important things like, like the way he feels about you. Would that be enough?”

“I guess you have to decide. Is the part of themselves that they’re willing to share with you better than not having them in your life at all.”

Lana smiles at hearing that. This is a nice little scene, but REALLY awkward when you consider that BOTH of these women will become EX- Mrs. Luthor’s. THINK about that. (or don’t)

Later, we see Helen going through her some files in Lex’s office and notices one on Martha Kent. She turns around to find Lionel. She is shocked. Lionel says that she can’t believe Lex hid it here. Helen plays dumb. Lionel says he is talking about the valuable object Lex stole from her office. They go back and forth and Lionel mentions that she better not tell Lex, since he found her snooping in his things. She orders him to get out. Before he goes, he asks her why she is marrying Lex? Helen mentions that she loves him. Lionel can only sigh at that and he leaves.

Clark is now searching for Dr. Walden in the cave. He can’t find him, but someone finds him. Lionel Luthor comes up to talk to Clark. He mentions that he once had a keepsake that would perfectly fit in the wall. He says it was stolen around the same day he was rescued by Clark. Lionel tells him that he’s taken over control of the caves. Lionel starts talking about the different symbols. This conversation is really weird. Lionel is doing the whole saying one thing, yet meaning another. Clark tells him to be careful of Dr. Walden.

Later, we see Clark talking to Martha and Jonathan on the farm. Jonathan wants to know what Lionel is up to. Clark thinks the bigger problem is that Dr. Walden can read Kryptonian. Also, he notes that the cave wall has changed. Now it says, “the days is coming, when the last son will begin his quest to rule the third planet.” Clark realizes that he is the last son.

Meanwhile, we see Lionel talking to Lex. Lionel tells him that the restraining order to keep him out of the caves was rejected. He finds it curious that Lex’s interest in the caves was rejuvenated around the time Dr. Walden escaped. He tells Lex that Clark was down in the caves looking for Dr. Walden as well. At that moment, Dr. Walden came in to talk to Lex. He mentions that he finally read the wall and knows what it says. Lionel wants Dr. Walden to tell them what it says. He mentions “The last son will rule the planet...don’t you see, it’s Clark Kent.” Lex thinks he is crazy. Dr. Walden says he knows what has to be done. They have to kill Clark Kent before he destroys them all. Lex thinks he is confused. Dr. Walden tries to use his hand energy, but is hit with a tranquilizer dart from behind by Dr. Marcus. Damn, I mentioned Committed. His character in that episode uses a tranquilizer gun as well.

Now, Clark is busy in the loft working on his speech. He is putting WAY too much effort into this. Come on Clark, just let it flow on the spot. He is joined by Chloe who tells him that the first line is the hardest. She tells him that Dr. Walden woke up. She wants to know if Clark wants to join her in working on a story on him. Clark appreciates the offer, but it’s not a good time. Chloe says that she didn’t mean right this second. Chloe tells him that she wishes things could be like they were before. She feels that there is a rift between them and no matter how hard she tries, she can’t get back to him. Clark thinks that they’ll get there, it will just take a little bit of time. Chloe wants them to both promise to be honest with each other. OH OH

“I mean, you’re a big boy, I’m a big girl. I think we can handle it. As long as we tell the truth” (Chloe, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.)

Chloe then leaves. BTW, Clark never PROMISES to be honest with her. He doesn’t say a word to her.

Later, at the rehearsal dinner, we see Clark standing with Martha and Jonathan. He is busy staring at Lana across the room. Oh boy, does she look lovely. We get a few glances back and forth. Lex walks over to the Kent’s and asks if he could borrow Clark for a second. He tells him about Dr. Walden’s visit. Lex mentions that Dr. Walden was ranting about Clark. He goes over the story about Clark ruling the world. Clark thinks Dr. Walden is nuts. Lex agrees, but mentions that Lionel heard the whole thing. Clark wonders if Lionel believed him? Lex notes that Lionel quoted an Elizabethan poet who said, “Twixt truth and madness lies but a sliver of a stream”. Oh those witty Luthor’s and their English & History lessons. In other words, Lionel isn’t going to let this go. Good scene.

Meanwhile, at the Torch, we see Chloe ONCE AGAIN going over her photos from Spring Formal. She is interrupted by Lionel Luthor. He mentions her hard a work, late at night. She says that she wasn’t invited to the rehearsal dinner. Lionel notes that they have a lot in common. He tells her about the weekly column he got for her at the Daily Planet. Lionel has her first assignment. He wants a full investigation of Clark Kent. Chloe is confused on why the Daily Planet would care about Clark. Lionel says that it’s not for them, but for him. Chloe gets upset at this notion. She can’t believe that Lionel is just using her for information. Lionel mentions that she is playing in the real world. “You have to give, to get.” Chloe tells him he can shove his job offer down his $1000 pants. Lionel says it’s commendable, but asks her if Clark would sacrifice his dream if he had to make a choice out of loyalty to her. She doesn’t respond to his question.

We then see Dr. Walden being transported back, when all of a sudden we see a bunch of electricity going through the back of the ambulance. Oh boy.

Back at the dinner, it’s time for Clark’s speech. He asks for everyone’s attention. He feels that Lex picked him to be the best man, because he knows how much he loves speaking in front of people. He gets a few laughs for his joke, even Lana smirks.

“I’ve been looking through every book from Socrates to Shakespeare trying to find someone to put into words about how Lex and Helen feel about each other. But what I realized is there are no words for it. That when you have it, you trust it. You believe in it. Take a chance on it. (Clark starts to stare at Lana) You’re willing to sacrifice anything to keep it. No matter what the cost. To Helen and Lex.”

Everyone toasts Helen and Lex. Clark and Lex share a hug. All of a sudden, Clark hears a ringing sound in his ear. He says he has to go get some air. Martha and Jonathan get up to check on him as Lana looks concerned. They go over to him and ask him what’s happening? He says it’s the key and something is wrong. He races home and finds Dr. Walden in the barn. Dr. Walden is holding the octagonal disc. He tells Clark that Clark is the one, and he needs to die. He uses the energy against Clark, sending him through the barn wall. BTW, WHY is Dr. Walden needing to kill Clark. Is Jor-El A.I. a complete moron? Oh yeah, stupid question. He walks up to Clark and uses the energy to Clark’s chest and lifts him in the air. However, Clark is able to use the heat vision on Dr. Walden to force him to stop. Clark tells him that he’s making a mistake. Walden uses the energy again, but Clark runs away and his energy ray causes an explosion and he is killed. WOW, Dr. Walden is FRIED.

Later, we see Lex talking to Helen about the evening. He feels it was a big success outside of Clark’s migraine. They have a discussion about honesty. She mentions a file on Martha Kent she found in his office. It had information taken from her office. He says it was from Disease Control during the time Martha was sick. He says the Kent’s are very important to him. He wonders what she was looking for anyway. Helen tells him that something was stolen from her office. Lex figures she thinks he was involved. She wants him to please tell her he wasn’t. He says that if she figures he is capable of that type of deceit, she shouldn’t be marrying him. Helen thinks he may be right. She gets up and leaves him alone. Lex gets up and opens his hidden compartment to find a box. Inside the box, we see the vial. Even when Lex was nice to Clark, he still couldn’t avoid causing problems.

We then see Clark and his parents at the farm. He mentions that he had to pry the disc from Dr. Walden’s hand. Clark wonders if Dr. Walden was right about him being a threat to mankind. Clark wonders what the message means anyway? They tell Clark that he will do the right thing.

Meanwhile, we see Lionel and a nurse looking at Dr. Walden’s body. It’s completely charred, except for the spot on his hand where he held the disc. We can even see burn markings of the symbols. Lionel mentions that he would like to take the hand.

Later, we see Lana arriving at the barn. Clark sees her and says she looks beautiful. She is surprised. Lana says she wanted to see him after he ran out on dinner.

“I thought your toast was really beautiful.”

“I had a lot of inspiration.”

“Sorry I’ve been so confused about us. It’s just, I’m scared.”

“So am I.”

“You have so many secrets in your life.”

“I know, I just don’t want my feelings for you to be one of them.”

“Neither do I.”

Clark walks up to Lana and gives her a kiss. It quickly develops in QUITE a big kiss. We pan below to see Chloe crying and walking away. GOD DAMMIT, do they insist on f**kING up all the Clana scenes with Chloe. It pisses me off. Everything before that interruption is f**king gold.

Shortly after, we see Clark and Lana walking down the stairs. She comes up to hind and touches the side of his face. They just look at each other for a few seconds and smile. She turns around and heads out of the loft with Clark smiling.

As the saying goes in terms of Lana, "I hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave"

Anyway, we then hear the voice say “Kal-El, it is time” (oh sh*t) Clark is confused by the voice, but walks towards the storm cellar, which is emitting a bright orange light. He enters as we hear some music in the background.

(Overall, that is a very satisfying episode which is the beginning of a great 4 episode journey along with Exodus, Exile & Phoenix. The opening scene is very special. Lana does one of the nicer things anyone has ever done for Clark. I loved the talk with Lex about Lana being scared. It’s not surprising considering all the things that had occurred over the year. The toast was very nice and the setting was great. The battle with Dr. Walden was short, but sweet. I still don’t understand all of it. Anyway, the final scene is very good as well. My only problem is Chloe crying. Why must all special scenes with Clark and Lana be interrupted by Chloe? (Witness, Calling, Lexmas, Mortal, Hidden-kind of, Aqua, Veritas, Wrath, Requiem…I am sure I am missing MANY MORE… it's annoying) Oh well, nitpicking aside, I loved the episode and the music & score was fantastic throughout. I give the episode an A.)

We open in the aftermath of Calling. Clark is in the storm cellar as the ship is calling to him. It’s emitting a bright yellow light and we hear a voice.

“Fear not Kal-El.”

“Who are you?”

“I am Jor-El, your father.”

“I thought you died.”

“I am his memory, his will. I am to fulfill his promise and guide you all the days of your life. You are the last son of Krypton. When you traveled through the cosmos you carried the hopes and dreams of your people. They now live through you, Kal-El. It is time.”

“Time for what?”

“Time to accept your destiny.”

“I don’t know what you have in mind for me, but I”

The voice interrupts, “By the setting of the sun Sol, you will return to me. Your destiny will be fulfilled.”

Clark looks stunned and doesn’t know what to make of all this.

“Your thoughts are not a mystery to me, Kal-El, but these people have served their purpose. It is time to leave them.”

Clark turns around and sees images of Lana, Martha and Jonathan. He tries to touch Lana’s image, but it turns to dust and disappears. Clark has a shocked expression on his face.

“Please, everything and everyone I love is here in Smallville.”

“You must let go of your past. I will guide you to your future.”

“No, I don’t want your guidance. I want to create my own future.”

“You have no choice, Kal-El.”

We then see an explosion of light and suddenly silence.

Well, that was certainly interesting and Jor-El certainly didn’t do a good job at making a first impression. How in the hell did he think that was going to be successful? Oh well, great start to the episode.

The next morning, we see Jonathan and Martha leaving the house and find Clark sitting on the steps. He notes that Clark is up early. Clark tells them that he never went to sleep. Martha asks him what is wrong? He mentions that he sort of met his biological father. He takes them down to the storm cellar and informs them on the events of the previous night. Specifically, he mentions that Jor-El told him it was time to leave Smallville and fulfill his destiny. Martha seems upset. Clark notes that he has until sundown. Jonathan asks what will happen? He is upset because all this is happening when his life is finally starting to come together. Martha says that whatever dreams his father had for him are only his own. Jonathan tells Clark that he chooses his own destiny. Clark says that this is his home, they are his parents and he isn’t going anywhere. Nice little scene with the family.

Meanwhile, we see Lex at the mansion. He is looking at a vial of blood, which we know belongs to Clark. He leaves the room and notices Lionel is talking to Helen. She leaves and goes over to Lex. Lex wants to know what is going on? Lionel mentions that Helen is refusing to accept his wedding gift. He then takes his leave. Lex wants answers from Helen, but she says that she is tired of being a pawn in their never ending struggle. He mentions that he doesn’t want to go into the marriage with any secrets, so he wants to make a confession. He admits that he stole the vial of blood from her. Lex says he doesn’t want to be the person who did that anymore. Helen mentions that he did do it. She is upset because he violated her rights as well as the rights of her patient. Helen wants to know what Lex thought would happen? She wonders if he thought he would give it back and she would forgive him and they would live happily ever after. He tells her that he doesn’t know what to expect, but he loves her. She starts to walk away when Lex mentions that he didn’t have the sample analyzed. Helen asks him what was so important about the blood. Lex mentions that he thought it would give him the answers he’s been looking for. Helen tells him that it just ended their relationship. She walks away, leaving Lex to think about his actions.

Later, we see Clark and Lana sitting under the oak tree. It seems they were riding horses and stopped to have a little fun. Lana is sitting between his legs and laying against him. Clark is deep in thought and Lana senses that something is wrong. She asks him if he is okay. Clark tells her that he is great.

“You know, I can always tell when you’re being less than truthful.”

Clark says that he’s been waiting for this for so long and he doesn’t want it to go away. Lana tells him that she isn’t going anywhere. He notes that neither is he. He grabs her and proceeds to eat her face. I don’t think I have ever seen two people kiss like that on screen before. I have seen some hot kisses, but to try to swallow a girls face is something new. That couldn’t have made Mrs. Welling very happy. Afterward, Lana leans her head against him, licking her lips, and he kisses her forehead.

Clark then asks her if she is officially his date for Lex’s wedding? She tells him that only will happen after they tell Chloe about their change in status. Yeah, Lana is SUCH a bitch, I mean she is making out with Clark and her first thought is not wanting to hurt Chloe. She mentions that she has been avoiding her all day. Clark wants Lana to let him tell her. They had recently decided to be upfront and honest with each other about stuff like this. Lana thinks that Chloe will be fine if they are honest with her.

We then see Clark at the Luthor mansion. Lex joins him and they talk about Lionel’s work down in the Kawatche caves. He tells Clark that he is the last one Lionel will allow down there. Lex doesn’t even think Clark could sneak down there. Clark changes the subject to wedding issues. He asks Lex where the tailor is at? Lex tells him that he canceled him. Clark wants to know why? Lex informs him that Helen isn’t walking down the aisle tomorrow. He doesn’t understand why this happened. Lex tells him that he’s always been fighting his destiny of becoming his father. However, he mentions that we all have certain genes that no matter how much we want to change, dominate us. Clark again asks what he did? He says that he betrayed Helen’s trust, and then did something very un-Luthor like and confessed. He would prefer Clark keep it a secret, so he can hold onto his romantic notions one more day.

Later, we see Clark down in the caves. There is a bunch of equipment now in place. We then see lights turn on as Lionel joins him. He tells Clark that he is going to have to put a stop to the unauthorized visits. He asks Clark what he is doing here? Clark says that he is just curious. Lionel informs him that according to Dr. Walden, Clark is mentioned a lot on the walls. He says that apparently Clark is going to rule us all. Clark is shocked that someone like Lionel Luthor would put stock in anything Dr. Walden had to say. Clark acts evasive on his knowledge and asks Lionel what the machinery is for? Lionel is going to unlock the secrets hidden in the walls. Clark thinks it’s dangerous. Lionel agrees, but says he has the key to put in the slot. He feels that all the answers will be revealed at that time. Clark is confused because he thought the key was stolen from Lionel. He says that is true, but before it disappeared, he had it analyzed. The composition of the key was unlike anything from Earth, except the meteor rocks. He created his own key made from kryptonite. Clark starts to get sick and Lionel wonders what is wrong. He makes an excuse and tells Lionel he needs to be careful with that. However, Lionel notes that he has never gotten anywhere playing it safe. Very effective scene.

Meanwhile, we see Lana looking at her dress in the mirror. She seems very happy with it. At that moment, Chloe is at the door and tells her that she will render Clark speechless. She wants them to be careful not to upstage the bride and groom. Lana plays dumb. Chloe says that the two are going together? Lana tells her they are going as friends. After seeing them kiss the night prior, Chloe doesn’t buy her explanation, but goes with it. Lana asks if Clark talked to her today. It seems he hasn’t. Dumb ass Clark is putting off talking to Chloe. I guess I will let him slide since he has more important things on his table. She notes that his parents said he was busy with best man stuff all day. Chloe wants to know when Lana saw him. She lies and says she ran into him at the Talon. Lana says that Clark had something important to talk to Chloe about. Chloe doesn’t think it must have been as important as Lana thought. She tells Lana to have fun tomorrow. It seems Chloe isn’t invited to the wedding. Lana is left alone, sighing at the fact she had to lie to Chloe.

Now we see Clark and Jonathan looking out at the sunset from the loft. He hopes it won’t be the last he sees from the loft. Jonathan tells him that it won’t. After it sets, he wants Clark to come to dinner. Clark stops him from leaving and mentions how glad he is that Jonathan always believes in him. Jonathan says, “you’re welcome.” Fantastic little scene with Jonathan and Clark.

After he leaves, we hear the voice. “It is time Kal-El, come to me.” This freaks Clark out. He then goes down to the storm cellar and is told by the voice that he will obey him. Clark tells him that he isn’t his father and won’t be controlled. All of a sudden, we see a blast and Clark is thrown up to the corner of the cellar. He rips his shirt off because can feels a mark being branded into his skin. The voice tells him that it’s the mark of his ancestors and that he can’t fight it. He informs Clark that at the sun’s zenith, he will begin his journey. Clark drops to ground as the voice tells him that if avoids him, he will hurt the ones he loves most. DAMN, that is some branding by Jor-El. What a bastard.

The next day, we see Clark looking at Lana’s diffused kryptonite necklace. Then Martha and Jonathan leave the house wondering why Clark isn’t dressed. He tells them that the wedding isn’t for a few hours. Jonathan senses that Clark doesn’t seem right. He asks him how he is doing today in regards to the voice. Clark tells him that there is no voice. As the get set to leave, Clark tells Martha she looks beautiful. She gives him a smile and thanks him and leaves.

Meanwhile, we see Lex at the mansion looking at the rings. He then receives a surprise visitor. Helen has returned and decides that she is angry, but she just had to come back. Helen tells Lex that she still loves him.

We then cut to Pete and Clark in the storm cellar. Clark is showing Pete his branding on his chest. Pete asks him if it hurts. He says it doesn’t hurt. He tells Pete that by noon, it will control him. Pete figures his parents are freaked out. Clark mentions that he didn’t tell them. He has decided that his only option is to destroy the ship. He shows Pete the diffused kryptonite necklace. Clark mentions how the ships diffused the kryptonite when he was tied up. Pete figures that it was protecting Clark. However, Clark feels that maybe it was protecting itself. Pete thinks that it’s too dangerous and could kill him. Also, Pete wonders where they would find a kryptonite key. Good scene, too bad Clark doesn’t listen to Pete.

Shortly after, we see Lionel back down in the caves. We then see Pete storm in wanting to talk to Lionel. He doesn’t know who Pete is. Pete reminds him that he stole his families business. Commotion ensues. We see Clark super speed in and out. All of a sudden, Pete acts calm and is escorted out of the caves. Lionel realizes the key is missing and is losing his mind. He wants the guards to search Pete. Lionel almost strikes Pete, but lets him go.

Meanwhile, we see Lex at the church. Jonathan and Martha join him. Lex wants to know where Clark is. Martha mentions that Clark and punctuality have never been on the best terms. Jonathan wants to give Lex a gift. He brings out a compass. It seems that it’s a Kent family tradition to give the groom one, just in case you get lost going down the aisle. Lex thanks him and shakes his hand. That was a really nice scene and its good to see Jonathan and Lex on good terms for once.

We then see Clark returning to the barn. As he walks towards the steps, he hears Lana ask him why he’s not dressed. He sees her & his jaw drops. He says “WOW.” He hides the key in his jacket and goes to her. She gives him his tux. Clark tells her that there is something he has to do first. Lana asks what he needs to do. Clark says he can’t tell her, but for her to know that it’s for them and their future. Lana mentions that the last time a guy said that to her, he went off to war. Clark touches her face and tells her that she should go and he will meet up with her. He kisses her and after, she pressed her thumb to his chin and asks him if he is all right. Clark says he is fine. As Lana walks down the steps, she is stopped by Clark. He looks at her and mentions that he just wants to remember this moment. She then exits the barn with somewhat of a worried look on her face.

Later, we are back at the church. Lex is worried about where Clark is at. Martha tells him that he is coming with Lana. However, we see Lana arrive, but no Clark. She tells them he had something important to do. Jonathan and Martha seem concerned and tell Lex they need to leave and find him. Lex tells them that he can wait for Clark. Jonathan implores him to just get started without Clark.

We then cut back to the farm to find Chloe coming to see Clark. Okay, why the f**k is Chloe there? She does know that Lex is getting married and Clark SHOULD be at the church? Who was she expecting to find there? She mentions catching Clark before the wedding, but good lord Chloe. Clark notices that it’s almost noon and he needs to destroy the ship, so he is really distracted. Clark mentions that he was looking for Chloe, but can’t talk to her right now. Clark tells her that he will find her later. Chloe gets upset and ask him how they decided. In other words, who would get the job to tell her. GOD, Chloe is such a bitchy teenage girl. Clark wonders what she is talking about? She mentions it’s about who was going to tell her that he was with Lana. Clark is shocked that she knows. She informs him that she came over to the barn to warn him about something. He asks what the warning was about. Chloe says that it doesn‘t matter, because the point is that she saw them involved in a major lip lock. She continues her bitching.

“News flash! You’ve always been in love with Lana. I tried to deny it, thinking that maybe we could work something out, but it’s like fate, inevitable, but always surprising when it actually happens.”

“I was gonna tell you.”

“Really? Obviously it was on the top of your to-do list. I can deal with the fact that you guys are together. It hurts, but I was prepared for it. But we just made a promise to be honest with each other and you didn’t have the guts to keep your word."


“Or was it too much fun making a fool of me that you couldn’t reveal your secret? Have a nice life Clark.”

MAN, Chloe is pissed and irrational. She acts like she was married to Clark and he owed her everything. It’s too bad Chloe didn’t really let Clark have a nice life and leave him alone. Anyway, after she leaves, Clark gets back to his task.

Meanwhile, we see that the wedding is going on without Clark. Helen seems excited. However, Lana seems worried about what is going on with Clark.

We see Jonathan and Martha driving home as Clark goes into the storm cellar. Oh God, this can’t be good. He walks over to the ship and removes the kryptonite key. He is REALLY hurt by the effects of the kryptonite. His hand is f**king green and green veins are showing. He gets it in the ship and its slowly destroying it, until there is a MASSIVE F**KING EXPLOSION. Holy sh*t. It’s seriously like a small nuclear bomb went off and we can see an energy blast from the site. It hits the Kent's truck, and causes it to flip multiple times. Yeah, that isn’t going to end well AT ALL.

Meanwhile, we see Lex and Helen leaving a limo to board a jet for their honeymoon. He is told it will be a couple minutes before can take off due to a power failure throughout the county. Lex is fine with that.

In the aftermath, we see Clark covered in dirty and debris. Man, he looks like sh*t. We then cut away to see the result of his actions. A CRATER in the back yard. Oh boy. He gets out and notices the overturned truck and is concerned.

Helen and Lex are now enjoying some champagne on the jet. Helen smiles at Lex and tells him that everything is perfect.

Back at Smallville Medical Center, we see Clark walk up to Jonathan. He asks how Martha is doing? He tells Clark that the doctors don’t know yet. Jonathan wants to know what Clark did? He tells him that he tried to destroy the ship. Jonathan asks why he did that? Clark says that he lied about the voice. He tells him that he was ordered to leave by noon. He feels that he didn’t have a choice. Jonathan wishes that Clark had told them. Clark didn’t tell them because he knew they wouldn’t agree with what he did. Jonathan is starting to cry. Clark mentions that he didn’t want the ship to take him away from them. He says that he is sorry for what he did.

“Your actions have consequences, Clark. Didn’t your mother and I teach you that?”

“Yes, but.”

“There’s no time for excuses Clark. It’s too late. You didn’t think this thing through. You had no idea what was gonna happen, and now, now your mother is lying in a hospital bed.”

We then see a nurse come out to speak with him. She mentions that his wife has a mild concussion, but will be fine. However, the baby didn’t make it. Jonathan is REALLY devastated. Clark tries to talk to Jonathan, but he ignores Clark and goes to Martha and shuts the door. Clark is stunned and heartbroken. This is Jonathan Kent’s worst hour and it will probably haunt him for the rest of his life. HOWEVER, that was TERRIBLE parenting. Say for instance, Clark wasn’t CLARK, that is the type of angered response that could lead to a child committing suicide.

Later, we see Lana walking up to the crater. She sees Clark and asks him what happened? She wants to know where his parents are at? He mentions that they are at the hospital and okay, but his mom lost a baby. Clark tells her that it’s all his fault and that he did this. She doesn’t understand how he could do this? He says that it’s the same way he always does. He feels that he brings pain and suffering to everyone’s lives. Lana says that it’s not true, but Clark disagrees. He mentions that he’s kept so much from her and that if she knew the truth, she would never speak to him again. Lana doesn’t believe it. He says he tried to cover up his past, but couldn’t push it away. He feels that he needs to leave or everyone he loves will be hurt. He wants Lana to stay away from him before he hurts her as well. Clark runs away from Lana. Poor Clark is so confused.

Meanwhile, we see Lionel talking to someone at the mansion. He mentions how glad he is that the person finally accepted his offer. We cut away to see that it’s Chloe Sullivan. Bitch. It looks like she has a bad girl hair cut and make up. She tells Lionel that opportunities like this aren’t dropped on your doorstep everyday. He wants to know why the sudden change of heart? She tells him that he was right about Clark. He isn’t who she thought he was. She feels she was blinded by her “love” for Clark. Lionel mentions that once love is stripped away, we can see the real person clearly. As she leaves, she asks Lionel why he is so interested in Clark? Lionel says all will be revealed in good time. She thanks him and leaves. GOD CHLOE you idiot.

We then find Clark returning to the hospital to check on Martha. He stands outside the window and watches Martha and Jonathan crying. Clark is nearing tears and leaves. Very short, but emotional scene.

Clark then heads to the Torch. Pete confronts him there and wants to know what he is doing. Pete wants to try to help. Clark thinks it’s too late for that. He is searching through drawers for a red kryptonite ring. Pete doesn’t understand why Clark would want one, considering what it does to him. Clark says it’s just what he needs, it makes him feel better. Pete says that it’s not the answer. He wants Clark to talk to his parents. Clark mentions that he did talk to them. He says that his dad looked at him like he was an alien. He feels that if he had done what he should have done in the first place, none of this would have happened. He then finds a ring and puts it in his pocket. Pete tries to stop him and tells him that if he puts it on, he won’t be himself. Clark feels that is exactly who he doesn’t want to be right now. He pushes Pete aside and runs away. GOD, Clark is making a big mistake.

Later, we see him bringing out the motorcycle from the barn. He is confronted by Lana.

“Where are you going?”

“Away from here.”

“The Clark Kent I know wouldn’t run away from his problems.”

“The Clark Kent you know is a lie.”

“Why won’t you let me in?”

“Because you won’t like what you see.”

Lana walks over to Clark and wants him to look at her.

“I am not giving up on you.”

“No one can save me, not even you.”

At this point, Clark is having a tough time looking at Lana.

Lana is crying at this point and says, “Your parents need you. I need you.”

She then grabs his face and tells him, “I love you, Clark.”

“I love you too. More than you’ll ever know. That’s why I have to leave.”

He turns around and slips on the red kryptonite ring. He instantly changes to his Kal persona.

“Come with me.”

“Smallville’s my home. It’s your home too.”

Clark puts on his sunglasses and says, “Not anymore.”

He then drives away from the farm as Lana, full of tears, watches him leave.

Oh man, I want to kill Clark after this scene. Poor Lana pours her heart out and Clark just leaves her. It's exactly what he told her he would never do in Visage. Hell, he told her he wasn't going anywhere in this episode as well. :

Meanwhile, we see Lex’s jet flying through the sky. Lex wakes up and notices that he is all alone in the plane. It’s storming outside as the jet crashes into the ocean.

We then conclude by watching Clark drive away from his problems. music is playing in the background. We hear the voice once again tell Clark that he will obey him. Metropolis is seen in the distance.

(Overall, this is a great episode, but one that is such a downer. We have Clark and Lana finally together, but then "the voice" has to get involved. Chloe has turned on Clark over him kissing Lana without asking for her permission. : Lex is seemingly going to crash in the ocean. Jonathan and Martha have now lost an unborn baby AND their other son, due to Jonathan’s anger. Clark and Jonathan both made BIG mistakes in this episode, and as I mentioned, the ramifications are going to be SIGNIFICANT. It’s an episode that demands viewing of Exile. In terms of grade, I give Exodus an A-.)

Season 3Edit


Season three follows Clark's constant fight against the destiny that his biological father, Jor-El, has in-store for him, and his guilt over the price Jonathan paid to bring him back to Smallville. Lex deals with the psychological breakdown he had when stranded on a deserted island, while the conflict between him and his father comes to a final blow. Clark's secret begins to weigh heavily on Pete, and the relationship between Clark and Lana hits a dead end.

We open 3 months after Exodus. We pan down to see Clark strolling the streets of Metropolis. He is still wearing the red kryptonite ring and he seems pretty confident in himself. He notices a sweet silver Lamborghini and seems to want it. So what does our nice farm boy do? He smashes into ATM machines and steals the money. He then goes back to the dealership and admires the vehicle. He ask a pretty blond how much the car costs. She mentions that if he needs to ask, he can’t afford it. He begs to differ and asks the price. She tells him it’s $240,000. Clark acts like that is a lot, but shows her the money in the bag and notes that it should cover it. He wants to take it for a test drive. As we see him pull up to Club Atlantis, we notice a headline in the paper. “R.I.P. Lex”. Yeah, I bet. Clark takes her to the entrance. He seems to be walking right to the entrance in front of people in line. A valet comes up and mentions that it’s a nice car. He calls Clark, Kal. Clark mentions that if he likes it, he can take it. WOW, way to blow $240,000 Clark. Now we see people having a great time inside. Kal takes the girl up to the bar. She asks Kal where he is from? He tells her that it’s someplace he is trying to forget. He starts kissing the girl, but seems disinterested. She notices the branding on his chest and asks him about it. He tells her that it’s a birthmark. She tries touching it and he grabs her hand forcefully and tells her not to touch. This pisses her off and she leaves him. The bartender wants to know what his deal is. It seems Kal brings in a nice girl every night, but leaves empty handed. He asks Kal if he is a monk or something? Kal feels that there is no point in starting something if it’s going to end badly. He slaps down $100.

He then leaves the club and starts to get a burning feeling on his chest. He runs over to the phone booth and tears his shirt off to reveal that the symbol is flaming. He falls to the ground and takes off the ring and the burning stops.

Clark notices the phone and decides to make a phone call. We see Martha pick up on the other end. He only breathes into the phone. She seems to know that it’s Clark. We see Clark nearly crying listening to his mother’s voice. She begs him to come home. He can’t say anything and slams down the phone. He is devastated. However, he puts the ring back on and he is once again Kal. Very cool opening to season 3.

We then cut to a bank in Metropolis. It’s in the process of being robbed by men wearing clown masks. Kal decides to break up the fun by crashing a motorcycle though the window. He is actually wearing a ski mask so people can’t identify him. The robbers take shots at him, but he catches the bullets in his hand. Kal grabs one of the men and calls him Krusty. He notes that he saw the bank first and tosses him. Kal steals the money and leaves the bank. However, he is confronted by police. Among them is Captain Maggie Sawyer, who Clark met in Insurgence. He goes into his jacket, so they open fire. The bullets just ricochet off him. Kal decides to use his heat vision to blow up a cop car. After this, Kal super speeds away. Maggie is only able to find the spent rounds from their gunshots and a ski mask. We then see Kal running behind a building proud at what he just did. He kind of reminds me of the young Bart Allen from Run. Proud of his theft and escape.

Later, we find Pete at the Kent farm with Jonathan and Martha. He is showing him the article from the Daily Planet about the crimes. They realize that Clark is behind this and Jonathan decides he is going to go get him. Martha is upset and feels that it’s too dangerous. He doesn’t think he can sit around and wait any longer. She implores Jonathan to wait. Martha mentions that they have searched everywhere and filed a missing persons report. They have done everything the can. She thinks that Clark doesn’t want to be found and he will come home when he is ready. Jonathan decides that she is right.

The next day, we see Lana and Chloe at the Talon. She offers Lana a ride to Lex’s funeral, but Lana says she is going with the Kent’s. Chloe then asks if Lana has heard from Clark? Lana mentions that she might stay in Metropolis for a few days to look for Clark. Chloe tells her that Clark isn’t lost and that he made a decision to run away from the people he claimed to love. Lana doesn’t want to hear this and walks away. Chloe follows her and talks about their issues from Exodus. She says that she is worried about Lana. Chloe mentions that Lana needs to move on because pining for Clark isn’t going to do her any good. She says that Clark has obviously moved on. GOD Chloe, you dumb bitch. Lana doesn’t believe that. She thinks that Clark is just waiting for the right person to find him.

We then see Kal asleep in his nice apartment. All of a sudden, a couple men break in and open fire on his bed. Of course Kal is fine and throws the men across the room. He wants to know who sent them? Then, making his first appearance, is Morgan Edge. He wants to know why Kal is interfering in bank robberies. He also wanted to find out for himself if Kal was man or myth. He figures that Kal is both. Kal is acting so cocky around “Mr. Edge”. Once he realizes the facts, Edge offers Kal a job. He identifies himself as the biggest crime boss in Metropolis. Kal thinks that if he is so great, he should be able to afford better help. Morgan Edge implores Kal to join the big leagues with him when he is ready. Very good scene.

Meanwhile, we see Chloe in the Kawatche caves. She is looking for Lionel Luthor. He wants to talk to her about the octagonal key hole in the wall. It seems that the hole enclosed after Clark left Smallville. Lionel wants to know if Chloe has talked to Clark. He then mentions that he’s been enjoying her columns in the Daily Planet. He sees so much enthusiasm in her writing, but she didn’t put that vigor in her report on Clark Kent. Chloe tells him that she gave him everything she had. Lionel wants her to do a better job or her talents may find no outlet. She thinks Lionel is threatening her. Chloe notes that Clark is gone for now, what can she do. This is what happens when you deal with Lionel Luthor.

We then cut to a small island where we find Lex Luthor. He isn’t alone. We see another man who identifies Lex. It seems Lex has malaria. It seems the other man’s name is Louis. He calls Lex’s wife a bitch. This makes Lex upset and he tells him that if he refers to her that way again, he won’t be held responsible for his actions. Louis recounts the story on the jet and figures Lex has to at least consider the possibility of her turning on him. He wants to get off the island and find out the truth. Louis thinks that either Helen set him up, his father set him up, or they both worked together to set him up. Louis tell him that this time on the island is a gift. To the outside world, Lex is already dead.

Meanwhile, we see the funeral service for Lex Luthor is underway. Lionel is speaking about how terrible it is for a parent to lose a child. He feels that Lex was touched with greatness and had just begun to explore the potential. We cut away to see Jonathan, Martha and Lana standing together. Lionel continues on about the heights Lex could have achieved if his life wasn’t cut short. During this, Lana notices Clark standing in the background watching. She walks away to try to reach him, but by the time she gets closer, he is gone.

Lionel is continuing on his eulogy. He says in his heart, he will be searching for Lex forever. We then hear a voice say that she will as well. We see Helen is at the funeral. Lionel is shocked. Helen tells him that she just wants to pay respects to him. However, Lionel wants to leave before the hypocrisy begins. We see Lionel storm off away from the proceedings.

Later, we see Kal arriving back at his apartment and runs into Chloe. He angrily tells her that he told her to NEVER come back. He wants to know who else knows his location? She tells him that his secret is safe. Kal tells her that he is busy, but she doesn’t want to her it and walks in his apartment. She asks Clark what his deal is? He is a completely different person in Metropolis. He tells her that maybe it’s the real Clark. Chloe notes that she prefers country Clark. She also wants to know how he can afford all of this stuff? Clark asks why she wants to know. He figures that she wants to put him in her column. She mentions that there are still people in Smallville who haven’t given up searching for him. Kal tells her that he’s erased Smallville from his past. She doesn’t believe him.

“Really, is that why you’re still wearing your school ring? Sooner or later, someone else is gonna find you.”

“You were lucky.”

“Maybe so, but what are you gonna do if Lana shows up on your doorstep? Or your dad? How will you explain this to them?”

“I’m through explaining myself to anyone.”

“Clark, Lana is a wreck, and your parents are losing the farm!”

This angers Clark, “What do I care? I’m never gonna go back, anyway.”

“Clark you were not forced into exile. You ran away from your problems. You are not being noble. You’re being a coward!”

We see Clark’s chest is starting to burn again and he gets REALLY angry. He grabs Chloe.

“Chloe, get out! You tell anyone where I am, I’ll go so far away that no one will ever find me!”

“I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

“GET OUT!” Holy sh*t he is pissed. He closes the door and rips his shirt to reveal his burning chest. He is in serious pain and takes the ring off again. Chloe has been a total bitch to Clark and Lana for a while, but she is right in this scene about Clark. He is a coward.

We then return to the mansion to find Helen walking into Lex’s office. It looks she has been busy shopping. We then hear some clapping in the background. Lionel tells her that she played the part of grieving widow very well at the funeral. She wants Lionel to leave her home. Lionel feels that she can drop the act around him. He feels that she murdered Lex. She claims she did no such thing. Lionel then goes through Helen’s account of the harrowing event. He finds it all to be a wonderful piece of fiction. She then tries to use his having her spy on his son against him. He feels she murdered his son and won’t rest until her actions are brought to light.

On the island, we see Lex eating meal worms to survive. He then hears a plane flying overhead. He screams for Louis to help him. Louis says it’s too late now and throws the torch to the ground. Lex is getting really pissed off. He charges at Louis, but is overpowered and Louis tells him this is where he belongs.

Meanwhile, we see Clark walking up to the loft. He finds a picture of himself with Jonathan and Martha. In the background, he can hear Martha talking about their situation. It seems that the bank wants them gone before the auction takes place. It seems they are getting ready to move out. Martha mentions that Lana gave her the keys to the apartment in the Talon. She mentions that it’s small. She breaks down crying. Jonathan tries to console her. She mentions that it’s just not fair that they are losing the farm.

“Since when have our lives been fair anyway, huh? Do you remember the day we found out we couldn’t have children?”

Martha nods.

“You grabbed my hand and told me not to worry. You said that we would have happy days again. And you were right. We have had happy days, with Clark. But even though he’s not here with us anymore, Martha Kent, I am here to tell you that we will have happy days again."

We see Clark in the loft almost crying. Martha then gives Jonathan a kiss. Clark starts to move and knocks over the picture. Martha calls out for Clark, but he super sped away. That was a very moving scene.

The next day at the Talon, we see Chloe confront Lana. She apologizes for acting the way she did towards her. Lana tells her it’s okay. They are all dealing with Clark in their own way.

“I can’t give up on him without a fight. I already blew it once.”

“Blew it? How?”

“When Clark was leaving, he asked me to go with him. I said no, but I can’t help thinking that if I had gone I could have convinced him to come home.”

“Lana, you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved.”

“I love him.” She then looks at Chloe like she is worried about Chloe’s reaction.

However Chloe seems prepared for this, “It’s okay. Your feelings for Clark aren’t exactly breaking news.”

Lana smiles and notes, “I saw him yesterday. Just for a second, at Lex’s funeral.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive, but he took off right away. I’m gonna go back up there and post these. Could you give me a lift?”

“Sure, but you don’t need the fliers. I know where he is.”

Lana is shocked, “what?”

“Yeah, okay, you’re going to totally hate me for this, but I found him two months ago. Some friends of mine from the Planet snuck me into a club and there he was. I couldn’t believe it, so I followed him back to his apartment.”

Lana is really angry, “You’ve known where he’s been, and you haven’t said anything to anybody?

“Well I didn’t have a choice. He said if anyone found out, he’d run away to somewhere nobody’s find him.”

“I can’t believe you’ve told me to give up.”

“He’s not acting like himself. He could be dangerous.”

“Give me the address.”

“Well, I’ll take you.”

Lana has had enough, “No, I think you’ve done enough already.”

We then cut to the outside of Clark’s apartment. Lana is knocking on the door, but no answer. She hears a motorcycle in the distance and sees Clark driving towards her. She stops in front of him.

“What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you. Clark you need to come home.”

“Smallville’s not my home anymore.”

Lana steps closer to him and says, “I am not letting you ride out of my life again.”

“Then get on.”

Lana thinks for a second and gets on the back of the motorcycle and they drive away.

Both the Chlana and Clana scenes were masterfully done. The choice of music really worked in it and the girls had great facial expressions throughout the conversation. Kal was his predictable cool self when Lana arrived.

Back on the island, we see Lex using the compass he was given by Jonathan to find his way. He goes over to a pond to drink some water and notices a necklace with and LL medallion. He grabs it and in doing so pulls out a skeleton from the water. This freaks him out. He checks out the skeleton and notices that there is what looks like an axe cut into the top of the skull. At this moment, Louis wants Lex to meet his father. He asks him if he killed his father? He says he did, and that it was inevitable. Only one of them could survive. He says that back then, his father was rich and powerful and always criticizing him. His father never thought he was good enough. Lex thinks Louis is a psychopath. He tells Lex that there is a psychopath in all of us, but he let his out. He comes for Lex with his machete, but Lex runs away.

Later, in Metropolis, we see Kal has taken Lana to Club Atlantis. Lana seems a bit overwhelmed by everything. She recognizes that everyone seems to know him and call him Kal. He tells her that it’s his secret identity. She is upset that for 3 months she has worried about him and he was hanging around nightclubs. Kal doesn’t seem to worry and says she is cute when she’s angry.

“Lana, if you keep talking about Hicksville, you’re gonna be on the next bus going back. I thought you were here to have fun.”

Lana doesn’t find this attitude very charming. She mentions that she has to go freshen up. Kal grabs her arm and pulls her to him. He thinks she looks just great and gives her a BIG kiss. He says that he’s glad she is here. Lana says she is glad as well. She goes to freshen up.

“Well, if she is the one you’ve been saving yourself for, I can understand the wait.” Kal just smirks in response.

We then see that Lana is going through her contacts on the phone … interesting…Aunt Nell, Chloe, Kent’s, Lex, Pete, MIKE HOLM (WHO THE f**k IS THAT?) Anyway, she dials the Kent’s and talks to Jonathan about finding Clark. She mentions that Clark is acting strange. He tells her that Clark isn’t himself and she needs to be careful. He says that if he tries to leave, let him. At this moment, Kal walks up to Lana and asks who she’s talking to? He takes the phone.

“Who’s this?”

“Oh, Clark. Clark it’s me”

“Jonathan, how‘s the farm?” there is something weird about hearing Clark call him Jonathan.

“Clark, your mother and I love you very much and we want you to come home.”

“Is that right. Hey, what about not dwelling on the past and making a fresh new start? Come on, you can admit it. You’re happier I’m gone.

Martha says, “Clark.”

Jonathan continues, “Son, that’s not true.”

“I’m not your son and you’re not my parents. You never have been. You never will be!” MAN he is PISSED.

He slams the phone down and Lana confronts him on his actions.

“Clark, what is the matter with you? Your parents love you. I love you.”

“Do you always betray people you love?”

He then walks away, leaving Lana lone in the nightclub.

God, Kal was a son of a bitch. How Clark would manage to f**k things up with Lana after she gave him a chance AFTER this sh*t is unreal.

Jonathan realizes that he needs to go get Clark. Martha wants to know how he can do that? He says that if he doesn’t get him now, they might lose him forever. He goes to the barn to retrieve the octagonal disc.

Later, we see that Kal has decided to accept Morgan Edge’s job offer. Edge is glad, but wants to know why the sudden change of heart. He says it’s because he feels the need to disappear. Edge tells him that it’s a serious job. He is told to break into Luthor Corp and steal a package from Lionel Luthor’s office. Kal says it will be his pleasure. Man, Kal sure thinks he is the sh*t.

We return to the island to find Louis screaming for Lex. The get in a confrontation and let gets the machete. He begins to slash Louis, killing him. Lex is screaming that Louis can’t kill him. At that moment, we see another man point a flashlight at Lex. Lex is trying to explain his actions, but the man is confused and asks who he had to kill? There is nobody there, and Lex isn’t holding a machete, but instead a piece of wood. There is also no excessive blood on his face. It seems Louis was just a figment of Lex’s imagination. However, Lex is convinced that he was real. Creepy.

We then see Jonathan in the Kawatche caves. He goes to place it in the keyhole, but is shocked to find it covered up. He pounds on the all and yells at Jor-El.

“He wasn’t ready, but you had to keep pushing him anyway, didn‘t you? What kind of a race are you people? No wonder you destroyed yourselves.”

He throws the disc to the ground in disgust and starts to walk away. However, the disc begins to light up and rise in the air and plunge into the wall. We then see a beam of light go through Jonathan.

“I am Jor-El. The true father of Kal-El.”

“His name is Clark Kent. I am his father. I raised him.”

“You have fulfilled your function in Kal-El’s destiny.”

“His destiny is whatever he makes of it.”

“His destiny is too great for you to comprehend. This was Kal-El’s first test to see if he was ready to begin his journey.”

“He’s too young. He needs more time.”

“This phase of Kal El’s journey is almost complete. It will be of no consequence if he returns to you, for now.”

“You’ll bring him home?”

“If you want him, you must retrieve him yourself.”

“I can’t he’s too powerful.”

“Are you willing to sacrifice anything to get him back?”

“Yes, for my son, I’ll do anything.”

We then see beams colliding at Jonathan as he screams. Great little scene.

Meanwhile, back in Metropolis, we see Kal breaking into Luthor Corp. He goes to Lionel’s office and breaks open his safe to get the package. However, as he turns to leave he runs into Jonathan. He says hello to Clark.

Kal acts cocky and says, “Jonathan Kent, isn’t it a little past your bedtime?”

He tells Clark that he went to Jor-El to help bring him home. He thinks that’s cute, but he didn’t listen to Jor-El, so he certainly isn’t going to listen to Jonathan. Then, Jonathan tells him to stop and put this behind him and come home to the people who love him. Kal doesn’t want to hear it and he throws Jonathan into the wall. Shockingly, Jonathan isn’t hurt and he gets up and mentions that Clark IS coming home with him and runs at him with super speed and they crash through the window, descending towards a set of windows many stories below.

(Overall, a fantastic follow up to Exodus and a great prelude to Phoenix. Kal is an awesome character for Tom to play, but Kal is such a douche bag. His attitude towards Lana is abhorrent. The Kent scenes were touching. I loved how Jonathan took said he would do anything for his son. Kind of like what Jor-El did for Clark on Krypton. Rutger Hauer as Morgan Edge was a nice bit of casting. He was excellent whenever he was on screen. I could do without the Lex stuff on the island, because it was pretty obviously in his mind when watch it. However, Michael did a great job playing a crazy Lex so I give it credit. The action was top notch throughout the episode. Also, the episode LOOKED superb. Such a brilliant job on filming the episode and location use. In terms of a grade for Exile, it gets an A.)

Previously on Smallville. Kal running rampant in Metropolis. Jonathan makes a deal with Jor-el to bring him back. A fight between father & son ensues. Full review/recap later.

We open with Clark and Jonathan falling from the Luthor Corp tower. They fall the way down to the bottom crashing into some sort of warehouse or under construction area. My God, Jonathan & Clark are just leveling each other. Jonathan tells him that he is taking him home. Jonathan tries to grab the ring, but Clark pushes him away. Oh sh*t, Clark just removed his leather jacket, he is ready for pops. Jonathan tells him that the ring makes him extremely dangerous. Clark mentions that it’s not the ring, he was just born this way. Interesting point from Clark. He super-speeds to Jonathan and tries to slam him, but Jonathan reverses and whips Clark into a pile of boards. Oh Oh, Clark just went Incredible Hulk on his T-Shirt. Now he is showing off his burned symbol on his chest. Jonathan is in silence over the scorched chest. Clark tells Jonathan that Jor-el made sure he would never forget who his real father is. Clark throws a pipe at Jonathan, but misses. Then he slams him into a wall. He holds his hand ready to strike. Jonathan tells him to do it.

“If I could raise a son that could kill, then kill.”…Jonathan

Clark gets upset, but can’t do it and slams his hand into the wall, destroying the red kryptonite ring that is causing this darkness in him. As the ring is destroyed, the powers are vanquished from Jonathan. Clark kneels on the ground screaming as the burnt tattoo in his skin disappears. He goes and checks on Jonathan. Holy sh*t, what a fight.

We are back at the Kent farm as Martha is looking at a picture of the family. She is ecstatic to see that Jonathan and Clark have returned. Martha is just balling her eyes out. Jonathan falls down due to the wear on his heart. Jonathan says that the important thing is that Clark is back home safe. Nice little homecoming, but too short.

Now back in Metropolis, we see Lionel Luthor surveying the damage in his office. From behind, we hear the voice of Lex. The son has returned to Metropolis from his own personal exile. He is wearing un-Luthor like clothing. Lex looks like sh*t to say the least. Lex points a gun at Lionel. He thinks Lionel is responsible for trying to kill him and Helen. Lionel tells him that Helen is living at the mansion and tells Lex the story Helen told. Supposedly, the pilot took Lex’s money and bailed on them. There was only one parachute and Lex made sure she had it to get away. Of course, Lionel doesn’t believe that is what really happened. Lionel told him that he searched for him. Lex doesn’t believe that Helen is about money. Lionel tells him that she is. He wants Lex to ask her what happened to the vial with the blood sample after you returned it to her. Lex looks really confused at the end of the scene.

Now back in Smallville, we see Clark and Jonathan in the Kawatche Caves. Clark wants to know why Jor-el would help him bring him back home. He realizes that Jonathan made a deal with Jor-el. Jonathan tells him the most important thing is that Clark has his life back. For some reason, Clark says he isn’t sure he wants his life back. Oh dear God Clark, your father just risked his life and you want to LEAVE. He felt that being Kal-El allowed him to do whatever he wanted. A huge weight was lifted off his shoulder. Jonathan wants to face the future together, as a family. Clark then discusses his problems from Metropolis. He tells him how he was hired by Morgan Edge to steel something. Jonathan tells him he has to return it. Clark informs him that he stole it from Lionel Luthor. They open the box and find Clark’s blood.

Later, Jonathan finds out it’s Clark’s blood by placing it next to a piece of kryptonite. Jonathan is very angry and smashes the vial to the ground. Jonathan wants him to focus on people closer to home.

Now back at Luthor Corp, Lionel is having a drink with Morgan Edge. They start out cordial, but Lionel eventually moves on to discussions about the events in his office. He says he suspected that Morgan had an inside contact. He shows Morgan a picture of Helen Bryce with him. It seems that Morgan paid Helen off. Lionel threatens Morgan, but Morgan mentions that Lionel has further to fall. Lionel does mention that HE has the evidence though. He tells Morgan that he has 24 hours to get the vial back to him.

Oh boy, we are in the Talon as Lana is putting some baked goods out, when Flannel Man enters the building. Clark says Hi, Lana returns the hi, but turns around to avoid eye contact. She is really confused on how to respond to him. Clark says that he is sorry for his actions and that he really messed things up. Lana says she wants to believe it’s not him, but then she looks back at all the things that have happened and realizes that she doesn’t know who he really is. Clark says that he is aware that she needs an explanation. Lana tells him that she doesn’t need an explanation and that he warned her that there were things she wouldn’t understand about him. Lana feels that she just didn’t want to believe it was true. Oh God, Clark went with the “protecting you” line again. Man, how many times am I going to here that going through these episodes. Lana wants to know what he is protecting her from. Lana tells Clark that the only thing that really hurts her is Clark. Harsh, but the truth. Lana wonders after everything he said before he left if he even missed her. Clark says he missed her every second. He tells her that he can’t keep doing this to her. She tells him to not do it then. He then tells Lana that he isn’t even sure if he will stay. Lana is ready to cry and tells him to tell her when he decides. She goes to the back room to shed tears away from Clark. Of course the door slides open allowing Clark to see the hurt he has caused her. He looks upset as we close the scene. Very powerful Clana scene.

Back at the mansion, Helen is confronted by her “dead” husband Lex. He tells her that a small boat managed to find him. She says she never gave up hope. Lex mentions her making him out to be a hero. She re-tells her version of the story and how Lex was drugged by the pilot and she managed to escape. Lex doesn’t believe her and tells her she worked for his father. Helen feels that Lionel is playing them against each other. She agrees to an annulment, but admits she does love Lex.

We are now back at the Kent farm. Clark arrives driving a U-Haul type vehicle. Of course, the farm is under foreclosure since Clark decided to skip town. As he gets out, he finds Morgan Edge in a limo. He wants the vial of blood or he is calling the cops. Clark is REALLY pissed and rips the door of the limo and tells him that Luthor doesn’t know who stole it and to forget about it.

“Take your sorry ass down the road back to Metropolis. I don’t want to see you in Smallville again. Ever.” HOLY sh*t CLARK…I don’t think I have ever seen him that upset.

Morgan gets back into his limo without another word. Clark seems to like this darkness to him in the scene as we cut away.

Clark returns to Smallville High Torch to meet up with Chloe. She bugs him over being so far from his new “hood”. Clark wanted to thank Chloe for her actions. She doesn’t understand why one day it’s the good Clark and some days the bad Clark. He admits that he gave her no reason to stand by him, but she did, and he is thankful. Chloe tells him that friends protect their friends. She wants to know if he talked to Lana. He says he tried. She wonders if that is it. Yeah really Clark, GOD. Chloe can’t believe that after 2 years of nonstop Lana lusting that is the best he can do. Clark thinks it’s for the best. Chloe realizes that Clark is going to leave again. She tells him that you can’t keep running away from your problems. He needs to stay and face any demons he has. This was a very good Chlark scene.

Back at the farm, Clark is confronted with another friend. My God, Clex is reunited and it feels so good. Sorry, had to joke. They share a big hug. I love Clark’s line to Lex. “Lex we thought you died”. Who says that? Lex feels that fate has bigger plans for him. Lex would like to help out with the farm, but Clark says his father won’t let him. God Lex looks like sh*t in this scene. They have a talk about looking at the dark sides of ones self. Clark tells him that everyone needs to look at their dark side once in a while. Lex mentions if you stare at it too often, it can be hard to tell the two sides apart. Good Clex scene.

Now at the Talon, we see Lana and Chloe. Chloe feels that Lana is avoiding her due to the circumstances of the previous episode. Lana tells her that she just had to work late last night and had errands to run this morning. Chloe pesters her about it and Lana has had enough. She tells her that if want to cut the pretenses FINE, “you lied to me about Clark”. Chloe says that is something they have in common. Oh my God, Chloe is equating Lana getting with Clark to Clark running away. Lana says she apologizes for it, but Chloe says she is over it. Lana can’t understand why she put everyone through it. Chloe mentions that the more pressure she put on Clark, the more he put away. Chloe says that Clark has more issues than Rolling Stone. Chloe admits that she liked being the one Clark confided in again. Oh Oh, jealous Chloe showing herself again. Lana mentions that Clark has always been more comfortable talking to Chloe.

“It’s because he’s not in love with me”…Chloe…DING DING, did Chloe REALLY just admit that. I give her credit for realizing the obvious.

Meanwhile, at the Luthor mansion, Helen is cleaning out some of her things. Lex tells her that he would like to give another chance at things. Helen says she wants to be with him, but Lionel won’t stop interfering with their lives. He says that Lionel won’t be bothering them much longer.

At the Kent barn, Clark runs into Morgan Edge. Clark wants to know what he is doing in Smallville. Morgan says he wanted to meet the parents. Martha & Jonathan are being held by Edge’s men. Clark decides that he will give them what they want. He holds a meteor rock to his skin and cuts himself to drain blood for Edge. Ugh, this is kind of gross. Clark falls down afterward. Morgan wants to know what the blood is supposed to be. Clark tells him that it’s what he is looking for.

Meanwhile, back in Metropolis, Edge gives Lionel his blood sample. Lionel is intrigued by the blood since its just in a mason jar. Lionel goes to have the sample tested by one of his scientists. She finds that it IS a match to the previous sample. Morgan thinks that the blood must be liquid gold. He wonders what Lionel would do to get the source. Lionel mentions that the source is still a mystery to him. Edge tells him that he can deliver the source.

Back at the Kent farm, several of Edge’s thugs are strapping kryptonite onto Clark’s body. Jonathan tries to stop them, but gets a kick in the face for his efforts. Then the phone rings and Edge tells the men to bring Clark to Metropolis. They shove Clark in the back on the moving van. At the same time Lana has arrived looking for Clark. She asks one of the men where the Kent’s are. BAD move Lana. God trouble follows her like fleas to a dog. She just can’t avoid it. Lana is forced into the barn, but elbows one of the thugs in the face. Martha then trips another guy, while Lana hits him with a shovel. She grabs a hold of the gun and in the confrontation, one of the men is impaled by farm equipment. Holy sh*t. Lana accidentally killed a guy. Self defense, but she should have some SERIOUS issues with the Kent’s for being in this situation. Lana looks in shock at the events that just took place.

Now we see a jet flying through the sky. Lex is celebrating a second chance with Helen. They toast with some champagne. Lex decides he isn’t going to drink and jokes about waking up alone in a jet. Helen is confused at what is going on. Lex believes she is responsible for what happened to him. Helen tells him that Lionel is doing this and he is blind. He feels that if Lionel wanted him dead, he wouldn’t have failed. Lex gives his own account of the events. Basically, Helen paid off a pilot who dropped her off when Lex was out cold. Then Lex was left alone on the plane. Lex has her figured out and she grabs a gun from one of her bags. She aims the gun at Lex who isn’t showing any emotion. Lex feels that he has become quite adept at cheating death and that if he falls, he will rise from the ashes again. He struggles with Helen for the gun and the shot rings out hitting the pilot. Lex takes control of the plane as he realizes that Helen has jumped out of the plane.

Now, back in Metropolis, we see the moving van pull up to the ship yard. Clark manages to free himself from the kryptonite. Morgan Edge & Lionel discuss the impending gift. Clark hears people coming to the van. He notices a propane tank in the back. He uses his heat vision to make it explode and Lionel is throw in the air by the force. God its amazing the sets they could use back then. This scene alone probably costs more than their budget for a full episode now. Lionel feels that Morgan Edge set him up. Edge screams that it’s not the case. Guns are pulled and a fire-fight breaks out. Edge and his man are hit by shots and Edge falls into the river. Lionel and his men escape the area as we see Clark get out of the water in one piece. Man that was intense.

Back at the Luthor mansion, Lex must have safely landed the plane. Lionel confronts him and tells him that his actions were a Machiavellian maneuver. Lionel shows him that he has surveillance footage from the plane. Lex feels that no one will find Helen unless she wants them to. Lionel mentions that survival is the important thing. Lex realizes that all of Lionel’s tests have helped him survive. He feels that if he can keep his pride in check, he can learn more from Lionel. Lex is hoping that he can still return to run Luthor Corp together. Lex says he trusts his instincts and this is the right choice. They shake hands and Lionel tells him it’s good to have him back. They hug to end the scene. Lionel has a blank look on his face.

The Kent’s are cleaning up things and getting ready to leave their home. Clark mentions that he has closed the book on his life in Metropolis. He told the police where the stolen money was at. They are joined by Lex who tells them that they are not going to have to leave. Lex gives Jonathan the deed to the farm. Lex put the Kent’s name on the deed. He did this, because the compass they gave him for a wedding gift helped him to safety. Jonathan tells him that they will find a way to pay him back. Lex doesn’t care about the money. He just wants to be part of the family. That was another nice scene.

Enter…”White Flag” by Dido….oh God…here it comes.

Clark is busy working on the Kent Farm entrance, when Lana arrives on Tyson. She gets off him and goes over to Clark. Lana is glad that his parents are getting a second chance. Clark feels he will be earning every cent of his allowance this year. Clark tells Lana he is trying to put his experience in Metropolis in the past. Lana feels that a lot of things would be better that way. Lana tells him that she is aware he tries to shield things from her, but he doesn’t need to protect her anymore. She grabs his hand and tells him she can handle it and that she wants to really know him. Clark pulls away from her hand and tells her that she was disgusted with him in Metropolis. She feels that she was confused, but can’t blame her for that. He intervenes saying that he doesn’t blame her for it. Clark doesn’t want Lana to ever have to look at him like that again. Lana feels that Clark wasn’t himself, and in a refreshing instance, Clark doesn’t completely lie in this moment.

“Yes, I was. Lana, I chose to let that part of me out, and it’s always gonna be there. Trust me, you don’t want to know me the way you think you do.”…

“Clark, that’s my decision to make.”…(Lana looks like about ready to cry again)

“Lana, I’m sorry. I wanted this so much. All last year, I tried so hard to be the right guy for you. But I’m not. This will never work.”

Lana walks back towards the horse, heartbroken and tells him.

“Clark, you never had to try.”

She turns around and leaves him, riding towards the sun…of course the music tells the story, “I’m in love, always will be”…

Oh man, that end scene is just tough to watch. I have bashed Clark to no end for this scene, but I guess he is just scared. I am not sure why Lana didn’t discuss the death she was involved with. In many ways, she deserves SOME kind of explanation for what happened.

We open the episode with the 'Welcome Back' banner hanging from the entrance to Smallville High School. We close in on Van McNulty & Jake Pollen who are discussing Lana Lang. Jake has a serious crush on her. Seems to be the case with all the men in Smallville. Jake is pumped because Clark being the dumb ass that he can be at times, kicked her to the curb. Van seems almost amused at his thinking he can get with the Lang. BTW, isn't Van the kid from the first season of Desperate Housewives? You know the gardener who bangs Eva Longoria. Of course he goes up to Lana & strikes out big time. Van makes fun of him for not being able to complete a sentence around her.

Now we are in the Smallville High School pool. Lana Lang is ready for a swim. Why in the hell is the pool open at that time of night? Can students just wander in & out of the school whenever they want? Also, its SO dark in there. Is that really a safe environment? Anyway, she dives in and I am immediately getting flashbacks to Nicodemus. By the way, could the camera men be any more blatant in some of their camera work in this scene. Also, since when is Lana Lang a big swimmer? I must have missed that episode. I mean she even has the swimmer technique down in terms of hitting off the wall. She stops mid way through her swim & is attacked from below by Jake, who seems to be some sort of Aqua Man type freak. She is screaming for help when all of a sudden we hear a gun shot. Lana goes back to the surface as a meteor rock falls into the pool with 'Freak' written on it. Lana sees someone leave with a gun. Wow, that was intense for Smallville.

It's the following day & Pete & Clark discuss the new hero. Clark isn't convinced, but is glad that Lana is okay. Clark tells Pete that he hasn't talked to Lana because he isn't the person she wants to see right now. Now Chloe, Pete & Clark discuss Jake Pollen and his meteor ability. Clark is intrigued by a file Chloe has about potential meteor freaks. Clark is more concerned about the rifle wielding commando than the freak aspect. Also, Clark and Chloe seem to reconcile and he has his position at the Torch back. YES, more lunch menus Clark.

Now we are at Luthor Corp with Lionel and Lex. They are discussing business. God, Lionel seems like such a liar in this scene. They are also looking at corporate life insurance policies. Lex is worth 50 million dollars to Lionel and Luthor Corp. If he won't sign it, Lionel says he can leave. Man, Lionel really owned Lex back then.

Meanwhile, Clark is entering the Talon and sees Lana. Lana tells him that she hasn't seen him in a while. Clark being a moron says that he felt it would be easier. Rightfully, Lana asks him who its supposed to be easier on, him or her. Clark tells her that he came because doing a story on the incident and Jake for the Torch. Lana asks him what he wants to know. He wants Lana to tell him who was around Jake when he approached her. She points out Van McNulty. Clark thanks her & Lana starts to leave, but Clark grabs her hand. Man even him grabbing her hand is hot. Lana asks him if his question is on or off the record. He tells her he is sorry he didn't stop by. Lana tells him he doesn't need an excuse to come and see her. Of course, this nice little talk is rudely interrupted by the sound of Chloe's voice. Damn you Chloe for screwing up the Clana interaction ONCE again. She shows them some photographs of Jake. It turns out that Jake had gills. Clark says that the bullet wound is more disturbing. Lana isn't convinced and seems annoyed at Clark. Lana tells him that if the shooter didn't show up, she would be dead. Clark mentions that Jake didn't ask for the meteor rock exposure. Lana mentions Greg Arkin and Tina Greer as other meteor freaks who have come after her. She does have a point, those meteor freaks love to try to kill her. She mentions that Chloe has had more problems with meteor freaks than she has. Hmmm, I am not sure about that Lana. Lana wants to know what makes Clark different in terms of saving people. He says that he hasn't killed anyone. Lana brings up Tina Greer and her death. Oh God, Clark goes with the "I was protecting you" line. Man that line would get OLD fast with Clark. Chloe seems to realize that she is caught in between a lovers spat and has a face that says SO much in this scene.

Now we are back in Metropolis, we see a shot of a BAY or RIVER, really Al/Miles, is Metropolis along the ocean or in Kansas? That just looks awkward. Chloe Sullivan has shown up at Luthor Corp to talk to Lionel about her spying on Clark. She mentions that she is turning in her final article and resigning from the Daily Planet. She tells Lionel that her friendship with Clark is more important than the Daily Planet column. Lionel tells Chloe that her father was promoted, but it would be a shame if he was suddenly out of a job. Chloe made the mistake of getting with Lionel & now she is stuck.

Back at Smallville High School, Clark runs up to Van to discuss Jake. Clark says that he is doing a story on Jake. Van tells him all he needs to know about Jake is in the police report. Clark notices a picture of Van's father. Van tells him he "WAS" a great father. Interesting.

Now in the Torch office, Chloe confronts Clark about the meteor rock found with Jake's body. She mentions another similar incident with a death a couple weeks earlier. The man who was killed was another potential meteor freak that Chloe was looking into. Clark realizes that Lana's hero isn't saving people, but killing them. He shows her a picture and story on Van's father. His father was killed by Tina Greer the year prior (Visage).

Clark and Pete are searching for a place in the woods where Van supposedly stayed at times. They find the shed and go inside. They find a copy of the report Chloe was filing on potential meteor freaks. The next one listed on the report was Lex Luthor himself. Clark tells Pete to call the Sheriff. Clark races to Metropolis to save Lex from being shot. We see Van in the distance getting ready to kill Lex. Man the Clark racing effects are awesome. The shot rings out and Clark GRABS it just before hit Lex. Van can see that Clark took the bullet. Clark tackles Van, but meteor rocks fall out and Clark is down for the count. Van realizes that he can be killed by the green meteor rock. Commotion ensues in the distance so Van leaves.

Lex and Clark discuss the situation. Clark tells him that Van thought that he was a meteor freak. He tells him that he is hunting them. Lex is intrigued on why Van thought he was a freak.

At the Torch, Chloe goes over all the reasons Lex would be suspicious. She even has medical records. She is going crazy about it and Clark is getting annoyed. Clark is upset that she is keeping records like this and now someone got a hold of them and is using them to target victims. He tells her of the printout that Van had. She mentions that Van helped program the computers. Chloe says that it's her fault. Ding, Ding, Ding ... Clark tries to make her feel a little better.

Now back in Metropolis, Lionel shows up to talk to Lex. He tells Lionel that he is now insured. Lionel tells him that Lex isn't covered yet due to his tendency to get involved in life threatening situations. After, Lex asks Lionel about whether or not he has ever been sick since the meteor shower. Lionel is intrigued by what Lex means. Lex says never mind, I just inherited good genes. Michael and John really have a good rapport with each other. It makes almost all of their scenes watch-able, no matter how dumb the scene would be.

Clark and Sheriff Adams discuss what is going on. Clark shows Adams the print off. She is intrigued, Clark tells her that people are believed to have abilities. She says she will take a look into it. He runs into Lana again, she asks how Lex is doing. Lana asks if they are sure Van is the shooter. Clark tells her that he is certain. Clark tells her that him saving her life wasn't his original intention. Lana tells him that she really thought she was going to die. Clark says "You've been through worse"; no sh*t Clark. Lana tells Clark that she knew he wasn't going to come to her rescue. She mentions being glad that others like him out there. He immediately notes that Van ISN'T like him and that Van is a killer. He mentions that can't just blame everyone affected by the meteors. Lana notes that life would be so much better if the meteor shower never happened. Ooh, that had to hurt Clark. A few moments of silence and we leave the scene.

Van McNulty is in the woods. He is in the process of creating a special bullet just for Clark Kent. He is melting meteor rocks into bullets. OK. Molten meteor rock looks a little like green Kool-Aid.

The next day, Clark and Jonathan are doing some farm work and discuss Van. Clark asks him if he is like Van. Clark mentions kryptonite (is that the first time he refers to the meteor rocks as kryptonite?) in the scene. He discusses his tolerance speech with Lana, but admits that he has thought the worst of many of them as well. Jonathan mentions that many of the infected could be leading normal lives and be good citizens like Clark. In the distance we see Van setting up his shot. He fires the shot at Clark. Clark seems to be aware of the bullet heading towards him, but realizes at the last second he can't stop it. The bullet pierces him in the upper shoulder. He is in serious pain.

Now we see Clark being tended to by Martha and Jonathan. The poison of the meteor rock is spreading throughout his body. Jonathan takes some pliers in an effort to get it out. Martha is imploring Clark to hold on. Finally he gets the kryptonite bullet out of Clark. The poison begins to recede and the bullet wound is closed. Man this was an intense scene.

After, we see Lex looking at the computer generated model of his accident. His model shows Clark being hit by the car, but due to this situation, maybe there is another explanation. Interesting

We are outside the Talon as Lana is throwing away some garbage. Man, Lana really loved those headbands in her hair. She is interrupted by Van. He says he needs her help in getting out of town due to the police. Lana tells him that he should turn himself in if responsible. He feels that the police should have been protecting them. He tells her that she owes him for saving her life. Lana feels that he is going after innocent people. Van mentions that Jake was his best friend and didn't even know was a freak. He tells her that Clark Kent is a freak. Van mentions that he saw him catch a bullet. Van is using Clark's name in the past tense and its upsetting Lana. She wants to know what he did to Clark. Van tells her that he found his weakness and he took care of Clark. He talks about special bullets. Lana is crying and mentions that Clark is more human than you will ever be and slams a door on him and he falls down some stairs ... hmm could that be the infamous Talon basement that we hear about and see in Season 8 with Doomsday/Davis Bloome? Anyway, she runs in to call the police to report that Clark Kent has been murdered, but is stopped by Van. He says that she was in love with a freak and that the only thing worse than a freak is a freak lover. He then takes Lana. Man that was NUTS.

Now Clark is beginning to come to after his ordeal. Clark tells him that he needs to find Van. They want him to rest. Clark says he knows what he is up against, so don't need to worry. Sheriff Adams shows up to check on Clark. She mentions rumors of his death have been exaggerated. She mentions that dispatch report rumors of his death. Clark then runs off to the squad car to call Van on his frequency. He tells him to meet him at Smallville High School. Van puts Lana in the trunk of his car and tells her that he will just have to unload a full clip into him.

Clark arrives at the school and runs into Van & Lana. Van tells him that he may have survived one bullet, but he isn't going to make that mistake again. Clark wants Van to let Lana go. Lana fights back but is pushed to the ground. Van then takes a dozen shots at Clark's chest. Of course the joke is what if he shot you in the face. Lana is screaming as Clark is shot in front of her. However, he is unaffected by the bullets. Van tells Lana that he told her he was a freak. Lana calls Van a freak and unleashes some Lana-Fu and puts him out for the count. YAY Lana. She walks up to Clark wondering how he survived. He shows her the lead vest he wore. Lana looks VERY relieved that Clark is okay. Again, that was an intense showdown. Great scene.

Meanwhile at the Luthor mansion, we see Lex playing the piano. Clark just walks right in; you know like everyone seems to be able to. Clark tells him that Van has been taken care of. Lex then goes off on some quote by Winston Churchill. God the Luthor's were such blowhards when it came to historical quotes. The quote for today ... "out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge," in other words, maybe Lex IS a meteor freak. He goes over all the times he has avoided any sort of injury despite his numerous accidents. He feels that the answer to all his questions is inside himself. In other words, maybe he is a freak. Good Clex scene, although pretty much a one sided monologue from Lex.

We now move to the Kent Farm as Lana arrives in her nice Jeep or whatever it is. She gets out. Oh boy Lana is wearing the pink today. Haters rejoice. I don't care because she looks great. Clark tells her that she really kicked ass yesterday. She smiles and laughs at that line. Lana mentions that he still got shot. Clark has a weird smirk on his face as Lana touches his abs. She asks him if he is still sore. He mentions that it stings a little. SURE CLARK. She mentions that she believed Van when he told her that Clark was bulletproof. She says that it was comforting to hear and it explains so much including the tornado and all the other things she can't explain. Clark mentions that he wishes it was that easy. He says that he wasn't infected by meteor rocks. Of course he isn't lying, but it still sucks that he can't be totally honest with her yet. She mentions that if he was infected it would be okay. Clark gives her a little smile, but then says needs to get back to work. Lana stops him and tells him that she doesn't understand why he will walk into bullets for her, but won't share what's going on inside with him. It's a valid question.

"Clark if you don't open up to the people that love you, you'll always be alone. I can't believe you want to spend your life like that." ... Lana

"I may not have a choice." ... Clark

"You always have a choice" ... Lana

At least Lana doesn't tell him that "she better go".

Finally, we see Chloe at the Torch trying to delete the files, but can't seem to do so. Lionel shows up and tells her that he is very upset that she is doing research on his son. Chloe mentions that the files were not meant for others. Lionel lays down a serious threat in the event she ever investigates his family again. Of course he says "good night Miss Sullivan" as he leaves. Man, this Lionel is SUCH a villain, yet remains high class. Screw the hogwash of later seasons, he should NEVER be a good guy.

We open at Crater Lake. For some reason Clark decides he is all about swimming by himself. He seems so sure about himself walking to the edge of the dock. He takes off his shirt to excite all the ladies watching, when he is interrupted by Lana. Clark acts surprised that anyone else would be out there. She tells him that is a hot day and wanted to cool off. Lana is busy checking out Clark’s chest. Clark offers to come back later. Lana tells him that it’s a big lake, plenty of room for both of them. Clark has a weird look on his face. She walks past Clark and tells him not to peak. Clark isn’t even watching her, but he has a sh*t eating grin on his face. Clark turns around just in time to see her ass jump naked off the dock. A true man’s man. Lana tells him that it’s his turn and she won’t peak. Clark strips off his clothes and dives in. He then stays underwater and Lana becomes concerned. He eventually pops up and Lana they splash each other over the incident. Ah, playful Clana is so cute. Man they totally want to get it on right then & there. You can see it in their eyes. Lana tells Clark that she always thought there should be nothing between them. Clark responds that now there isn’t. Just when they are ready to kiss, we hear a screaming girl. F**K YOU WOMAN, your screwing with the Clana. Clark runs after her and asks her what is wrong. She tells him to run & she is sucked into the ground. WTF is going on?

We are back at the Kent farm as Clark explains what happened. He can’t explain what happened to the girl. She just vanished. Jonathan asks if anyone else was out there with him. Clark immediately says NO. Martha is surprised that he was skinny dipping alone. He tells them it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. Clark wants to skip school to look for her. Jonathan says no way & want to show him a surprise. Clark has just got a new truck. Okay, something is really f**ked. Jonathan tells him the extra money he got from Lex came in handy. Alright, that is the giveaway that this is a dream. There is NO way Jonathan would use Lex’s money to buy a truck. ZERO. Jonathan mentions that he hasn’t given him a fair shake. They tell him that they are so glad to have him home. Clark starts the truck and heads of to school. Wow, this is so weird.

At the school, we hear R.E.M which is a theme for this episode. Lana runs up to Clark to talk about their time at the lake. Clark wants to apologize for yesterday. Of course Lana is like no big deal. Clark is surprised that she isn’t mad. Lana tells him she had a good view as he left. He tells Lana that he couldn’t help the girl who was screaming. Clark goes back to the idea that he left her alone. He says he is really sorry. Lana tells him that it’s not like they had a date. She also said that she had fun and that it was nice to not have so much angst and pain with their relationship. Clark agrees. God this episode is almost a sick joke to Clana fans who have to put up with the other stuff. Lana feels that a little levity is refreshing for a change. She then tells him that maybe after a while he will stop torturing himself and realize that there is no reason they shouldn’t be together. Dammit, why doesn’t Clark listen to his dreams? Lana tells him that she is willing to wait as long as he wants. Man, talk about hearing everything you want to hear.

Afterward, Clark sees the girl from the lake. Her name is Sara Conroy. She tells him that “he” is after her. Clark sees the reflection of a cloaked figure, but turns around to find Pete. He turns around again & notices that Sara is missing. Pete thinks Clark is crazy. He tells him that he skipped his history exam worth 50% of the grade. Man Clark is in trouble. Clark then goes to Chloe and they discuss the Blue Lagoon moment with Lana. Clark is shocked that she knows considering only himself and Lana were present. He asks her if Sara told her. Chloe has no idea who that is. He tells her that Sara is definitely a candidate for the Wall of Weird. Chloe shows him that she no longer is keeping the Wall of Weird. She tells him that she needs to grow up. She wants to leave childish pursuits behind. Chloe is done chasing windmills and leaves.

Now Clark goes to visit Lex at the mansion. Lex is busy having a drink. Lex wants Clark to help him with a problem. He asks Clark to get a sword off the wall for him. Clark is intrigued by the sword. Lex tells him an origin story about the sword and the Katai. Supposedly the sword was forged in the fires of Mt. Fuji. Legend says the blade could cut through anything. Lex continued his story which parallels Clark Kent and he turns around and tries to cut Clark with the blade. The blade shattered into pieces and Lex tells Clark that he has been lying to Lex for years. He tells him that he would have protected him, but now its too late. “Life as you know it, is over”…

Clark arrives home and is yelling for his parents when he sees Sara. She is intrigued by the lilacs. She wants Clark to not allow the Traveler to get her again. The cloaked figure appears and Clark tries to stop him, but he is no match for the Traveler. Clark then wakes up in the loft. He had been sleeping for over a day. He tells them he met Sara Conroy and she was in trouble. Jonathan is intrigued since Conroy is the name of the new neighbors and there is a teenage daughter. Clark wonders how he could have dreamed about someone he hasn’t even met.

Later, we see Clark sitting on the steps of the porch. He is joined by his parents. He tells them that he was afraid to go to sleep last night. Jonathan is really concerned since he was asleep for 36 hours. He wants Clark to stay away from the Conroy residence.

Clark is busy with chores when Lana shows up to mention that she missed him in school the last couple days. Clark tells her that he hasn’t been feeling so good. Lana tells him that he looks tired, maybe he could use some sleep. Clark immediately says NO. The way he says it and his facial expression make that response better. Lana says ok and gives him his homework. Clark says that she is the best. You’re damn right Clark. Lana just smiles back at him. Clark asks if he can tell her something. She says sure. He mentions having a dream that is freaking him out. Lana asks what it’s about. Clark tells her that it’s about a girl. Lana gets that embarrassed “oh” response. Clark mentions that it’s not like that. The girl was in trouble…Lana interjects that he had to save her. Clark tells her that he couldn’t and her name is Sara. He mentions that Sara also just moved into her old house. Clark tells her he hasn’t met her, but is dreaming about her. Lana wants him to walk her through the dream so they can figure it out together. Clark is shocked that she doesn’t think he is nuts. Lana admits that Clark has a lot of issues, but doesn’t think he has lost his mind. He tells her the first place he saw her was at Crater Lake. He also notes that Lana was there as well. At this point, Lana asks what they were doing. Clark responds “nothing” Oh another great reaction from Tom. “it’s really hazy”…Lana gives him a yeah sure, whatever look and says okay. Lana feels that they should go visit Sara in person. That was a GREAT little Clana scene.

Now we are in Sara’s bedroom. A man is watching over her. For people who watch V, it’s the same actor who plays Marcus. It seems Sara is in some sort of coma. Clark asks if she will come out of it. He responds that they don’t know. He mentions that Sara is his niece. Clark asks what happened to Sara. He tells them that there was a car accident. Clark spots some lilacs by Sara’s bed and mentions that they are her favorite. Uncle Nicholas admits that there are indeed. He seems intrigued by Clark knowing that, but Lana interjects that they are her favorite as well. She feels it must be kismet, living in the same house. He bends down to tend to Sara and a medallion is exposed. Clark asks about it. He mentions that it’s just good old St. Christopher. Clark mentions that it’s the Patron St. of Travelers. Lana is shocked at the knowledge and Nicholas mentions that Clark is correct. He thanks them for stopping by, but it’s time for her medicine.

Meanwhile, at Luthor Corp, we see Lex walking into Lionel’s office. Lionel is in the midst of a massage. Lex tells him that he has been blocked out of a number of files he needs to do his job properly. Lionel gets up and goes to get a peach. He takes a big bite. You know watching Lionel eat that peach is quite fascinating. Lex tells him that he wants to be a family again. Lionel wants Lex to complete psychological training to show that his confidence in Lex is justified.

Back at Smallville High, Chloe makes a comment about how things never change in regards to Clark dreaming of the girl next door. Clark feels that Sara is reaching out to through his dreams. Chloe goes over some brain mumbo jumbo. Chloe mentions that the car accident occurred in a heavy meteor rock area. Clark believes that the traveler is her uncle. Her uncle is all powerful in her life, so why wouldn’t he be in her dreams. Clark wants to go to the courthouse to look into Uncle Nicholas. He asks Chloe to come with, but she mentions that she has a Daily Planet story to deal with and Wall of Weird doesn’t take precedence. Clark asks her about leaving childish pursuits behind. Chloe says that if she had a choice she would be there. He then tells Chloe that he will just go get Lana to help. Chloe says that Lana at least can provide the source of caffeine. A very good Chlark scene playing off Clark's earlier dream involving Chloe.

Later, in the loft, we see Clark and Lana doing some research on the public records of Nicholas. Clark found one that informed them Sara’s parents were rich. As long as she is in a coma, Nicholas controls the assets. Clark doesn’t understand why Sara is so scared of him though. Clark looks tired, but says afraid to close his eyes. Lana tells him she will put on another pot of coffee. Clark tells her that she doesn’t have to stay. She notes that she wants to stay. All of a sudden, we see Sara again, so he must have fallen asleep. She says hello and tells him that she isn’t sure how she gets into his dreams. Sara mentions that she knew Clark and Lana were in her room. She tells Clark that she is locked in her body. Clark asks about the traveler. She is scared and says shouldn’t mention him. He will come and get her. Sara lets him know that every time she gets close to coming to, he does something and she is sent back to a deep dark place. Then we realize that the traveler has come for Sara and she is taken by him once again. Clark is unable to stop him. That was decent, the Clana stuff is awesome to see. I love them once again working together. What a waste of potential back in this time period.

The following morning, we see Clark talking with Lex. Lex thinks that a shrink would have a field day with Clark since he is now saving people in his dreams. Clark doesn’t feel Lex believes him. He tells Clark that he believes that he believes it and that is enough for him. Lex informs him that Sara was supposed to wake up, but no evidence of foul play. Clark tells him appearances can be deceiving. Lex mentions that a dream won’t get Nicholas arrested. Clark notices the sword on the wall and mentions that he always loved it. He asks if it’s an antique. Lex admits it’s just a prop. She pretends to hit Clark and Clark flinches. He lets Clark know that it can’t hurt him and he needs to understand the difference between reality and fantasy.

We now see Clark arriving at the Conroy residence. Uncle Nicholas thinks its quite a surprise. Clark has come with fresh flowers. Nicholas thinks its very nice of him to do this for her. He wants to sit with her for a few minutes. Nicholas goes to get Clark a soda to drink. While he is gone, Clark grabs the medication and speeds out. Nicholas returns and notices the medicine cabinet door is unlocked.

Now Clark is driving down the road, all of a sudden we see Sara sitting next to him. Oh crap, this is BAD news for Clark. Next thing you know, we see the truck flip over several times.

Inside the Kent home, Lana knocks on the door looking for Clark. Martha and Lana sit together at the table. Lana mentions finally having new neighbors. Martha says she prefers the old ones. Lana wants to ask Martha about Clark. She wants to know why he pushed her away. She tells Lana that Metropolis changed Clark and he isn’t the same boy who left last spring.

“I guess I just feel like if I stay in his orbit long enough, he’ll finally decide to open up.”…oh poor Lana.

All of a sudden, we hear Jonathan screaming for Martha to come quick. They run out towards the truck that Clark has crashed. The pervert in me would say that Kristin/Lana REALLY knows how to fill out a pair of jeans. Good Lord.

Anyway, Lana is concerned and wants to call an ambulance, but Jonathan tells her that he will be fine. WHAT. Lana doesn’t seem to understand what is going on. Jonathan wonders where Clark was coming from, but realizes that he was at the Conroy’s. Lana admits that it was her idea to visit them. Martha tells her not to blame herself. Lana and Martha are both scared for Sara.

We now see Clark dreaming. He is chasing after Sara near Crater Lake. Sara wants to be free of Nicholas. Clark tells her she just need to face him. He grabs her and pulls her into the water. Clark dives in after her.

Meanwhile, Lana comes over to Sara’s just as he is administering the drug. She tells him to leave her alone. She tells him she knows what is going on. He grabs Lana and injects her with the drug and she knocked out.

Back in the dream, Clark grabs Sara and takes her to shore. She mentions that Lana is in trouble in the real world. The traveler returns once more and Clark tries to stop him. Clark is thrown to the ground again. The traveler tries to get Sara, but she finally stands up to him and refuses to go back to her slumber. The light finally rises in her dream as she stood up to him & Clark uses heat vision to destroy the traveler. Clark wakes up and mentions to Martha that Lana is in trouble. He speeds out the house and runs over to find Lana’s purse and phone on the ground. He uses his x-ray vision to see through the woods and finds Lana’s jeep and Nicholas trying to blow it up. Nicholas throws a Zippo lighter in the air, but Clark catches it before it ignites the gas. Clark then throws Nicholas into a tree to stop him. Ouch that had to hurt.

At Luthor Corp, we see Lex confront Lionel. He informs Lionel that he will meet with a psychiatrist. Lex mentions that he needs to deal from a position of strength if he is going to be an heir to Lionel and Luthor Corp. They discuss the psychiatrist he will seek treatment with. Lionel hugs Lex and he begins to leave. Lionel tells him that when you’re rich, you’re not crazy, you’re eccentric. Lex smirks and leaves him alone.

Clark shows up at Smallville Medical Center with lilacs. He has a talk with Sara. She still doesn’t know exactly she got in his dreams, but can tell he is a special guy. She mentions the things he was able to do. Clark wants to hear her perspective on his dreams. She tells him she saw someone who clearly is in love, but resists it. Sara doesn’t want him to push her away if he loves her that much. Clark mentions that its complicated. She notes that while she was there, Lana is the girl of his dreams.

…cue “At My Most Beautiful” by REM to finish the episode (great track)

In the loft at night, Clark is studying for his history exam. Clark asks how Lana is doing. He tells her that she was brave to fight for Sara. She thanks Clark for saving her once again. Lana also notes that she met Sara. She told Sara that she would love to switch places and find out what goes on in Clark’s head. He lets her know that it isn’t that exciting. She still would like to because maybe it would explain why things are like they are with them. Clark informs her that if he had the answer, she would be the first to know. Lana tells Clark that it’s been great to be the girl next door again. Lana begins to leave, Clark stops her to let her know that she will always be the girl next door. Great line Clark. Lana then asks Clark if they could do something this weekend, as friends. She thought it would be great to go swimming at Crater Lake. Clark doesn’t think skinny dipping is such a great idea. Lana has a big smirk on her face at the notion. She tells him nobody mentioned skinny dipping and that maybe in his dreams. She gives him a big toothy smile and leaves, although JUST before she leaves the frame, we see her wave goodbye.

We open the episode at some sort of correctional facility. Lana is talking to an old man who appears quite frail. They are talking about Louise McCallum, Lana’s great aunt. The man she is talking to was her husband, Dexter. Lana tells him that she didn’t know him and understands why since he was convicted of her murder. She wonders why he took so long to try to contact her. He mentions that Aunt Nell wouldn’t allow it. Shocking that Aunt Nell would try to keep Lana’s past from her. Dexter just wants somebody in Louise’s family to know that he truly loved his wife and that he wasn’t the man who killed her.

…Flashback… We hear gunfire from a barn. We see young Dex running out of his home. HE then finds the gun and picks it up. He runs over to find Louise dead. He holds her in his arms. At that moment, Sheriff William Tate comes in to talk to them. Everything looks pretty incriminating. Tate wants to know what Dexter did to Louise.

…Present… We find out that Dexter wrote Lana because of how much she looked like Louise. You know Lana is very interesting. She looks exactly like her great aunt Louise and also later we find out that another ancestor Isobel looks just like her as well. Some gene pool. Anyway, he feels that maybe she would be the one person to understand. Lana asks him who he thinks killed Louise. Dexter tells her that “the drifter” killed Louise. Lana looks at the picture and notices that he looks a lot like Clark. You know the artists depiction doesn’t look THAT much like Clark. Anyway, its enough to peak Lana’s interest…

Now we see Clark and Lana discussing the drifter in the barn. Clark wants to know what exactly happened to him. Lana mentions that they never caught him. The authorities believe that Dexter made up the story in order to cover his tracks. Clark thinks Dexter may be lying to Lana. She doesn’t understand why he would lie to her, because he still spent 40 years in jail. Clark tells her that murderers spent ½ their time trying to convince people of their innocence. Lana then adds that the man in the drawing looks exactly like him. She thinks he may be a relative, perhaps his grandfather or father. Clark thinks that is impossible. Lana doesn’t understand why he thinks that. “Why, you must have come from somewhere. It’s not like you just fell out of the sky.” Oh Lana how on point you are. Clark takes a closer look at the picture and realizes the medallion the drifter is wearing. It has some sort of inscription on it that peaks his interest. It’s looks like a Kryptonian symbol. Interesting Clana scene with all the intriguing points brought up by Lana.

Later, Clark takes Jonathan down to the caves. He believes that it’s Jor-el and that he was here in 1961. Jonathan mentions that if it was Jor-el, it’s not some sort of stretch to think he could kill somebody. Clark mentions that there really isn’t much that we do know about him. Clark feels that if he was here in Smallville, walking the streets, maybe they are not so different. Jonathan is skeptical until he notices the symbol on the wall. Clark touches it and all of a sudden a yellow light engulfs him as he puts his hand inside. He is seeing images of a man and a woman from years ago. They are all flashes and it ends with gunshots. He pulls his hand out and notices he has the medallion in his hand. Good father & son scene.

We now see Clark walking down the streets of Smallville with Pete. He tells him the story of what happened. For some reason Pete thinks his alien best friend who has heat vision, x-ray vision, super speed and super strength is full of sh*t. WHY? Clark tells him that he is serious. They stop by a mailbox and Clark touches it and we are transported to the past.

…Flashback… We see “the drifter” who REALLY looks a lot like Clark now. He is standing next to the mailbox in a leather jacket and looking pretty hip. I wonder who gave him advice on how to properly dress. Anyway, we start the old school music with Carl Perkin’s “Matchbox” as he walks the streets. Across the street, he notices a young woman reading a magazine. She is confronted by a man with a gun. He wants to steal her purse. The woman is pushed to the ground in the struggle. The drifter speeds over to her to help and throws the man into a light pole. He then lifts up the woman and it’s lust at first sight. She calls him her hero. The drifter mentions that she doesn’t seem like the type that usually needs saving. She tells the man that her name is Louise. He tells her that she can call him Joe. My goodness are Kristin’s eyes striking in this scene. I think when her skin looks a little lighter, her eyes become even more stunning. Shortly after, Sheriff Tate walks over to thank him for his help. Tate is trying to have a conversation with Joe, but he seems preoccupied with staring at Louise. He tells Tate that he is just passing through town. Louise thinks he is lucky to be leaving town. Sheriff Tate comments that Louise has stars in her eyes and always has. Joe tells him that there is nothing wrong with that. God these two look like they just want to eat each other up right there and now. Now we see Dexter arrive and Louise looks disappointed and annoyed that has to leave Joe. She tells Joe that she will see him around and she walks away. Of course we get a Jouise stare at each other, before she is driven away.

…Present… The vision ends as Clark rejoins Pete back in the present time. He tells him it was like he was back in the 1950’s. He recounts what happened back then. Clark thinks that the medallion downloaded all the memories. Pete still doesn’t believe him. When Clark mentions that Joe saved Louise, Pete is like “OF COURSE HE DID”. Pete thinks he just had a day dream. Great scene with a good first look at Joe and Clark’s reaction to him.

Over at Smallville High School, Clark is going though some city records with Chloe. They are looking for information on the robbery. Chloe is wondering how Clark knows all of this. Clark tells her it’s just a hunch. She is confused because of the information about the Talon and the Natalie Wood movie that is pretty detailed. Clark wants her to go with him on it. It seems the name of the robber was Lachlan Luthor (of course it was) Lachlan was Lex’s grandfather. Clark tells Chloe he needs to meet Lana, but needs her to do some more research. Good Chlark scene.

Later, Lex is joined by Chloe to discuss his grandfather. Lex doesn’t believe it’s true, because he was told no one step foot in this town until the purchase of the creamed corn factory. Lex wonders why she is questioning this. She mentions that trying to help out Lana. Lex makes the astute point that he doesn’t think Chloe is here for Lana. Yeah, Lex isn’t a moron. Lex says he wished he could help but she is at a dead end. Didn’t fans want Chloe and Lex to get together back then? I remember seeing Chlex fan-fics when I perused the internet.

Now we see Clark returning to the loft to find Lana looking outside. Clark apologizes for being so defensive about his heritage. He tells her that when you’re adopted, your worst fear is that your birth parents were criminals. They sit down and go through some of Louise’s things. Lana finds a love letter. She thinks Dexter wrote it. I guess it’s an intense and passionate letter. The weird thing is that it’s signed with a J or a T, depending on how you look at it. She then finds a necklace and asks Clark to put it on her. He starts to put it on when he gets another flashback.

…Flashback… Cue “I Only Have Eyes For You”, by The Flamingos…

We immediately see Joe necking Louise. Joe and Louise move REALLY fast. They don’t waste time getting to know each other. Louise drags him further into the barn and mentions that been thinking about him all day. They start making out and Joe mentions that he has never felt this way about anyone, but all he knows is he wants to be with her. Louise starts to walk away, but is grabbed by Joe and he pushes her against a post. Notice that Tom does a great job on slyly copping feels of Kristin’s breast. Okay…this is developing into a potential smut recap…I better be careful. They continue to go at it and this is quickly developing into BY FAR the biggest make out session the show has ever seen. They continue to undress each other and Louise grabs him and brings him to the hay. She takes Joe’s shirt off and lies on top of him. Joe switches positions and places Louise on the ground. Holy sh*t is Louise pulling out the f**k me eyes. We then see the medallion hanging from Joe’s neck as he stares at her. They then continue to get it on as they start grinding into one another. THAT WAS HOT.

…Present… We now are back with Clark still holding the necklace. Lana wonders what is going on. Clark tells her that the letter isn’t from her husband, but from the drifter. Clark tells her that they were in love. Oh boy.

The next day at Luthor Corp, we see Lionel congratulating Lex on his presentation. Lionel thinks it was smoke and mirrors, but worked. Lex tells him that deception runs in the family. Lionel is intrigued by his comment. Lex asks him about Lachlan Luthor. Lex asks him about the robbery in 1961. Lionel admits its true. He admits that he hid the fact he was raised in Suicide Slum to help him with Ivy League schools. Lionel admits that he re-wrote their history. Lionel tells him that his parents both died in a tenement fire. Lionel, tearing up, says that he is only alive because he was moonlighting at a print shop at the time. He admits to burying himself in work ever since. Man, John really nailed this scene.

Meanwhile, we see Clark and Lana entering another barn. Clark claims this is the barn where Louise was shot. He is trying to find something to connect him to the past to see what happened. He puts his hand on an old car and sees the past.

…Flashback… Cue… “Earth Angel”, by The Penguins.

God, now I am getting flashbacks to the Clana dance in Superman III with that music. Anyway, we now see Joe & Louise after their roll in the hay. He tells Louise that he has to leave tonight. Louise wants to leave with him. Joe lets her know that it’s not possible. Louise admits that she doesn’t love Dexter and can’t stay with him. She wants to be with Joe. He doesn’t feel she would be accepted where he is from. Louise doesn’t seem to care what people think and she never has. Joe informs her that this wasn’t supposed to happen and needs to return alone. Louise wants to know why. Joe tells her that it’s his destiny and he can’t change it. Louise is starting to cry. He tells her that as much as he wants this, he can’t have it. It seems Joe’s father told him that someday he would understand, that his actions have consequences. Louise doesn’t think that it’s fair and they should be together. Joe hugs her and we see Lachlan Luthor enter the barn. He pulls out a gun and shoots at them. Joe pushes Louise aside. Joe takes multiple shots, but nothing can hurt him. Lachlan is shocked and runs away. However, we see that Louise was struck with a gunshot wound to the chest. Joe pleads with her to stay with him. She tells him that she will never leave and that she loves him. She dies in his arms as Joe is devastated and crying. Powerful scene to say the least.

…Present… We return with Clark staring at Lana. He also is caressing the side of her face. Clark realizes who killed Louise.

Meanwhile, at the Luthor mansion, we see Lex talking to an investigator about the tenement fire. Lex assumes his father is telling the truth. The investigator notes that its true if you consider an explosion that blows the windows out of two city blocks a fire. He tells Lex that back then, certain people could get cases dropped. Lex takes a look at the original police report and seems intrigued.

Back at Smallville High School, Clark tells both Lana and Chloe that Lachlan Luthor pulled the trigger. They want to know how he has all the hunches. Clark tells them it’s crazy, but since he read the newspaper article, he’s been having memories from 1961. They seem confused and Clark just shrugs his shoulders. Clark thinks its some sort of déjà vu. Chloe feels it may be reincarnation or genetic memory. As she is saying that, she checks her computer and finds some new information about Lachlan Luthor. It seems he was released the a few days after arrested, and the same day of the murder by Sheriff Billy Tate. Chloe mentions that Billy Tate is now the honorable Mayor William Tate.

Later, Clark and Lana go to speak with Mayor Tate. He notes that Dex and Louise were his best friends. Arresting him was a very hard thing to do. He then tells Lana that she bears a striking resemblance to Louise. Clark asks about Lachlan Luthor. He can’t seem to remember as he has booked a lot of people over the years. Lana tells him that they feel Dexter is innocent. He informs her that no one wanted him to be innocent more than he did, but there just was no drifter and he made it up. Clark began to look around Tate’s office and saw a certificate signed by him. His T looked just like that of the love letter they found in Louise’s trunk. Just then, Mayor Tate touched his shoulder while wearing a ring on his finger.

…Flashback… We see Sheriff Tate confront Joe and Louise in a car. Louise tells Billy it’s not what it looks like. Tate wants Joe to step out of the car. Billy wants Joe to move along before he causes more trouble in Smallville. Louise tells Billy he was just driving him home. He feels that Louise is making a huge mistake, but leaves them alone. Louise mentions that she never wanted to marry Dexter. He is a great guy, he’s just safe. Louise has big dreams of going to Hollywood and being a star. However, her father had other plans for her and now her she is stuck in Smallville with Dexter. Joe then mentions how he isn’t a model son. He came here because father wanted him to learn a lesson. He admits that he didn’t want to come here, but now he would give anything to stay, but he can’t. Louise wants to go with him. Louise equates them to James Dean and Natalie Wood in “Rebel Without a Cause”. Joe doesn’t think she understands. He tells her when he means he is not from around here, he means much further than Smallville.

“Where I’m from, we have colors that you’ve never seen. Our moons are so close they fill up half the sky. We have sunsets that last for hours. “…Joe

Louise thinks he is joking about all of this. He walks up to her and scoops her up into his arms. We see a close up of their faces and soon realize that they are actually floating into the sky. Louise seems shocked at the turn of events. That is a nice little moment for them.

…Present… Now Clark and Lana are trying to convince Sheriff Adams to look into the investigation of the death. Clark implicates Mayor Tate for working with Lachlan Luthor to frame Dexter. They show Sheriff Adams the matching signature from the love letter and the police report. Adams tells them they need to be careful about who they point fingers at.

Later, Martha and Jonathan are discussing the visions. He thinks they could be a test from Jor-el. Jonathan brings up the fact that when he hears the name Jor-el, he is reminded that they aren‘t Clark‘s real parents. They were just lucky enough to find him and raise him. Clark stops in and tells them he hasn’t received any more visions. As they are talking, Clark notices a gun on the wall. It was present in his first vision. He touches the gun.

…Flashback… We see Joe being hit with the gun by Hiram Kent. Joe managed to take the gun away. He tells Hiram he wants no trouble. Hiram tells him that he already has one murder on his hands, don’t need another one. He pleads his innocence to Hiram and notes that he loved Louise. He wants Hiram to trust him. Hiram extends his hand and they shake.

…Present… Clark tells Jonathan that the drifter was here with Grandpa Kent. They then go to open Hiram’s trunk. They start to go through his things. Eventually, they found a leather jacket. It looks like the one from the visions. Clark touches it and he is sent to the past once more.

…Flashback… We see Hiram and his wife Jessica, getting him some things from the house. Hiram gets him a new jacket to wear. I assume since he wore the brown leather jacket at the scene of the crime. Hiram offers him the chance to stay with them for now. Joe informs him that he no longer has any reason to stay. We see a very pregnant Jessica Kent. Hiram calls him “Gene”, but his Jessica wants to call him Jonathan. Joe thanks her for their help and leaves.

…Present… Clark tells his parents that Hiram and Jessica helped Joe escape. Jonathan is skeptical, but then Clark notes that they wanted to name Jonathan “Gene”. Jonathan mentions it would have been after Gene Autry. Martha feels that Hiram was a good judge of character and that if he helped Jor-el, he must have believed him. Jonathan says that an old bomber jacket isn’t going to convince anyone. Clark feels that he may have an idea.

Later, we see Mayor Tate enjoying a drink. Clark uses his heat vision to set a fire in the fireplace. Mayor Tate is confused. Then we see some papers blowing around . All of a sudden, Clark appears and calls him “Sheriff Tate”. He is dressed exactly like the drifter, same hair style, bomber jacket, and medallion. Tate tells him the police are on their way. Clark super speeds in front of him and then Mayor Tate recognizes him at this point and seems to go crazy. He goes to get a gun to shoot him, but every shot he takes is dodged by Clark. Clark tells him that he can’t be killed, because he is already dead. Clark tells him that he will confess to his involvement in Louise’s death or he won’t have a day of peace the rest of his life. Tate says he won’t go to jail and points the gun to his head. He speeds up to him and takes the gun from him. At that moment, Sheriff Adams arrives and Tate is screaming about someone trying to kill him. Mayor Tate then spills the beans about his involvement in the murder of Louise McCallum. Very cool scene with some awesome use of abilities.

We now see Lana talking to Dexter as he has been exonerated of Louise’s murder. He is shocked that Billy Tate was involved in the murder. He can’t believe that he would confess after so many years. Dexter then says something that will make Lana think about her own situation with Clark.

“It’d be a terrible thing when loves consumes you and takes over. I was so in love with Louise. I just couldn’t see she didn’t feel the same way about me. I wish I ‘d known when to let go.”…Dexter.

Later, we see Lex talking with Lionel about the accident. He mentions that likely foul play involved. Lionel tells Lex that he knew they were murdered, but had no resources to pursue it. Lex wonders why he didn’t try for revenge in the last 30 years. Lionel notes that he couldn’t bring them back and nothing could do, so just moved on with his life. Lex tells Lionel that they need to find out who is responsible for their deaths so they can have peace of mind. Another great scene from John & Michael.

In the loft, Clark is looking at the medallion. Lana tells him that Dexter is glad his name is cleared. Lana feels that Dexter has Clark to thank for his freedom. Clark notes that she was the one who believed in Dexter. Lana feels that he was wrong about the drifter. Clark isn’t so sure, because if the drifter hadn’t met Louise, she wouldn’t have fallen in love and would still be alive. Lana admits that what Louise did was wrong, but she feels she was lucky. She thinks that Louise was lucky to have found love, even if it only lasted a few days. Clark mentions that it’s too bad it couldn’t last. Lana feels that isn’t the point.

“Maybe you have to be grateful for the time that you spend together and stop holding on to what could have been.”…Lana

Clark just stares at her and we fade away. Great Clana scene featuring a conversation about Joe & Louise, but the undertones are all about Clark and Lana.

Later, Clark and Jonathan are in the caves. Clark touches the symbol on the cave wall one last time.

…Flashback… We see Joe and Hiram saying goodbye. He tells him he is supposed to return to his father. Hiram lets him know that there are plenty of good folks in Smallville. Joe lets him know he will remember that. He also says congratulations on the baby and that the baby is lucky to have parents like you. Hiram mentions that if he ever needs anything, he knows where to find him. Joe then uses the octagonal disc to create a symbol on the wall and places the medallion in the hole.

…Present… After seeing the vision, he tells Jonathan that he buried this medallion here so that his father wouldn’t have it. It’s a journal of his time here in Smallville. This journey was a rite of passage. Clark informs Jonathan that Hiram was down here and offered to help Joe in the future if needed anything. Clark doesn’t think he was found by Martha & Jonathan by accident, they were chosen. Great little scene and fitting close to the episode.

(Overall, Relic is many things. It’s a look at the early years of Jor-el, it’s another chance for Clark and Lana to spend time working together to try and figure out a problem, and it’s an excuse to allow Tom & Kristin to make out in a way that isn’t possible with Clark and Lana. It also allows Clark to find out that his father was a lot like him. He walked the same streets he currently walks and fell in love with a girl…who happened to be Lana’s aunt. The use of 50’s and 60’s music is done perfectly. The interaction with Joe & Louise is very romantic, especially his reveal of his ability to fly. Finally, the idea that Jor-el wanted Clark to be found by the Kent’s is full of plot holes galore, but I like the idea that he befriended Jonathan’s parents in 1961. In terms of a grade, I would give Relic an A-, continuing the greatness of early season 3 of Smallville.)

We open in Metropolis. We see a man holding a rosary made of kryptonite beads. It’s Morgan Edge and he is having bandages removed following extensive plastic surgery. Morgan mentions it’s like looking at a stranger. The surgeon mentions that was the idea. Morgan notes that his vocal chords are sore. He is told that the swelling will go down. It seems he is trying to avoid Lionel Luthor. OK, real reason for the surgery, Rutger Hauer didn’t return. He takes another look at a mirror and notices Lex behind him. Morgan tries to convince him that it’s not him, but Lex mentions how he can change his face, hair and voice, but he’s got the same DNA. One of Edge’s men puts a gun to Lex. However, Lex was prepared and notes that if he doesn’t walk out in five minutes, the police will be called and Lionel will be informed that Morgan Edge DIDN’T die on the docks. Edge wants to know what Lex is interested in? He wants him to confess that he was involved with Lionel in Lex’s grandparents deaths. Lex seems awfully nervous in this scene. Something isn’t right with him. He mentions how Edge & Lionel split the insurance money after their deaths. Edge asks if Lex is delusional. Lex notes that he’s got evidence, but needs hard proof to take Lionel down. He wants Edge to confess the story and Lionel goes to prison. Lex mentions that Edge can possibly get a new life to go with his new face if he helps out. It’s too bad they couldn’t get Rutger Hauer back to play Morgan Edge. He was very good in that role.

Later, we see Lex going over the tape at the mansion. Edge noted that he helped Lionel get rid of his parents. It seems that the slum lord split the insurance payment with them. It seems that the money helped Lionel make his first business venture. Darius, a security guard, comes in and mentions that Lionel called. Lex decides to hide the tape in his safe. Right after, we see an assassin come in from the skylight. He gets set to shoot him, but Lex notices a red dot aimed at him and ducks. He yells for Darius. Darius comes in, but is immediately shot by the assassin. He continues to try to hit Lex, but has no luck. He begins chasing Lex, but is slowed down when Lex hits in with an antique. Lex makes a run for it and ends up diving out of the window. The assassin continues to shoot at him, but has worse aim than the A-Team did in the television series. Lex scurries away, having seemingly hurt his ankle.

Well, that was crazy.

We return the next morning to the Kent farm. Clark walks up to the loft and notices Lex hiding behind a table. Lex asks if Clark is alone? Clark seems concerned about Lex. He tells Clark that someone tried to kill him. Clark wants to get him to a hospital and call the police. Lex insists on none of that. He notes that they're professionals and it’s too dangerous. Lex tell him of Darius’s death. Clark wants to know who would want to kill Lex? Lex feels that it’s better if Clark doesn’t know too much. After Clark continues his pursuit of the truth, Lex mentions his father as who he believes is responsible. He figures it’s either Lionel or Morgan Edge. Clark, knowing Morgan Edge, seems concerned. However, he acts like he is not really familiar with Edge. He does note that he thought he died a few months back. Lex tells Clark that Edge survived and had plastic surgery. Clark wants to know what Edge would have against Lex? He says he has evidence of their involvement in a crime that could get the death penalty. He notes that the evidence was supposed to be given to the authorities this morning. Lex says that it’s in his safe, but he can’t go back there. We then hear Jonathan calling for Clark. Lex decides to hide again. Jonathan wants Clark to help with the cow milking, but Clark says he is busy studying. Clark tells Lex that he will go to the mansion to check it out. If anyone asks, he will just play dumb and say was looking for him. Michael does a great job playing a crazed guy. He’s able to really show some crazy eyes.

Later, we see Clark entering Lex’s office. He notices nothing suspicious, or signs of any criminal activity. He goes over to the safe and puts in the key and password. However, he finds the safe empty. He leaves the office and runs into a guard. He plays dumb. He asks if Darius is on duty? The guard notes that Darius had the night off. Clark continues to scope out the area with his x-ray vision and notices a piece of stained glass behind a table. Clark asks if anything unusual happened? The guard says not until Clark arrived. As Clark gets set to leave, he drops his keys and in doing so, picks up the glass and leaves.

Back at the farm, Clark tells Lex it was like the twilight zone. He says nothing seemed wrong in the mansion. Lex says he didn’t imagine getting shot. He figures that they had cleaners there to cover their tracks. Clark mentions that they missed a spot. He shows Lex the shard of stained glass from the hallway. Clark called Darius’s home, but according to the answering machine, his wife and kids are visiting relatives. Lex figures Darius is at the bottom of Crater Lake. Clark wonders if they should call the US Attorney? Lex doesn’t think his shard of glass will be enough to convince anyone. Clark asks Lex if anyone can corroborate any part of his story?

At the Torch, we see Clark talking to Chloe. She asks if Lex is all right. Clark mentions that Lex is freaked out and shaken up, but he’s alive. Clark asks her how she got involved in the situation. She says she was researching a story on Lionel Luthor, but she had no idea Lex would develop a theory on Edge & Lionel killing his grandparents. Clark wants Chloe to come with him, due to the danger of being involved in the situation.

Later, at the farm, we see Clark and Chloe pull up the driveway. As they exit, they notice Lionel talking to Martha & Jonathan. Lionel plays dumb around Chloe. He asks Clark if he’s seen Lex? Lionel says that Lex is missing and he needs to find him. Clark notes that he knows Lex well, and feels that if he wanted Lionel to know where he was, Lionel would know. Lionel says that Lex is seriously ill and needs help. He mentions that Lex had a psychotic break. He notes that he had a relapse from the events on the island and now is having paranoid delusions. Lionel pleads with Clark to help if he hears from him. We see Lex watching from a crack in the barn.

Afterward, Clark goes to the barn to find Lex. He hears him singing “Hush Little Baby”. He asks Lex what he is doing. Lex notes that he’s singing the baby to sleep, because his father woke him. Man, Lex looks crazy. Clark asks what he’s talking about? Lex shows him “the baby”, which is actually a wrapped up blanket. Lex thinks it’s his little brother Julian. Clark seems really concerned for Lex at this point.

Clark decides to talk to his parents about the situation. Clark mentions that Chloe is with him now and he seems fine. Jonathan gets upset that Clark didn’t tell them about this. Clark says that Lex is scared and thinks Lionel is trying to kill him. Clark tells them that Morgan Edge is supposedly alive and involved. Jonathan is irate since Edge knows about kryptonite. Clark also tells him that Edge had plastic surgery, so he could be anyone. Jonathan, almost laughing, figures this is another of Lex’s delusions. Martha feels that Lex needs psychiatric care. Then, we see Lex standing behind Clark. He is upset, because of their secretive nature. He feels they are plotting to send him off to the loony bin. Chloe runs to them and notes she tried to stop him. Lex is shocked that they’re all working together. He turns to leave, but Clark stops him. Lex wants to find Morgan Edge so he can prove he’s not crazy.

“You’re either with me or against me, Clark. Choose right now.”

Clark going against Jonathan walks off with Lex.

Later, we see them pull up to the warehouse we found Morgan Edge at the beginning. Lex wants to have Clark stay in the car, but Clark refuses. They walk into the warehouse to find a sewing factory. As Lex walks around, it’s like time has slowed for him. He can’t believe what he’s seeing. Clark mentions that it seems like this place has been here a while. Lex tells him that it’s part of the cover up. Clark asks Lex if there is any possibility he could be imagining all of this? Lex doesn’t want to answer and goes up to a man and wants to know where Morgan Edge is at? He is shaking the man for a response. He then threatens to stitch a seam through his hand if he doesn’t tell him. Clark stops him, noting that the man doesn’t understand English. He tells Clark that he wins, but he didn’t imagine the shard of glass.

That night, we see Clark and Lex at the mansion. Clark wants Lex to call in the Sheriff and bring in a forensics team. We then see Darius, alive and well, in front of them. Lex is shocked to see him alive. He figures that Darius is in on the plan. Upset, Lex takes a drink of scotch. Just then, Dr. Foster shows up to talk to him. She pleads with Lex to come with her. Lex shows her the stained glass shard. She admits the window was broken. However, it occurred when he through a vase through the window following a previous session. She wants to give him a shot. She tells him that it’s a sedative. He feels that she’s drugging him to make him crazy. Darius tries to calm Lex, but he pulls Darius’s gun on him. He orders him to get on the ground. Clark wants him to calm down, but Lex won’t have any of it. He says that as long as the world think he’s crazy, no one will believe what happened with Morgan Edge and Lionel. Dr. Foster tells Clark that the conspiracy theories are a symptom of his condition.

“Shut up. Maybe I am crazy Clark. I honestly don’t know anymore. But what if I’m right about all this? Are you really just gonna let them put me away?”

That was another tremendous scene. Everything is so chaotic in this episode, you don’t know what to expect next.

Later, we see Lana walking into a stable. Thank God, I was fearful that she disappeared. After the upcoming scene, I will probably wish she had disappeared for a few days. Clark comes out from the shadows and scares her. He apologizes for that. Lana got Clark’s message and brought some food, but wants to know what she’s doing at the stable in the middle of the night? Clark shows her Lex sitting on the ground. Lana looks concerned and goes over to sit by him. She asks him what’s wrong? Clark says that he might be drugged. He couldn’t bring him to the farm. Lana wants to know why Clark didn’t tell her about this before? Clark says that everyone who knows is in danger and he promised not to put her in danger ever again. Well DUMMY Clark, what the f**k does this mean then? She knows now, so she’s involved and in danger. Clark mentions that he doesn’t know just what they're mixed up in. He wants Lana to stay with Lex. He tells her that he’s going to get some evidence to Chloe which could prove he’s being drugged. Clark warns her to be careful, because Lex isn't himself. All the more reason to NOT leave her alone with him. : She then goes back over to sit with Lex.

Shortly after, we see Chloe getting out of her car to meet Clark. He gives her some medication he swiped from Dr. Foster and wants her to see about what it does. He would also like her to check on Dr. Foster and the security guards. Chloe mentions that if there’s a conspiracy, they’re likely involved. However, she notes that this isn’t the first time this has happened. After Julian died, Lex displayed some bizarre behavior. He would sit up in the bell tower at school singing to a wrapped up blanket. Chloe wants to believe Lex, but feels they need to start considering the possibilities that he’s losing his mind.

Back at the stable, Lex thanks Lana for coming. She hands him some tea, but Lex gets concerned. He fears that she is involved in drugging him. Lex calls her a liar. He gets REALLY crazy and starts throwing things. Lana pleads with him that she’d never do that. No, but HE would sure drug you a few years later. >:( Anyway, he says he shouldn’t have trusted Lana. Lana wants him to wait. He screams to keep away from him and slams her into a horse stall, which spooks the horse. Lex runs out of the stable. Lana is unable to get out and is trampled by the horse, breaking her leg. F**K. Clark arrives to find Lana lying on the ground. Her leg is REALLY F**KED UP. OUCH, that looks BAD. Damn You Clark for leaving her with Lex. God is he’s a f**king moron at times. >:(

Later, we see Lex try to flag down a truck. The man asks if there is any trouble. Lex slams his face into the steering wheel and steals the truck. GOD, he is bat-sh*t crazy.

Meanwhile at the medical center, we see Clark watching Lana through the window. Poor Lana, she doesn’t look to be in very good shape. :'( Lionel comes over to him and starts talking about Don Quixote and his loyal lackey Sancho Panza. Clark knows where this is going and tries to walk away. Lionel stops him. He wants to know where Clark is going? Clark tells he’s finding Lex. He also says that Lionel should be careful. Lex thinks he’s trying to kill him. Lionel doesn’t want to hear it. He screams that if Clark had listened to him, Lex would be getting the help he needs and Miss Lang wouldn’t be fighting for her life. Lionel leaves just after Chloe shows up. She tells him that the analysis came back a common sedative. How the f**k did any analysis get done in like an hour? Clark feels terrible. He is watching Lana through the window and admits Lionel’s right about him screwing up. Chloe says he might not be wrong. She wonders how the drugs could get into his system. Clark realizes that could have been drugged through the food and drinks that are brought to him.

Clark barges into Lex’s office asking Darius how he did it? Darius asks Clark what he’s talking about? Clark tells him that he knows Darius was getting drugs into Lex’s system.

“I don’t appreciate some farm boy coming in here and accusing me of a felony.”

Clark slams him to the ground and says, “Don’t underestimate farm boys. Bailing hay can make you pretty strong.”

He wants to tell him how they are drugging Lex. If he doesn’t Clark is threatening to break his arm. Darius admits that they drug him through his scotch. SHOCKING.

Clark, busting into his best Jack Bauer impersonation says, “Tell me who you’re working for!”

Darius says he doesn’t know who they are, but he’s got a cell phone number. He orders Darius to call the number and ask the person to meet him at Smallville Stables at noon with money, or he’s going to the cops. Darius thinks Clark’s crazy if he thinks these guys will pay him off. He says that they will kill Clark. Clark says he’ll take his chances. MAN, Clark was a bad ass in this scene. Channeling Jack Bauer is a plus in my book.

Meanwhile, at Luthor Corp, Lex attacks one of Lionel’s security guards and confronts him. Lionel tries to get Lex to sit down and talk. Lex jokes about having a father-son chat. He tells Lionel that he knows Morgan Edge helped Lionel kill his parents and drugging him to make the world think he’s crazy. Lionel says that Edge blew up the building for the insurance money. Lionel says that no matter how badly they treated him, he wouldn’t hurt them. He says that deep down, he knows Lex doesn’t want to hurt him.

“You know what disappoints me dad?”

“All right, tell me.”

“You hired pros to kill me. You always taught me, if you want something done right, do it yourself.”

“The person responsible for this is Morgan Edge. I know where he is. Believe me, we can get justice, Lex. Lex, listen to me.”

“Shush…you’ll wake the baby.”

“It’s, it’s Julian. Are you seeing Julian again?”

“You know I can’t take it when he cries, dad.”

Lex continues to act completely crazy holding a gun.

“Julian isn’t here, Lex. He’s dead.”


“No, Lex. You can’t blame yourself for the baby’s death.”

“Shut Up!”

“I know you didn’t mean to hurt him, I know.”

Lex points the gun at Lionel again

“Shut Up!”

“Lex it was an accident, Lex.”

“Tell me where Morgan Edge is now!”

“All right, all right. You have to be careful, be careful Lex please.”

Lionel writes down an address and hands it to Lex.

“I can’t bear to lose another child.”

Lex pistol whips Lionel in the face and leaves the office to find Morgan Edge.

WOW, that was an impressive scene. Michael and John were on the top of their games. Lex has completely lost it.

We then see Clark at Smallville Stables. In the distance, we see someone pointing a sniper rifle at Clark. However, in a split second, Clark isn’t in his focus. We find Clark is behind him and he threatens to kill him if he doesn’t tell him where to find the guy he works for. Man, he really is Jack Bauer in this episode.

Later, we see Morgan Edge walking through his home. He is still holding the kryptonite beads. He hears a sound and has a guard check it out. We can hear some sort of commotion in the other room. Edge grabs his gun and walks out to the hallway. He finds his man out cold. Lex then comes up behind him and places the gun at his neck.

“I gave you a chance, Edge, but you really screwed up. Now drop the gun.”

“Your father’s the one who screwed up. If we’d done it my way, you’d be dead by now.”

Lex points him back to the living room. “What are you talking about?”

“You really believe you could’ve escaped if I wanted to kill you? It was your father’s idea to make you look crazy instead.”

Lex shoves him and says, “You’re lying!”

“It’s true Lex. Lionel’s gone soft at his old age. He was willing to lose his parents, but he couldn’t bear to lose another child.”

Lex continues to grasp at his neck and just looks awful.

“Neck still bothering you? Muscle aches, sleeplessness? All common side effects of the drugs.”

“I knew I wasn’t crazy. Tell me how you did it.”

“Lionel thought of everything. First the dope, then getting the window fixed, then setting up the sweatshop. All little details to push you over the edge.”

“How do I know it wasn’t all just you?”

“Well, take a look around you. You think I’d be in digs like this if I hadn’t cut a deal with your old man? You gotta admit, it was an elegant plan. Just like when he was a kid. Either you crack so completely that you can’t form a coherent sentence, or anything you say sounds like the ravings of a madman. But he doesn’t have to win, Lex. We can bring him down, together.”

“Maybe I’ll just kill both of you.”

Lex once again points the gun at Edge and prepares to shoot. However, Clark arrives and takes the gun away from him.

“Hi, Kal. I had a feeling we’d see each other again. That’s why I’ve been carrying these around.”

Lex is wondering about Clark’s relationship with Edge and says, “You know each other?”

Edge says, “We go way back.”

“You’re in on this too Clark? You’re in on this too?”

“No, Lex. It’s not what you think.”

Clark is in serious pain as Edge gets closer to him with the kryptonite. He then punches Clark in the face with the kryptonite. He then kicks him in the chest. Lex just watches from the side. He takes one last swing at him and Clark falls to the ground. The kryptonite falls to the ground beside him. Right after, Lex shoots Morgan Edge in the upper right side of his chest, causing him to fall out the window to the ground outside. Clark thanks Lex. However, Lex isn’t interested in his thanks since he feels Clark is a part of this as well. He feels that Clark must die as well. Clark pleads with Lex that he’s a friend and wouldn’t hurt him. Just as Lex puts the gun to Clark’s head, we hear a car starting. Lex runs outside and proceeds to put bullets through Edge’s windshield. He continues at Lex and at the last second, Clark pushes Lex out of the way and just demolishes the front of the car. Lex sees this and is absolutely floored. Clark pushes the car away from him and turns to face Lex.

Lex still staring in awe says, “I was right about you all along, Clark. You’re not even human.”

Clark seems worried, while Lex starts to smirk at what he’s found out.

We see Dr. Foster and some guards arrive right after. He says the car hit Clark at 80 mph and he tossed it like a toy. However, Clark is nowhere in sight. Dr. Foster tells him that she’ll get him the help he needs. Lex is adamant that Clark was there. He begins to scream for him.

That was a tremendous scene and one of the cooler special effects they ever did.

Back at Smallville Medical Center, we see Lana waking up. Clark is sitting beside her. She asks him how Lex is doing. He tells her that Lex isn’t doing so good.

“I’m sorry, I know how much you wanted to help him.”

“The doctors say that you’re doing better.”

“I almost died, Clark.”

“I know.”

“I always thought you were being paranoid.”

“About what?”

“That being around you is too dangerous, but it’s true.”


“It’s okay, Clark. I know. You were only looking out for me, but you’re right. I think I have to stay away from you."

Clark looks crushed and a tears falls down Lana’s face as she closes her eyes. :'(

Oh man, that is a tough scene to watch. I feel so bad for both of them.

Meanwhile, at Belle Reeve, we see Dr. Foster talking to Lionel. He asks her about Lex. Dr. Foster mentions that at the end of the treatment, Lex won’t have any short term memory left. Lionel claims he loves his son more than life itself, but he leaves him no choice. He walks over to watch Lex in his padded cell. Lex looks REALLY pathetic in this scene. The outside of his eyes are completely purplish. Lionel just watches him move around the cell.

Back at Smallville Medical Center, we see Clark watching Lana through the glass. :'(

Finally, we see Lionel place his hand on the glass in front of Lex. Lex just continues to stare into the glass like he’s completely crazy.

That scene was tremendous with Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” playing in the background. A somber end to an utterly fascinating, yet completely depressing episode.

(Overall, again this is a tremendously dark episode, but it’s got so much great stuff in it. Michael is absolutely phenomenal playing a conflicted and crazed Lex Luthor. His scenes with John and Tom were all great. Lionel really is quite a son of a bitch. Poor Lana gets trampled by a horse and finally believes Clark is too dangerous. It’s sad that she felt that way, but lets be honest, it’s not surprising. Clark’s response was also heartbreaking. HOWEVER, while this episode is great, the decision made in that scene I feel really hurt the show. After this episode, the ratings dropped for Asylum and dropped even further going forward. Never again would the show reach near 7 million viewers. Also, I guess the writers watched a couple episodes of 24 before writing this, because Clark acted like Jack Bauer on several occasions. Anyway, this was a tremendous effort that would provide a great lead into Asylum. I give it an A.)

We open a month after the events of Shattered. We start out in Belle Reeve. We are taken through a the facility by the camera and see ALL the crazy people. Man there are a lot of them in that area. We get the typical line of people getting their medication. One of them looks QUITE familiar. Lex is still in Belle Reeve. In what CAN’T be a coincidence, we see the capsules of medicine are red, yellow and a light blue color poll. He downs the pills in front of the lady and walks away. He goes over to work on a painting. He has three colors that he is working with: yellow, red and blue. He then coughs three times and drops the pills into their corresponding color paint and mixes them into the colors. Very smart Lex. We then see Clark in the building. As he makes his way through Belle Reeve, we see Clark run into several of people from his past. Eric Summers from Leech, Ian Randall from Dichotic and Van McNulty from Extinction. They don’t seem to thrilled to see Clark, knowing that he is responsible for their being in Belle Reeve. In fact, Van has to be stopped by guards from attacking him. The most cordial of the three if you could call it that was Ian. He just wants Clark to tell his two favorite ex-girlfriend's hello. The guard mentions that Clark seems to know quite a few of the people in here. Clark just wants to know where Lex is at. He sees Lex working on a painting in the back of the room. Lex has a weird look on his face. Clark walks up to him and Lex grabs his hand. He tells him that he was wondering if he would ever see him again. Clark wants to know that he is okay. Lex goes right into mentioning that he knows his secret. Clark looks at the video camera concerned. Lex says that he hasn’t told anyone about him. He then grabs Clark and tells him that he needs his help to get out of here. Lex knows what Clark can do, so he figures a break out won’t be too hard. He tells Lex that he wants to, and Lex interjects saying that he should do it then. He feels that Lionel will never let him out and that Clark is his friend. Lex doesn’t want to rot in this cesspool. Clark tells him that he is sorry. He then tries to start having a tantrum and implores the guards to get Clark out of his sight. Lex screams that he will never forgive Clark for this. Clark gets out of the room as Lex is subdued by the staff.

Later, we see another guard coming into Lex’s room. He wants to give Lex his medicine. Lex gets up and uses a pencil to stab the guard in the leg. He then chokes out the man so he can escape. He uses the guard’s badge to get around the facility. Eventually, he runs into another guard who calmly tells him to relax and come with him back to his room. Lex has a baton and uses it on the guard and continues running the halls, eventually making his way outside. He sees a fence, which has barbed wire at the top. He tries to climb anyway, but is stopped by the guards with use of a taser gun. He falls down to the ground after screaming. Ouch. He is out cold. TREMENDOUS OPENING SCENES.

The next day, Clark is telling his parents about his meeting with Lex. He mentions that Lex has never seemed so angry with him. He tells them that Lex asked him to break him out. Jonathan is glad he didn’t help him, but Clark notes that he just tried to anyway and injured two guards in the process. Clark is almost positive that Lex is being drugged and doesn’t belong there. However, Martha mentions that this wouldn’t be Lex’s first encounter with mental illness. Jonathan notes that if Clark broke Lex out, he would go to jail and Lex would be free to run around knowing his secret. Clark says that Pete knows his secret and that turned out okay. Jonathan doesn’t think the two are comparable. He is awfully hot-headed in this discussion. The topic then changes to Lana. Martha wishes that Clark would go and see her. He tells her that he is only trying to respect her request to stay away. She feels that Lana was just scared and didn’t mean everything she said. Clark thinks that Lana is right though, all he does is put her in danger. He says that Lana is better off without him. Martha asks if he is better off.

“You know, you can save the whole world Clark, but you gotta take care of your own heart too.”

Meanwhile, at the medical center, we see Lana working out with a physical therapist. While it’s been a month, Lana is still not able to walk without crutches. As she is continuing her therapy, we see another patient named Adam giving her a hard time about not being a wimp and pushing herself harder. He jokes about how Lana got in the hospital. She tells him that a horse got spooked and she ended up under its hooves. He believes that Lana has one more lap in her for today. She seems to be annoyed with his attitude. He thinks Lana just feels sorry for herself. Adam mentions that this attitude won’t help her walk up a flight of stairs. She can’t believe how he is talking to her. Adam feels that no one is ever honest with girls like Lana. He figures she has a boyfriend that is always protecting her. He tells her that she has to fight her battles on her own. WOW, is Adam just a normal guy or a shrink?

Later, we see Lionel arrive at Belle Reeve to talk to Lex. Lex is now being held in some sort of restraints due to his attempted escape. He tells Lex that he was making so much progress. Lionel is sure that Lex hasn’t been taking his medication. Lex tries to convince Lionel that he doesn’t need the medication. He talks about how Lionel killing his parents was just a delusion. He says that he has clawed his way back from the abyss. Lionel tells Lex that his escape attempt ruined his chances of getting home right away. He then mentions how tough it is to see Lex like this. Lionel wants Lex to know that he has his best interest at heart. However, Lex gives away his true feelings when he notes that Lionel’s only interest is in keeping himself out of prison. He walks away from him, as Lex is left to thrashing against his restraints.

Meanwhile, we see Ian Randall and Eric Summers approach Van McNulty. They discuss his little ethnic cleansing campaign in Smallville concerning meteor freaks. However, they have a deal for him. They will help him break out if he informs them of Clark’s weakness. Eric is going to try to steal Clark’s powers again with electricity. Van wants to know how he can trust them? Ian mentions that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Van is left to think over things.

We then are back at Luthor Corp. Lionel is talking with Dr. Foster. He is not pleased with the results so far and wants them to try a dangerous experimental procedure that is only successful around 50% of the time. It also leaves the majority of those failed experiments with irreparable brain damage. Dr. Foster is simply not comfortable with the procedure. Lionel says no risk, no reward. She thinks this sort of action is unconscionable. Lionel notes that it’s not the first time she has experimented with it. He strongly suggests she keep up her end of their bargain.

We then move to the Torch office and Clark is doing research to try to help prove that Lex isn’t insane and doesn’t belong in Belle Reeve. Chloe joins him. He tells her that none of his research is conclusive, but sure that Dr. Foster is drugging Lex. Chloe wants him to continue the research tomorrow. She has to go and pick up Lana. Clark asks Chloe how Lana is doing? She tells her that it’s been tough. Chloe mentions that Lana could use some support. Clark says that he sent her a card. REALLY Clark.

“Nothing says I love you more than a $1.50 piece of cardboard.”

“If she wanted me there, Chloe, I’d be there. Right now I’m just trying to keep my promises for once.”

Clark notices that Lex is scheduled for dangerous electroshock therapy in 24 hours. Clark tells Chloe that many patients who undergo the procedure end up a vegetable. How are people able to so easily find this information?

We then find out that Van was able to pay a guard at Belle Reeve to smuggle in a piece of kryptonite. He tells Ian that the weapon is in the box. He starts to lift weights and Ian decides to split into two. God that is gross. He goes over and kills Van by crushing his throat with the bar. Ian feels that Van should know better than to trust a meteor freak. Seriously, I wouldn’t trust ANYONE in that loony bin.

At Metropolis General Hospital, Dr. Foster is confronted by Chloe and Clark. He wants to know if this is what she has planned for Lex. They accuse her of drugging Lex into his delusional state. They talk lawsuits and how Lionel helped her pay off another person who sued her over the procedure. She is also warned that if anything goes wrong with the procedure, Lionel will come after her. Chloe implores Dr. Foster to help Lex and herself.

Meanwhile, Ian comes into Lex’s cell. He decides that he will offer Lex a deal. He will help him break out if he will help him get started on a new life. He won’t accept his terms. He won’t deal with Ian since he tried to kill Lana and Chloe the year prior. Ian mentions that he is all better now. Lex says he is happy for him, but isn’t interested. Ian tries to convince him that it’s the best option due to pending electroshock therapy coming up shortly. After hearing this, Lex still doesn’t give him an answer.

Later, at Smallville Medical Center, we find Lana doing some more sessions. She tries to reach her crutches, but falls to the ground. Adam makes sure that she is okay. It seems she changed her therapy schedule to not be during Adam’s. He tries to convince her that he used to be a nice guy without any issues. Lana feels that nice guys normally have the most issues. Adam apologizes to Lana for taking out his frustrations on her. She recognizes that he is sort of right. She hasn’t been pushing herself. She asks why he is here. He tells her that he tried to get into a burning building and a beam collapsed on him. His parents were inside and he thought he could save them. Of course, a story of parents dying really hits Lana hard. She tells him that she is sorry. Adam notes that it happened and he needs to move on.

We then return to Smallville High School and see Clark talking to Pete about his conversation with Dr. Foster. It seems he was able to convince her to stop the procedure and is on her way to signing the cancellation papers. Pete mentions that Lex knows Clark’s secret and could be a danger. He says that he isn’t willing to let Lex suffer to protect his secret. Pete isn’t sold on Lex’s ability to be trusted. Clark thinks that Pete doesn’t give him a chance, while Pete thinks Clark gives Lex too many chances. Pete adds that Clark has no idea how hard it is to keep his secret. Chloe then arrives with the startling news that Dr. Foster died in a car accident. Immediate suspicion among them is that Lionel was involved. Chloe and Pete want him to back off. Of course, we know Clark will have no part in that.

Later, we see Clark arrive at Belle Reeve. He forces Lex’s door open and gets him out of his restraints. Lex says that all this time he was right about Clark. Before Clark can respond, both Ian’s arrives with kryptonite. They begin to beat the crap out of Clark and Lex. Clark is on the ground with the kryptonite. One of Ian’s selves is talking to Lex. He tells them if their plan to escape is hurting Clark, he won’t get a cent, because Clark is his friend. They grab Clark and take him out. Lex tries to save Clark, but he just doesn‘t have any energy. He passes out on the floor.

They take Clark to a high voltage area of the facility. They get things set to attempt the transfer. At the same time, Lex is once again awake and tries to find Clark, but is stopped by guards who restrain him. God, this is just not a good time to be Lex Luthor. He is getting the sh*t kicked out of him all episode long.

Now, We actually see Lana take a couple steps without crutches, so things are getting better. Lana is really impressed and doesn’t think it would have been possible a few days ago. It must be said that the wardrobe staff for this episode, once again picked the perfect attire to drive men wild. I mean holy sh*t!!! That is some ass on the Kreuk. I don’t think it’s legal in the state of Kansas. We then see Adam get close to Lana and things are a little awkward when Martha opens the door. Lana is surprised to see her. It seems that she is taking Chloe’s place in giving her a ride home. Adam leaves them and once again we have an awkward moment where they discuss her “interesting physical therapist”. They walk over to a bench and sit down. They talk a little about Clark. Lana mentions that she got his card. Martha is sorry that he hasn’t come to see her. Lana admits it was kind of her idea. Martha tells Lana that he never meant to put her in danger. She wonders if Clark sent her to argue his case. Martha mentions that Clark would be upset if he knew she was talking for him. Lana just wants Clark to be happy. WHAT. Martha tells Lana that she needs to be happy as well. Decent scene, Lana looks scorching hot, Martha was a mother figure and Adam seems somewhat normal.

Meanwhile, we notice that Lex is being dealt with and strapped down by doctors for the procedure. Lex is very scared of what is going on. He tries to bribe a doctor. Lionel shows up and tells him that they just want him to be better. Lex calls Lionel a liar. Lionel is sorry it came to this, but it’s for his own good. They begin the procedure. God Lionel is a son of a bitch in this episode. I guess just like he was nearly all of the time back then.

We then cut to Eric who wants to start their procedure with Clark. He holds a meteor rock in Clark’s hand and Ian sends electricity through their bodies. When the electricity is being used by Ian, the treatment of Lex is being disturbed. Afterward, Eric now has Clark’s powers and tosses him across the room. Man, Jimmy Olsen is beating the sh*t out of Clark. This continues until Ian tells him they have to leave. However, Eric is pissed and beats down Ian so he can continue to fight Clark. At this time, Clark grabs a piece of kryptonite and uses it on Eric. He pushes him against an electrical box and uses it to restore his powers. He then turns of the power of the electrical box. However, we find out that it actually allows the power to get going in the room Lex’s procedure is taking place. Lex is REALLY shaking and then he stops. Lionel wants them to do it again. Holy sh*t, Lex is going to be fried. Clark orders Eric to tell him where Lex would be at. Clark runs to Lex, but finds out he is too late. He has already had the procedure done. Lionel is telling Lex that its all over. Clark seems REALLY upset.

Later, we see Lana visit Adam one more time in the hospital. She has finally graduated from crutches to a cane. He is busy undergoing some hydration therapy. She brings him some food from the Talon and tells him she will come visit him. Adam tells Lana that he likes her, but gets the feeling that there is someone else and he doesn’t want to be caught in the middle. Lana doesn’t think that there is anything to be caught in the middle of. However, she tells him that she’s not ready to be jumping into another relationship. He tells her that he has no interest in being her rebound boy, but he would like to be a friend. Lana would like that. They shake hands and she leaves.

Meanwhile, Clark decides to visit Lex in the mansion. He goes over to Clark and shakes his hand. Lex mentions that he heard that Clark came to visit, but he wasn’t a very cordial host. He apologizes for his actions. Lex doesn’t seem to have any recollection of Clark and his powers. Clark asks him if he knows why Lionel had him committed. Lex says it was related to the trauma from the island. It caused him to have a break. He is thankful that his father recognized it in time. Clark says he is glad as well. He asks if Clark wants to tell him something. The secret is safe and Clark decides to not tell Lex about what really happened and just welcomes him home. Lex tells him that there is one thing he will never forget. Clark wonders what that was. He tells Clark that he will never forget how important his friendship to Clark is. He walks back over to Clark and gives him a hug. Ah, you could always count on the Clex hugs back then.

Later, we see Clark talking to his parents. Clark looks really upset at what happened. Of course, Jonathan is thrilled that the secret is safe. However, Clark’s main concern is that Lionel got away with the murder of his parents. Jonathan implores Clark to stay away from Lionel. He feels that there are people who are more powerful than Clark. Clark mentions that he envy’s Lex because he seems so happy. He adds that he wishes he couple wipe away the last several months of his life. Martha tells him that he has another friend who recently returned home. She wants him to go and visit Lana at her welcome home party. Clark decides to go. Man, you can always count on good Kent family scenes.

We then see Lionel reviewing the tape from Clark and Lex’s meeting at Belle Reeve. This tape was just brought to his attention. He is shocked when he realizes that Lex actually knew the secret of Clark Kent. However the procedure that he forced Lex to endure has lost that information. Side-note, see this is another spot where the Veritas story fails. If Lionel TRULY knew that Clark was Kal-El or the Traveler, this reaction wouldn’t occur.

Cue… “So Far Away” by Staind.

We see Clark arrive at the Talon to find Lana talking to Pete & Chloe. She is smiling and walks away from them. Clark notices her leg brace and cane and seems to feel sad. Lana smiles at first, but sadness seems to flood Lana’s face and that transfers over to Clark. Another girl comes up to Lana to talk and they walk away. Clark turns and leaves with a somber look on his face, as Lana is seen almost ready to cry in the corner.

We open outside the Smallville Youth Center. Clark and Pete are walking towards the entrance and Pete mentioned that he was surprised that Lana could find someone to cover for her, but then he notes that should have counted on the Clark factor. Clark tells him that she is having a tough time over a history exam. Clark feels that it's great that Pete does so much volunteer work with the teen crisis hotline. Pete notes that someone has always been there for him when he was in trouble, so figured it's a good way to give something back. Of course, as he says this we see a girl say hello to him. Yeah, Pete The Boss Ross always has other motives. The phone rings and Pete wants Clark to watch and learn. Pete answers the phone and it seems he is talking to someone about their parents divorce. Pete seems pretty good at this. At the same time, another phone rings and Pete wants Clark to answer it. Clark answers the phone and a weird sounds comes over the phone. He then hears Lana saying that it's happening. We cut to Lana who is running through what looks like a warehouse. Lana mentions that someone has a gun. We also focus on a radio which mentions the score of a basketball game. At the same time, a gun shot rings out, but misses Lana. Lana exits the building into the pouring rain. She is screaming for Clark to help her. Clark can't seem to understand what is going on. We then see her chaser come out of the building with a gun. A shot rings out and Lana is hit in the back and falls into the water filled street. They killed LANA. Those bastards. Clark is worried, he tells Pete to call the police. She immediately speeds off as we see the blood soaking Lana's body. He arrives at the Talon and is SHOCKED when he sees Lana and Chloe are busy studying. They make a couple jokes, but Clark doesn't look amused. Now THAT was an interesting start to an episode.

It's the following morning at the youth center. Sheriff Adams has joined the gang to listen to the tape of Lana's phone call. Lana as you would expect as extremely freaked out. Clark thinks it's some sort of prank. Adams mentions that these sort of things usually originate close to home. She wants to know if Lana is responsible and just trying to scare them. Clark speaks for Lana and mentions that she wouldn't do that. Sheriff Adams is NOT amused and wonders if Miss Lang has grown several inches and developed an affinity for plaid, it would be a good time for Clark to be quiet. She tells them she will look into it, but crank calls are not at the top of her priority list. Lana is really upset, Clark tells her they will figure out who did this.

Later, we see Clark, Chloe and Lana at the Torch examining the recording. They cut out parts of the audio and can hear rain. BTW, since when do high school computers have the type of equipment necessary to remove parts on an recording and how is Chloe able to do this. She wasn't super computer Chloogle yet. They are surprised because the recording makes it seem like Lana was expecting this to happen. We then see Clark using his super hearing to pick up a small bit of audio in which someone is saying ... You lied to me! Clark wants to take a shot with the audio. He does some random clicking which makes NO sense because he isn't a computer genius either, but a few clicks and presto, he has a clip in which we can hear Adam saying you lied to me. Lana mentions that hasn't spoken to him since he left. Chloe wonders how Clark was able to hear that. He tells her that he missed too many Linkin Park concerts. Clark realizes that there is someone else on the clip. He extracts it and we hear someone commentating on a basketball game. This is entertaining, but COMPLETELY absurd. Clark mentions that the game taking place couldn't have happened because the teams hadn't played yet. In fact, their first game is tonight. Also, a storm is on the way as well. Lana wonders if the call came from the future. Creepy!

Meanwhile, we see Lex throw a vial of medication on Lionel's desk. Lex confronts him about a lab that Lionel is working at. Lionel tries to act like he is unaware of what Lex is talking about. Lex tells him that he is working on a serum that has a Lazarus effect on dead people. Lionel continues to laugh at Lex's idea. He then shows Lionel some paper work on the studies. He notes that while not specifics, could raise some eyebrows at the Daily Planet. Lionel takes this as a threat. Lex mentions that it isn't a threat and he wants to be in charge of the project.

We cut to the lab and see men putting the serum away. Lionel confronts Dr. Teng about his son's visit to the lab. He tells her that it doesn't matter how he found out, the project doesn't exist, it never did. Lionel wants the lab cleared out by the end of the day. Lionel makes another threat to Dr. Teng and leaves. She then goes back to Adam's holding cell. She is going to administer another dose of medication, but is stopped by Adam who takes the syringe and uses it. His skin goes from yellow to normal in a couple seconds. He wants to know where she has been. Dr. Teng notes that she is sorry for his pain. She also mentions that they are shutting down the lab. Adam understands that he is going to be left without any medicine. In other words, he will die in 12 hours. He gets an infuriated look and we cut away.

Later at the mansion, we see Clark talking to Lex about the situation with Lana. He tells Lex that if the phone call comes tonight, they need to find Adam. Lex wants to know how he can help. Clark informs Lex that he knows about the lab and Lex's meeting with Dr. Teng. Lex wants to know if Clark has been following him. Clark goes over the scenario with Adam and his death. Clark wants to know where Adam is. Lex is unsure about helping. Clark pulls the Lana card with Lex to try to get his assistance. Lex notes that he won't come after Lana, because he can't leave the lab and needs constant injections to stay alive. Clark wants Lex to take him to the lab.

We then cut to the lab, which looks disheveled. As they walk around, they notice dead bodies. They go back to Adam's cell, but notice he is gone. Dr. Teng is lying dead on the ground.

Meanwhile, we see Lex in Lionel's office waiting for him. He wants to know if it was worth it to sacrifice all the technicians and Dr. Teng's life. Lionel doesn't act so worried. He mentions that he has someone extremely gifted in charge. This stops Lex dead in his tracks. It seems Lionel thinks Lex is in charge and will take care of things. Lex notes that he isn't suiting up in the 11th hour to clean up his mess. Very good scene.

Over at the Talon, we see Clark and Lana leaving the apartment. Clark is describing what he saw at the research facility. Clark believes that Adam killed all the people. Chloe then joins them and mentions that the phone call came from a phone registered to Gwen Burton. They tell Chloe the name isn't familiar to them. Chloe mentions that checked her phone records and no outgoing calls were made last night. Okay, once again, HOW THE f**k can you get those records Chloe? Clark thinks this gives them an advantage. They know what will happen, so just need to keep Adam away from Lana. Clark wants to bring Lana out to the farm. Lana is worried that they won't be able to stop the events from transpiring.

Later, we are at Smallville Medical Center, where it seems that Clark has once again left Lana to search for information. He runs into Gwen Burton at the hospital. She mentions that she didn't make any phone calls last night. Clark tells her that her phone is going to be involved in a crime tonight. Oh boy Clark, that will win you favor with her. Gwen seems to think he needs medical help. Clark doesn't give up. She mentions that she gave her phone to her husband today.

We then see her husband on the side of the road fixing a flat tire. He answers the phone and is talking with Gwen. She mentions the situation with Clark, but as the conversation takes place, we see a very yellow Adam show up and attack the man, stealing the car and phone. Gwen is shocked that he isn't answering, but notices that Clark has already left.

Clark makes his way to the man and he tells Clark that he was hi-jacked by a junkie. Clark wants to know what way he went. Okay, time for more logic, first thing I would do would be to look at the tire tracks, might help tell what way he went. Anyway, the man mentions that he doesn't have his cell phone anymore. Clark realizes that Adam has the phone and is upset.

We then cut to the Kent farm and I notice that they are using the same stormy sky effect that would be used in Spell. Jonathan comes down the stairs with a sweater for her to wear. Great, now she is wearing the clothes she gets shot in. Chloe was on the phone with Clark. He told her that he just missed Adam and he has possession of the cell phone. Lana is getting really worried at this point. Jonathan tells her not to worry. He isn't going to let anything happen to her. He then grabs the gun off the wall. Chloe feels like she isn't doing any good sitting there, so she is going to check the police scanner at the Torch. Jonathan gives her the keys to the truck because he doesn't want her to get in an accident near the creek with her small car. Chloe leaves as Jonathan puts his arm around Lana to make her feel safe. I love this scene, because we have Jonathan being a father figure for Lana.

Meanwhile, Lex is at the mansion on the phone, when Clark come right in. Lex tells Clark he has no new information on Adam. Clark mentions that Adam knows about the serum so he will be looking for some to stay alive. Lex informs him that there is no more left to find. At the exact moment, we see Metropolis PD come in with a warrant. Lex wants Clark to leave, but the detective notes that since Clark was also at the scene of the crime, he would like him to stay for some questions. GREAT, just GREAT. DAMMIT Clark, if you would just stay with Lana.

Over at the Torch, we see Chloe confronted by Adam. Man he REALLY is looking yellow. He wants to find Lana. He seems to think she knows where his serum is at. He then sees the truck and believes it's the Kent's. Chloe tries to get away, but Adam uses a pair of scissors to force her to do what he wants.

Back at the farm, we see Jonathan fixing some coffee for Lana. At the same time, we hear the truck horn honking. Lana wants to know why Chloe is not coming inside. Jonathan wants her to lock the door behind him. He takes the gun and heads towards the truck. Chloe is trying to warn him, but he can't hear her. From behind, Adam hits him with a shovel. He grabs the gun and yells for Lana to come out or he will kill Jonathan and Chloe. Of course, she comes out to try to stop him from doing this. She offers to do whatever if he leaves them alone. CLARK WHERE ARE YOU!. They get into the truck and drive away.

Back at the mansion, we see some footage of Lex talking with Dr. Teng. Lex mentions that he called in the ambulance, so why would he be involved in the murders. They then bring out some memo's that are supposedly signed by Lex. He notes that he has never seen them before. He feels that he is being set up. The detective then confronts Clark. Clark feels that the officer is bluffing and that Lex didn't do anything. At that moment, another officer mentions the basketball game. Why they are discussing basketball games at a time like this is anyone's guess? Clark tells the man that he NEEDS to go. He wants to know if they are keeping him from something. Clark asks if they called his parents. He tells him that they have tried, but no one answered. Clark mentions that the newspapers would love a story about a minor being held for questioning without a guardian. That seems to peak the detectives interest and he allow him to leave. Clark runs off.

We are now in a storage facility where we see Adam hit a guard in the head with the gun to knock him out. He then drags Lana along with him. He seems to be searching for his belongings. He thinks he has some serum stored away in a book. They find the book, but the serum is missing. Adam is desperate since he has very little time left. Adam wants to know where it's at and he gets violent. Lana trips him and the gun goes off. Holy sh*t, he just slammed her into a fence and punched her in the side. He goes back to get the gun, but Lana takes some chains and slams them into his face. She grabs the phone and runs away. Oh boy, this seems familiar.

Meanwhile, back at the Kent farm, we see Clark walk in to find Martha, Chloe and Jonathan. He wants to know what happened. Chloe notes that Lana is with Adam and he has the gun. See Clark, THIS is the result of not staying next to Lana the ENTIRE day. Chloe mentions that Lana has something of Adam's. Clark decides to get to the Youth Center to get ready for the call. Jonathan mentions that the call wasn't clear. Clark feels that he can find out why and get better reception and get to her. We also hear the score of the game, its getting very close to the moment. BTW, how the f**k do they explain Lana's save to Chloe. I mean he is going all the way across town, then all the way across town again to save her in like 5 minutes. I guess that is television. Oh well, I am entertained, that is all that matters.

We then cut back to the storage facility to see Lana racing through what looks like a maze of walls. Adam is busy screaming for Lana in the background. Lana then decides to place the phone call, tripping Adam as he walks by.

At that moment, Clark picks up the phone at the youth center. We are able to see that a power line has fallen on a phone service box, which is causing the bad signal. Clark runs outside to check it out. There is an electrical short and the other problem is that there seem to be meteor rocks near-bye. It doesn't look good for poor Lana. She continues to run around trying to find an exit. She wants to know why Clark isn't picking up. Clark fights through the kryptonite and tries to lift up to get a clearer reception. At this time, Lana has left the building and Adam gets ready to take his shot. Clark finally gets it off the ground and screams for her to tell him where she is. At the moment she tells him she is at Walcott Storage, a gun shot rings out and Clark speeds after her. Very cool special effects of the bullet going through the rain drops towards a running Lana. Of course Lana is frozen since the bullet moves so fast, but then we see Clark jump in front at the LAST second to take the bullet into his chest. At that moment, Lana falls down and Adam seems to be dying as well. Clark zips up his jacket to hide the bullet hole and makes sure Lana is okay. Clark then walks over to Adam. He tells Clark that he saw him take the bullet. He informs him that Lionel sent him to look after him. He also notes that Lionel won't stop coming after him. He then dies in front of Clark. Afterward, Clark walks back to Lana and gives her a hug in the rain. AWESOME scene that was very intense.

Later, we see Lex being placed in hand-cuffs by the officers. At just that moment, Agent Loder of the FBI comes in and says the case has been bumped up a peg. It seems that Lex's lawyers got the feds to come in. He offers Loder a deal. Lex wants the cops to drop the charges and give him immunity and he will offer the biggest catch of Loder's career. Lex wants to bring down his father.

We then see Lionel talking with Dr. Bergin about the project. Dr. Bergin feels that he could have a trial up and completed in a year. Lionel doesn't think that is good enough. He wants it up and running within a week. Dr. Bergin doesn't think there is time. Lionel notes that he is doesn't have time. He has been diagnosed a rather unique liver disease and has no options.

Meanwhile, Lana is at the Talon reading "Theories of Time Travel". Clark joins her and asks if she had any luck. Clark doesn't think they are going to crack the time travel theory in one night. Lana doesn't understand how he got from the youth center to the storage facility in a split second. Clark mentions it was more than a few seconds. Lana doesn't seem convinced. Clark then tries to pull an excuse out of his ass about time anomaly's. Jesus Clark just tell her the f**king truth. Once again, she didn't know your secret and because of it, she almost died. It should be noted that Lana is once again wearing green in this scene. They should only ever dress Lana in green or purple. Clark changes the subject and wants to know why Lana called the hotline and not the police. Lana tells him that she knew he would be there. Ah, her hero would come and rescue her. Lana feels that they cheated fate. Clark notes that he was worried he wouldn't get to her in time. Lana is realizing that she makes so many decisions because she is scared by how things will end up. Clark agrees with her and says they both do their share. Lana thinks it's time to stop being afraid. Lana always thought her life was mapped out, but maybe they have more control of the futures than they think. She leaves him to those thoughts and goes back to work. Clark is left looking like he has a million thoughts going through his mind.

Meanwhile, we return to Luthor Corp to find a disheveled Lionel looking at some medical reports. It seems his condition IS terminal. He grabs a case and goes to sit on the couch. He takes on last drink and opens the case to reveal a gun. In the background we hear some opera music playing. If wikipedia is correct, it's "Les Pecheurs De Perles", by Georges Bizet. Lionel takes the gun and cocks it and places the barrel near his mouth as we fade right into the barrel as the episode ends.

Season 4Edit

Season four chronicles Clark and his classmates' senior year of high school and centers on his attempt to unite the three stones of knowledge, and trying to cope with Lana's new relationship with Jason Teague. Clark's friendship with Lex becomes increasingly strained, as he begins to distrust Lex more and more.

We open with Clark throwing the football around the yard. He is imagining winning the championship game. I must say, he has a ROCKET for an arm. He is joined by Jonathan and Jason. Jason is clapping for Clark and jokes that he didn’t know Clark could see into the future. Clark says he was just practicing. Jason thinks it’s good to visualize the winning play. He tells Clark that the coach from Met U will be at the game on Friday. Clark is very excited by the news, but he then hears a painful sound ringing in his ear. Jonathan makes up an excuse and Jason leaves. Clark thinks he needs to find the sound. He then runs away towards the sound.

Meanwhile, at the Kansas State Penitentiary, we see Lionel talking to Lex. God, Lionel looks like sh*t. Lex mentions that Lionel only has a month left to live. Lionel says that he didn’t want to die, without telling Lex that he loved him. He then reaches across the table to grab Lex’s hand. Lex seems tempted to grab his hand. At that moment, Clark arrives at the penitentiary and uses x-ray vision on Lionel’s hand. He is holding the water stone. He goes to stop Lionel and grabs him. As he does this, Lionel grabs Clark’s hand and they seemingly switch bodies. They even have a cool effect where right before the transfer is completed, we see Clark’s face on Lionel and Lionel’s face on Clark. Clark, who is now in Lionel’s body is dragged away guards. He is furious and worried about what has happened. Lex wants to know what Clark is doing there? Lionel (as Clark) comes up with an excuse about meeting Lionel. They walk away from the penitentiary together as Lionel admires his new face.

We then see Lionel (as Clark) dropped off at the farm by Lex. He tells Clark that he doesn’t seem like himself. Clark mentions that being in the prison upset him. He makes some pointed comments about Lex and his relationship with Lionel and sending him to jail. He asks Lex if the blood relationship doesn’t mean anything to him? Lex doesn’t understand when Clark became a member of the Lionel Luthor fan club. Clark gets out of car and notes that Lionel is only his father, why should Lex feel anything. Lex doesn’t know what to make of Clark and his comments and drives away.

Clark then walks towards the house. He is then called over to the tractor by Jonathan. Tom is PERFECTLY mimicking Lionel’s mannerism’s, including the hands behind the back and walking slowly as only Lionel does.

“Do you feel all right?”

“I feel fine.”

Jonathan asks him to lift up the tractor. Clark has a baffled look on his face and asks how he would do that? Jonathan insists he get a move on it. Clark leans down and is shocked when he is able to pick the back end of the tractor right away. He is told to raise it higher.

When he does, Clark says, “Of course. It all makes sense now.”

“What’s that?”

“Oh! It’s just ah, boy is it dirty under here”

“Are you sure you’re all right?”

“Never felt better in my life.”

That was a GREAT scene. Tom was great, John S was great as well.

Meanwhile, Clark (as Lionel) is busy looking over the articles and research on the Stones of Power. His roommate, Edgar Cole, is shocked to find out that it’s NOT Lex who is in Lionel’s body. Edgar says the stone was meant for Lex. Clark asks about all the research. Edgar says that the water stone is the element of transformation. He tells Clark (as Lionel) that the other symbols mean fire and air. Mayan legend states that if they are combined, it will lead the person to a trove of knowledge beyond your wildest dreams. Clark asks Edgar why he is prison? He says he was framed for embezzlement. It seems Edgar is a mathematician. Clark finds it funny that he just happened to end up in the same cell as Lionel Luthor. He tells Clark that he is hoping that Lionel helps him get out of prison like he told him he would. That is, if Lionel survived long enough. He mentions that Lionel is dying of an incurable liver disease. Clark realizes that if Lionel is dying, he is going to die.

Back at the farm, we see Lionel (as Clark) admiring his body. He is on the phone talking to a foreign bank about his assets. He wants to transfer funds, but his voice verification fails. We then see Martha come into the loft. Lionel (as Clark) calls her Martha. She is shocked to find Clark wearing a dress shirt and pants. He says he is bored with plaid. She gets ready to leave and he runs over to her, using super speed. He is shocked to find out this power as well. He tells Martha that she looks beautiful. She seems to notice that Clark just isn’t acting normal. She asks about the ringing in his ears. He changes the subject and mentions that he needs a hug. Lionel (as Clark) gives Martha a big hug and in one of the weirdest moments in the entire series, becomes sexually aroused and blasts heat vision out of the window. Martha is shocked and wonders what has gotten into him. She wants him to go put it out. GOD that was f**king creepy.

Later, we see Jason return to the farm to see how Clark is doing. Jonathan slaps Clark on the shoulder and in an awkward moment, he does the same. Also, it doesn’t seem like Clark has any idea who Jason is. Jason says that he will see him at practice. Clark doesn’t think he can make it. Jason is surprised, considering how important the game is going to be for a potential scholarship. Clark tells Jason that he isn’t going to play in the football game on Friday and that he has other priorities. Jason is shocked at this news. Clark doesn’t seem to care and he slams the door in his face.

We then see Clark (as Lionel) asking Edgar to help him. They go to the common are where a HUGE man approaches Clark and threatens to kill him. Clark has no chance against this guy without his powers.

Lionel (as Clark) has decided to go to the Torch office to attempt to access the Luthor Corp database. However, it seems that his passwords have been changed by Lex. We then see Chloe arrive. He tells Chloe that he is concerned about her well being. Clark starts to taunt Chloe about Lionel getting out of prison and getting vengeance. She wonders why he is bringing this up? She isn’t shaking in her sneakers, because he won’t eligible for parole until he is like 112. Clark says that you never know. He could get out sooner than you think. Clark then says that he really finds Chloe fascinating. He is seemingly going to try to kiss Chloe, but at the last second pulls away and whispers “Don’t you wish” and leaves Chloe alone. OH MAN, THAT WAS HARSH.

Meanwhile, Lana and Jason are in his office discussing Isobel. She mentions a town Castelnau-de-Montmiral and the way she said it was OH so hot. Oh, the town is the same place that her ancestors came from. BTW, I am just LOVING the slight red highlights in her hair. Good lord. Oh and once again, Lana when not with Clark dresses WAY sexier. (although she goes with dark colors a little too much) Jason tells her that they will figure this out together and they hug.

We then see Lionel (as Clark) walking the halls and scoping out the girls.


Clark then hears Jason and Lana talking with the super hearing and opens the door on them, catching them kissing. They both are shocked and move apart.

“Oh, please don’t stop on my account.”

“Clark, it’s.”

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me. Lana, you’re young, vital, you have needs. Right, coach?”

Clark then shuts the door on them as Lana looks concerned. That was hilarious. Once again, Tom had the right facial expressions to go with the dialogue.

Lionel (as Clark) then decides to visit Clark (as Lionel). He realizes that Clark (as Lionel) has the stone, so he avoids touching him. He tells Clark that with his mind & Clark’s body, the sky is the limit. He needs him to record his voice saying the access codes to the bank accounts. He stays he will kill Lex if he refuses. Clark (as Lionel) seemingly goes along with it as we cut away.

Later, we see bad news for Lionel (as Clark). He finds out that the accounts have been drained of the money. He is furious and smashes the phone. Just then, Lana enters the barn. Lana is sorry that he found out about Jason the way he did. She mentions they met in Paris and spent a lot of time together.

“How romantic. A lovers’ meeting, first kiss shared on the banks of the River Seine.”

“He moved to Smallville to be with me, it’s kind of serious.”

“I’m not surprised, a man would travel around the world, to pluck your succulent fruit”. (That might be one of my favorite lines of dialogue in show history. The delivery by Tom is just extraordinary.)

“Don’t you talk to me like that.” Lana starts to walk away from him.

“I can’t help it, sorry.”

“Clark, I need you to promise me something.”

“Whatever you want.” (God Clark doesn’t look like he gives sh*t)

“Don’t tell anyone about me and Jason” (God Lana is really bitchy in this scene…Damn writers)

“I don’t understand why you’re so interested in this high school football coach? Think a minute, do you have any idea what I have to offer you?

“Yeah, yeah, I think I do. Lies, secrecy and a whole lot of confusion. You’re the one who broke up with me, remember.”

“Of that was a mistake, I was too young to know what I was doing. I’m older now, more mature.”

“Well, I’m not so sure.”

“Oh Lana, I’m very different, let me show you.”

Clark leans in and forces a kiss on Lana. She gets REALLY pissed and slaps his face. Shouldn’t that hurt Lana? (especially since Lionel doesn’t know how to take a slap with his powers)

“Who the hell do you think you are?”

Clark smirks, “Clark Kent, of course.”

Anyway, she leaves really pissed off and Clark just touches his face. Man, even Lionel wants to get him some of the Lang.

Meanwhile, we see Martha at the prison. Clark (as Lionel) tries to convince her of his true identity. He mentions some moments from his childhood to convince her. She is shocked. Clark tells Martha that the stone allowed Lionel to switch bodies with him. He wants Martha to be careful.

Later, we see Lionel (as Clark) arrive at the Luthor mansion.

“Crunching numbers, or spinning daydreams.”

He strolls right into Lex’s office and walks towards the alcohol. Lex just stares at Clark since he is dressed in a navy blue dress shirt and black pants. He doesn’t seem to know what to think. Clark pours himself a scotch. Lex is shocked.

“I didn’t know you were a scotch drinker?”

“It’s very difficult to resist a 29 year old highland. I had a feeling you’d pillage your fathers collection of single malts.”

“Now how do you know it’s from my dad?”

“Isn’t it all your dads? This castle, Luthor Corp, the cars, the jets, everything from the very cufflinks on your sleeves.”

Lex just smirks at him as Clark take a drink. He walks over towards the desk.

“Clark, I know you well enough to realize this isn’t you talking.”

“You’re absolutely right, I’m not myself.” Clark takes a big drink of his scotch.

“I’m under stress. Lex I need to get my hands on 57 million dollars.”

“That’s an interesting dollar amount.”

“It’s not your money, you stole it. Now I want it back.”

Lex goes to grab a gun, but Clark uses his super speed to grab him by the neck. He takes him to the front of the desk and lowers his face towards the phone.

“Now get on the phone. Tell the bank to wire the money or I’ll snap your larynx like a twig. All right?”

“Go ahead, kill me.”

“I’ll I wanted was the best for you, and you destroyed me.”


At this moment, we see Martha arrive with a meteor rock. Lionel (as Clark) runs away as Martha tries to make sure Lex is okay.

TREMENDOUS SCENE. Tom was off the charts awesome playing Lionel (as Clark) here.

She then calls Jonathan to tell him about Clark. However, Lionel (as Clark) has arrived and he throws Jonathan across the kitchen. He wants to know what can hurt him. At that moment, there is a call from Edgar. He mentions that needs to speak to him immediately.

He shows up to talk to Edgar at the prison. He mentions that the transfer of bodies isn’t going to last forever. He says the only way to likely ensure staying in the body is to kill Lionel (as Clark). At that time, we see a riot breaking out between the inmates due to Lionel‘s debt to the other prisoner. They begin to fight and Clark actually manages to take him out. Now things get really crazy, and I am reminded of the season one finale of Oz. As this is going on, we see Lionel (as Clark) confront Clark (as Lionel) He grabs him by the throat and lifts him off the ground. However, Clark (as Lionel) is hiding the water stone in his shirt and slips it out and connects the two again. We see the spirits of each person switch back into the old body. Clark drops Lionel and the stone on the ground and runs away as guards try to control the riot situation.

Later, we see Clark talking to Martha and Jonathan about what has happened. They tell him that he quit the football team and really upset Chloe and Lana. They begin to talk about the stones. He thinks he needs to go back and get the stone. Clark mentions that he is drawn to them. Clark tells them about the dais in the caves in which can place them. In other words, he thinks he is supposed to find them. They wonder why he didn’t tell them about this before. The subject changes towards Lionel. Jonathan and Martha are concerned since he knows Clark’s secret. Clark mentions that Lionel won’t be a problem for long because he is dying.

Meanwhile, we see Lionel being checked out by a doctor. He informs him that his liver has healed itself. Lionel is shocked at this news. He mention that he has no recollection of the last several days. Lionel feels something inside of him has changed profoundly. He doesn’t think he is the same man anymore.

The next day at school, we see Clark trying to reconcile with Chloe. He apologizes, but Chloe doesn’t seem to want to hear it. She feels he needs psychological help. They run into Lana and Chloe mentions that she can deal with him now. Lana asks him if he has said anything to anyone? Clark has no idea what she is talking about. Lana mentions that this isn’t about them. It’s about Jason losing his job. Clark doesn’t know why Jason would lose his job. She mentions that their relationship could be a problem. Lana says they are adults, but she is still a student. Lana says that Jason needs the job.

“Please, you know, after everything that you’ve put me through, can you at least keep this a secret. It seems to be the one thing you were good at.” That is just a horrible line for the writers to give Lana. She may be upset with him, but jeez talk about making her just FORGET everything he ever did for her. Are Lois & Chloe so unlikable that they felt they needed to try and destroy Lana in this episode?

Clark agrees he will do so and Lana walks away, leaving him stunned.

Later, we see Clark visiting Lex. As he approaches him, Lex grabs a gun and wants him to stay away & answer a question only Clark would know.

“After I drove my Porsche into the river and you fished me out, I asked your dad if there was any way I could repay him. What did he say that we always joke about?”

“Lex, what is this, a pop quiz?”

“Answer the question.”

“He told you to drive slower.”

Lex then walks over to Clark and hugs him saying, “welcome back”. Clark asks Lex if he knows what happened? Lex mentions that asking for 57 million was a bit of a giveaway. Clark apologizes for what happened. He asks him about the powers he had when he was inhabited by Lionel. Clark mentions that it probably had something to do with the transference. Clark has a favor for Lex. He wants him to help Edgar get out of prison.

Finally, we see Edgar being released from the penitentiary. He goes over to a limousine and finds Bridgette Crosby. He gets in and gives her the water stone as the episode ends.

(Overall, this is a VERY entertaining episode. Tom is simply superb in playing Lionel in Clark’s body. All his scenes were immensely re-watchable. The stuff with Chloe was REALLY harsh, but I must admit getting a kick out of it. I also loved the stuff with Lana and Lionel (as Clark). The back and forth between Lionel (as Clark) and Lex at the mansion was just amazing.)

OK, we open up in France 1604. We see several women locked up in the back of a horse & buggy type thing. We hear one of the women ask Isobel what they are going to do. She tells them that they have her book and with that missing, she has no powers. Isobel tells them that if they fall this night, they will rise again and complete their quest. They finally reach their destination and are surrounded by many people carrying torches. One of them rips the hood off Isobel to reveal…Lana Lang. Oh wait…never mind. They are put up in front of the audience. Magistrate Wilkins comes over to talk to Isobel. She asks if he has come to admire his handiwork. This comment causes him to give Isobel quite a slap across the face. He wants to know where the three stones are located. If she lets him know their location, they may escape the pyre’s flames. She tells him she needs to see her book to show him a page. He grabs it and brings it to her. He shows her a page with the “water symbol” and wants to know what it means. Isobel tells him that once she has the stones of power people like him will tremble at her feet. Ooh…I love her attitude. WOW, she just spit blood over the symbol and starts chanting a spell. As she does this, the symbol appears on Isobel’s back. She is placed up on the pyre with the other witches. Magistrate Wilkins tells them they are condemned to burn in the depths of hell. Isobel tells them at some point her heir will awaken her and she will have vengeance. She cackles as they are consumed by the fire.

Meanwhile, back in 2004, we see Lana and Jason discussing her latest purchase. She maxed out her credit card to get the book. Jeez Lana, what kind of crazy purchase is that. BTW, I LOVE what she is wearing. Nice exposed back shirt. Got to show off that tattoo. Also, is there a reason they dress Lana much sexier when she isn’t with Clark. It’s like when she is with Clark she has to wear the jeans and the colorful shirts, but when she is with Jason or Lex, she really gets to wear interesting clothes. Off that tangent….she tells him it’s the spell book of Countess Isobel Margaret Thoreaux. Ooh…she says that pretty hot. Oh and shouldn’t something like this spell book be worth WAY more than whatever her credit card max limit is? Jason mentions that they are the same symbols in the cave. They hope that it can answers some of the mysteries from Paris. Everything in the book is Latin, Jason says his Latin is about as good as his Italian, which he doesn’t speak either. Lana opens it to the page with the water symbol. As she does, the fire goes out in the room. Creepy…Jason goes to restart the fire and Lana is shocked that it’s the same symbol as her tattoo. She touches the symbol and the blood. All of a sudden, the fire explodes and Lana now how bright purple eyes. She looks QUITE excited. She is now acting like a different person. Jason asks her if she is okay. “Never Been Better”…Isobel/Lana says.

We return with dark clouds looming over the Kent farm. It’s raining as Clark is in the barn doing his chores. All of a sudden Lois shows up and tells him that they are having a surprise 18th birthday for Chloe in the barn. Clark seems quiet perturbed at this news. He is sure he told her that there would be NO party in the barn. BTW, who has a birthday party IN A BARN. Lois tells him it’s too late since everyone is invited. Clark tells Lois a representative from Princeton is going to meet him tonight. Lois tells him to relax because only a few people around to say happy birthday to Chloe.

“It’s not gonna be Sodom and Gomorrah, Mr. Ivy League won‘t even know we‘re here.”…Lois

Meanwhile over at Lana’s apartment, Isobel is busy doing some freaky sh*t with different herbs and stuff. She is cooking come sort of concoction, while using a mortar and pestle to grind up some other ingredients. DAMN, I am sorry for going off tangent, but Isobel is SO smoking hot. One of the necessary ingredients it the hair of two virgins. She plucks a hair from her head and says “we’ve been a good little girl haven’t we?” She is interrupted by Chloe and Lois. She covers the spell book to avoid too much suspicion. Isobel tells them she is working on a science project. Something hearkening back to the 1600’s. Isobel feels that the two are really going to like it. Chloe leaves to get Lois’s phone for some reason & is also getting something to drink. Once she leaves, Lois wonders what is up with Lana. Lana was supposed to take Chloe shopping. Lois is afraid that Lana will spoil the party surprise for Chloe. As Lois turns around, Lana plucks a hair from Lois, but notes “Oh, no. That’s no good.” Isobel tells Lois that it was a gray hair. Lois mentions she needs to use the bathroom. Isobel has another idea on where to find the hair of a virgin. Hm, I wonder where she will go.

Back at the Kent farm, we see Clark pathetically trying to wrap a present for Chloe. My GOD Clark, for all of your abilities, you can’t even begin to wrap a gift. He is surprised when Lana walks in on him. She tells him that he needs a woman’s touch. Clark seems shocked to see Lana considering some of their recent problems. I love the way Isobel says “Hello, Clark”. Lana NEVER talks like that. “That’s a big box”. Clark tells her it’s a gift for Chloe’s birthday for him & Lois. Isobel tells him that she is sure Chloe will love it, especially since he got it for her. Clark doesn’t seem to know what to make of “this” Lana. She is very forward & seductive with her voice. He tries to change the subject to Jason, but she tells him not to worry. “It’s water under a very tall bridge.” She is getting closer and closer to Clark and if I was Clark I would be losing my mind right now. Clark seems to be feeling that way as well. He thinks Lana is acting a little different. We see that Isobel has a pair of scissors behind her back in order to take his hair. Isobel touches Clark’s face, just like Lana always does and Clark tells her that Jason is his friend. REALLY, Clark…since when are you SO tight with Jason. Isobel tells him that Jason doesn’t think they are friends. She moves closer to kiss him and at the same time tries to take a lock of his hair. However, the scissors break when she tries to cut the hair.

Okay, how does Clark normally cut his hair, I can’t imagine he holds a small piece of kryptonite in his pocket when he visits the barber. Anyway, Isobel tells him that she is making a scrapbook for Chloe’s birthday and needed a lock of hair. Clark tells her she could have just asked.

“Well, where is the fun in that”…Isobel

Clark tells her that the scissors were broken to avoid suspicion. He gives her a little piece of hair and she says its PERFECT. “Thanks handsome”…Clark is left with a WTF look on his face. Great Isobel-Clark scene.

Now at the Luthor mansion, we see Lex working on his piano skills by playing some Schubert. He REALLY is quite good. Even Isobel is impressed when she shows up. For some reason, Lex says that he is a little rusty. Funny how Isobel knew EXACTLY where to go to get something. Lex would do anything for Lana. In fact he just says so “Have I ever been able to refuse Lana Lang?” She tells him she needs a good bottle of wine. For some reason, Lex is all about the law now and mentions that thought Chloe was turning 18, not 21. Isobel wants to raise a glass with Chloe and Lois to celebrate. She says she promises to not tell anyone where she got it from. “It will be our little secret”. She gives Lex that look of the sweet & sexy girl and Lex is MUD. He tells her he might have a light Riesling that won’t do much damage. As he searches, she mentions that looking for a vintage Merlot from France. Lex feels that her tastes have matured from a summer in Paris. At the same time, Isobel notices the manuscript which features the map underneath. She tells him the map was not meant for him. Lex wonders why she knows of the map under the page. She uses a spell and asks if he seeks the stones. She tells Alexander that he needs to keep practicing. She wants him to play “infinitas”. Lex goes to work on the piece. Another funny and entertaining scene.

Now that Isobel has her wine, she can finish her spell. As she says the incantations, the water, air and fire symbols appear on the ground below. She is putting the finishing touches on everything when Lois and Chloe show up. Chloe admits that she has been aware of the party plans for over a month. Isobel gives them each a wine glass to celebrate. Of course this idea is AWESOME for drunk Lois. “Alright, this is getting better”. They drink to Isobel’s toast and all of a sudden, Lois & Chloe are possessed by Isobel’s fellow witches, Madelyn and Brianna. She explains how they managed to return to the world. Brianna (Lois) seems to be enthralled with her enormous breasts. Isobel tells her they are very nice Madelyn (Chloe) mentions that she would know the woods of France anywhere. Isobel tells them they are in Kansas. Isobel tells them that they can continue their quest for the stones and with it, ultimate powers. She mentions that they both have their hosts memories, so use them to help navigate the world.

Meanwhile, the party has started at the Kent barn. Clark runs into Jason and asks where the girls are at. He says he doesn’t know and walks away. Clark tries to apologize, but Jason doesn’t want to hear it. He tells Clark he is only here because he is Lana’s boyfriend and she asked him to be here. He tells Clark that he will need to accept that. Right after this, we see the barn doors swing open as my jaw falls to the floor. Isobel, Madelyn and Briana, dressed to kill, join the fun. They strut into the barn. Clark seems shocked and of course being Clark he is the one male in the room who doesn’t notice the appearance, but just their being late. He grabs Lois and wonders what the hell took them so long. She tells him that they took the scenic route. Lois/Briana starts making googly eyes at Clark. He seems shocked at the display and asks if she has been drinking. Jason comes up to Lana/Isobel and tells her that he wants to leave. She tells him that he is a big boy and he can do whatever he wants. He is surprised, because she was the one who wanted him there. Isobel tells him that things change. Isobel doesn’t seem to like Jason all that much. I suppose its Lana’s inner feelings coming to the surface. Jason also wants to know why she is dressing the way she is. Isobel says, “because it makes me feel sexy”. MAN, we REALLY needed some Kal and Isobel fun. Those two would really COOK. Isobel basically tells him to leave and walks away. Jason has a WTF look on his face after this conversation. Madelyn is shocked at how good the food is. Isobel is surprised that the men actually bathe. Of course Briana is the Lois of their group, talking about how hard the men’s bodies are. Isobel decides that they need to have some fun, so they do a spell to take away people inhibitions and just have fun.

Now, we see a boom box playing music very loud as a man arrives at the barn. Oh Oh. He is looking for Clark Kent. Oh sh*t, it’s the man from Princeton. I am getting flashbacks to Risky Business. We see Lois/Briana dancing with some random guy. Meanwhile, Isobel and Madelyn are having their fun with Clark. The man from Princeton spots Clark and Clark wants him to join the party. Oh this is so f**king hilarious. Clark starts flexing and Isobel starts grinding into him. Wow that is pretty hot. I bet that sure was a hard day at the office for Tom.

Now that Isobel has her wine, she can finish her spell. As she says the incantations, the water, air and fire symbols appear on the ground below. She is putting the finishing touches on everything when Lois and Chloe show up. Chloe admits that she has been aware of the party plans for over a month. Isobel gives them each a wine glass to celebrate. Of course this idea is AWESOME for drunk Lois. “Alright, this is getting better”. They drink to Isobel’s toast and all of a sudden, Lois & Chloe are possessed by Isobel’s fellow witches, Madelyn and Brianna. She explains how they managed to return to the world. Brianna (Lois) seems to be enthralled with her enormous breasts. Isobel tells her they are very nice Madelyn (Chloe) mentions that she would know the woods of France anywhere. Isobel tells them they are in Kansas. Isobel tells them that they can continue their quest for the stones and with it, ultimate powers. She mentions that they both have their hosts memories, so use them to help navigate the world.

Meanwhile, the party has started at the Kent barn. Clark runs into Jason and asks where the girls are at. He says he doesn’t know and walks away. Clark tries to apologize, but Jason doesn’t want to hear it. He tells Clark he is only here because he is Lana’s boyfriend and she asked him to be here. He tells Clark that he will need to accept that. Right after this, we see the barn doors swing open as my jaw falls to the floor. Isobel, Madelyn and Briana, dressed to kill, join the fun. They strut into the barn. Clark seems shocked and of course being Clark he is the one male in the room who doesn’t notice the appearance, but just their being late. He grabs Lois and wonders what the hell took them so long. She tells him that they took the scenic route. Lois/Briana starts making googly eyes at Clark. He seems shocked at the display and asks if she has been drinking. Jason comes up to Lana/Isobel and tells her that he wants to leave. She tells him that he is a big boy and he can do whatever he wants. He is surprised, because she was the one who wanted him there. Isobel tells him that things change. Isobel doesn’t seem to like Jason all that much. I suppose its Lana’s inner feelings coming to the surface. Jason also wants to know why she is dressing the way she is. Isobel says, “because it makes me feel sexy”. MAN, we REALLY needed some Kal and Isobel fun. Those two would really COOK. Isobel basically tells him to leave and walks away. Jason has a WTF look on his face after this conversation. Madelyn is shocked at how good the food is. Isobel is surprised that the men actually bathe. Of course Briana is the Lois of their group, talking about how hard the men’s bodies are. Isobel decides that they need to have some fun, so they do a spell to take away people inhibitions and just have fun.

Now, we see a boom box playing music very loud as a man arrives at the barn. Oh Oh. He is looking for Clark Kent. Oh sh*t, it’s the man from Princeton. I am getting flashbacks to Risky Business. We see Lois/Briana dancing with some random guy. Meanwhile, Isobel and Madelyn are having their fun with Clark. The man from Princeton spots Clark and Clark wants him to join the party. Oh this is so f**king hilarious. Clark starts flexing and Isobel starts grinding into him. Wow that is pretty hot. I bet that sure was a hard day at the office for Tom.

Ah, the Kent mailbox the following morning. We see a mess all around the barn. Clark gets a phone call as he wakes from his slumber. As he talks, we see a couple people running away. Clark tells her that he met the guy from Princeton. He feels that he made quiet an impression.

Now Clark enters Lex’s office to talk about his situation. He wants to know if Lex has any contacts at Princeton that can help him out. God, Clark always running to Lex to solve these problems. Lex is STILL playing Schubert. He is completely OUT of it. He looks like insane Lex from “Shattered” and “Asylum”. Clark manages to stop him playing, but his fingers are bloody as hell. He tells him that Lana did this to him.

Meanwhile, back at the Talon apartment, Isobel confronts Jason. She tells him that the party was the last fling before she finishes what she started a long time ago. Jason realizes that he is speaking to Isobel. Jason wants Isobel to let Lana out. “Now why on earth would I ever do that”. He tries to start the book on fire, but Isobel uses magic to snag it away from him and slams him into the wall. Clark shows up trying to stop her, but Jason is thrown out the window. Clark races outside to catch Jason. Man, there is something funny about Clark holding Jason. We then see in flames, “The Barn Midnight”…

Clark shows up at the barn and is confronted by the witches. He wants to know what they did to Lex and Jason. Isobel tells him nothing compared to what they are going to do to him. Briana uses her magic to hit Clark with a wheel. He shrugs it off and they realize that he has more abilities than just being fast. Now Madelyn tries to throw multiple objects at once, but Clark uses heat vision to deflect them. Isobel finds his magic impressive, but so are hers. She lifts Clark off the ground with a spell and warns him that a farm boy won’t ruin her journey. The witches surround him on the ground, Briana and Madelyn hold him arms down while Isobel leans over him. She is going to rid him of his powers. Isobel rips his shirt off and does a spell to remove his powers. Man who knew that Isobel possessed the same powers as the f**king orb in season 7. As the energy is released, Isobel has QUITE the satisfied look on her face. Clark is left laying on the ground, completely out cold. We return, with Clark being restrained by shackles on a post in the barn. The witches are looking at him deciding what to do. They seem to think that Clark is a sorcerer. He tells them that he is no such thing. Isobel believes he is something else, something special. Isobel says she can taste his knowledge of the three stones…Okay. Isobel says that he knows where one is hidden. Briana and Madelyn claw at his chest in an effort to get him to talk. This pisses off Isobel who has a better idea. She walks up to him and tells him that he has desires for the body she possesses. Isobel also tells him that Lana has feelings for him as well. She walks up to him and proceeds to kiss him and unleashes a spell. Wow, that is quite a hot kiss.

His thoughts on the location of the stone comes out of his body as she walks back. “Thank You Clark, you’ve been very helpful”…they vanish leaving him alone. Clark is then confronted by Jason who helps him down. Jason tells him about Isobel and the spell book. Clark makes up a story about where the girls might be. Clark tells Jason to go to the school.

Meanwhile, in the cave, Isobel feels its destiny that they are here right now. They use magic to reveal the portal behind the cave wall along with the Fire Stone. They admire the stone and Isobel tries to touch it, but Clark shows up with a shotgun. What was Clark planning on doing, blowing a hole through Isobel/Lana? Briana uses a spell to take the gun away from Clark. Isobel tries to grab the stone, but is burned. It falls away and Clark picks it up. The stone has the ability to restore his powers, just like it saved Lex from his poisoning in Crusade. The witches are shocked at the turn of events. Clark then uses his heat vision to destroy the spell book and the witches are destroyed.

We now see Clark, Lana, Chloe and Lois laying on the floor of the caves. Clark is the first to wake up. Lois & Chloe begin to stir as well. Finally, Lana begins to come to, in a funny event, Clark doesn’t care to help Lois & Chloe up, but makes sure he helps Lana to her feet. He tells them that they haven’t been themselves lately. Lana seems to be embarrassed by what she is wearing. Clark just smiles .

Now here comes one of the funniest scenes in the whole series. Clark walks down the stairs and sees Martha. Jonathan comes in and has a question for Clark. He wonders if there is a little something Clark would like to tell them about. Clark doesn’t think so, but then Jonathan holds up a black & red bra.

“Where did that come from”…Martha (said with hilarious tone)

“From out in the barn, in the hay”…Jonathan


“It was magic”…Clark

“I’m sure it was”…Martha

“No, I mean it really was. I shouldn’t have thrown this party without talking to you. I know that. But it’s the way things spun out of control. It was Lana. Well, it wasn’t Lana exactly. She was possessed by a witch, who then cast a spell on us and that‘s how that happened.”…Clark (Jonathan looks upset & Martha has a WTF look on her face )

“Son, I realize that after all this is Smallville, but witches and spells and magic?”…Jonathan

“Dad, magic exists. I saw it, and worse it can hurt me.”…Clark (this creates a more serious look in everyone’s eyes.)

GREAT SCENE…one of my favorites.

Meanwhile, back at the Talon, Lana is cleaning up the mess in the apartment. Lex comes to see her. She wonders if she did anything to hurt him. He shows her his hands, but says nothing permanent. He does mention that she showed some intriguing abilities. Lana says she can’t remember anything. Lex says he is glad she is okay. She notes that it’s all thanks to Clark. She doesn’t know what he did, but Isobel is history. Lex feels that we all owe Clark our gratitude. Lana can’t seem to understand why Clark would do such great things for people, but then goes and gets Jason fired. Lex admits that he is responsible for Jason being fired. Lana doesn’t know what to think of this. Lex tries to justify his actions, but Lana doesn’t seem to buy his explanation. Lex says he is trying to protect her. Her interests are none of his concern and she is old enough to decide who she wants in her life, and who she doesn’t. Lex looks upset.

We cut to “We Might as Well Be Strangers” by Keane. Quiet an appropriate song for the upcoming scene. We see Clark putting away things from the party when he finds some red panties. Lana shows up and tells him she is glad those are not hers. She thanks Clark for saving her once again. Clark is glad to have the old Lana back. He mentions that Isobel was aggressively sexy. “Oh great, possessed by an evil slut”. Lana admits that she found out Lex was responsible for Jason’s firing. She feels that she should have known Clark wouldn’t do something like that. Clark admits that he wasn’t thrilled by the news of her and Jason, but realizes that when they were together, she wasn’t happy. Um, Clark she was quite happy towards the end of season 2 before you pushed her away. Lana tells him she resented him for keeping secrets and she doesn’t want to do the same to him now. She shows him the tattoo on her lower back. Clark seems shocked, knowing that it’s a Kryptonian symbol. However, when she asks him what it means, he says that he doesn’t know. *shakes my head* I get the sense that Lana knows he is lying once again. We close the episode with Lex in the Kawatche Caves admiring the same “water symbol” on the wall. Very powerful ending to the episode.

We open at the Luthor Corp plant. Lex is working with Dr. Sinclair on some meteor rock experiments. They are trying to use heat to make better use of the meteor rocks in seed experiments. Lex feels that if the experiment works, it will help him leave a mark on the world that no one will ever forget. Dr. Sinclair adds that it would make him quite rich. He gives Lex some glasses to protect his eyes and they begin. They heat the kryptonite, but it seems to exceed the temperature they want and begins to become unstable. It seems to be turning into black kryptonite. Lex pushes the doctor out of the way, but he is stuck in the beem and we see his body convulse. He is propelled to the ground & an explosion occurs in the lab. We see Lex in pain on the ground. He checks on Dr. Sinclair, who seems to be in a lot of pain. Lex notes that this experiment was definitely a failure. They leave, but we remain in the room as we see another LEX. Somehow the experiment seems to have split him in two. Interesting scene & nice special effects.

Later, we see Clark and Chloe checking on Lex at Smallville Medical Center. Clark wonders what happened? Lex mentions that was doing an experiment and it didn’t go well. Lex notes that the experiment was worth the risk. Chloe seems to think it’s only good for the Luthor Corp bottom line. Lex scoffs at that idea and thinks it will be great for the world and invites Chloe and Clark to come check it out. He thinks they are going to love what he is working on. He leaves Clark and Chloe alone. Chloe seems skeptical of Lex’s story. She wants to talk to Dr. Sinclair about what his side of the story is. Clark decides he will go to the plant with Lex.

We now move to Dr. Sinclair’s room as Alexander is talking to Dr. Sinclair. He is confused about what happened? Alexander was hoping he could tell him what happened. He then asks if he remembers anything unusual after the explosion. He wonders if he saw two of me? He feels that the explosion caused some sort of separation of himself. Alexander asks if there is a way to reverse the process and bring him back to one. Dr. Sinclair says he would need his research notes from the lab to see what they can do about reversing it. He decides to kill him by pumping air in the IV causing an air embolism (I think). He then leaves the room and runs into Chloe. She is confused because thought he already left for the lab. Alexander tells her that he just wanted to check in on Dr. Sinclair first. She wants to know if she can talk to Dr. Sinclair. He tells her that he is sleeping right now and should come back later. He walks away as there is a code blue for Dr. Sinclair. Chloe and Alexander have a stare down as he leaves the medical center. Creepy scene.

Meanwhile, at Luthor Corp, we see Clark and Lex observing some plants. Clark is confused. Lex mentions that the plants are actually growing in sand, with only a few drops of water. Clark notes that if his dad could do that, he would never have to work again. Lex then grabs an apple and asks Clark to taste it. He notes that the apple taste rotten. Lex says that is the problem. They have been successful in destroying the genes that make a plant weak. In other words, it can grow in terrible conditions, but the problem is that it also affects the fruit the plant bears. In other words, the fruit doesn’t taste good. Lex mentions that Dr. Sinclair believed that increasing the temperature of the reaction would solve the problem. Lex informs Clark that they pushed it too far and the meteor rocks became unstable. Clark is surprised that Lex is using meteor rocks again. Lex notes that if he can find a way to make this work, he could put an end to famine throughout the world. He then opens a cabinet which contains kryptonite in it. Clark is acting sick and Lex is concerned. Clark makes up an excuse about being sick from the apple and leaves the room. As he leaves, we notice that Alexander is in the room as well.

We then see Lex return to the mansion to find Lionel. He wanted to make sure that Lex was okay after the accident at Luthor Corp. Lex asks Lionel if he is still planning on having his charity fundraiser on Saturday. Lex wonders if an appearance by the head of Luthor Corp would help the event out. Lionel is shocked that Lex would do that for him. He notes that there is one condition. He has to hold the event on the top floor of Luthor Corp Plaza in Metropolis. Lionel feels it’s very generous of him. Lex seems WAY too happy here. He tells Lionel that he is proud of him. Lionel thanks him and notes that he is truly grateful. After Lionel leaves, we see Lex looking at some notes. When we pan up, we see Alexander behind him. Alexander pistol whips Lex to the ground. Wow, he is bad ass. He wants Lex to meet the “real you”. That was definitely an interesting scene and nice reveal of Alexander to Lex.

Later, we see Lex waking up in chains. He is shocked to see Alexander. He asks who he is? Alexander asks him about the last time they were in this room. Lionel had told them not to, but Alexander told him to do it anyway. Lex notes that the door blew shut and locked him in. No one was able to hear him. Alexander mentions that he was a scared, trembling child, and he hated him for that. Finally, Lex realizes that Alexander is him. He tells him that he is much, much, more. Lex is almost ready to cry. Alexander informs Lex that he is free to finally embrace his true destiny. Alexander is disappointed in Lex. He implores him to just kill him then. He mentions that he would love to kill him, but is not sure what would happen. Lex doesn’t think that he can keep him locked in here forever. Alexander wonders why, no one heard the screams as a child, why would they now. He then goes on to a story about King Louis XIV and the man in the iron mask.

Alexander says, “People think he did it to hide his brothers true identity, but WE know better. He did it because he couldn’t stand looking at such a pale reflection of his own greatness.”

He then slaps a mask on Lex and says, “It’s good to be the king.” Lex is left alone screaming for help. As Alexander leaves, he says, “I guess it’s up to me to show the world the real Lex Luthor.”

UTERRLY BRILLIANT SCENE. I can’t believe I forgot this scene when doing my 100 Scenes. Michael is so awesome as Alexander.

The next day at Smallville High, we see Clark and Chloe at the Torch. Chloe informs Clark that Dr. Sinclair is dead. She notes he died from cardiac arrest. Clark mentions that he better tell Lex. Chloe notes that he already knows. She mentions that she saw Lex just before Dr. Sinclair died. He says that he was with Lex that whole time. They are really confused about what is going on. Chloe mentions that it is Smallville and strange things happen. She also notes that Clark of all people should know that. Of course, she covers up her little line with lines about the weird stuff he’s seen. Clark figures that there has to be a way to check on the time line. Chloe mentions that there is. The medical center has a surveillance system, which it seems Chloe is able to hack into, but it will take a while. Good lord, Chloe breaks the law in every other episode.

Later, we see Lana arriving back at her apartment with some groceries. She is shocked to find Lex sitting on her couch. Lana is confused on why Lex is here. He tells her that he got a message that she needed to see him. She says all right, but is confused why he just let himself in. Alexander says, “my bad, would you like me to go?” Now that was actually kind of funny. Lana tells him it’s okay, she is just surprised. He then takes her groceries to the counter. He wants to know what he can do for her. She wants to talk about Jason. Alexander doesn’t seem very excited to do that. Lana goes on a convoluted diatribe where she doesn’t really say anything and Alexander interrupts. Alexander goes up to Lana and mentions that she deserves better than Jason. She deserves to be with someone who recognizes how extraordinary she is. He grabs her on the shoulder and touches her face. Lana is FREAKED out and wants to know what he is doing? “What I’ve always wanted to do.” He then lays a kiss on her. She pushes him away and slaps him. WOW. Alexander informs her that he does like his women feisty. She orders him to get out of her apartment. As he leaves, he tells her that he’s closing the Talon. She tells him he can’t do that. Alexander informs her that he can do that. She tells him this is her home. She wants to know where she is supposed to go. Alexander says that it’s up to her. He tells her that she could live like a queen by his side, or get tossed out with the rest of the garbage. Alexander wants Lana to think about it. He smirks and adds that he knows he will. Lana is left looking like she is either going to cry or throw up. Oh good lord that was disgusting, but well done. A scene like this, makes the idea of Lana just jumping in with Lex a YEAR later SO f**king gross and just pathetic on the writers part.

We now see Alexander fencing at the mansion. He is interrupted by Lionel who wants to know what Lex is doing? He tells him that he is seizing the moment, just like he taught him. As his lady fencer leaves, he slaps her on the ass. What a bad guy thing to do. Alexander wants to know what Lionel’s problem is with him today. Lionel mentions that it was Lex’s idea to hold the fundraiser at the Luthor Corp Plaza, but then he went behind his back and canceled the entire thing. He wants to know why Lex would do that. Alexander says, “helping those who refuse to help themselves is a waste of time and money son.” He adds that is what the old Lionel Luthor used to say. Lionel implores that he changed. Alexander disagrees, he feels that they just get soft. Lionel starts to leave, but Alexander tells him that he will allow him to have the fundraiser and even make a contribution. Lionel wants to know what the catch is. Alexander wants him to face off in a fencing battle. He wants Lionel to prove he is still worthy to be his father. Lionel doesn’t want to fight him, but Alexander seems to force the action. Alexander wants to know if Lionel’s transformation is genuine or an act. He really gets under Lionel’s skin and Lionel elbows Alexander to the face and has him beaten. However, after they both get up, Alexander slashes him in the side of the face, cutting him. He grins and leaves Lionel VERY pissed off. Seems like Alexander lit a fire under Lionel’s ass.

Meanwhile, we see Clark entering the barn. He notices Lana sitting by the steps to the loft. She seems pretty upset. Clark asks her what is wrong. She tells him she is not okay. Lana asks Clark if he is aware that Lex is closing the Talon? Clark says, “no”. Lana tells him that Lex told it to her face. She mentions how weird Lex was acting when she arrived home. She felt that he was like a totally different person. Clark thinks he might have been. Lana wonders if he suffered another psychotic break. Clark feels it’s more complicated than that. She adds that it usually is. She notes that you think you know someone, but there is this side of them that you never see, until it’s too late. He feels that Lana has definitely seen him at his worst. Lana says she has also seen him at his best. Clark seems ready to say something to Lana when his phone rings…WOW wonder who it is…OH YEAH, its CHLOE the COCK-BLOCKER. She ALWAYS knows how to ruin the fun. She tells Clark that she has surveillance footage of BOTH Clark and Lex leaving the medical center and her talking to Lex. The time stamps are identical.

Later we see Clark confront Lex at the mansion. He tells him that it’s important. He seems suspicious and asks Lex what they talked about? Alexander mentions that they talked about a lot of things. Since Alexander was spying on Clark and Lex, he was aware of discussions so is able to convince Clark. Clark mentions that he had to be sure who he is talking to. He informs him the Dr. Sinclair is dead. Alexander asks who would do something like that. Clark says, “you would, well I mean, at least someone who looks like you.” He wonders where he got those images. He tells him that Chloe got them off the surveillance system. Alexander acts confused about the situation. He wants Clark and Chloe to meet him at the lab. Clark wonders how they will know it’s you. Alexander wants to believe that Clark knows him better than anyone after all these years. He tells Clark that he will put an end to this mess tonight.

We then see Clark, Chloe and Alexander at the lab. As they are talking, Alexander gets a phone call and says he has to leave for a minute. Chloe starts snooping around. Chloe wonders if it’s even the real Lex? Clark says that he knows his own friend. Chloe notes that people have a lot of different sides and some keep them hidden, even from the ones they love. Oh God Chloe, spare me from your comments that are about Clark and his powers. Clark replies that sometimes you have to, even if you don’t want to.

Chloe says, sooner or later you have to trust someone with what’s in your heart. Otherwise you’re gonna end up going through life alone.” (you know I liked that type of line better when it was spoken by Lana Lang in Extinction). Plus, coming from Chloe and her unrequited pining, it just sounds desperate and sad. Clark just ignores her comment and opens a box to find a piece of black kryptonite. Chloe opens a locker and finds a dead security guard. At that moment, Alexander sets off an explosion and the ceiling comes down on Clark and Chloe. Clark protects Chloe and pushes the rubble off them. Alexander is VERY shocked at what he sees.

Later, we see Clark and Chloe at the home. Chloe is shocked at how she survived the sky falling on her head. He tells her that the last thing he remembers was grabbing her and diving under the lab table. Chloe adds that it’s good that the ex-quarterback can move so fast. He feels that he didn’t move fast enough since she has a little cut on her face. She notes that he is always there for her. Chloe hopes that someday she can do the same for him. GOD, I don’t remember these stupid secret lines being so blatant in the past. Chloe just seems pathetic. There really is no other word for it. Chloe decides to keep safe by going to visit Lois at the military base. Great, why don’t you never return Chloe.

We then cut to Clark talking to Lana on the phone. He wants her to call him if she sees Lex. Clark implores her to be careful, because Lex really isn’t himself and is more dangerous than they thought. Alexander is in the loft waiting for him. He speeds up the stairs and asks where Lex is at? Alexander says he is standing right in front of him. Clark feels that the real Lex would never try to kill either him or Chloe. Alexander says he is probably right, but he has thought about it. He adds that Lex just didn’t have the guts to go through with it. Clark wants to know what Lex is? Alexander wants to ask Clark that same question. He mentions that he dropped half the lab on him and Chloe and yet here he stands. Clark says that he was lucky. Alexander doesn’t want him to be modest. He feels he is definitely much more than that. He thinks it all makes sense now. He talks about the miraculous times he appeared at just the right place at just the right time. Alexander says it’s almost like he possessed powers and abilities beyond those of mortal men. He mentions that Clark lied to him for years, but now he knows his secret. Clark tries to act oblivious and Alexander gets angry. He notes that he saw him lift up a ½ ton of concrete like it was nothing. Alexander feels he should have recognizes this years ago, but he was blinded by friendship. He adds that that factor has been removed from the equation. Clark tells him that he is going to stop him. Alexander disagrees and states that Clark is going to join him. Alexander says, “think about it Clark, my intellect, your powers, together we could rule this world. We’ll walk as gods among men.”

“You’re not a god. I’m not even sure you’re human.”

“Are You?”

“Is the real Lex still alive.”

“You don’t get it, do you? I am the real Lex!”

“Is he still alive?”

“Sort of. I mean, I couldn’t really be sure what would happen to me if I killed him, so I tucked him away where I can keep an eye on him. Maybe torture him a little when I’m feeling blue.”

Clark runs up to Alexander and grabs him by the neck, demanding to know where Lex is. All of a sudden, Clark feels sick. Alexander asks him what is wrong. He notes that Clark looks sick, just like when Lex opened the safe and exposed you to the meteor rock. He then shows Clark a kryptonite ring. Alexander feels that he has embraced his destiny, now he wants Clark to embrace his. He wants to forge a new future together. Clark says he will never join Alexander.

“Yes you will, or everyone you love will suffer.”

Alexander then ran up to Clark and punched him in the face. He then fell through the loft window. Martha and Jonathan hear the commotion and find Clark. She notes that he is bleeding. Alexander feels that probably doesn’t happen very often. Jonathan tries to confront Alexander, but he pulls a gun on them. He tells the Kent’s that he is impressed with their ability to hide the truth. He thinks that the Kent’s and Luthor’s might have something in common after all. Jonathan notices the kryptonite ring. He admits that he knows about the green meteor rock and Clark’s unique gifts. Martha wants to know what he wants. Alexander tells her that he wants the world and Clark is going to help him bring it to its knees. He wants her to talk some sense into him before something unfortunate happens. At that moment, Alexander shoots Jonathan in the leg. OUCH. Clark tries to help Jonathan, but Lex exposes the ring and Clark falls down.

“You were right about me all along Mr. Kent. I am the villain of the story.”

Another incredible scene. Alexander is just a bastard of epic proportions.

Later at Smallville Medical Center, we see Jonathan, Martha and Clark talking about the two Lex’s. Jonathan wants to know how it happened. Clark thinks that Lex was affected by Black Kryptonite. Clark adds that Alexander mentioned keeping the real Lex close by. He feels that if he can find him, he might be able to do something.

He speeds over to the mansion and uses his super hearing to locate Lex. He takes the mask off and Lex tells him to get out of there. However, right behind him is Alexander. He grabs Clark and throws him to the ground. Lex wants Alexander to leave him alone. This pisses off Alexander as he back elbows him in the face, knocking Lex out again. Clark tries to punch Alexander, but his hand is stopped. Alexander wants Clark to remember this day. It’s the day that despite his amazing powers, there was one man who beat him. He then grabs a sword and feels that this was always their destiny. He attempts to hit him when Lex grabs him from behind and chokes him. Alexander overpowers him and begins to punch him. He feels that Lex can’t kill him because he drives him and gives his life meaning. He tells him that he’s his soul and calls him a weak, pathetic little man.

He concludes, “I’m the real Lex Luthor!”

Just before he punches Lex one more time, Clark uses his heat vision to turn the green kryptonite ring into black kryptonite and we see a struggle between the two Lex’s. It seems that Alexander has been defeated and Lex is back. Clark runs over to him to help him up.

The next day, Clark joins Lex at the Luthor Corp plant. Lex is busy looking at the scene of the explosion. He wants to thank Clark for saving him, but the words seem too small. He feels that Clark is a true friend. Clark is upset that his other half didn’t think so. He doesn’t remember anything after they were divided. Clark tells him that he better go talk to Lana when he gets a chance. Lex wants to know if Alexander hurt Lana. Clark isn’t sure what happened, but Lana was pretty upset. He adds that Lex shouldn’t be too hard on himself, because it really wasn’t him. Lex has been thinking about that very thing. He doesn’t know if the accident created an evil Lex, or if that is really what’s inside him.

Later, we see Lex knocking on the Talon door. Lana opens up and Lex says hello. He mentions that as far as awkward moments go, this is definitely memorable. She lets him in and notes that Chloe filled her in on what happened. He wishes he knew what his other half did so he could apologize properly. Lex hopes it wasn’t anything that they can’t get past. Lana tells him that maybe, as long as he isn’t closing the Talon and kicking her out. Lex is shocked that he said that. Lana adds that he also expressed certain desires. Boy, that sounded awkward on Lana’s part. He apologizes, and says it wasn’t him. Lana wants to know if he is sure? He tells her that whatever his feelings are, he’d never do anything to jeopardize their friendship. Lana tells him that she knows. Lex tells her he is sorry one last time. Lana gives him one of those half-smile, half-crying type looks as he leaves. After he leaves, she says “so am I.”

Side-note…I have read Lana haters say that “so am I” meant that Lana WISHED Lex really felt that way. How the f**k does that make ANY sense? Did her actions after the kiss, in the barn with Clark, or right before she said “so am I” seem like someone who WANTED him to feel that way? Some people are so desperate to make Lana seem a certain way they will interpret the DUMBEST sh*t imaginable. What she meant is that she is sorry that their friendship is seemingly forever tarnished by the incident. Any other interpretation is horse-sh*t.

We finish up at the mansion as Lex is joined by Lionel. He notices Lionel’s cut and wonders what happened. Lionel feels that it was a wake up call and he is grateful. Lex seems to want to apologize for the actions of the last few days. He grabs a drink and mentions that Lex finally proved to be the son he always wanted. Lionel wants to thank him for showing him the error of his ways. Lex wants to know what he is talking about. Lionel mentions that he is closing down the foundation. Lex says that the charity is Lionel’s life. However, Lionel feels it was a foolish dream and that he is awake now.

“A man can’t deny his true nature, can he, Lex?…No we’re Luthor’s…we’re Luthor’s."

Lionel leaves as we focus on Lex who has blank stare on his face.

We open at the Smallville Prom with the theme “Look to the Stars” How fitting. We have Lifehouse on hand to play for the event. I can’t say I know what the song is that they are singing here. No matter, we cut to the hallway as we see someone walking. Oh wait, it looks like Chloe and she just smashed the some glass to get an axe. Oh boy, watch out. We can see that she is wearing a crown from the prom. Now we see Jonathan walking up some stairs and is confronted by Chloe who swings the handle of the axe into his face, knocking him down the stairs. Bitch. Now she is in the boiler room. She looks like she has been crying. She breaks open a valve which looks like its spewing out some sort of oil. She then puts a mop into some fire and seems ready to torch this joint. She says “genius” as she tosses the mop and we cut to…

We are now back at Smallville High School and find Chloe and Lana discussing an article Chloe wrote about prom. In other words, the first scene was in the future. BTW, its interesting to see that NOW Chloe and Lana are friends again. It’s amazing how the show just randomly puts them together when it serves the episode. Chloe feels that we ruin the prom by having it be a popularity contest. Lana asks her if she should order more pizza for the Brad Pitt marathon. Chloe is surprised that Lana isn’t going with Jason. Lana feels that showing up with the coach who got fired for dating a student would be a little awkward to say the least. Also, she feels that after imagining something for four years, she doesn’t think it could live up to expectations. WOW talk about foreshadowing. I know someone who has waited four years to collect a dance from Lana Lang. Chloe says that she didn’t think Lana would be part of the “half empty” persuasion. She doesn’t feel that this is the Lana she knows. Chloe what Lana DO you know? Chloe thinks its going to be so fun and that Lex got Lifehouse to play for the seniors so need to be there. Lana isn’t convinced. They are then confronted by Dawn Stiles, the bitchy mean girl type, and her plastics. She is upset at Chloe for bashing the idea of prom queen contest. Dawn is upset at Chloe and mentions that the only reason her name is on the wall is because of the article. Chloe is confused, but then notices that she is actually a nominee for Prom Queen. Lana just laughs at the notion. Dawn leaves them saying “laters”. Lana leaves Chloe by wishing her good luck. I really wish they would have done a better job with Chloe and Lana’s friendship. They have a very good vibe and it’s easy to see why they are such good friends off screen.

Meanwhile, we see Luthor and some of his men, walking the grounds outside the mansion. It seems they found a body that had been dead for a day. Jason then shows up looking shocked at the discovery. It seems the woman is Bridgette Crosby. Jason recognizes the name as being associated with Dr. Swann. He wants some answers, especially if it concerns the artifacts. Lex has his men escort Jason from the area.

Back at the Torch, Clark is joined by Chloe. He tells her that she is the boycott of the common man/woman at Smallville. Chloe wants to know if Clark had anything to do with this. He says he may have mentioned something. She wants to know who he is going to prom with. Clark says that he isn’t going. Chloe is like, not you too. She basically regurgitates the same reason Lana used to Clark and he says…something like that. Chloe tries to encourage him to be more active with his life and says that the future is much brighter than he gives it credit for.

We are in the Talon as Dawn is talking to her friends about the plans for prom. She notices her boyfriend Billy, talking to a freshman girl. She is very upset that he is talking with someone else. He tells Dawn that its over. Man she is pissed at him breaking up with her a day before prom. She says that Billy is yesterday’s mystery meat. She just needs to find a new guy to take her to prom. She needs a yearbook to find the right guy. She notices Clark Kent and feels he would be the perfect date. She is busy jamming to Ashley Simpson. God that is horrible. She calls her friend and tells her the news, and loses focus on the road and flies off the ledge. Man even that stunt is WAY over their budget for season 9 Wow Dawn falls out right near some meteor rocks and something seems to take over her body. We now see Dawn walking around like nothing wrong with her except a headache. All of a sudden we see Martha Kent driving down the road. Martha hits Dawn, but its not really Dawn, just her sprit and it seems to collide with Martha. Oh boy. Martha stops the car and its Dawn. She realizes that she is Clark Kent’s mom.

Later, Clark arrives home to find his mom rocking out to the same Ashley Simpson song. Okay Clark, that HAS to tell you something is up. Man Martha is really getting down to the music, while downing ice cream. Her interaction with Clark is hilarious. Clark wants dinner. Martha offers him some ice cream. She then asks Clark if he has a date for the prom. Man Annette is just HILARIOUS acting like Dawn. Clark looks at her like she is crazy. He tells her that he isn’t going to prom. Martha is upset and feels he has to go. Clark says that he wanted to go with Lana. Martha interjects noting that Lana Lang and Clark Kent is last years news. She tells him that prom is the most memorable night of your life. She offers to take Clark. He informs her that she is already going as a chaperon with dad. She is like oh yeah, right, cool. Now we see Lois walking down the stairs with Shelby. Now Martha insinuates that Lois is his secret and that he is going with her. Lois and Clark both laugh at this idea. Lois feels that there will be a man on Mars, before she goes to prom with Clark. Martha tries to make me sick by mentioning that Lois & Clark just get together and mack, but keep it on the down low in public. Martha says that she is super pumped about prom. She says she is going to leave, and says LATERS as she leaves. Clark is suspicious of what is going on.

Martha arrives at the Talon and rips into some girls who are talking about Billy. They mention Billy getting with Sue Anne Gardner. Martha calls Sue Anne Gardner a big fat ho. God her facial expressions are glorious. Such a pompous bitch that Martha Kent seems. Lana comes up to talk to Martha. Martha wonders why Lana isn’t helping with decorations for prom. Lana informs her that she isn’t going to prom. Martha asks why not, do you think you are above it all. Man. Lana says of course not. Martha goes with the little orphan girl, going off to French art school, dating the football coach card. Lana is disgusted and says she doesn’t have to listen to this. Martha grabs Lana and the possession is switched over to Lana. Lana/Dawn looks at herself and is pretty pumped. She decides to leave the Talon, but runs into Clark Kent. She does this REALLY sexy tease asking Clark to prom. Clark is shocked. He asks about Jason, but she tells him that he is the one she wants to go to prom with. She does this little adorable thing where she bats her eyes & touches her hair asking him if he wants to go with her. Clark is mud as usual…common theme with both Clark & Lex. If she asks them something that isn’t going to threaten any secrets, they will do whatever she asks. She pretty much accepts for him and says LATERS and leaves. Clark sees Martha who looks totally out of it. She can’t remember how she got to the Talon.

Meanwhile, at the school, Lana is pumped about all the work being done by the prom committee. They all think she is pretending to be Dawn Stiles. They mention that she has the queen bitch down pat. Lana/Dawn is very upset and leaves them to their work. She then notices Billy going into the boy’s locker room. She starts to flirt with Billy. Billy mentions that he couldn’t stand to be around Dawn Stiles another minute. He mentions her horrible voice being like nails on a chalkboard. Lana interjects that she doesn’t know what he means. Man Kristin & Annette just rock this Dawn character. Lana offers Billy the chance to get to know her better. Billy, being a red blooded male thinks that is a great idea.

Clark arrives at the school to talk to Chloe. He wonders where Lana is. He tells her about his mother and how Lana is also not acting like herself. Chloe agrees that if Lana is decorating for prom, that would be weird.

Meanwhile, Billy is getting dressed after his shower, when he sees Lana in the locker room. He is shocked when she takes out some electrical cords and wires and tries to electrocute him. Wow, she succeeds, but Clark is able to stop in time to save Billy from dying. Lana notices Clark and leaves the room. As she leaves, she bumps into another person who takes over Dawn’s spirit, then continues to pass it along to other members, finally reaching one of her plastic friends (I can’t remember her name) Clark confronts Lana over what is going on. Lana says she doesn’t remember how she got to the school.

Now Lana and Chloe are in the Torch talking about what happened. Lana wonders what she could have done while blacked out and why she would try to hurt Billy. Chloe tells her that she was acting like Dawn while she was out of it and mentions that before her, Martha was acting like Dawn. Lana mentions that had a conversation with Martha Kent before she went blank. Chloe tells her that Dawn’s body is in the emergency room after the accident. They talk about the possibilities of a body snatching prom queen.

We cut to the Smallville Medical Center. Lana, Chloe and Clark are talking about the situation. Clark mentions that Lana didn’t do anything, she was inhabited by Dawn Stiles. Chloe wonders where Dawn is now. One of Dawn’s friends (the one possessed by Dawn) asks how Dawn is. She goes and visits Dawn and notices how gross her face looks. It’s full of cuts. She is interrupted by a nurse. She seems to want to take over that nurse as well.

Back in the hall, we have Clark and Lana discussing what else might have happened while she was out of it. Clark asks her if she remembers what she said to him at the Talon. Lana looks upset at what might have happened. He tells her that she sort of asked him to prom. She is like “oh”. Clark interjects that it was Dawn, so no big deal. They kind of play each other off the idea that they would want to go together. Clark and Lana.

The nurse comes out and asks if Clark, Lana and Chloe are Dawn’s friends. She mentions that there was nothing they could do. So the bitch is dead. The lady walks away and drops a syringe into a basket.

Now at the Luthor Mansion, we see Jason searching files and emails on Lex’s laptop. Lex wonders if he found anything interesting. Jason tells him he found an email from Lex to Bridgette Crosby confirming a meeting on the date of her death. Lex mentions that she never arrived at the meeting. Jason wonders if Lex was trying to buy the artifact from Bridgette. Lex says he has no interest in a murder investigation. Lex tells him that burying bodies isn’t a hobby he likes to deal with. Good short scene.

Back at the hospital, we find Lois trying to talk her way out of a $250 medical bill. She is aware that she is allergic to the dog, but needs a prescription to deal with it. The same nurse that killed Dawn comes up to her and offers her help.

Later, we see Clark looking a the yearbook. He finds a picture of Lana Lang. He so wishes things were different. Jonathan & Martha get ready to leave for prom. He admits that it’s pretty backwards that they are going to prom, while he stays at home. Jonathan doesn’t want him to look back on prom with regrets of not going. Clark doesn’t think anything that would happen would be a memory he would cherish. Jonathan tells him that you never know. Martha knows why he isn’t going. Clark admits that when he was a freshman he dreamed of going to the prom with Lana. Martha tells him that some things don’t work out the way you hope, but need to give it a chance. She lets him know that she rented him a tux just in case he changes his mind. Nice little scene between the family.

Oh god, I know that shrilling voice anywhere. It’s Lois, and she is wearing. I am waiting for the Lana haters to call Lois a pink princess. Clark finds this utterly odd. He wonders why she is dressed for prom. She tells him that she is going, and he is taking her. She tells him that it will be fun and she doesn’t want him alone all night. He insists that he isn’t going. Lois is forcing the issue. He asks her about this not being in the realm of possibilities. Lois tells him “anything is possible Clark, anything”.

Meanwhile, Jason and Sheriff Adams are searching the grounds where the body was found. He insists that he saw a dead body. There is no body and there is also no record that Bridgette Crosby exists. Jason feels that Lex is paying people off. Sheriff Adams says that the next time he has a story about a dead body, there better be a stiff. Once she leaves, Jason gets on the phone with his mother to tell about the events. He tells her that Lex took care of the body like they wanted. He then grabs the water stone and looks at it. Oh boy, I hate Jason, but they truly ret-conned the sh*t out of him back then.

We are at the prom as Lifehouse is singing another song I am not familiar with. We see Lois & Clark arrive at the prom. Lois is acting like a total fool and Clark tells her that she got him here, so can drop the act. Lois tells him that she is going to get some punch. Someone better check Lois for alcohol. After she leaves, we see Chloe enter the room and she notices Clark. She looks extra peppy when she sees Clark smile. She tells him that she has seen him here before. He mentions that maybe natural disasters will be avoided this time. Chloe is shocked that he made it. He talks about regrets about not seeing her with a crown. Once again, Lois’s shrill voice interrupts a nice Chlark scene and Chloe looks pisses and dismayed at well at Lois’s appearance in pink. Lois tells her she came to cheer Chloe on.

Now it’s time for the announcement for prom queen. Lois wants to get closer to the stage. The winner is…Chloe Sullivan. Chloe is shocked, but there is a nice round of applause. Lois/Dawn is shocked, but hugs Chloe and jumps into Chloe’s body. Lois is utterly shocked that she is wearing a dress at the prom. Clark realizes that Chloe is now Dawn. Also, Lois wants to know if Clark pinned the corsage close to her boob. Now that was actually funny.

On stage, Chloe goes into a rant about how great of a moment this is. This is something she dreamed of forever. It’s totally awesome. She mentions that it’s totally genius. She adds that the person who really deserves this honor is Dawn Stiles. She then continues to bash herself and prop up Dawn. People seem shocked at her words. We hear Chloe chants in the background. Chloe/Dawn vows that it will be a night she will always remember, but the rest will not forget.

We now cut back to the same scene from the beginning of the episode, so I am not going to do play by play on that again.

Clark runs into Jonathan on the ground. He tells Clark that Chloe isn’t acting like herself. Clark tells him to get something for him.

Just as Chloe/Dawn throws the mop, Clark grabs it before it reaches the ground. She is shocked by Clark’s actions. Clark tells her that he knows she is Dawn. She goes on a Carrie rant about how they all laughed at her. She mentions that there is a whole life after high school and she can be whoever she wants. She touches Clark and Dawn enters Clark.

“The crown’s mine, bitch”….

He punches Chloe and with his power, she goes flying across the room. Holy sh*t, without an understanding of Clark’s strength, Chloe is lucky to be alive from such a punch. Clark gets ready to drop the torch into the oil, but is confronted by Jonathan.

“Seriously, Mr. Kent, you can’t stop me.”… I am laughing my ass off with the way he says that.

“That may be true, but I can stop my son.”…Jonathan brings out a piece of kryptonite to force Dawn out of Clark’s body. We see the pink spirit leave his body and soar towards the sky. Jonathan throws the rock away. Chloe was privy to all the information about the meteor rock hurting Clark. Somehow Chloe is completely fine when Clark checks on her. Seriously, she should have one big f**king headache. Clark grabs her crown and gives it back to her. He tells her congratulations on her victory.

Back at the dance, Clark runs into Lois at the punch bowl. Martha & Jonathan told her the story of Dawn and her possession. Clark apologizes for getting her into this. She says don’t worry, she never made it to her senior prom. (see writers in s9, Lois DIDN’T go to prom dammit) Lois then mentions that the punch could use a kick (of course it could) We now hear Lifehouse begin “You and Me”. We have awkward Lois & Clark as everyone else is dancing. Clark decides that Lois deserves a dance for putting up with all the craziness. Lois thanks him for the offer, but tells him that she isn’t the one he wants to dance with, she is. Clark turns away and seems to be in a trance.

We cut to the entrance-way as Lana Lang has finally made her appearance at the prom. She looks REALLY nervous about coming in. She takes a deep breathe and makes her way in. Clark leaves Lois to get Lana.

Lois goes and sits next to Chloe noticing that Chloe seems a little down on the impending Clana. She tells Chloe that in a year, this will feel like a lifetime ago. Chloe mentions that it seems like just yesterday that Clark deserted her on the dance floor during freshman year. Lois tells Chloe she is heading for Metropolis and is destined for great things at the Daily Planet. She can’t imagine Clark Kent being able to keep up with her.

“You know, Lois, I think Clark might have a lot more to offer than you realize.”

“I wouldn’t bet on it”…

Man Clark is taking a long time reaching Lana, is the gym a mile long. Finally she sees him and she tenses up. Man does she look pretty.

“May I have this dance”…

“I thought you’d never ask”…

He grabs her hand and they move to the dance floor. We cut away to Chloe and Lois so we can see depressed Chloe facial expressions. Damn, that isn’t really necessary in this scene. It’s supposed to be about Clark and Lana. Anyway, they begin to dance and it’s like everything is right on the show. Jonathan and Martha spot Clana dancing and smile. They begin to dance as well.

We then gets some close up Clana shots that only work because Tom & Kristin are such good looking people. They are looking right in each others eyes. Lana slowly leans her head on his upper chest and shoulder. We then see Clark crack a smile at the turn of events. His dream of a dance with Lana at prom has finally come true. We then notice that Jason has shown up at prom for some reason. He sees Clark and Lana dancing and he seems pretty upset and leaves. Back to Clark and Lana as we cut away from the close ups. With the music, this is about as perfect a scene as you can do. It truly was about “You & Me”.

We open at the Talon. It’s a bit of a mad rush and Lois is trying to work the counter. We see a young man come up and steal a muffin and then takes cash out of the register. Lois confronts him over his actions and he hits her with a green flash of light from his hand. All of a sudden, Lois seems to have forgotten the incident and he is able to walk away. At that moment, we see Chloe and Clark come into the Talon. They are talking about possible plans for college. He mentions possibly going to the University of Miami. Chloe doesn’t seem to see Clark trading his flannels for flip flops. Clark figures if want to start over, why not do so in a place where there’s a beach. Clark does feel bad about possibly leaving his family to run the farm alone. Chloe adds that he would definitely be tough to replace due to his skills. Clark seems to want to say something, but Chloe changes the subject. She walks up to Lois and wants a double cappuccino. When Lois goes over to the register, she realizes that the Talon has been robbed. At that moment, Clark is able to see the back door moving and he runs into the alley. He sees the thief and goes up to him to confront him. He then uses his green flash on Clark and he falls to the ground. We then see Clark’s memories flash before his eyes. Chloe then comes to find Clark. She asks him what happened? Clark doesn’t know who he is. Interesting start.

After the incident, we see Clark and Chloe arrive at the farm. Clark has no idea where he is, so he is hesitant. Clark doesn’t seem to recognize anything. Chloe tells him that he spends most of his time in the barn. Clark finds this weird. They walk up to the door, but it’s locked. Clark tries to open it and rips it off the hinges and the door flies into the yard. Clark tries to say it was stuck. Chloe mentions that it was locked. They go inside and look for Mr. & Mrs. Kent. Clark is busy looking at pictures on the fridge. Shortly after, Lois shows up and wonders what happened to the door. Clark tries to answer, but Chloe interjects and mentions a strong wind blowing it away. Lois being the idiot that she is, just moves on. Chloe asks her where the Kent’s are at? She is shocked that Clark doesn’t remember. They are gone to Metropolis for an appointment with his heart doctor. Chloe mentions that Clark seems to have lost his memory. Lois is shocked that it happened again. She is just glad that Clark has clothes this time. Chloe notes that it might have been the same person who stole from the Talon. She decides that she should check at the Torch for any answers to the amnesia. Lois tells her that she is becoming a pro at dealing with Mr. Memory Reboot. She mentions that he will have to deal with PB & J since that is the extent of her culinary skills. Clark seems to be annoyed with Lois and asks Chloe if he is related to Lois. She tells him that she is related to her, he just lives with her. At that moment, Lois wants Clark to help her open a jar of peanut butter, but Chloe intercepts it and does it herself. She realizes that if she leaves Clark alone with Lois, he will reveal his powers on accident. Chloe tells Lois that she will take Clark to the loft to see if it triggers any memories.

Meanwhile, at the Talon, we see Lana return to her apartment to find Jason. Jeez, what is it with men who like to await her arrival home. We see Lana and Jason talking. She tells him that she isn’t going to enroll at Central Kansas, maybe not even go to college at all. REALLY? Lana is weird sometimes. This is a girl who went to Paris to study art, but doesn’t know if wants to go to college. OK He is upset because he thought they planned this all year. Jason thinks that this will help things become like Paris once again. Lana is coming to the realization that their relationship has changed for the worse since Paris. Jason wonders how long she has had these feelings. She tells him this has been on her mind for a while. Lana mentions that was trying to get away from secrets and lies when she left for Paris, and their relationship has become just that. Jason thinks this is about Clark. Lana implores that it has nothing to do with Clark, but about them. She wished she could wipe the slate clean, but they can’t. She mentions how something like that only comes around once in a lifetime. She walks away from him. Jason goes over to her and mentions how much he has protected her and storms out. Man, that was creepy. Thank God he is gone.

We then see Clark and Chloe talking outside the barn. She grabs a crowbar and wants Clark to bend it. He thinks she is crazy, but he tries anyway & bends in into a circle. He is shocked and wonders how he did that. Chloe tells Clark that she believes that he was infected by the meteor shower and created an extraterrestrial effect on some people. Clark wonders if he is some sort of alien. Chloe tells that isn’t the case. Clark wonders if he is a mutant. Chloe says that would be a more apropos description. She also mentions that he has saved many people in Smallville and is the self appointed hero in Smallville. Chloe thinks that is amazing. Clark thinks that they must have been great friends if he trusted her with this information. Sadly, Chloe notes that he didn’t tell her the secret. However, Clark realizes that Chloe wouldn’t have told anyone about him. Nice little scene.

Later, we see Clark and Chloe at the Talon. They are searching for evidence. Clark manages to use his x-ray vision without even trying and finds a card under a mat behind the register. Chloe wonders what is up. Clark basically says he can see through things. Of course, we get the requisite girl using her jacket to cover her chest moment, as if that would stop him. Clark realizes that Chloe wasn’t aware of that ability. She mentions that she didn’t know and that he might want to keep a lid on that one. At this point, Clark goes on a diatribe about how he should just tell everybody about his powers. He feels that others would understand. Chloe thinks that he should wait until his parents get back. She feels he must have had a really good reason to hide his secret and that they need to get his memory back. Clark isn’t so happy, he doesn’t want to go back to lying to everyone. He doesn’t know if he wants that life back. At this moment, we see Lana come down the stairs to talk with a few people. Clark is enamored from the first moment he sees her. All of a sudden we see Clark get a burning sensation in his eyes. He starts a lamp on fire. He is confused, but Chloe thinks for him and throws some water on the fire to put it out.

“Premature combustion. That’s one I didn’t need to know about.”

He continues to stare at her & asks Chloe who she is?

She sadly says, “that is Lana Lang, the love of your life.”

Clark just continues to stare and smile at Lana.

That was a nice little scene and it’s great to see that Clark is in love with Lana at first sight, but couldn't stand Lois.

Later, we see Clark looking at pictures of Lana and cave drawings. Lois joins him as he slams the pictures down. He is complaining about his whole life being a void. He mentions that Chloe is very protective of him, but seems like there are a lot of people he can’t trust. She tells him to trust his gut. She asks him about her. He figures that they don’t like each other much. Lois tells him that he is on the right track. He grabs the picture of Lana once again and looks at it.

The next day, we see Clark walk up to Lana at school. He seems really happy, but shy.

She says, “Hi Clark.”

Clark very softly responds, “Hi.” …I can imagine the female viewers losing their minds at the way he said that. He was like a scared little boy.

Lana mentions that she heard about what happened & realizes that he probably doesn’t remember her, but he interjects “Lana”. She seems surprised at his awareness. She tells him that she was going to visit him later and is surprised to see him at school. Clark tells her that he actually came to see her. He notes that Chloe told him they used to go out. She nods and acknowledges it.

“What happened? I mean, please, I’d just, I’d really like to know.”

“So would I.”

“It was me?” …Lana is stunned by Clark’s reaction.

“I don’t understand. If I felt anywhere near like I feel now. No don’t tell me. I don’t wanna know. I don’t wanna know, because this time, It’ll be different.”

“This time?”…Lana is really shocked. All of a sudden, a locker closes to snap Lana out of her Clark gaze. She doesn’t think they should talk about this right now. Clark isn’t backing down and wants to know when a good time to talk would be.

We then see Lois & Chloe arrive at the school. They notice Clark is talking to Lana. Lois wonders how Clark got to school. Chloe mentions that maybe the heart remembers more than the brain. Chloe has one of those uncomfortable looks again when discussing Clark and his feelings. Lois tells her to not give a second thought to Clark and his vacant baby-blues. After Clark and Lana part ways, they come up to him and mention that they traced the card they found at the Talon to a Kevin Grady. He lives in Smallville, so they want to check out the address. Well, overall that was a very nice scene…until Lois & Chloe showed up. Clark had that innocent, meek thing going for him and Lana seemed to be mud after a few seconds.

We then are at the Grady residence. He is talking to his father about his condition. It seems that Kevin was getting treatment somewhere. He feels that he had to get out of there because he is being turned into a freak. Kevin doesn’t believe he can stay with his father after his own actions in the past. He doesn’t want his father to have to look at him every day. He has some things packed and tells him he will be fine on his own. He hits his father with a memory zap and leaves. Lois, Clark and Chloe show up to talk to Mr. Grady. He says that Kevin is out of town. Chloe thinks he is at Summerholt Institute, due to Mr. Grady’s parking pass for Summerholt. Clark tells him that they need to find out what he knows. He admits his son is a patient at Summerholt. It seems, Kevin killed his brother in a hunting accident. Mr. Grady was trying to get the incident erased from his memory so he could move on with his life. He tells them he has to go. Lois doesn’t buy his story. Clark is focusing and Chloe wonders what he is doing. He mentions that he can hear someone running in the distance.

“What? And the super-Wheaties abilities just keep coming.”

Chloe wants him to follow the footsteps. Clark notes that it sounds like he is on a motorcycle now. Chloe tells him to run. He does so, but can’t seem to control the ability and finds himself running way too far. As he stops, we find him in a pasture with some cows. We also hear some type music in the background.

Afterward, Chloe and Clark go to meet Lex. Clark jokes that the castle thing didn’t take off in the neighborhood. He can’t believe he is friends with a billionaire. Lex arrives and notes that Clark was never impressed before. Clark calls him Mr. Luthor. He corrects him and tells him to call him Lex. They came over because they hoped he still had his contact at Summerholt. He tells him that he can make some calls and see what he can find out. Lex then asks Chloe is he can have a word with Clark. She tells him that she was supposed to get him home. He says that he can manage it. Chloe is concerned of Lex’s devious actions and whispers that Clark should be careful of Lex. Lex tells Clark that he has an idea what might be able to jump start his memory.

We then see Clark and Lex go to the Kawatche Caves. Lex suggests that they have been working together to solve the mysteries of the cave. Clark wonders what the symbols mean. Lex informs him that it might sound strange, but they think the symbols are about Clark. Clark then notes that there should be a two headed monster on one wall. He tells Lex that he remembers it from the drawings in the loft. Lex tells him that they were documenting them. Clark then mentions that one wall shouldn’t be here. He notes that in the drawings there was a room behind it. Lex wants to go back to the loft and look at the drawings for an explanation. Clark begins to get suspicious and says he better get home. Man, Lex really is quite devious in this scene.

Later, we see Chloe at Summerholt. She is somewhere she doesn’t belong. How the f**k does this happen? The idea that some high school girl can just mosey on down to a medical institute and just sneak wherever is absurd. If this was Clark, yeah I could understand. Anyway, she is going through some computer discs and then starts up the computer. Oh, how convenient, a computer that's not locked. She sends some files to her email at the Torch from the computer. She is then grabbed by someone from behind.

At the Torch, we see Clark looking for Chloe, but finding Lois. She wants to look at the files Chloe sent him. One of the clips is of Kevin getting ready to endure a procedure. He seems worried about it and tries to convince them to let him go. It seems that Kevin didn’t kill his brother and that Summerholt was trying to plant new memories for him. Clark can’t believe someone would do this to Kevin. He figures it’s best to search for him at the accident location. Lois starts going through things and Clark speeds away.

Now, we see Kevin walking through the woods. He seems to be reliving the accident in his mind. Clark finds him and tells him that he took away all his memories. Kevin is surprised, because he thought it was only going to take away a few minutes. Clark wants Kevin to remember just what happened during the accident. With Clark’s help, he eventually realizes that the actual incident involved his father shooting his brother, not him. Kevin is shocked that his father would do this to him. He wonders why Clark is helping him. Clark says he knows what it’s like to lose a part of your life. Kevin wishes he could help Clark. The only chance would be to break into Summerholt, but couldn’t get him in there. Clark tells him that he can get them in.

Later, we see Lois and Sheriff Adams talking to a receptionist at Summerholt Institute. Lois is getting nowhere with the lady. Sheriff Adams tells the receptionist that they may pay her enough to be rude, but doesn’t think they pay her enough to spend time in county jail. Don't f**k with Sheriff Adams, or she will have your ass.

Meanwhile, we see Clark and Kevin breaking in to Summerholt from the roof. However, they are in a room full of kryptonite. Kevin wonders what is wrong with him. Clark tells him to go ahead and he will catch up. Clark then tries to move, but falls down. Jeez, Clark is even reckless and stupid without his memory. Although, I guess he isn't aware of kryptonite due to his memory loss, so I will let him slide.

We now see Chloe strapped down and ready to undergo the memory removal procedure. Mr. Grady is the man in charge of the procedure. He tells her that in order to be safe, he will have to go back much further than the last three days. Mr. Grady thinks it’s actually a gift to remove the painful memories. He then starts up the machine. At that moment, Kevin storms into the room to confront his father about his brother. During the struggle, Kevin is thrown to the ground by his father.

Clark is still struggling with the liquid kryptonite. Finally, he manages to push it over and out of close range. He stands up and gets out of there.

Now we see the procedure is just beginning and Clark speeds into the room and puts his head between the laser and Chloe. All of a sudden, we see another flash of memories. His interruption caused the machine to backfire and some pillars fall towards them. However, we is able to hold them up. At this moment, Sheriff Adams and Lois enter the room. They are stunned at the feet of strength. Clark then uses his power to push the pillars back . He then awkwardly says hello to Lois & Sheriff Adams. Lois mentions that she can’t call him Smallville anymore. Kevin realizing the circumstances protects Clark by zapping the memories from Chloe, Lois and Sheriff Adams. He then walks away. Now we have Lois back to being bossy and thinking that Clark isn’t worth a damn. Very nice scene.

Afterward, we see Chloe and Lois talking to Sheriff Adams. Clark sees Kevin leaving and runs up to him. He recognizes him from the Talon. Kevin apologizes for his actions. Clark doesn’t understand what or why he did what he did, but feels like he owes him a thank you. Kevin mentions that it’s best if he just leaves so there are no questions. He thanks Clark for a chance at a clean slate. They shake hands and Kevin walks away.

Later, Clark arrives home to find Lex in the barn. He tells Clark that he was looking for him. Lex heard that he got his memories back. Clark informs him he remembers everything but the last 24 hours. He asks Lex what they talked about the day prior. Lex says that they discussed his own memory loss and felt it might be comforting. Clark mentions that he is lucky to have such good friends watching over him. He then drives away.

We then see Lex at the mansion looking over Clark’s drawing of the caves. That son of a bitch.

Meanwhile, we see Lana arriving at the Kent’s to meet Clark on the porch. She nervously notes that she is early. Clark seems confused on just what is going on. He wonders what she is nervous about? Clark asks her if they were supposed to do something. He tells her that he doesn’t remember anything from the last 24 hours. She asks if he remembers everything from before. He nods. She says that it’s probably for the best. Clark wants to know if their plans were date plans? He then asks about Jason. Lana is scared and mentions that he just wanted to talk and that it can wait until another day. She then starts to walk away. Now here comes the most refreshing and quite frankly remarkable thing Clark Kent has done EMOTIONALLY in quite some time. HE FIGHTS FOR LANA.

“Lana wait, I can’t do this. I can’t let you walk out, not again.”

“It’s okay, we both know better than this.”

“I know, that’s why this time will be different.”

“This time?”

Cue grins from Clark and Lana. Again, it's great to finally see Clark decide to do something that would make him happy and saying to hell with his worries. This was a very nice scene and when mixed with Switchfoot’s “This Is Your Life”, it becomes truly memorable.

Finally, we are at Smallville High School the next day. We see Chloe at the computer writing a story about Mr. Grady’s operation being shut down at Summerholt. Clark joins Chloe and makes a memory joke. Chloe thinks its funny. He thanks her for Clark-sitting while they were away in Metropolis. Clark asks her if it was strange to deal with her zombie best friend. Chloe feels that she never knew just how complicated that zombie’s life was. Clark gets worried at this point. He asks her if he did anything unusual. She mentions that he had a clean slate and he made all the same choices as before. He tells Chloe that he needs her to be completely honest with him. She finds that kind of funny. He wants to know what he did? She tells him that he trusted her. Very nice scene, but jeez how does Clark not just ask her what she knows? It’s beyond obvious that she knows something by now.

(Overall, this is another episode that I really enjoy watching. It’s hilarious to watch Clark interact with people without his memories. The Chlark scenes were well done. I even thought the scene with Lois & Clark in the loft was okay. The Clana scenes at the school and at the end were great to see. It’s about time Clark fought for Lana. Way too often it was Lana fighting for Clark. Lex was once again a devious bastard as he was becoming more & more obsessed with the caves and the stones. In the end, this is my 3rd favorite episode from season 4. I give it an A-.)

We open at the Talon. Lana is arriving back home after a long day. Remember, she has already dealt with being turned into a wax statue earlier in Forever. Anyway, she closes the door and finds someone waiting for her. Genevieve Teague is there and she wants the stone that Lionel gave Lana. Of course, Lana is confused since she never received a stone from Lionel. Genevieve pulls a gun, so Lana pulls out the air stone she received in Sacred. Genevieve is entranced by it so Lana kicks her and tries to escape. However, a cat fight ensues. Genevieve gets Lana mounted on the ground and begins to choke her. The danger to Lana’s ignites purple eyes and Isobel has returned. She reverses Genevieve and stabs her in the heart with the air stone. The effect of her death causes the spirit of Isobel to be removed and the tattoo disappears. I am kind of confused by all this. I guess Isobel could only exist until a descendant of Gertrude was killed and she had her revenge…or maybe the blood on the stone severed the connection? Oh well, whatever. Lana is stunned at what has happened. She looks at the blood on her hands and sees Lex standing at the door.

Meanwhile, at the Kent farm, we find Clark sleeping. He sees a lights coming from somewhere. Also, there are some strange things occurring, the clock is spinning out of control, the television is turning on, lights are flickering. Craziness. Shelby is clawing at the door to go outside. He opens the door and a huge light engulfs Clark. He walks outside and there is an amazing Aurora in the sky. We then see red, yellow, and blue colors form a bright light that is coming straight towards him. We then see that Clark was actually sleeping. Martha and Jonathan tell him he was screaming. It seems Clark was yelling, “it’s coming” over and over. We then cut away to find a huge meteor break apart and head on a track towards earth, followed by a 24 style countdown clock.

We return to the Luthor mansion to find Lana washing her hands in a big bowl in Lex’s office. Seriously, there IS a bathroom. Hell, Lex is bringing her another jug full of water to rise her hands. What century is this man living in? Lana is hysterical about the whole situation. She notes that a woman is dead because of her. Lex grabs Lana and brings her over to the couch. Lana feels that she needs to tell Jason. Lex says that he will deal with him. She gets up says there’s a body at the apartment and that she needs to go to the police. Lex doesn’t think that’s a good idea. He mentions that Genevieve was a very powerful woman. Lana is scared that she could end up in prison. Lex says that is not going to happen to her. He says he’s got the best attorney’s in the world and once he arrives they will go to the authorities. Lana says thank you and gives him a hug. He wants her to stay at the mansion and talk to no one. Lana wants to make sure the stone is still in her purse. Lex says he would never steal it from her. A situation arises and one of Lex’s men calls him away. After he leaves, she takes out the blood covered stone.

Meanwhile, we see Clark, Martha and Jonathan discussing his dream. He is afraid it’s some sort of warning. Martha thinks he’s being paranoid, just a bad dream. Clark thinks it felt so real. Jonathan says Clark needs to get some sleep for graduation. Just then, we see a pair of bunny slippers walking down the stairs. Oh great, Lois. God, she is SUCH a joke. Funny, I don’t imagine Lana goes to sleep dressed like that. Anyway, Lois mentions having nightmares all the time. We get a stupid anvil about her dreaming of a man wearing a red cape. SERIOUSLY, what is scary about that. Clark doesn‘t find it very interesting. Lois says that she’s going to be leaving them to search for Lucy in Europe. Lois knows that Clark is devastated by the news. Clark says he will try not to cry. She mentions that Martha & Jonathan have been so great to her. They say she is welcome back anytime. Clark isn’t so sure of that. She mentions that she could do without Shelby.

Back at the Talon apartment, Lex shows up to find it minus one dead Jane Seymour. We then hear Lionel’s voice in the darkness. He says he did Miss Lang a favor and tidied up the place.

“She left quite a mess.”

“What are you looking for, the good housekeeping seal of approval?”

“You know, for a woman without a heart, Genevieve Teague certainly did have a lot of blood.” (one of Lionel’s best lines ever)

Lex wants to know what Lionel is really doing at Lana’s apartment? Lionel wants to offer a trade, her freedom for the stone. Lex thinks Lionel’s search for the stones is bordering on fanatical.

“Trust me, Lana Lang has nothing to do with this.”

“So chivalrous, you are the gallant hero trying to protect the damsel in distress. Hmm.”

“I’m warning you, leave her alone.”

“All your life, you’ve had a tendency to let the damsel lead you straight into the mouth of the dragon. Your feelings for Miss Lang, don’t let them cripple your common sense, son. I expect to see the stone by noon tomorrow. It would be a shame if Genevieve’s corpse were delivered to the Sheriff with Lana Lang’s DNA as postage.”

Lex is left to think about the next plan of action.

Wow, what a slime ball Lionel is. I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

We then see some meteors crashing into the moon and the rest heading for Earth. A satellite has found the meteors heading towards Earth.

That morning, we see Clark up in the loft. He is busy getting ready for graduation. Clark’s struggling with his tie. Lois shows up and ties it for him. He jokes that he doesn’t know what he’d do without her around. She mentions that his life is planned out.

“You’re gonna go to community college, major in agriculture, probably minor in law enforcement. Then you and Lana will have a nice little church wedding.”

“Excuse me.”

“Oh come on, it’s written in the stars and you know it. Soon you’ll join the bowling league, take over the family farm and then, well, you and Lana can bring little Clark Jr. into the world.”

Clark thinks she’s hallucinating. Oh come on Clark, we all know that is your dream normal life.

“No, hallucinating would be imagining Clark Kent going off to the big city to make his mark on the world. I’m just being realistic.”

Lois puts on his tie too tight and Clark fixes it. He asks her what Lois’s plans are. She figures that she will get her education in the real world. It seems her perfect job would be a radio disc jockey. For some reason, Clark blurts out “journalism” as a possibility. He mentions her writing some decent articles at the Torch. Lois says that he should kill her first. She notes that the left place she wants to spend time is a new room. She mentions that with her luck, she’d end up across the desk from the most bumbling reporter. OK, we’ve had enough anvils for one episode. Clark finishes getting ready and Lois mentions he looks handsome for a change. Lois walks up to him and talks really nice to him and mentions how she will be looking up at him during graduation and thinking one thing…don’t trip. She smacks him on the shoulder and leaves.

Later, at the graduation, we find Clark and Chloe talking. They wonder where Lana is at? You know, for a town of 45,001 people, the main high school doesn’t have a big graduating class. With a city that size, should have well over 500 students. BTW, two of the graduating seniors are Holly Harold and Caroline Dries, who are writers on the show. BTW, Caroline wrote Nemesis. Anyway, we see Clark walking up to get his diploma. However, Lana is not present when her name is called. At that moment, we here sirens going off. Military police arrive and tell people that a meteor shower is heading for Smallville and they need to evacuate. Chaos ensues. Clark seems to realize this is a sign. Chloe gets all excited and mentions that some extraterrestrial bullseye must be bringing these crazy things to Smallville. She notes that lightning doesn’t strike the same spot twice. Clark ignores her and says he needs to find Lana. Chloe says that if anyone can find her with time to spare it’s Clark. Once again, he questions her comment. She says he gets things done in half the time of a normal person. Clark stops and asks her if he’s NOT normal. Chloe says of course he is normal. Lois then shows up and wants them to be calm, however, she is panicking herself.

Shortly after, we see Clark arrive at home. He tells Martha and Jonathan that he can’t find Lana anywhere. They say she probably already left. Jonathan tells him to pack everything he can. Clark says he’s got something to do first. He thinks the meteor shower is somehow related to him.

We then see the meteors getting closer to Earth and the clock reads 2 hours 21 minutes…

We return to find Clark in the loft getting the octagonal disc. Lex shows up to talk to Clark. He says he’s offering a ride on his Luthor Corp jet. Clark politely declines. Lex doesn’t understand why he wouldn’t take it, because you don’t want to be anywhere near Smallville when the meteor shower hits. He knows from experience. He then tells Clark about the inner chamber of the cave wall. Clark says he’s never thought anything of that. Of course, we know Lex stole Clark’s drawing of the “inner chamber” in Blank. Clark doesn’t understand why Lex is so interested in the cave when a disaster is heading their way? Lex feels that the caves are irreplaceable. Clark says he’s got to go and wishes Lex luck. Lex doesn’t believe in luck. He feels wits and fortitude that keep them safe. He figures Clark has enough of both and wishes him well.

Clark then proceeds to the caves to speak to Jor-El. He wants to know what Jor-El has done? Jor-El tells him that he brought it upon himself. He mentions that Clark was sent to unite the three elements. Clark claims that the stones have nothing to do with him. WHAT!!! Jor-El disagrees and mentions that the knowledge of the universe is only meant for Clark. Jor-El notes that due to Clark’s not accepting responsibility, the meteor shower is the consequence. Clark figures that Jor-El sent the meteor shower. He tells Clark that blood has stained one of the elements and has awakened a great danger from space. He says that there’s nothing can stop the meteor shower and that it’s just the beginning. He notes that the three elements must become one. He has to find them immediately. Jor-El says that if he doesn’t unite them, Clark will be seared by a fire from the sky that he can’t survive. In other words, the future of mankind depends on Clark.

We are able to see meteors beginning to reach Earth’s atmosphere. 45 minutes until the shower.

Shortly after, we see Martha running out to the truck with Clark’s yellow blanket they found him in. Clark arrives and tells them they will need to leave without him. Martha is shocked. They note that kryptonite could fall to the ground and kill him. Clark mentions that he spoke to Jor-El. He needs to find the other two stones and unite them immediately with the one in the cave. Martha and Jonathan are upset and note that Clark isn’t invincible.

“I know Dad, but I’m the only one who can do this.”

Jonathan grabs Clark and says, “All right, But I want you to listen to me right now. All the years that your mother and I spent raising you from a wide-eyed toddler running around the farm, to the man that is standing in front of me now, was for this moment. You do this, son, you make us proud.”

He then gives him a big hug and Clark. Martha follows with a hug of her own Clark then walks away towards the barn. Martha and Jonathan are left alone by the truck.

“Those meteors can kill him.”

“I know that, sweetheart, but if we have faith in our son, we can‘t let that faith waiver now.”

Martha begins to cry and Jonathan consoles her.

Meanwhile, Clark enters the barn to find Lana. He wants to know what she’s doing there? Lana mentions that she’s scared. Clark says he knows the meteor shower brings up painful memories. However, he feels with the warning, they’ll be safe. Lana isn’t so sure. She says that she’s not sure what will happen with her and wants him to have something. She digs in her purse and finds the blood stained Air Stone. Clark wants to know where she got it? Lana tells him it’s from China.

“Whatever it is, or whatever it means, I somehow know it’s meant for you.”

“Is this blood.”

“Remember all those times I asked you for an explanation, but you said you couldn’t give me one, that I had to trust you? Well, this time I need you to trust me.”

“Lana, my parents are about to leave. Go with them, you’ll be safe.”

Lana nearly crying says, “I can’t.” “You have to.”

“Clark, I need you to know that whatever happens, I will never forget you.

“Lana, you’re talking like we’re never gonna see each other again.”

“I love you.”

Lana then moves towards Clark and gives him a kiss.

Afterward, Clark responds, “I love you too.”


Lana then leaves Clark alone in the barn.

Tremendous back to back scenes. First the Kent’s conversation and then the Clana goodbye.

We see the clock showing just under 20 minutes until the meteor shower.

Shortly after, we find Lana back at the mansion. Lana is leaving a message for Chloe telling her that she’ll be okay. Lex grabs the phone and says that he said no contact. He tells her she needs to trust him. Lex asks if the stone is still safe. Lana mentions it’s as safe as can be. He wants to put it in his vault. She wants to know why? Lex tells her that she’s going to be taken by chopper to a hotel in Metropolis and that it’s best not to travel with the murder weapon. Lana says she would prefer to keep a hold of it. He says that the stone is the “smoking gun”. He notes that he’ll go along with whatever self defense story she wants. Lana implores that it’s not a story. Lex says that he knows that. He tells Lana that he trusts her, but now she needs to trust him with the stone. Lana says she can’t do that. Lex doesn’t look very excited about that.

Meanwhile, we see the Kent’s heading from the farm. However, they are stopped by a bloody Jason Teague. He’s got a shotgun and seems really pissed. Jonathan wants Jason to calm down. Jason wants to know where Clark’s at. He’s holding them at gun point.

14 minutes to go….

We return to find Chloe and Lois stuck in a traffic jam. She is discussing Lana’s voicemail. Lois doesn’t understand why she’d be at the mansion. Chloe says she doesn’t know, but that was Lex’s voice in the background. Chloe says that she has to find her. They run into a military road block. Lois gets out and walks up to the soldier. He recognizes her as General Sam Lane’s daughter. Lois then uses her big mouth to preoccupy him as Chloe gets out of the car and sneaks around the block.

Back in the caves….Clark is preparing to place the 2nd element.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Lex finds Lionel in his office. He wonders what he’s doing there. Lionel says he wouldn’t leave until he knew his son would be all right. Lex laughs and says that Lionel’s there looking for the element. He claims that he’s not seen Lana Lang. He figures she’s on the run, and halfway to Costa Rica by now. Lionel notes that a face like Lana Lang isn’t easy to hide and she will surely catch the attention of a customs official. Lex says that he will make a deal. If he leaves Lana alone, he will give him something that Lionel needs. Lex mentions that a key is no good, without knowing where the lock is at. He says that he’s aware Lionel has one of the elements, but doesn’t know where it belongs. He offers to take him to the place right away. Lionel says he just doesn’t have the stone.

At that moment, Clark places the element down and immediately, we see Lionel on the ground as he DID have the water stone in his jacket. He is convulsing. Lex goes to check on Lionel and notices the stone, but as he touches it, he’s thrown across the room by it’s power. A few seconds later, we see Lex getting up to check on Lionel. He is completely unconscious. He asks Lionel if he can here him.

“Before you leave this Earth, I want you to know you did create the son you always wanted.”

Guards arrive to carry Lionel to the bedroom. After, Lex notices the water stone on the ground.

Back in the caves, we can hear that the water stone is calling out to Clark. He hears the ringing sound. He makes his way to the mansion and finds it inside Lex’s vault. Unfortunately, there is also meteor rocks in there and Clark is in trouble. He struggles to grab the stone, but can’t get out.

Meanwhile, we see Jason holding Martha and Jonathan hostage in their own home. He wants to know where Clark’s keeping the stones. Martha acts like she’s clueless about it all. Jason says he did some digging into Clark Kent after the events in Shanghai. He notes that his mother thought the Luthor’s would lead them to the stones, but it was the farm boy who has no record of being born. Martha says he needs to find his mother and get her to safety. Jason gets upset and mentions that he can’t find her anywhere. God, Jason is such a momma’s boy. He points the gun at Martha and orders him to tell her the location of the stones.

Back at the mansion, Lex is taking Lana to the chopper. He says he needs the stone. Lana says she doesn’t have it. Lex is upset and says that she’s lying. She tells him that it’s safe. He’s really pissed and he grabs her purse from her in anger.

“This was never about my safety, was it? This is about you getting your hands on that stone.”

Lex calms down and grabs her by the face and says,“Lana, your safety is more important than any of this. You mean more to me than you know.”

Lana gets on the helicopter and Lex walks away upset.

Back in the mansion, we see Chloe looking for Lana. However, she’s shocked to find Clark Kent on the ground. She pulls him away from the vault. Just then, Lex arrives wondering what she’s doing there. During their exchange, Clark speeds away. He realizes the vault is ripped open and the stone is missing. He wonders what Chloe knows about it? Chloe denies having any idea. Lex notes that she always lands in these precarious situations. He grabs her and demands to know where the element is at. Chloe wants to get out of Smallville. Lex says they will find the element, even if they have to dodge some meteors along the way.

Meanwhile, Jason is continuing to threaten the Kent’s. Eventually, he gets into a struggle with Jonathan and knocks him to the ground. However, he hears rumbling and we see a meteor headed straight for the Kent home. It crashes into it. At the same time, we see meteors crashing all around the area, causing massive destruction. We quickly show Smallville High School’s sign being demolished. They used a few effects from Clark’s nightmare in Scare. The effects for all this are truly impressive for this show. Lot of money and effort was put into it. Anyway, we see a little kid wandering away from his parent. He finds a toy truck, but also notices a barrage of meteors heading his away. Clark speeds in and protects him from the explosion. That was an awesome shot. The boys father thanks Clark for helping him and Clark implores him to get out of the area.

We then see Lana in the helicopter, the pilot is attempting to maneuver around the meteor shower. It’s complete chaos. Eventually the back of the chopper is hit and it’s falling to the ground. Lana seems to be preparing for the end. Again, this is very impressive stuff technically speaking. I wonder what the budget was for this episode? Either this or Zod HAS to be the most expensive episode.

Clark then returns to the cave and the dais. He places the final stone in place and the they unite into one crystal. Again, a nice special effect.

Chloe and Lex are arriving at the cave as well. She is shocked that they’re at the caves. Lex says that she knows all about the caves. He wants to know who broke into the vault. He asks if she’s protecting Clark? She wants to know why Clark would have anything to do with it? Lex says that Chloe has known Clark a whole lot longer than he has, maybe better than anyone. REALLY Lex, Chloe only knew Clark for a year prior. At least I believe that was announced in Obscura & Abyss. Anyway, Chloe says she does know know him better than anyone and that the last thing he would do would snoop around for a stupid rock. At that moment, we see a light emanating from further into the cave. Lex goes to check it out, but Chloe pushes him into the wall. She walks closer and sees what she believes is Clark standing in a blinding light. He grabs the crystal and is immediately in a flash of light. Meanwhile, we see Lionel’s eyes are now flooding with Kryptonian symbols. Clark is screaming due to the energy being released. Lex is getting to his feat behind Chloe. All of a sudden, it’s pure white and Clark is now standing in snow. He is stunned by what he’s seeing. Nice helicopter shots as we move away from him.

In the aftermath, we see Lois looking at the effects of the meteor shower on the city of Smallville. I’m not sure why we see it from her point of view considering she isn’t a resident or attached to the town?

Then we see that Lana is still alive, but bloody. The pilot IS dead. Lana’s leg is badly hurt. She drags it along the grass and makes her way up to a huge pile of dirt. When she reaches the top, she sees a huge black ship. She is absolutely shocked, even more so when a light appears in front of her. Is the ship opening?...we will find out later.

Back in the arctic, we see Clark holding the crystal. It’s then hovers in front of him and point the way. Clark grabs the crystal and throws it in that direction. We follow watch the crystal come towards us as the episode ends…TOO BE CONTINUED.

(Overall, that was a fantastic episode. It was definitely rushed, but it created a real sense of chaos, which is apropos considering a meteor shower was arriving and took place. The effects were phenomenal throughout the episode, and really makes the effects from seasons 8 & 9 look horrendous by comparison. I guess that’s what happens when you get 2-3x the budget. I really loved the Kent’s scene with Clark right before they were to leave. It was emotional and Jonathan had some great words. The Clana scene was also nice and contained a lot of emotion. In a way, the kiss reminded me of the Exodus kiss. The difference is that Lana is the one truly worried about her future. (although I suppose Clark would be as well) The Lexana stuff plotted seeds for later in s5, but again Lana is shown to be aware of his nefarious means and attitude. Her negative attitude towards him would continue through the first several episodes of s5, then be pretty much ret-conned away. Lionel gets the line of the episode for his line about Genevieve Teague. Sadly, Isobel is gone.)

Season 5Edit

Season five deals with the aftermath of the second meteor shower. Clark deals with adult life, going to college, a real relationship with Lana, and the loss of someone he loves. His distrust for Lex continues to grow, as Clark's professor begins supplying him with evidence of LuthorCorp's secret projects. Clark looks to Chloe for support, while Lionel's transformation into a better person draws skepticism from everyone.

We open in the aftermath of Commencement. Clark throws the crystal and it buries into the snow. In it’s place, we see an ice & crystal structure emerge from the ground. It’s is completely massive. Clark begins to walk towards it and enters. Inside we see a dimly lit chamber filled with crystals. The musical score is very good. It creates a sense of mysticism. Clark walks towards the main console and a crystal exits and hovers in front of him. After hesitating for a second, he grabs it and it illuminates. We then hear the voice of Jor-El. There is something weird about hearing Terrance Stamp’s voice inside the Fortress of Solitude. It’s like the writers were teasing us that this Jor-El wasn’t real. Anyway…

“Kal-El, you have traveled far. One journey has ended. A new journey is about to begin. Welcome home, my son.”

We then pull away and are able to see just how huge the inner chamber is when it’s illuminated.

YEAH…new credits that are way different from the first 4 seasons. Commencement gave them some great shots to use…as did the Shattered car destruction from season 3. Also, like I said earlier, Kristin wearing purple. You know, watching the credits, it’s just nuts. This show, even at the beginning of season 5, was so cool. It didn’t have the heart of the first few seasons, but oh man, they were rolling. We end the new credits with Kal-El flying above the Earth.

Back outside Smallville, we see Lana observing the black ship. In a flash of light, two people emerge. Lana is scared and turns to run, but they’re immediately in front of her. She begs them to not hurt her. At this moment, we see police and choppers enter the scene. The female uses heat vision to destroy the chopper. Police try to shoot them, but the bullets just bounce off their chests. They take turns destroying the police cars in the area. Man, more cool special effects. Lana uses the distraction to run to the bushes and hide. In the aftermath, Aethyr (I am not calling her female all episode) wonders about the girl. Nam-Ek says it’s of no consequence. The main focus is finding Kal-El. Lana watches them leave and notices a strange tattoo on Aethyr’s lower back. Of course we will find out that it stands for General Zod.

Meanwhile, Lois arrives at the Kent farm, finding it ripped apart by a meteor. She walks inside and finds Jonathan searching for Martha. MAN, that place is trashed. Eventually, Lois is able to find her under some pieces of wood. She is in bad shape. Jonathan says that Martha will be fine. He is crying and asks Lois to help him get her out.

Back in the caves, Lex emerges from the ground. He is covered in rocks. Lex is screaming for Chloe. He finds her palm pilot on the ground. After this, he notices the opening in the cave wall and finds the dais. It seems Clark left the key in the portal. Lex grabs it and looks at it. However, Aethyr and Nam-Ek show up. Lex thinks they are officers and tries to bullsh*t them. They realize he’s got the key. Aethyr summons it to her. Nam-Ek asks him if he’s Kal-El? Lex gives them a smart ass answer. Nam-Ek grabs him by the neck. Aethyr notes that he’s not Kal-El, because Kal-El would not bleed. They throw Lex to the ground and speed away.

We then move back to the arctic to find Chloe in the snow. She screams for Clark and turns her head and we see the Fortress reflecting in her eye.

Back in the Fortress, Jor-El is still talking to Clark. He mentions thinking Krypton was destroyed.

“It was, but here in your Fortress of Solitude, the geography of our planet has been replicated for your training.”

“I know there’s a lot I can learn from you, but I have to get home, that’s where I’m needed.”

“The meteor shower is only the precursor. A dark force from Krypton has been awaken Kal-El and its sights are set on Earth.”

“What do you want me to do.”

Clark is encapsulated in a force field.

“You must do as I tell you, and study with diligence, for that is the only way to save this planet.”

The images used in the training are cool. We can see some images of Krypton from the movies, along with various symbols.

We then see Chloe enter the Fortress. She is shocked to see Clark inside some sort of force field. She walks closer, but Jor-El has altered the temperature and wind inside the Fortress. Chloe is lying on the ground freezing to death. She is calling for Clark to help her. Eventually, he breaks out of his training trance and runs over to her. He grabs her and tries to keep her warm. Jor-El insists that his training and the world is more important than one human life. Clark says that he won’t let her die. Jor-El says that if he lets him leave, he must return before sun down. Clark promises that he will do so. Jor-El notes that if he doesn’t, there will be grave consequences. Afterward, Chloe wants him to go into “Super Clark” mode. Clark is shocked by this proclamation.

“I know you run faster than a speeding bullet Clark. Take me along for the ride.”

Clark picks her up and speeds out of the Fortress.

Back outside Smallville, we see Lex driving like a maniac. He nearly hits Lana who is dragging herself down the road. She is totally freaked out. He wants to know what she’s talking about. Lana tells him that there was a space ship and a man and woman who came from it. Lex figures she is hallucinating. She gets upset and says that she is NOT crazy and knows what she saw. She tries to walk away, but exerts too much energy and falls to the ground.

We are now back up North in a small medical center. Clark and Chloe are just standing there looking at each other. Chloe wonders who’s more freaked out? Her being in a hospital where they get medicine via dog sled, or Clark knowing that she’s aware of his secret. Clark asks her how long she’s known? Chloe notes that she’s always felt something different with him, due to the lame excuses, miraculous recoveries and quick exits. He wonders why she didn’t say anything to him? Chloe felt that Clark would tell her when he was ready. Clark says he had wanted to reveal the truth. REALLY Clark, since when has he given a damn about Chloe knowing his secret. I have to be honest, they ret-conned Clark & Chloe’s relationships SO much in season 4 & season 5. Remember in Crusade how he told Lois that Chloe was his best friend … REALLY, since when? They were good friends, but good lord, way to exaggerate things. The ONLY person he’s truly wanted to tell his secret to was Lana. Anyway, Chloe doesn’t blame him, because she’s been known to have loose lips. She asks if Lana knows? Clark shakes his head. She notes that the secret will never leave her lips. Chloe is still confused about going from the caves to the North Pole, plus the 40 story igloo. Clark says he still doesn’t know a lot about who he is. He tells her that the meteor rocks didn’t give him his abilities. Chloe wonders if he was born this way?

“I wasn’t born anywhere near Smallville. In fact, I wasn’t born anywhere near this galaxy.”

Chloe shocked replies, “Okay, So that would make you like an…”


“But you look so…”

Clark answers, “human. I’m still the same person.”

“Clark I think you’re so amazing. You save people’s lives and take zero credit for it. Too me your more than a hero, you’re a super hero.”

She figures that if more humans were like him, the world would be a better place. Clark smiles. He then notices the television. There’s a story about the meteor shower. It seems 23 people were killed. He sees an image of his home, demolished. Clark realizes that his parents never got out before the meteor shower and speeds away to check on them. Chloe is impressed by his exit.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, we see Lana lying on a couch in the balcony of the office & library. BTW, she is wearing a brace and seems to have completely new clothes on. How did that happen? I cringe thinking about who may have changed her. BTW, why isn’t she at a hospital? She hears a weird noise. She finds Lionel carving the symbol for Zod into the floor. He turns to her, revealing white eyes. He says that the Disciples of Zod have arrived. Lionel notes that the only thing that can hurt them is their home planet. He insinuates the meteor rocks can hurt them. Lana asks where to find them. Damn, Lana isn’t going to sit around. She means business.

We then see Jonathan at Martha’s bedside in the hospital. She finally wakes up, but isn’t looking so good. Jonathan is relieved that she’s back and that she really scared him. She is worried about Clark. Jonathan says that he’s not returned, but can handle anything. Lois then joins them and is glad to see Martha’s okay. Just then, an explosion rocks the hospital hallway. Jonathan goes to check it out. He runs into Aethyr and Nam-Ek. They are still looking for Kal-El. Jonathan says he’s got no idea who they’re talking about. They realize that he’s lying and Aethyr picks him off the ground, choking him. Lois tries to help him and starts bitching out Aethyr. She throws Jonathan to the ground and focuses on Lois. Her words have pissed her off and she chokes Lois. What did Lois expect would happen? Anyway, Lana shows up and says she knows where Kal-El is at. She’s taking them to the Luthor mansion. They leave with her, while Lois can barely speak from the choke hold placed on her.

Meanwhile, Clark speeds home to find Lex inside. Clark wants to know where his mom and dad are at? He says they are at the hospital. Clark asks about Lana? Lex says she’s safe…and says nothing more. He mentions being worried about Chloe. Lex says she disappeared from the caves after the meteor shower. He insinuates that Clark helped Chloe escape. He says that before he passed out, he saw a light brighter than any he’s ever seen. Lex also believes he saw Clark in the epicenter. Clark claims he was nowhere near the caves during the meteor shower. He says he got a head start out of town on a military escort.

“Why do I get the feeling that you’re being less than honest with me?”

“I don’t have any idea.”

“Well, I’m beginning to get the impression that lying has become an unshakable habit of yours Clark.”

“I don’t have to listen to this.”

Clark turns around and begins to walk away.

“Then be straight with me for once.”

He walks up to Clark and grabs his shoulder, “If you’re my friend, just tell me the truth. Were you in the cave when the meteors hit? ”


Lex then turns and walks away from the home.

Clark arrives at the medical center and finds Lois. He’s glad she’s okay. She says they have bigger problems. Lois tells him a man and a woman with super powers were causing havoc here. She notes they were looking for some guy named Kal-El. Intrigued, Clark turns around and asks where they went.

Meanwhile, Lana, Nam-Ek & Aethyr enter the mansion office. She tells them that Kal-El is in the vault. They walk over and are immediately affected by the kryptonite. Lana figures this will kill them, but they are strong enough to get away and close the vault door. This REALLY pissed them off. They confront her and Lana is really scared. You know, in a non-angst world, this would be a great moment for Clark to reveal himself in front of Lana. Hell, they had the same thing a year later in Zod, but in both instances, Lana is knocked out just prior to his arrival. Anyway, Lana is tossed across the room, hitting the wall. Poor Lana. :'( She is knocked out, just as Clark arrives.

“I heard you’re looking for me. I’m Kal-El”

“At last.”

Clark wants to know who they are. They identify themselves as the last survivors of Krypton. They want Kal-El to join them and help them make this land their Utopia. Clark says that he’s seen the damage and destruction they have caused. He won’t hurt innocent people. Nam-Ek says that the few must be sacrificed for the sake of the many. Clark wants them to sacrifice him, because they won’t hurt anyone else.

When they realize he won’t join them, Aethyr takes out a phantom zone bracelet. She throws it towards Clark and a portal opens. It begins to suck Clark towards it. Nam-Ek tells him they can’t kill him, but can send him to a place where there’s no escape. Clark is holding a piece of rebar which became available after he smashed a hole in the floor. However, his grip is slipping and it seems inevitable. The Disciples are so sure of themselves that they turn their back on Clark as he gets a firm grip. He grabs Aethyr and throws her in the portal. Nam-Ek is stunned and Clark pushes him into the portal as well. The portal forms into a shard of crystal and crashes through the stained glass window and flies into the sky. We can see in the background that sunset is imminent. Clark realizes that Lana is hurt on the ground and makes a decision. He will attend to Lana and forgo Jor-El’s orders. He picks her up and checks on her. She has some glass in her hair. Isn’t it amazing how Lana’s cut up face will once again become a perfect complexion by Mortal. Anyway, he asks her if she knows who they were. She shakes her head. At this moment, the sun sets. He touches her hair, but is cut by a piece of glass. Clark is shocked to see blood. He notices the key is on the ground beside him. He picks it up.

The next morning, we see Jonathan and Martha return to their destroyed home. Martha can’t believe the damage. Jonathan says their family is still standing and stronger for it. He sees Clark and notes that having a one man construction team doesn’t hurt. Jonathan tells Clark that things will get back to normal soon enough.

“Actually, things are going to be a lot more normal around here than you think. My abilities are gone.”

Martha says, “How?”

“Jor-El took them, but I don’t know if it’s such a bad thing. All I’ve ever wanted was to be normal, and now finally I am.”

Jonathan replies, “I don’t think this adjustment is going to be quite as easy as you do Clark.”

“But that’s why I’m lucky to have parents like you. Every-time I woke up with a new ability, you were always there to help me adjust. This times no different.”

Martha nearly crying says, “It is different, you can get hurt now. You‘re vulnerable.”

“Isn’t that what it means to be human?”

Jonathan is confused. “No, I can’t imagine Jor-El giving up on you that easily.”

“I took care of the danger he warned me about, and if losing my abilities is the consequence I think he’s done with me. Look, it’s all in the past now I’m ready to take a step to the future. Start by rebuilding this house, one board at a time.”

Clark starts to help Martha to the house. Jonathan watches them, but he seems to have some trepidations about Clark’s situation.

That was a fantastic little family scene. Again, the score was perfect, especially during Clark’s last thoughts about the future.

Later, we see Chloe back up North. She wakes up and says “Clark”. To her surprise, Lex is standing there. He wants to know how Clark could possibly be there…given they’re in the Yukon. She gives him an awkward look and says she must’ve been dreaming. She wonders what he’s doing there. He says he came to take her home.

Meanwhile, Clark arrives at the medical center. He’s carrying some Irises. Lois finds him and notes that he shouldn’t have and grabs the flowers. Clark says he didn’t. Lois can barely talk and you know what it’s for the better. Lois tells him she’s going to be heading for Geneva in a couple hours with the General. Clark thanks her for all the help with his parents while he was gone. He adds that it means a lot.

“Sure it does, but not enough to give me this deluxe for the deluxe iris arrangement from Main Street Florist.”

Lois hands him the flowers and points him in the right direction.

“She’s down the hall, room 258.”

Clark smiles and walks away.

…cue “Precious” by Depeche Mode, which is one of the coolest songs they have ever used on the show. I can’t stand Depeche Mode, but this is just killer.

Lana is busy reading the paper. There is a story about the death of Jason & Genevieve Teague. The story has been changed to them BOTH dying as a result of the meteor shower. We see in marker…”YOU OWE ME ONE…L” Damn Lex…where’s just being a good friend. Oh that’s right, it’s NEVER that simple with you. BTW, you know the news story of Genevieve & Jason’s death appeared mixed in with the Lex Luthor Presidency article in Salvation…TRUE STORY…check it out…or not. Anyway, we see Clark arrive and she places the paper down.

“I hope Irises are still on your favorite flowers list.”

He hands over the irises to Lana.

“Some things stay number one forever. Thank You”

Clark sporting a bit of a curious grin says, “Lana before the meteor shower, you came by the barn. You said some things and three words sort of stood out.”

“Clark, the sky was literally about to fall down on us. I never knew if I’d seen you again.”

Clark back away seemingly disappointed, “Right, we were in the middle of a crisis. Sometimes people say things they don’t mean.”

Lana hesitates for a second and says with nearly teary eyes, “Clark…I meant every word.”

Clark goes to sit on the bed next to her.

Lana continues, “The question is, did you?”

Clark answers her with a kiss.

“No more secrets, no more lies.” …yeah none going forward, but what about your past…or doesn’t that matter now? Anyway, I won’t let the future kill the line in THIS episode.

“Clark I want to ask you something. Do you believe in life on other planets?”

“Actually, I do.”

“I saw something in that crater, it was a spaceship. It was unbelievable.”

Clark stares at her, not knowing what to say in response.

That was a nice scene and the lighting was nearly perfect. Too bad Clark couldn’t keep to his word.

Clark is now observing the crash site where an empty crater is left. That definitely wasn’t created by a meteor.

We then enter Luthor Corp to find the ship being held in a guarded facility. We see some black ooze dripping from the ship. It’s moving together and slowly begins to form a shape. The shape develops into…SPIKE. Okay, I am sure that is the response 90% of the audience had for James Marsters debuting as Brainiac. That was a SICK reveal when mixed in with the music. What a way to start season 5.

(Overall, this is just a tremendous follow up to Commencement. It featured the incredible debut of the Fortress of Solitude. I really liked the final scene between Clark and his parents. It was the start of a new beginning…of course it wouldn’t last very long. I enjoyed the Chlark scenes, even if Chloe bugs the sh*t out of me. Lois didn’t do much and her final scene with Clark wasn’t terrible. She knows who owns Clark’s heart. The Clana scene was a great new beginning for them. I loved the “some things stay number one forever line”. Again, the reveal of Brainiac was great and he’s my favorite “villain” on Smallville. Finally, want to give credit to Mark Snow for the score and the people who pick the music for the show. Tremendous job on making each scene stand out with proper sounds and music. Best premiere in show history (obviously...since Pilot is already listed). Again, this episode gets an A.)

We open at Belle Reeve. Lex is observing Lionel inside his cell. Lionel is just walking back in forth in a straight jacket. He looks a lot like Lex in Shattered. Lex wants the doctors to keep an eye on him at all times. Lionel walks away from the glass. Man those cataract eyes are creeping me out. As Lex heads down a hallway, he bumps into a man. We see that the man’s restraints have been deactivated and he is free to try to escape. Lex continues walking as we follow the patients. He then takes off the restraints and overpowers the guard. He seems to have electrical powers. He escapes along with two bald albino twins who can create force fields. As they leave, he mentions they’re going to Smallville.

The next day, we see many of the people of Smallville coming together to try and raise a barn. Clark and Jonathan are hard at work. Clark notes how he isn’t used to the the weight. Jonathan says that he’s only human. Chloe then joins him as he accidentally hammers his thumb. She asks how he is adjusting. He says he is just fine. Chloe asks him if this is what he really wants? Clark looks at Lana, who is busy using a nail gun. (Now THAT is HOT) and says it’s what he’s always wanted. Chloe says she is aware of Clark’s feelings for Lana. She stars talking about how a few days ago, she found out her best friend was an alien, and the next he’s just your average Kansas farm boy. “Excuse me if I am finding this a little hard to accept”. GOD Chloe you powerful alien whore. Clark tells her that this is who he is now, and she will just have to accept it. She just figures his destiny involves more than just farm life. He feels that destiny is another word for not having a choice. She brings up the aliens from the meteor shower. Clark feels that they were looking for Kal-El, and he is gone. He wants her to let it go and walks away.

We see Clark walk over to Lana to get something to drink. Once again, Lana is looking WAYYYYYYYYYY HOT with her tool belt, tight jeans & white top. Lana should dress like this ALL the time…ok maybe a skirt here and there. She is excited about how everyone came together to help rebuild the town. Clark mentions that Lex pulled some strings with FEMA to get some extra help. Lana isn’t impressed as we see Lex pulling up to the site. It seems the are short on supplies and they volunteer to go get some from the Kent farm. As they are leaving, Lex arrives. He mentions that it’s the happy couple. Lana isn’t very happy with Lex due to his actions during the meteor shower and tells Clark he can’t catch up to her. Lex wonders what is up with Lana? Clark says that she doesn’t trust him. He figures Lex is used to that type of reaction by now. Lex says that they all make mistakes, but it’s in the past. He feels that they have been given a second chance. Okay, who the f**k is Lex kidding? How many times has he talked about being given second chances and starting over. I mean, I remember him saying that just in Vortex and I am sure he said the same thing ½ a dozen other times. Anyway, he hopes they can rebuild more than just the town. Clark being the moron that he is at this point with Lex, agrees. Clark REALLY should have just dropped his ass like a bad habit by now. Anyway, Clark and Lana walk away as Lana shows off her ass in jeans again.

We then see Clark playfully chasing her up a hill. He finally catches her and pulls her into a kiss. You know it was mentions before, but Lana has TERRIBLE form when she runs. I will let it slide though. Clark finds a piece of meteor rock and picks it up. Lana can’t believe that another meteor shower hit Smallville. Clark thinks that this meteor shower is different. He believes it’s the beginning or second chance. Lana wants to tell him things she has done in the past, but Clark says they both have and would prefer to put the past. He feels that the past can‘t hurt them. HORRIBLE IDEA CLARK! Hesitantly, Lana agrees and says no more crystals, space ships or meteor showers. Clark says that sounds good to him and he tosses the meteor rock away. He grabs her hand and they continue walking to the barn.

Finally, they make it to the barn and Lana relaxes. It seems that Clark has already found the supplies and Lana mentions that sometimes it’s nice to take your time. Lana mentions that they probably should be heading back anyway. Clark says probably, but then they have a nice little moment and kiss. Clark says that everyone is waiting for them at the barn raising. Lana mentions that it means they’re all alone.

Clark leads her up to the loft and a heavy make out session is upon us. Lana takes off Clark’s shirt to please the ladies. BTW, what is with the discrimination. Come on Lana, take off your shirt. Oh & once again, Tom Welling has the toughest job in the world Anyway, they begins to get hot and heavy, when Clark stops as he wonders if they should take it slow.

“Clark, we’ve been taking it slow for 4 years now.” (Man, Lana seems eager to get a piece of Clark Jr)

“I know, I just want our first time to be as special as you are.” (WOW, I’m sure that line is a panty dropper…huh ladies.)

“It’s my first time.”

“It’s mine too.”

Clark seems shocked at this revelation.

“You and Jason?”

“No, you and Alicia?”

“No, you’re the only one I’ve ever really loved. It’s only been you Lana.”

Lana smiles and leans in to kiss him again. Lana then proceeds to sit on Clark’s lap and pretty much grind him, while Tom…er Clark seems to touch the top of her ass. Tom is a real man’s man.

All of a sudden, there is a noise and it surprises the young lovers. They back away from each other and get dressed and Clark starts making some sh*tty excuses. However, we find that it’s not his parents, but the three escapees from Belle Reeve. The two twins use their force field to put Clark up against the barn roof. Lana screams. The leader, Tommy tells Clark that he wants what every freak in Belle Reeve wants…Clark.

OK…thoughts on the scene. I feel like I need a cold shower after watching that scene. Man, do those two know how to heat things up. Clark seemed to know ALL the right lines to say.

We return to find Clark and Lana being brought into the Kent home. It’s still in the process of being redone following the meteor shower. Tommy throws Lana to the ground and this pisses Clark off. He runs towards him, but each a left hook. Lana tells him to stop it, but he grabs her. Lana asks Clark who these people are. Clark says he doesn’t know. Tommy notes that they know him. He mentions that Clark is a legend in Belle Reeve and that ½ the freaks are in there because of him. Lana asks Clark what they are talking about? He says that they have the wrong guy. Tommy thinks that maybe Lana can help him find the real one. He proceeds to lick her face and this makes Clark mad. Tommy uses his electrical power to subdue Clark. The twins note that Clark is not what they expected. Clark once again reiterates that they have the wrong guy. Tommy says then they will just have to kill him, or maybe his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, we see Chloe walking around the Kawatche caves. She walks up to the portal and says “all right Clark, as long as you’re happy with who you are.” She turns around and runs into Lex. He says that happiness is such an elusive creature. He finds that very few ever find it. Lex starts talking about what happened the last time they were here. He wants to know why Chloe has been avoiding him. Chloe says she has been busy.

“Right, I heard being a third wheel is very time consuming.” BURN…

“Clark and Lana are finally together. They’re happy. That’s all that should matter to a real friend.”

Lex changes the subject and mentions that he feels Chloe knows more than she is telling him about the caves and Clark. He thinks she is playing a dangerous game. Chloe wonders about his hiding of a space ship after the meteor shower. Lex tells Chloe that Lana was hysterical and she didn’t see what she thought she did. Chloe says that maybe Lex didn’t see what he thinks he saw either. She wants him to stop asking questions, or she will start asking her own. She turns and leaves him in the caves.

Back at the farm, Clark is discussing Level 3 with Tommy. Clark mentions that it’s supposed to be a top secret facility at Luthor Corp. Tommy says that he was in level 3. He mentions that they were experimenting on them with “green cocktails” and feeding them great, but one day he woke up in Belle Reeve, with no more “green cocktails”, no more food and no more satellite TV. In other words, they got the freaks hooked on the kryptonite and took it away. Tommy tells Clark that he is going to break into Level 3 and get him the serum, or he will kill Lana. Clark wants to know why he doesn’t do it by himself considering their abilities. Tommy mentions the defense mechanisms in place. He thinks that if the stories about Clark are true, he shouldn’t have any problem. We see Lana watching inquisitively. At this moment, we see Martha and Jonathan pulling up to the house. He mentions that they have company.

Outside, we see Jonathan and Martha talking about Clark not bringing the nails back. She says he better have a good excuse. Yes Martha, he was trying to get laid. I don’t think Martha would approve of that excuse. Jonathan figures that he does. I notice a SLIGHT smirk on Jonathan’s face as that shot ends. Not sure if it’s meant as humor or just John Schneider being himself.

They open the door and notice Clark working with some boards. They mention he was sent for the nails hours ago. Clark says he got sidetracked. Martha asks where Lana is at. Clark says she wasn’t feeling well and is lying down. Martha then notices that Clark’s shirt is inside out. Jonathan can’t help but snicker at this. He just gave him some weird movements like he was about to start bursting into laughter. They seem to think they know what was going on. You know, I am surprised he isn’t more upset, considering his feelings towards them in Hidden. I mean, what if they just got done having sex in his home? Anyway, Jonathan wants to go check on Lana himself. Clark objects to this and tells them to just believe him. Martha wants to know what has gotten into him. Then we see the freaks come out with Lana. Jonathan wants to know what is going on? (BTW, Jonathan looks younger in s5, it’s weird)

“Pipe down old man.”

“Listen fellow, I don’t know who the hell you think you’re talking to.”

Tommy uses his electrical power to stop Jonathan. GREAT, the last thing a man with a bad heart needs. Clark tells them to stop. He says he will do whatever they want. He says Clark has 2 hours to get the serum back.

Later, we see Chloe and Clark arrive in her Volkswagen at Luthor Corp. Chloe wonders why they don’t talk to Lex. Clark says that Lex is on route to Washington, so they have to do this on their own. Chloe is going over public records on the computer. It’s amazing how easily she finds this sh*t. She notices an area that is blank and assumes it might be Level 3. She goes to the trunk and has a collection of stuff, including a flash bang grenade. Supposedly, Lois gave it to her for graduation. They then make their way towards the entrance. Clark is worried about their plan. Chloe asks if he has a better plan.

“Well, normally I’d just rip open the door and super speed past the surveillance cameras and somehow open the vault with my heat vision.”

“So what you’re saying is now that you’re human, you have absolutely no useful skills?”

“Not so much.”

Clark figures she can rig the cameras to loop an image. Chloe tells him that type of stuff takes hours to pull off. Somehow, Chloe’s laptop managed to turn off the power, opening the door. This is just absurd. Super Chloogle BEGINS!!!

We then see a police car pull up to the Kent farm. Tommy figures Clark went to the police. Martha says he wouldn’t go to the police. Tommy wants to just kill her. Lana implores him to allow them to get rid of Sheriff Adams. He tells them that either they get rid of the Sheriff or Martha is toast. She is stopping by to talk about the escapees from Belle Reeve. They mention that they haven’t seen anything strange. Sheriff Adams wants to know where Martha is at. Lana says that she is till at the barn raising. She gets set to leave, when she smells coffee. Oh lord.

Meanwhile, we see Clark moving through vents in the ceiling. Chloe is leading him in the right directions. Clark is getting exhausted and frustrated.

“This is impossible, it’s a million degrees in here.”

“Gosh Clark, I didn’t realize super whining was one of your powers.”

“Pete was a lot better at these pep talks in these situations.”

Chloe is pissed, “Pete, you told Pete your secret?”

“I kind of had to, he saw my ship.”

Chloe is stunned, “Pete got to see your spaceship?”

Clark gives an annoyed look and continues on. It seems Clark tripped a lock-down protocol. He hurries up through the vents as they are closing around him. He then falls through and is hanging from the ceiling. He has found the room.

Back at the farm, Sheriff Adams is finishing her coffee. She sets down the coffee, but notices a pack of cigarettes. She mentions that Jonathan shouldn’t be smoking, considering his health. Lana says that they are hers. She mentions it helps with nerves since the meteor shower. Sheriff Adams says it’s a nasty habit and should quit before they kill her. She then leaves them. After she exit’s the house, she calls in for backup. She seems to realize there is a big problem. However, she is called by Tommy and he blast her with electricity. Jonathan dives and tackles him, but is punched by Tommy. A brawl ensues, and Lana uses a nail gun on one of the twins hands. They seem to share each others pain. The fight continues outside. More police arrive, but the force field is put up around the home. A cop car smashes into the force field and is destroyed. MAN, that was intense.

Now, we see Clark making his way down towards the ground level. Clark mentions that he isn’t crazy about heights. He goes and finds the door to let Chloe in. Chloe notes that it seems the guards were only guarding the outside. She finds this kind of weird. They find the probable vault. It seems that a thumb print is required to open it. She remembers Lex touched her flashlight, so she probably could find a thumbprint.

Later, we see Sheriff Adams and another officer smashes their hands into the force field, but no luck. The twins are inside saying that they can’t hold the field much longer. They need the serum. They mention cutting their losses. Tommy says they have to stick to the plan and wait for Clark. Martha notes that the men are starting to look desperate.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Kent, Clark will figure a way to get us out of this. He always does.”

Jonathan and Martha give each other an awkward look knowing the truth.

Back at Luthor Corp, Chloe is finishing up putting a print on some tape. Clark gets a phone call from Tommy. He wants to know where he is at. Clark says that he’s got the stuff and is on his way. We see the vault open up. Inside dozens of vials of liquid kryptonite. Clark goes to grab some when he is burned by a laser. It seems that multiple lasers are protecting the vials. Chloe mentions could try to stop the signal and shut down the grid, but it could take hours. Clark doesn’t have time so he says he will have to come up with another idea. Clark also asks Chloe to find out where the signal is coming from.

We then see Clark arriving back at the Kent farm. Clark tells Sheriff Adams that he needs her to pull her men back. She is not interested in his ideas. He tells her that he can stop this and save his family and Lana. Clark needs her to trust him. She mentions the invisible barrier around the home. Lana seems excited that Clark was able to do it. Tommy tells her to shut up as he hasn’t done anything yet. They drop the field so Clark can pass, but then start it up again. He walks in with a briefcase. Clark says that they really did a job on them at Luthor Corp. Tommy mentions that they made him more than he was, but he didn’t ask for it. He also notes that the power grows on you really fast.

“I guess all that talk about you is true kid. You really are out of this world.”

“You have no idea.”

He opens the briefcase and the flash grenade goes off. Tommy is blinded and accidentally uses the electricity on the twins. Clark then grabs a sledgehammer and cuts the power, negating Tommy’s powers. He then walks over to him and blocks a punch, and lays him out with a big straight right.

“Sometimes it’s easier to just turn the power off.”

GREAT STUFF. Clark is a hero without his abilities.

Afterward, we see the three men being taken out of the home in restraints. Tommy turns to look at Clark, but doesn’t say anything. Lana is holding onto Clark. Boy, she only comes up to the bottom of his neck.

“That guy has some serious issues.”

“Let’s hope Belle Reeve can hold him this time.”

“Or you can always knock his lights out again.”

Sheriff Adams comes over to them and thanks Clark for a job well done. She mentions a possible career in law enforcement. Lana agrees that what Clark did was amazing. Of course, Chloe shows up to break up the Clana moment. Shocking…I know. Chloe gives him an awkward look and asks to speak with him in private. Lana says it’s okay. They go over to the other part of the house and Chloe mentions that Clark Kent saved the day. Chloe is impressed that he took down 3 meteor freaks without any powers. Clark says it was a one time thing. Chloe notes that while he may have moved on, others might not. She traced the signal from the vault to another video frequency. It seems that someone was watching them. Chloe should have a million dollar a year job for the sh*t she is able to figure out on a computer.

Later, we see Lex watching the footage on his laptop in the mansion. He says, “this is impossible.” At that moment, Clark says, “disappointed?” Lex says he heard what happened and wants to know if everyone is all right. Clark walks over to him and just UNLOADS on him with a right hook. MAN, that was f**king impressive.

“What are you doing?”

“What I should’ve done a long time ago. Chloe traced the video feed from Luthor Corp Level 3. You were watching us the whole time.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Clark throws Lex to the ground.

“She also pulled the security footage records from Belle Reeve. You were there the day those psychos escaped. You helped them somehow, didn’t you? What did you promise them Lex? Enough serum to last the rest of their lives?”

“Your being irrational Clark.”

“This was a set up. A Test, and to do it, you put Lana and my family in danger.”


Lex tried to get up, but Clark punched him again. YEAH, F**K LEX.

“I thought we could start over Lex, but you’re too obsessed with the past, with me, but I’m different now and I am through playing games with you. You want to test me, you want to see what I’m made of do it yourself you coward.”

Clark attempts another punch, but is blocked and Lex counters with a left hook of his own, bloodying Clark’s lip. Lex seems shocked that Clark is bleeding.


He then leaves as Lex can’t believe what has just happened.

OK, thoughts on that scene. First off YEAH, about time Clark. Second, why didn’t Clark tell Lana about this situation? It gives away NOTHING in terms of his secret, but would forever ensure that Lana would stay away from Lex. Oh well, I guess that would be logical. Great scene regardless. It’s just too bad that Clark would be back asking Lex for help in the following episodes…including a pass to a strip club in Exposed ABSURD.

We then see Clark arrive at Lana’s apartment. She asks him what happened? He mentions that he said goodbye to an old friend. Lana takes him over to the couch. Man, there are A LOT of candles lit in the apartment. Someone sure was planning on getting lucky that night. She kneels in front of him and blotches the blood with a rag. She thinks he looks like a mess. I suppose he is a hot mess, huh ladies.

“After everything that’s happened. I thought I knew what my life would be like now. I thought it would be easier, but I guess you can’t be certain what will happen tomorrow.”

“No, no you can’t.”

Lana then feels the right side of his face and leans in to kiss him. It’s a very soft and sensual kiss at this point.

She then pulls him to the middle of the floor on a rug. Oh man, that is hot. Gotta love a woman who takes the initiative. They then kiss again and Lana begins to unbutton his shirt. He does take her outer shirt off and they start to really make out hot and heavy.

He then lays her on the ground and leans over her. Was it his jeans, or was Tom REALLY excited in this scene? I’m sure he told his wife it was his jeans. They continue to go at it as we cut away to the outside and up to the stars.

Wow, we open coming out of the barrel of a gun. We see a teenager holding a gun to another man and ordering him around. They seem to be in some type of control room. The other man feels he is out of his mind. They teen says that he didn’t expect him to understand. He wants him to take out his key. It seems there is another person on the ground who has a key as well. He wants him to put his key into a slot at the same time. He is trying to access some sort of military system. When the man refuses, the teen threatens to shoot the other guard. The guard pleads with the other guard to not go along with his demands. He eventually goes along with it and the system is ready. After completion, the teen says he is sorry and shoots the men. The teen now has access to the system.

Meanwhile, we see Chloe walking out of the Talon. She is talking to Gabriel. It seems he is the guy responsible. He tells Chloe that she needs to get out of town. She seems to think he means that she needs to get to school in Metropolis. Chloe is acting quite aloof. Gabriel says that Chloe is the one person who would understand why he had to do it. Chloe is really confused now. He tells Chloe that in one hour, she is finally going to get her big story. She wants to know what happens in an hour. Gabriel tells her that Smallville will be gone forever. He hangs up on Chloe and we can see that he has armed a missile to fire in 1 hour.

We are now at the Kent farm. We see a window open with some flowers outside. Okay, question. Clark’s room is on the 2nd floor right? Is there a ledge outside his room? I don’t remember seeing one. How do they have flowers sitting out? Anyway, we see a breeze blowing in to the room. Clark is awoken by the music on his alarm clock. It’s 6:30 AM. Pay attention to the time, because if there is one thing that makes no sense in this episode, it’s time continuity IMO. Oh well, he awakens and rolls over and we see that he isn’t alone in the bed. Lana wakes up as well. Man, the lighting is beautiful in this scene. The morning sun giving the characters a golden hue. I suppose it’s fitting and sort of accentuates that After-Sex Glow. Lana mentions that it was the best night’s sleep she’s had in weeks. Hmm, either Clark hasn’t stayed over with her or they weren’t doing much sleeping. They just smile at each other as I revel in the fact that these two are just perfect for each other.

They here the radio mention the time of 6:30 and they are taken away from their gazing and realize that they overslept. Lana feels that they should have just gone to the Talon. Clark and Lana scramble to get dressed. In a funny moment, Clark stubs his toes on the edge of his bed.

“That hurts so much.” THAT is funny.

Oh boy, Lana puts on one of Clark’s flannels. Clark seems to think that his dad will be up in fifteen minutes, so Lana needs to get out of there.

“You sure, because sticking around for breakfast sounds like fun.”

“What?” Clark reaction is classic.

Lana asks Clark to give her a shoe. Somehow ONE of her shoes ended up on the dresser. How did that happen? I guess they were just TOO eager and excited and got a little out of control.

“We won’t fall asleep, I promise. What else are we going to do at 2 in the morning?”

“You’re not mad are you?”

Lana teases, “I’m furious.”

Clark and Lana share a quick kiss and rubs noses together and leave the room.

We then see them slowly walking down the stairs, trying to make as little noise as possible. We see the front door. Why didn’t they just go out that way? Oh well, just as the reach the kitchen, it looks like some people are already up. Martha looks at them in shock, while Jonathan looks like he wants to use his rifle on Clark.

A nervous Lana says, “Mr. and Mrs. Kent.”

Clark adds, “I can explain.”

Jonathan gets up and is just STARING them down. Oh my God, this is amazing.

Lana steps in front of Clark and says, “Clark and I made this decision together, so if you’re angry, you should be angry at both of us.”

Martha notes, “Oh were not mad, but this is, but you‘re both in new territory.”

Someone should probably tell that to Jonathan. I’m surprised he hasn’t dropped his coffee cup yet.

“Lana this is about a whole lot more than just you, so if you don’t mind, I’d like to speak to my son alone.” OH GOD, mortal Clark is going to die at the hands of his father. At least he can know he went out with a

Clark is silent as Lana leaves the house. For some reason, she doesn’t even shut the door. Who does that?

“You SIT down.”

“Just remember, I am 18, and I’ve been in love with Lana since I was like 7, so it’s not like we just rushed into something.”

Martha asks, “Please tell me you were at least safe?”

That question peaks the interest of Clark AND Jonathan.

Clark timidly says, “yeah mom.”

Jonathan has heard enough, “Safe, safe has nothing to do with this. You shouldn’t be doing anything like this, especially not under our roof.”

Clark says, “like you didn’t do it.”

Martha is shocked by that comeback.

“Clark, there’s a lot of conversations I never had with you because I didn’t think I needed to have them.”

“Because you guys always think I’m not normal.”

Martha notes, “no it’s just that you’re so much more vulnerable without your powers.”

We hear the door open and Chloe is here.

“Okay, I just passed Lana flying out of here. What would she be doing over here at 6:30?”

DUMB Chloe, the question should be what are YOU doing over here at 6:30? She quickly realizes what is going on. Martha tries to change the subject to Chloe leaving for Met U. Chloe says that’s true, but wanted to talk about a cryptic call from Gabriel Duncan. She tells them that Smallville is going to be history in 53 minutes. Jonathan wants them to find Gabriel and he will go talk to the Sheriff. Just before he leaves, he stares Clark down one more time as Chloe is stuck between them and has an awkward look on her face.

Okay, everything about the WHOLE scene was genius. Even the sh*t with Chloe worked out pretty well. The Clana stuff was just adorable and Jonathan and Martha’s reactions were hilarious.

Later, we see Lana arriving back at her apartment.

“Early morning or late night?”

Lana is shocked to see Lex. She wants to know what the hell he’s doing there. Lex tells her that he’s been admiring her drawings of the space ship and the aliens. He mentions that he called several times and got no answer. He says he was concerned. Jesus, he sounds like a f**king stalker. He wants to talk about what she saw on the day of the meteor shower. Lana says that he told her that she was hallucinating when she last mentioned a space ship. Lex then goes into his explanations to try to calm Lana. He says that the crater wasn’t created by a meteor. He wants to know if she’s told anyone else about it? This is bad writing in this scene, because in Mortal Chloe and Lex had a conversation about the space ship. Lana says that when you talk about space ships and aliens people look at you funny. Lex says that they must not have the same faith in her that he does. What a sleaze bag this guy is.

Meanwhile, Jonathan tries to talk to Sheriff Adams. It seems there is some sort of military drill underway. Jonathan asks if it has anything to do with the missile silo. She continues to try to get him to go home.

At the missile silo, we see Gabriel working on the computer. It’s 43 minutes until it goes off. We then sees some military entering the silo. We see that they are actually at the wrong silo. This one is empty. Another soldier tells Sheriff Adams that there are 15 other silos in the county. Okay, if they knew that, why not check out ALL of them with several units. Meanwhile, Gabriel is setting the coordinates for Smallville.

Later, we see Clark and Chloe arrive at Gabriel’s home. The door is locked. Chloe takes out a credit card and uses it to open the door. Of course, what CAN’T Chloe do? Chloe yells for Gabriel or his father, but find the place empty. They open a door and notice what Chloe calls “Wall of Weird x100”. He’s got stuff ALL over the room. Chloe wonders why his father didn’t try to stop Gabriel. They find Gabriel’s fathers body on the floor. He died from a gunshot wound to the upper chest.

Back at the Luthor Corp plant, we see Lex looking at the space ship. He wonders why he hasn’t gotten answers yet. A scientist tells Lex that they have used every method known to man and nothing can open the ship. Lex feels that it’s probably because NOT man made and they will need to think out of the box. He says that if the task is too challenging, he will find someone else. He looks under the ship and we can see the symbol for Zod. He's curious as to what it is.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Clark are talking about solutions to the problem. Clark mentions that Gabriel must trust Chloe if he told her about it. Chloe calls Gabriel and asks for her help. She tells him that she ran her car into a ditch. He says that he will come and get her. The clock on the wall says 33 minutes left.

Now, Lex is pushing Lionel against the wall of his padded cell. We can see the symbol for Zod ALL around the room. Lex wants to know what the symbols mean? Lex says he isn’t buying Lionel’s current state of mind. Lex mentions how they are identical to the one on the ship.

“You’ll never open it. Only he can open it.”

Lex is intrigued by what Lionel means.

We see Chloe flag down Gabriel on his motor bike. She says she didn’t know who else to call. He tells Chloe she can come with him. Just then, Clark shouts out Gabriel’s name. He wants to know which Silo he activated. He gets upset when he realizes that Chloe and Clark used him. Clark doesn’t think killing people is the answer. Gabriel says that he’s wrong and turns and shoots Clark in the chest. DAMN. He grabs Chloe and drives off with her. Clark falls to the ground and loses consciousness. Poor Clark.

Shortly after, we see Clark being brought into the emergency room. The Kent’s show up and are obviously concerned. The doctor tells them that a bullet pierced his lung. She says they need to stay in the waiting room. Oh man, this isn’t going to be good.

Meanwhile, we see Gabriel and Chloe back at the missile silo. She pleads with him about Clark. She figures he will die out there. Gabriel says that it won’t matter in 20 minutes. At this point, Chloe realizes that he’s taking out Smallville with the missile. She can’t believe that she is hearing. He seems to have a thing for Chloe. He mentions that it’s the story of a life time. It seems that Gabriel was concerned with more psychos running around Smallville due to the latest meteor shower. He thinks this is the only way to end it. It’s his one chance to be a hero. He mentions how his dad tried to warn him to stay away from the meteor rocks because they can change people into mutants. Chloe realizes that the newspaper articles on the walls were form his father, not Gabriel. He says that after the latest meteor shower, his father became one of them. Chloe can’t believe he killed his father because he wasn’t normal. He says that his father asked him to kill him. MAN, this kid is nuts.

Back at the Smallville Medical Center, we see Clark alone after the operation. Boy, that was a FAST operation considering the missile was going to go off in 20 minutes and surgery was just starting. I guess they work fast in Smallville. Anyway, Lana has managed to sneak into the room to sit next to him. She is already crying like crazy.

“I don’t even know if you can hear me, but I need you to know that from the first moment I saw you, I knew that no one could make me happier than you. I also knew that you’d never change, you’d always be running around trying to save the day. All those times I pulled away, it was because I knew this day would come.”

Lana caresses Clark’s hair and he turns to face her. He looks at her one last time with the slightest grin and proceeds to close his eyes and flat lines. Lana is stunned. We see nurses and doctors come in the room to try to revive him. They want Lana to clear the room. She stands by the door as they use defibrillators on his heart, to no response. The pulsing of the defibrillator awakens Lionel whose cataracts are immediately gone. They continue to attempt to re-start his heart. Man, the music in this scene is just off the charts awesome. Lionel is seen rising from the ground after another attempt to revive Clark. Lionel smashes through his glass holding cell and super speed out. Meanwhile, Lana is absolutely devastated as the doctors note the time of death as 7:18 AM. She rushes over to Clark’s body and holds his head. The nurse tries to console her. Finally, the doctor places a sheet over his body.

Oh MAN is that a tragic scene to watch. You know that Clark is going to be fine SOMEHOW, but the look on Lana’s face mixed with the music and Lionel’s re-emergence was just crazy. Oh, and to people who complain about Lana’s “from the first moment I saw you line”, I chose to take that as meaning her first real KNOWING of Clark Kent in the graveyard, because it seems she never really “saw” HIM until that moment. Oh well, its great nonetheless.

Afterward, we see Jonathan and Martha In the waiting room. Lana is slowly walking back and is still a crying mess. This seems to tell Martha the worst has happened. Finally, the doctor arrives to give her the terrible news. I have to say, Annette could REALLY use some lessons on crying from Kristin. Her crying just seems horrendous after watching Kristin ball her eyes out. Just then, a nurse comes to tell the doctor of a problem. It seems that they lost Clark’s body. They race to the room to discover the operating room empty. Lana seems to be in complete shock.

We see that there are 2 minutes until the missile will be deployed. Chloe knows she needs to do something. She is able to break free from her restraints. She grabs the gun and points it at Gabriel. He has managed to seal the doors. She pistol whips him with the gun. There is nothing Chloe can do. The process is underway. She realizes that the end is near. Gabriel and Chloe then get into a battle. During the struggle, Gabriel is shot as time is up. The missile is launched.

Meanwhile, we see Clark waking up in the Fortress of Solitude. Somehow he’s now wearing his red jacket & blue shirt. Did Lionel make a pit stop along the way. He gets up and walks around. Clark notices Lionel standing in the distance.

“Hello, Kal-El.”

“How do you know to call me that?”

“You’re my son.”


“And I hope the time is coming, when you’ll call me father.”

“No, I was just at the hospital. How did you get me here?”

“The portal in the cave. When this body was activated by the crystal, it became an oracle of Kryptonian knowledge. A vessel to inhabit if ever you should need me. That time was now.”

“Am I dead.”

“Your mortal journey is over, yes. But your imminent destiny is too important to be sacrificed. You will return, with all your natural gifts. Unfortunately, this rectification doesn’t come without a price. The life of someone close to you will be exchanged for yours.”

“No, I would never ask for that.”

“You already did, when you relinquished your powers and disobeyed me. It was your choice.”

“Then just don’t bring me back.”

“It’s too late.”

He walks closer to Clark and says, “for everything in nature there is a balance. The life force that has been returned to you, will soon be taken from someone you love. You’re about to face your darkest hour my son, but remember the lessons we learn from pain are the ones that make us the strongest.”

He hugs Clark and we see a glowing light hint at the return of Clark’s powers.

“Always know that I love you.”

We then see Clark arriving back in Smallville. The missile is now in flight and Clark speeds over to get below it. He then proceeds to super jump. You know, that is the same effect used when Kal-El took off in Crusade. He grabs a hold of the missile and we see the bomb part torn out by Clark. He throws it deep into space and it explodes. Clark then falls back to Earth with the remnants. That was really cool to see.

Back inside the silo, we see Chloe crying. Then, Chloe notices “missile malfunction” on the computer screen. She realizes that Clark must have saved the day and smiles.

Meanwhile, on the Kent farm, we see Jonathan on the phone talking about the hospital losing his son. Just then, we see Clark arrive home. Martha and Jonathan are shocked to say the least. Clark looks terrible. His red jacket is all destroyed. Damn, momma Kent is going to have to go buy another from the store…unless she has a bunch hanging in Clark’s closet. Martha goes over and give him a hug. Clark looks to be in quite a somber mood. Jonathan mentions that they were told he was dead. He then gives Clark a big hug as well. He asks if Jor-El is responsible? Clark nods his head. Martha realizes that Jor-El returned Clark’s powers.

“I’m not human anymore. It’s the only way I could come back.”

They then talk about the missile malfunction. Clark admits he stopped it.

Jonathan says, “It’s not easy to sacrifice the thing that you want the most to save other people. We’re so proud of you Clark.”

“The real sacrifice would have been not coming back at all.”

“Son, after all those threats, Jor-El just decided to offer your powers back? He didn’t ask for anything in return?”


There is a knock at the door and we see Lana calling for the Kent’s. Jonathan and Martha want him to go see her. They smile at each other, so happy to have their son back.

Clark then comes around the corner and locks eyes with Lana. She is absolutely floored by what she is seeing.


She runs over to him and he picks her up like she weighs nothing. She gives him a huge hug and they rub noses together. We can see that Clark is literally holding her a foot off the ground as we fade away.

With Dishwalla’s “Collide” in the background, this is such an amazing scene. It SHOULD have been the ending as it ends such a sad episode on such a high…but it’s not.

Later, we are at the Luthor mansion. Lex is busy doing some work when he is confronted by Lana. She looks to be upset. Lex notes that he heard about Clark’s resurrection. He mentions that he never believed in miracles, but he’s done his share of asking for them today. She says that she has as well. Lana tells Lex that she overheard him asking for Clark’s medical records at the hospital (deleted scene) and she has them with her. She says that everything came back normal. Lana wonders when Lex will just realize he is like everyone else.

“Do you really believe that, or is that what you have to tell yourself to stay in a relationship with him. You’ve had your doubts about him as well.”

“I was wrong. Believe me, there is nothing unusual about Clark. Except his ability to see the good in people who don’t deserve it.”

“I think your forgetting something Lana. Whatever new lie he told you, however he swept it under the rug. A normal person doesn’t rise from the dead.”

Lana is pissed off and leaves. Okay, I understand why this scene is included AND it works for THIS episode (even if I would rather not see it) , BUT it makes the way they write Lana later in the season horrendous. THIS Lana wouldn’t want ANYTHING to do with Lex, no matter if he showed her the space ship or saved her life in Lockdown. BTW, why are Lana and Clark still talking to Lex after Mortal? Oh yeah, Clark didn’t think he could tell Lana about Lex’s actions. :

After Lana leaves, Lex is joined by Lionel. Lex acts shocked to see him up and well. He doesn’t understand the situation since Lionel has been nearly catatonic for weeks. Lionel mentions hearing Lex talking about miracles all day. Lex asks Lionel about some of the things that he’s been spouting such as Krypton and Kal-El. Lionel says he’s got no idea what Lex is talking about. He says the last thing he remembers was arguing with Lex on the day of the meteor shower. He shows Lionel the Zod symbol on the ground that Lionel carved that day. Lionel has no clue what it means. Anyway, Lex says Lionel’s return is a cause for celebration.

Finally, we see Clark back in the loft. Chloe comes up to see him. She realizes that he went and got his powers back. Clark says he didn’t have a choice. Chloe tells him that being normal is overrated. She also feels that makes her sidekick role a lot easier if Clark can bring the super powers. Clark doesn’t seem very excited about ANY of this. Chloe asks about the gun shot. Clark shows her his perfectly healed chest. Chloe notices that he isn’t healed underneath.

“I guess I’ll never get to escape who I really am. Back to the lies and hoping that no one will ever ask to see the scar.”

“Mainly Lana?”

“We’ve never talked about Lana.”

“That’s because we don’t need to. I’m a big girl now. (ARE YOU REALLY CHLOE) I do have one confession. I really liked being the only one who knew all about you. (what about Pete) For lack of a cheesier word, it made it special. But, if you honestly believe that you can stay with Lana and not tell her, I think you’re seriously kidding yourself.”

“I don’t have a choice. I can’t expect her to react like you did.” (WHAT Clark)

“But don’t you think you owe her the choice?”

“I can’t take that risk. I’ve risked too much already, and now someone else is going to have to pay for it.”

“Is everything okay, what’s going on?”

“I never should have given up my powers. Why didn’t I listen to him. Chloe, I think I’ve made a terrible mistake.”

Okay, that is just a horrible way to end the episode. I suppose its fitting since the show is going to be heading on quite a dark path. I suppose Clark is still scared about Lana’s reaction due to the meteor shower and her parents deaths, but it’s a terrible thing to say about her. Can’t say I’m surprised to hear that Chloe loved being “special”. At least she wanted Clark to tell Lana about his secret.

(Overall, this is a tremendous episode. I realize after this viewing WHY Mortal is better. It’s truer to the characters than this episode. The first 90% of the episode is amazing. The last two scenes are hit or miss. The Lexana scene isn’t necessary and ONLY is used to put doubts in Lana’s mind about Clark. I still wonder how in the hell Clark managed to explain his resurrection? Obviously he didn’t, since Lana was still asking him about it several episodes later. The Chlark scene was okay at times, but further showed that Chloe looks at Clark as more of a God. She seems to love the idea of helping a super powered alien solve problems. If Chloe was in charge, we would just let Clark handle ALL of our problems instead of doing something ourselves. Oh well, that is neither here nor there. The Clana scenes are spectacular in this episode. In terms of a grade, I still give Hidden an A, BUT it’s an episode that had potential to be an A+ & RIGHT at the absolute top of my list (if it ended on the Clana hug), but they gave it away in the last 5-10 minutes.)

We open the 100th episode of Smallville to the sounds of “You’re Beautiful”, by James Blunt. Clark’s sitting in the loft apparently in deep thought. He is gripping a piece of coal. Hm…He seems to get even more nervous as he hears footsteps behind him.

“I brought gloves and a scarf like you said.”

Clark jumps up and faces Lana.

“I was afraid you weren’t going to come.”

“Well to be honest, I don’t think a mystery date is exactly what our relationship needs right now.”

Clark grasps her and exclaims, “that’s why I called.”

Clark seems to be having a hard time knowing what to say and is breathing pretty heavy.

“Are you okay. Oh my God, your hearts racing.”

“It’s because I’m terrified.”

Lana’s confused, “what’s going on?”

Clark hesitates for a second and says, “Lana the way you’ve been…I can tell by the way you look at me that I’m losing you.”


“and it’s not your fault. There’s something I should have shown you a long time ago.”

Shortly after, Clark and Lana are entering the area in the Kawatche Caves near the portal.

Lana walks close to the dais and says, “I don’t remember this place being here. How did you find it?”

“It was left here for me.”

Lana confused, says “for you?”

Clark joins her at the dais. “I’ve rehearsed this like a thousand times.”

He takes the key from his coat pocket and continues, “Lana what I’m about to show you, may change the way you feel about me.”

“Clark, whatever it is, it’s okay.”

He places the key in the slot and a bright light emanates around them. Lana seems a little scared at first.

“It’s okay.”

Lana continues to look around, not sure what to make of all this.

Clark extends his hand and asks, “Do you trust me?”

Lana answers him by grabbing his hand. Clark brings her closer to them and focuses on Lana the entire time they are being transported to the Fortress of Solitude. That was a nice touch. Nothing else matters to him in that moment except Lana. In a few seconds, everything has calmed and Lana is in an other-worldly environment. Kristin’s eyes are HUGE in this scene. I really think her eyes are a little bigger than most people. She walks around a bit, a sense of wonderment filling her body.

“Oh my God.”

She is breathing really heavy. Finally, reality sets in and she turns back towards Clark who is still staring at her. Damn, the Fortress looks beautiful in this scene. The little snow fall is a perfect touch. Anyway, Clark decides it’s time to say something.

“When you asked me if I believed in life on other planets, you had no idea how ironic that question was.”

Lana is still looking deeply at Clark. It’s almost like she is penetrating his soul as he talks to her.

Clark is still nervous, but continues. “I’m from a planet called Krypton.”

Lana begins to walk towards him and slowly caresses the left side of Clark’s face.

“But you’re just like everyone else.”

Clark has a slightly pained expression on his face. Basically saying, I wish I was, but I’m not. He knows what he needs to do to show her who he really is. Clark picks Lana up and holds her in his arms and in the greatest moment in the history of the show, super jumps all the way to the top level of the Fortress of Solitude. You know, I still thinks that’s almost more flying than jumping. It was almost too graceful to be just a jump. Oh well, it was amazing regardless. After landing, Lana is let down and she begins to walk around, observing everything below.

“This isn’t the first time you’ve done that is it? How many times have you been there, saving me?”

God, these shots are simply breathtaking and just out of this world compared to what they use now. From Lana’s perspective, the Fortress looks like a enormous world.

“It doesn’t matter Lana, I couldn’t let anything happen to you.”

Lana turns to Clark and says, “and no one knew.”

“There were so many days I wanted to tell you.”

“What makes today any different?”

Clark explains, “I want you to know who I really am.”

He then pulls out the piece of coal, holding it in front of Lana. He begins to crush it in the palm of his hand, bright energy emanating from his hand as he crushes it. Lana is seemingly in amazement at the events in front of her. Once done, he blows away the dust, revealing a perfect diamond. Of course, the idea of getting a perfectly cut diamond is complete fiction, but who am I to doubt Clark Kent.

Lana is beginning to get overwhelmed by what is taking place. Clark places the diamond on a gold band and uses his heat vision to seal it in place. He then gets down on a knee and says the 4 magical words.

“Will you marry me?”

Lana is left with a shocked expression as we cut to the opening credits.

Okay, again, that is the best opening and best overall scene in the show history. The ONLY thing I would change would be to give it another minute or two to flesh out the situation. I know that shows don’t have time for that, but it would be nice. Again, the setting was majestic. Both Tom & Kristin provided amazing expressions for the characters throughout the scene. Especially Tom, who had to play Clark Kent in the most terrifying moment of his life. Brilliance. How in God's name do you follow that?

We return to find the Kent’s arriving home. Clark joins them near the truck. Jonathan seems in a real good mood on Election day. They begin to walk towards the house, away from Clark. He stops them, saying he’s got something important to tell them.

“I told Lana everything.”

To say that Martha has a stunned expression on her face, would be not giving it enough credit. She is SHOCKED. “What?”

Clark continues a little nervously, “right before I proposed to her in the fortress.”

Martha still nearly at a loss for words continues, “so, what did she say?”

“I asked her not to tell me yet. It’s a lot to put on her at once.”

Jonathan is a little skeptical. “Clark have you really thought this whole thing through?”

“If I was ever going to risk sharing who I really am with someone, I want it to be with her.”

Martha, finally able to get words out like a normal person says, “I’m proud of you, Clark. I know this has been weighing on you for a long time.”

Jonathan is a little perturbed by her eagerness to back Clark in the situation.

She continues, “just like in this election, any big decision has risks with it.”

Jonathan says, “I guess it’s just hard looking over to your son and realizing that you’re talking to a man. A man who doesn‘t need his fathers advice anymore.” Oh good Lord Jonathan, this young man DESPERATELY could use your advice for MUCH longer.

“I’m always going to need you dad.”

Clark and Jonathan than share a nice hug and we can see a huge smile on Clark’s face. While Jonathan is concerned, he can’t not crack a smile as well.

That was a very nice Kent family scene. I love how in favor of opening up to Lana, Martha was in that scene. A vast contrast to the Martha from later in the season. Jonathan was his usual worried self, but he came around. You know, this is the last happy family moment between just Clark, Martha and Jonathan moment in the series.

Meanwhile in the Talon apartment, we see Lois filling a coffee pot with water. She is on the phone with a campaign worker about exit poll results. God, how the hell does THIS Lois Lane work for a political campaign? It’s absurd. Anyway, she gets on a stool trying to reach a box of Hostess Ding Dongs above a cupboard and nearly falls. Her fall is prevented by Lana. Lois begins talking about irrelevant sh*t. Lana says she’s sorry for being late. Lois wants her to help out with the decorations, but eventually notices that Lana seems distant.

“Ok, spill it.”

“You know, it’s nothing.”

“Three guesses, tall, dark, and bumbling.”

“It’s just, um. Okay, what would you do if you thought you knew someone really well, and it turns out there’s this whole other side to them?”

“Well that depends, are we in arms dealer territory or are we talking The Crying Game.”

Lana smiles, “nothing like that.”

“Then I guess the question is, does it change the way you feel about him?”


“Look, I don’t know what’s going on, but I would be lucky to end up with someone as honorable as Clark someday.” I really didn’t need a Clois anvil during a huge Clana episode, but whatever.

Lana smiles back at Lois.

Outside of the Clois anvil, I don’t really have a problem with the scene. Lois seems much happier than usual. As Jimmy would joke in Crimson, “my God, she’s actually acting like a GIRL.” I am not surprised that Lana is confused. It’s one thing to be told your boyfriend is an alien. It’s another to be told and proposed to in one fell swoop. When she mentions “maybe” in terms of feelings, I don’t necessarily think it has to be a bad thing. Finding out these things about Clark Kent opens her up to WHY he’s been an enigma and with all this in the open it does change the way she likely feels. She doesn’t have to wonder why he acts the way he does and can at some point truly understand his plight. Oh well, I probably put WAY too much thought into such a fleeting scene, but what are you going to.

At the Daily Planet, we see Clark talking to Chloe about the events of the day. Chloe is really surprised and is having a tough times figuring out what to say. She wonders why he finally did it after all the badgering she gave him on the subject? BTW, she actually mentions “years”. I find that to be a bad line to use by Brian & Kelly, considering she just found out the secret a few months prior. Anyway, Clark says that he could tell it was only a matter of time before his secrets caused her to break up with him. As they walk to her desk, we notice a girl getting a bouquet of flowers and screaming. Also, a man walks out of an office, extremely upset after being fired. Clark feels like he was pushing Lana to the point of no return and he loves her too much to let that happen. Chloe asks him how she took the whole “ET phone home thing”. Clark says he’s not sure. She’s a little confused. Just then, the phone rings. It’s a wrong number. Someone was looking for a Chinese restaurant. Chloe hangs up and says that with how much Lana cares about him, she seriously doubts anything will change. Clark insists that one thing might change. He tells her that he asked her to marry him. Chloe has a really stunned expression.

“Wow, well that one wasn’t on the Doppler, not even a blip.”

“I know what you’re going to say. We’re too young, there’s a reason I didn’t tell her before, there’s too much at stake.”

Chloe interrupts, “that’s funny, because what I actually was going to say is that there are very few people out there who really know what they want, and are willing to risk everything for it. If anyone deserves to be happy, Clark, it’s you.”

Clark smiles at Chloe’s support.

Few thoughts, I actually liked the nature of the conversation. While Chloe is supportive, you can still notice a tinge of jealousy in terms of someone else knowing the secret. However, she came through with some nice words of encouragement for Clark.

Later, we see Lana’s jeep pulling up the Kent driveway. I love the happy music in the background. Playing this music and having a bad response from Lana would be terrible. Anyway, at the same time, Clark is exiting the house. She gets out of the jeep and walks towards him.

“I thought I’d see you at the party.”

“I know, um, but then there would be all those people.”

Lana stops and looks at him.

“Do I look different to you now?”

“Clark, you look like the same handsome guy I’ve always known.”

“Handsome as in I want to spend the rest of my life with you, or handsome as I’m going to let you down easy?” Ha, that is a great line.

“As in, yes Clark, I’ll marry you.” Lana gives him the most adorable smile while saying that.

Clark is really pumped now. Lana grabs the ring from her pocket and gives it to Clark. He places it on her finger and gives her a big hug. Lana is smiling and laughing. He picks her up off the ground and swings her around. Another nice add in is Lana wrapping her leg around Clark’s leg. The camera moves away as they continue their fun. CLANA is ENGAGED!!!

That was a precious scene. Clark’s life-long wish is coming true. The girl of his dreams has accepted him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Having this take place in winter really does add to the scene. There is something about snow on the ground that makes it “warmer”, as odd as that sounds. Anyway, I think Clana fans were on top of the world at this moment.

Shortly after, we are at the Talon. Jonathan Kent’s election party is taking place. Jonathan and Martha walk in and look as happy as ever. Jonathan looks very regal in his appearance, I think it’s the hair. He tells Martha that the only victory that mattered was when he won her heart. She gives him a kiss and they pose for pictures as they great people. Eventually, they see Clark and Lana waiting for them.

“Mom, Dad.”

Lana puts her hand up to his chest, showing off the ring & says, “Mr. & Mrs. Kent, I know this is as much of a surprise for you as it is for me.”

“Lana, we couldn’t imagine Clark spending the rest of his life with anyone but you.”

Jonathan then gives her a big hug and kiss on the side of her head.

He continues, “we can only hope you have as many good years as we had.”

“Thank You.”

Lois then is seen at the top of the stairs. She has an announcement. Lois got the heads up from the newsroom and Jonathan Kent is their new senator. Everyone is thrilled. Jonathan gives Clark a big hug. The news appears on television and Lois runs over to Jonathan and gives him a hug. Lois says the families is needed for a photo shoot. As he walks away, Jonathan receives a phone call. He figures it’s a congratulations call and walks away. Meanwhile, Clark and Lana are left alone.

Clark says, “This could take a while.”

He gives her a kiss on the cheek.

He continues, “is this really happening?”

Lana smiles and says, “go do your photo op.”

Clark walks away as Lana continues to just look radiant. She then receives a phone call. She notices it’s from Lex.

Another great scene. It’s amazing to see how thrilled the Kent’s are to have Lana as a future daughter in law. Jonathan has always been so caring towards Lana. He seems to look at her like his own daughter. This would be the last moment of true happiness on this episode. I guess I am preparing myself now for the inevitable.

We then see Lex in his office, drinking away the pain of defeat. He’s actually toasting with himself. Ominous music tells us this isn’t going to end well. Lana shows up to make sure he’s okay. She mentions that he sounded pretty upset in his message. Lex says he shouldn’t have called. He thinks that there are a lot of things he shouldn’t do, but does them anyway. He turns to Lana and says she probably wants to get back to the party. Lana knows how hard Lex tried for the senate, but feels he shouldn’t take the loss personally. He figures that many people are cheering because a spoiled rich kid lost to a salt of the earth farmer. Lana wants to know since when he cares what other people think? He says since he was branded at birth with the sins of his father.

“Just once, I wanted to get out from under his shadow. You know, earn something on my own. Well, consider yourself lucky that you never had a father to endure.”

Okay, that wasn’t a very good line to use Lex.

“I think it’s best if we talk about this when you’re not drunk.”

She turns and begins to leave.

“See, now I’ve hurt your feelings. Perfect. Through this whole campaign I’ve managed to alienate everyone I care about. I can’t lose you too.”

He turns and walks back towards his alcohol. Lana walks back up to him and puts her hand on his shoulder.

“Hey, you’re not going to lose me.”

Lex turns around and places his hand on hers. He then notices the ring on her finger. Oh oh.

“Oh, well I guess it’s a bigger day than I thought.”

“Yeah, it happened so fast, we never really got the chance to tell anyone about it.”

Lex doesn’t look very thrilled at the new and says, “yeah, so after all the lies he told you, you still chose him?”

Lana gets worried, “you don’t understand.”

“How many times have you come to me, wondering what Clark’s keeping from you? Why he disappeared to Metropolis for months? How he rose from the dead?”

“It’s not like that now.” Damn, poor Lana is just in deep sh*t. This bastard knows her too well and will not let this go.

Lex says, “Really, come on, Lana I know you. You’d never say yes with all the doubts you have.”

Lana doesn’t say anything, but her time around Lex in the past has given it away. He knows she’s hiding something.

“Whatever it is he’s been covering up all this time…”

He grabs Lana’s chin making her look at him.

He continues, “you know don’t you.”

She takes his hand off her chin and says, “Clark isn’t hiding anything Lex.”

Lex is really getting upset, “after everything I’ve done for you. How could you lie to me?”

He turns and throws his drink into the fire.

Lex walks up to Lana and grabs her by the arms and screams, “Tell Me!”

Lana throws a drink in his face and runs out of the mansion.

We then see Clark talking to some people at the party. He gets a phone call from Lana.

“Lana, where did you go?”

We see Lana driving down the road.

“Clark, I’m so sorry. I went to see Lex and he was really drunk.”

“What happened?”

“He knows. I don’t know how he could tell, but he could tell I was hiding your secret. I didn’t say anything to him, but he got really angry.”

“Lana, that’s okay. Where are you now?”

“I’m on route 40, right before Loeb bridge.

We see Lex following her in his car. He is honking his horn, which concerns Lana.

“Oh God, he’s coming after me.”


Lex pulls up alongside Lana’s car and is screaming for her to pull over. At this moment, we see a bright light coming from the passenger’s side of the car. Lana turns at the last second to see a bus heading right at her. There is no reaction time. It’s sudden and devastating. Lana’s jeep is flipped over multiple times before landing in the road.

Clark hears the phone line go dead and is concerned.

We see Lex get out of the car, screaming Lana’s name. As he does so, Clark super speeds right in front of Lex. Lex is absolutely floored by what he’s seeing. I think he’s in a state of shock due to what he’s done and what he’s just seen. Clark runs over to Lana and notices her broken body lying on the pavement. It’s obvious that she’s dead. The look on his face is so tragic. His life has been destroyed in this moment. We see Jonathan’s truck pulling up to the scene. He gets out and realizes that Clark is there. He runs over to him and pulls him off Lana. Clark is hysterical, screaming her name. Jonathan tries his best to console him. He tells Clark that there is nothing he could have done. Clark continues to cry in his arms.

Oh my God, first off again the music was beyond perfect in this scene. The suddenness of the crash is shocking and truly effective. It’s like getting stabbed in the heart in a split second. Again, it’s in this and the prior scene where we realize the results of Lana’s friendship with Lex. She has simply shared too much with him over the years to be able to lie about her relationship with Clark. I really wonder how Lex made it home after this incident? I have a hard time believing that a young Clark Kent, who’s still learning to be the man he needs to be, doesn’t snap Lex's neck following the incident.

In the aftermath, we see Clark at the Fortress of Solitude.

“How could you take her away from me?”

“Human life is fragile my son. You knew a life would be exchanged for yours.”

“Don’t make her pay for my mistake. If I hadn’t told her the truth about me, she’d still be alive. You have to let me fix it.”

“Your powers on Earth may seem extraordinary Kal-El, but we are not Gods.”

“This was not her destiny, AND YOU KNOW THAT! There has to be a way. There has to be a way to fix this. Please.”

“There is one trial you have yet to experience, but you must heed my warning. The tide of fate is impossible to stop. Even if you are able to alter one course of events, the universe will find a balance. There is only one crystal. Once you make this choice, there is no second chance. Decide carefully.”

A crystal arises from the console and hovers in front of Clark.

“I have to save her.”

He walks up to the crystal, grabs it and we see blinding light.

Another great little scene. Clark will do anything to ensure that Lana doesn’t die on his account.

Oh God, we see Clark return to the moment the episode began. “You’re Beautiful” is playing again, and I don’t expect quite as nice a result. We hear Lana come up the steps and mentions having gloves and a scarf. However, she says it in a slightly more annoyed tone. Clark is beyond relieved to see that Lana is alive and well. His jaw is on the floor. He walks over to her and gives her a huge hug. We see a pained look on Clark’s face. He’s dreading what he needs to do. Lana wonders what’s going on. She then asks him about their date. It seems he told her it would be the “day she would never forget”. Clark realizes that he will have to come up with a lie. The look on her face speaks volumes.

“Don’t you think I know by now when you’re lying? Just say something, anything.”

“You know, it wasn’t a big deal, really, I mean, trust me.”

“Clark, you know that goes both ways.”

“Lana, I…”

Lana nearly crying interrupts him, “don’t, unless it‘s the truth.”

Clark has no response for her.

“Clark, as much as I love you, I can’t do this anymore.”

“Lana you don’t understand, if anything ever happened to you.”

“Like what? What could be worse than losing the person you love?”

“Nothing.” (that’s the key line…will discuss in a minute)

After a few seconds, Lana says, “I need a break.”

She turns and begins to walk away.

“From me?”

“No, from us.”

She turns and heads down the steps.

We hear the following lyrics during the exit.

There must be an angel, with a smile on her face, When she thought up that I should be with you. But it’s time to face the truth, I will never be with you.

Heartbreaking and devastating for Clark and Lana fans. I am not going to focus on what was said. It was expected and the usual from Clark. He’s scared and feels that there is just too much danger involved with him. Granted if he had more time to think about it, he may have reconsidered. Anyway, I put the lyrics here for a reason. In many ways, this is a perfect song for this scene. It describes everything about Clark’s feelings towards Lana. He realizes at this moment, the only way to have a truly happy relationship is through honesty. That’s just not something he feels is possible, due to the dangers involved. He is accepting potential failure in their relationship in order to seemingly protect Lana. “Nothing” is worse than losing the one you love. In Clark’s mind, having Lana alive and “safe” is worth more than his happiness. Clark feels he’s been blessed to have someone like Lana love him, but until he can be honest with Lana, “I will never be with you.”

Later, we see Clark arrive at the Daily Planet to talk to Chloe. He says that Lana’s done with him. Chloe doesn’t understand what’s going on. Clark wants her to put on her wall of weird hat. Clark informs her that he’s already lived this day once and went back in time. Chloe laughs it off mentioning spinning the Earth on it’s axis. Clark notices a delivery man with flowers. He tells Chloe that they’re for the secretary. Chloe can’t believe that because she hasn’t had a date in like a year. Clark also notes someone being fired. He then tells her not pick up the phone, because it’s a wrong number. Chloe is stunned at what’s going on. She wants an explanation from “McFly” Clark says it’s Jor-El’s doing. He mentions going to him to change things back. Chloe is confused about what happened? He notes that the first time around, he told Lana the truth about him and asked her to marry him. Chloe’s jaw has hit the floor. Clark says that Lana accepted. She wants to know what her reaction was? Clark says it was a lot like her current expression. Clark tells her that it was a mistake and Lex chased her and caused an accident and he couldn’t get there in time. He mentions that it’s one of the reasons he’s been afraid to tell her. Chloe figures that Clark can warn Lana this time. He says that she knew for less than a day and that someone will always be trying to find out the truth about him. Chloe says they won’t let Lana get anywhere near Route 40. Clark informs her that the accident occurs at 11:02 PM. The problem is that Lana isn’t speaking to him right now. He wants Chloe to stick by her to make sure she’s safe. Chloe says she won’t leave Lana’s side.

That night at the election party, we see Clark alone. Everything else seems to be going like before. Jonathan and Martha show up and walk over to him. Also, we see Chloe and Lana arrive. This leads to an awkward moment. Lana walks away and Chloe walks over to Clark. Um, Chloe aren’t you supposed to be focused on LANA. What an moronic pair these two are. They watch the screen as the anchor says Jonathan Kent has been elected. Clark realizes that Lois never came out to tell everyone and he runs up to the apartment. He finds her lying on the ground in water. I guess since Lana never showed up for advice, no one stopped her fall off the stool. He picks her up off the floor, right before the radio and water would have caused her electrocution. Back on the main floor dumb Chloe realizes that she lost Lana.

My word, you’re given ONE job and you can’t even do it right. I guess Lana’s LIFE isn’t important, huh Chloe? Oh, and Clark, why couldn’t you have been about 2 seconds late.

We then see Jonathan on the phone. He’s talking to Lionel Luthor. Lionel’s calling to congratulate him on his victory. He wants to discuss a few things with him.

Meanwhile, we are back at the mansion. Once again, Lex is drinking. Lana shows up, talking the same way she did in the first time line. Lex says the same things he did as well. However things change when Lex says she probably wants to get back to the party.

“I was kind of trying to find a reason to get some air. Clark and I had our last fight.”

The wheels are spinning in Lex’s head.

“Last, huh?”

Lana turns away and says, “I kept waiting for that armor to crack, I thought that if I was patient enough he would finally let me in, but I guess people have armor for a reason.”

“Lana, I hate to say this, but it’s possible Clark’s never going to trust you.”

“I don’t understand, why would you lie to someone you love?”

Lex touches her arm and says, “I wouldn’t.”

He then touches her ear and kisses her. Lana is shocked by his actions and pushes him away.

Lex says, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I‘m just, I‘m going to go.” Lana seems upset about the events and leaves the mansion.

Lex realizes that he made a mistake and throws his drink into the fireplace.

Once again, Lana is driving down the road. Lex continues to call her cell phone. He then is chasing her once again.

Okay, that scene was f**king creepy. Lana’s been on a “break” for a few hours and Lex makes his move. WOW, him and Clark truly are polar opposites.

Back at the Talon, we see Lois being carried out on a stretcher. Chloe comes up to Clark and mentions that she can’t find Lana anywhere. Clark asks her what time it is. He knows exactly where she’ll be.

On Route 40, Lex continues to ask Lana to pull over. His tone is much less threatening then the first time line. We can see a bus driver dealing with a bunch of loud kids. Clark runs up behind the bus and stops it, JUST before it would have hit Lana. He speeds away to not be seen. Lex runs over to Lana to make sure she’s okay. He apologizes for his actions as Clark watches from the distance. Lana wants to forget it ever happened. At this moment, we see Jonathan Kent drive by in his truck. Lex has his arm on Lana, which causes him to give an odd look.

Well, she didn’t die. Too bad Lex’s car couldn’t have been smashed this time.

Shortly after, at the Kent farm, we see Jonathan confront Lionel. Oh sh*t, Jonathan just took off his jacket and wants to face Lionel alone. He called him a son of a bitch. Lionel figures Jonathan needs a few lessons in tact. Jonathan says that he will pay him back for his contributions and won’t owe him anything else. Lionel envisions their future as a partnership.

“The day you and I become partners…”

“Careful senator, remember you and I have a common interest, one that…

Lionel takes something out of a folder and continues, “both of us would protect with our lives.”

He mentions the dangerous secret that Jonathan is keeping and must stay hidden. He hands him a photograph. This really upsets Jonathan. He crumples it up and throws it to the ground.

“I won’t let you destroy my family.”

He then punches Lionel and stands above him.

Jonathan, breathing heavily says, “We can withstand anything you bring down on us, because we have each other. That’s what will always separate the Kent’s from the Luthor’s. Now why don’t you…”

Jonathan can’t finish as he seems to be having some medical problem.

After a few seconds he add, “why don’t you get the hell off my property!”

He walks away, loosening his shirt. He notices some car lights. We see Lionel grab the crumpled photograph from the ground. Clark and Martha are arriving home and Jonathan walks in front of the car. He seems to be in quite a bit of pain. Clark and Martha sense something is wrong. Jonathan collapses to the ground. They run to him and pick him up. They bring him over to some hay and set him down. He painfully looks at Martha, then back to Clark and dies in their arms. Clark says "dad", while Martha is screaming.

That was a tough scene to watch. So much sadness. The way Jonathan looked at both Clark and Martha before dying was almost too much. You could write a million words to describe his thoughts at that moment. Jonathan has finally paid his debt to Jor-El from Exile.

On the day of the funeral, we see Clark and Martha together at the farm. She is trying to put on a necklace.

Martha says, “I guess it’s time then.”

“I’m sorry.”

She walks over to him and she motions for him to sit down.

“Clark, I know you’re blaming yourself, but this wasn’t your fault.”

Clark crying, says, “How can you say that? I went back to save Lana and now Dad’s gone.”

“Do you think you could have chosen between them if you had the chance? Clark, a heart beats only so many times in a life. Your father used his more than anyone I know. ”

“I just don’t know how I’m supposed to be the man he wanted me to be, without him here.”

“You’re his son. You know what’s right and wrong. Whether your father‘s here with us or not. You‘re a man he‘s proud of. A man he could look up to. And something tells me he won‘t be the only one.”

Clark puts his hand over hers as they grieve together.

Cue… “I Grieve” by Peter Gabriel.

Clark notices the necklace and says, “I can help you with this.”

Just like Jonathan did earlier in the previous time line, Clark puts on the necklace for Martha. She is crying, remembering how Jonathan would do that.

“I Love You Mom.”

Clark then gives her a hug as she continues to cry.

That was another devastating scene to watch. GOD, I can only imagine the heartbreak of watching this episode LIVE and not having the ability to move on right away to find out what happens. Martha is being so strong for her son. She won’t allow him to feel guilty for Jonathan losing his life.

We then see several glimpses of the farm under snow. We see animals alone, unattended. Their owner is no longer there to care for them. I feel like a complete sissy as I am tearing up at this image. What can I say, I have always been a softy for sh*t like this.

We then drop down into the cemetery to find a group of people surrounding the casket. God, this music is perfect. Also, the scene is beyond beautiful with the snow. It may be one of the most impressive scenes they have ever filmed. Man, I’ve said that twice already in this episode. Anyway, we see Martha and Clark observing the lowering of the casket. However, we also see a hand reach over to Clark. It’s Lana, despite their problems, she is there for Clark. She turns to look at him and notices the distance in his eyes. Chloe and Lois are seen walking away from the site. We can see Lex standing in the background. Lionel then walks over towards Martha. Then Lana lets go of Clark’s hand leaving Martha and Clark. After a few moments, Martha makes her exit from Clark, leaving him alone next to the grave site. He kneels down to grab some dirt. He drops it over the casket, saying goodbye. Clark stands and looks over to Martha. We can see an angel sculpture behind him as we fade to black.

I’m a wreck at this point. I don’t know what to say. That scene was another heartbreaking one. No dialogue is uttered, none is necessary. I loved how Lana was there for Clark. It’s like she said, no matter the issues with him, she loves him. The final moments with Clark in front of the angel is a truly special moment.
I'm reminded of Lex's quote from Reaper. "You have no idea how lucky you are. When my father dies, kings will come to his funeral, but when yours does, his friends will come."
RIP Jonathan Kent…you WILL be missed.

(Overall, I don’t know what NOT to say about this episode. When I was watching the show on DVD, it was my favorite episode BY FAR up to that point. I think part of the reason I love it so much is that I started at a time when Clark & Lana WERE already back together, so I knew the issues would only be temporary. Of course, I didn’t expect the disastrous events that would follow this episode. However, criticism of this episode and/or Clark (while understandable) isn’t completely warranted. In THIS episode he was dealing with the shock of the events from the alternate universe. Plus, as is usual with Clana, you can never take a “break” too seriously. I think it’s more a case of Lana being disappointed and wanting some alone time. Clark would have his chance to make the right decision a few episodes later, but would fail miserably. You live and you learn. :-/

HOWEVER, the first half of the episode is on a level unlike the show has ever reached. I guess in a way, while this isn’t the #1 episode on my list, the first half of Reckoning is the zenith by which the show should be looked at. It features everything that had been building for 5 years. The simple truth IMO is that if Lana was going to be sent away and stuck with Lex, it may have been better if she remained dead. Sometimes, the best stories are those of love lost in the most tragic of circumstances. It would suck and not allow my #1 episode to occur, but it would have been a fitting end to the saga of Clark, Lana & Lex on Smallville. If Reckoning was a series finale fleshed out a little more and Lana dies and Clark makes the next step to protect others and create a secret identity, it would have been SO sad, but utterly amazing.

The reveal sequence is among the most magical I have seen on any show. I couldn’t believe how excited I was the first time I viewed it. Lana’s acceptance was another highlight. Lana had one of the biggest smiles ever in that scene and it melts your heart. Her death scene was sudden and devastating. It’s played perfectly by Michael & Tom. Also, again the musical score really takes it to another level. In the “new” reality, we see that Lana would have died regardless of knowing the secret without Clark saving her. I guess you could say that Jonathan was the person who would die regardless. Death’s been circling his wagon since Exile. A heart attack was a the silent killer waiting to happen, and if it wasn’t after his altercation with Lionel, it would have been shortly after. Finally, the funeral is actually MORE moving then I gave it credit when putting my scenes of Smallville list. “I Grieve” by Peter Gabriel created a very touching setting. The way the characters all make their exit, leaving Clark alone in the snow is amazing. Tom played the part perfectly. He is a young man (remember…only 18) who is dealing with a reality that’s too tragic for words. His final glances towards us are heartbreaking.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I will take this episode against nearly anything “happy” and “safe”. It pulls no punches and in a way feels like a slap in the face to our ship, but you can’t look at it like that. This is an episode about life and dealing with the consequences of your actions. Clark is just not sure of the right choices at this point in time. He’s the type of person who takes any sort of potential danger and over thinks the possible outcomes. I guess his tragic flaw is that he just cares TOO MUCH. In time, he will come to realize his mistakes and learn from them, but Reckoning would not be that moment. In many ways, this is the end of Smallville. The loss of Jonathan Kent truly takes away the family aspect that was so critical in the shows success. He was a true father and a great example for Clark.)

Season 6Edit

Season six key story arcs involve Clark (Welling) trying to recapture several escaped criminals from the Phantom Zone, the destinies of Lionel (Glover) and Lex (Rosenbaum) following the aftermath of Lex's possession by Zod and Lionel's adoption as the emissary of Jor-El, and the introductions of DC Comics characters Jimmy Olsen, Oliver Queen and Martian Manhunter, played by Aaron Ashmore, Justin Hartley, and Phil Morris respectively. Other key storylines involve Lana and Lex's marriage, as well as Lex's secret 33.1 projects.

We open up at night at the Kent farm. Clark is busy finishing up some work in the barn. Specifically, he is working on the green tractor. Jeez, that piece of sh*t hasn't worked for 6 years. Hell, I think Clark was still working on it when Lana returned in Fierce. How much time can it take to fix it with super speed? If it’s shot, get a new one Clark. Clark tells Shelby that Chloe is on her way over. All of a sudden, we hear Shelby barking. Clark walks over to check on him. Clark wonders what Shelby is barking at. We then see something lunge at Clark and he falls from the loft steps to the ground below. He is OUT COLD.

Now, he wakes up in a mental hospital. He is even wearing the typical patient garb. He is surrounded by other patients who begin to mock Clark. A doctor tells everyone to calm down and sit down. Clark asks them what is going on? The doctor recounts Clark’s story about his dog and him being in the barn when he heard something. There is a crazy humming sound throughout this. Clark still doesn’t understand what he means. He wants to know how he got here? Another patient asks Clark if a krypto freak attacked him. He then laughs afterward, as do others. We then see a patient who mentions that it was a spirit from the Phantom Zone. He calls Clark, Kal-El. Clark wants to know how they know that name? They tell him that he never shuts up about it. The doctor tries to calm everyone down once again, but Clark wants them to back off. Clark wants to know who this doctor is? He identifies himself as Dr. Hudson. We then see some orderlies come up to Clark. He tells them that he doesn’t want to have to hurt anyone. Another guy tells Clark to just use his super speed and run away. Clark tries to punch an orderly, but is immediately restrained and taken away. Clark is screaming. He wants to know why he is there? WTF.

We return with Clark in his cell screaming that he doesn’t belong here. He believes that he isn’t crazy. An orderly comes to the room and Clark attempts to fight, but is again pushed to the ground. We then see Dr. Hudson arrive. Clark asks him how he got here? He wants Clark to think back to what happened. Clark mentions that something attacked him in his barn. He thinks that he is locked in 33.1. He is certain that Lex Luthor is behind all this. Dr. Hudson informs him that his obsession with Lex Luthor is part of a fantasy world Clark created after he had a psychotic break. Clark thinks that Dr. Hudson wants him to think he is crazy. Dr. Hudson tells Clark that he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and has for years. Clark is shocked. He continues to tell Clark that his parents died in the Smallville meteor shower and was placed with the Kent’s in the aftermath. He says that Clark made his own make believe world to deal with his trauma. He feels Clark convinced himself that he came from another planet, has special powers, and uses them to save humanity. Clark tells him that his games are not going to work. Dr. Hudson goes on to mention Clark’s freshman year of high school. He says that was when Clark permanently fell into his fantasy world. Clark doesn’t believe what he is hearing. Dr. Hudson implores that his condition is getting worse, but he has developed a new treatment that will cure Clark. Clark wants Dr. Hudson to tell Lex that he doesn’t buy it. He is told that Lex isn’t his nemesis and 33.1 doesn’t exist. It seems Clark has been a resident of Fairview Psychiatric Hospital for the last 5 ½ years. He informs Clark that all the other stuff, his superpowers, alien lineage, and secret identity are delusions. He then leaves Clark to his thoughts. Man, imagine being Clark in that scene. Talk about being mind f**ked.

Later, we see Clark in line for medication when another patient comes up to him and calls him Kal-El. Of course, we know that he is Martian Manhunter, but Clark doesn’t yet. He tells him that he believes his story of being from another planet. Clark wants to know why he says that? Jones tells Clark that he is actually from Mars. He tries to tell Clark that he can’t trust anyone, but orderlies push him aside and use a shot to subdue him. We then see Clark run off to follow a janitor. He goes into the broom closet and punches out the man and steals his clothes. He tries to blend in with the workers and makes his way out of the facility. GOD, what terrible security. I mean he WALKED out the front door.

He runs back to the farm and finds a surprise in the loft. It’s all decorated and it seems to have someone in it. Shockingly, Lana Lang, looking very beautiful is right in front of him. She is grateful to see him and runs into his arms for a hug. Clark seems to delight in the her scent. He is ecstatic, but confused. Clark asks her what she is doing there? He wants to know what her things are doing in the loft. She tells him that Nell bought the farm after his father’s death. Clark is really confused. She mentions that not everything has changed. We see Clark’s telescope still in front of the window.

Lana says, “You once said that looking through it brought me closer to you. And having it here makes me feel like you’re always with me.”

Clark is REALLY losing his mind right now. He doesn’t understand. Lana tells him that this must be hard for him. She mentions that he has been gone a long time and a lot has changed, but none of that matters anymore. Lana says that freshman year, Clark promised her that they would never be apart, and he was right. This causes Clark to think. He tells her that freshman year she was with Whitney. Lana is confused since he was the football jock. She tells Clark that she has only been in love with Clark. She notes that the doctor informed her that he’d suffer some memory loss after the procedure. Clark says that he didn’t have the treatment. Clark mentions that he wasn’t released, but escaped. He thinks that Lex Luthor put him in that hell hole. Lana says that lex didn’t put him in there. This makes Clark upset. He feels that she is just trying to protect him since she is engaged to him. Lana is confused, and says she doesn’t even know Lex. Clark thinks that she is lying and that Lana is in on this. He is getting really paranoid. He wants to know where his mother is at? Lana tells him that she is at the Luthor mansion. Clark runs out of the loft.

We then see Clark go to the Luthor mansion. He finds Martha, dresses in white, in what WAS Lex’s office. Martha tells him that everyone has been looking for him since his escape. Clark doesn’t understand why his mother would be okay with him being in the hospital. Martha wants him to just calm down. Clark then finds out that Martha is married to Lionel and this angers him. She continues to urge him to take the treatment so he can get better. In the commotion, he knocks over her purse and finds some medication. He thinks that they are drugging her as well. Martha tells him that they are allergy pills and presses the alarm. Clark is grabbed by two guards, but manages to escape. He continues to be chased by guards through the snow, but at the last second, Chloe drives in front of him and tells him to get in. He does and they drive away. Man, Chloe had a f**king CREEPY smile at the end of that scene.

We see them drive to the Talon. Clark wants to know how Chloe found him. She mentions that she has been looking for him since the news of the breakout that morning. Clark doesn’t think Chloe should get involved in this. She feels that she already is involved. Chloe tells him that they are after both of them. She wants him to get his powers back. Clark is glad to see Chloe, because he thought he was actually losing it. Chloe wants to work with Clark to bring down Lex and Lionel. Clark decides that he needs to see Lex. She doesn’t think that is a good idea. She feels he could get hurt without his powers. Chloe tells him to take her car.

We then see him arrive at Luthor Corp to confront Lex. Clark asks Lex if he is surprised to see him? Lex mentions that he heard he escaped, but is shocked that Clark had the nerve to show his face in front of him. Clark thinks that Lex took his powers, but says he isn’t afraid of him. He won’t let Lex ruin his life. Lex laughs at that notion. He thinks Clark has that backwards. He brings up the Loeb Bridge incident from 5 years earlier. Clark says that when you save a life, you tend to remember. Lex gets upset and wants to refresh Clark’s memory. We see him roll out from behind the desk in a wheel chair. He has no legs. Clark is shocked. Lex tells him that Clark caused the accident. He goes over his view of the events and Clark doesn’t believe it. Lex mentions that if it was up to him, Clark would be rotting in jail. Clark thinks this is all a trick. Lex wants Clark to open his eyes. He asks him if all this looks like a trick to him? Lex mentions that his one regret is that he didn’t just run Clark over. WOW, that was nuts.

Later, we see Clark return to the Talon. However, it's abandoned and dirty. We then see Lana come in the front door. She knew he would come here to find Chloe. Lana is actually wearing the same shirt she wore when Clark first returned to Smallville in Phoenix. Man, this is getting creepy. Clark asks her what happened to the coffee house. Lana mentions that it’s been an abandoned movie theater as long as she can remember. Clark doesn’t think this is real. He asks Lana about Lex’s accident. She tells him that it’s all in the past. Lana wants him to come back to the farm with her. Clark mentions that they aren’t together anymore. Lana tells him that they have been together since kindergarten. She then pulls out a plastic ring. She tells him that it’s from the gumball machine at Quinn’s Market. Lana mentions that he gave it to her when they were 10 years old. Clark had told her that it was her wedding ring. She notes that when he put it on her finger and kissed her for the first time, he stole her heart. Clark says he doesn’t remember. Lana tells Clark that she never gave up hope that he would get better. Clark gives Lana back the ring and tells Lana that Chloe knows who he is. Lana implores Clark to not see Chloe.

He finds Chloe in the apartment. It’s a mess and there is newspapers all over the wall. Clark informs Chloe that Lex is in a wheel chair. She feels that you can’t trust anything with the Luthor’s. She wants them to go underground until he gets his powers back. Clark is still confused and isn’t sure if that’s the right plan. He says nothing is the way it’s supposed to be. Chloe doesn’t think she is crazy, they’re just the only two that know the truth. Chloe notes that she was in the institution as well. Lana arrives and Chloe wants to know what she is doing? Clark goes back to the issue of her being with him in the institution. Chloe tells him that she was put there to shut her up. Lana mentions that Chloe has a family history of mental illness. Chloe doesn’t want Clark to listen to Lana. We have Chloe begging Clark to not believe Lana. Meanwhile, Lana is begging Clark to come home with her so she can get him help. Man, Clark looks really run down in this scene. You can tell he is going through hell. He is contemplating his decision and seems to have made up his mind to go with Lana.

“I should have known you’d never be able to resist her. You never could.”

Chloe runs out saying that if Lana is here, the others are not far behind. Clark wants Chloe to stay with them and figure things out. She thinks that they will kill her because she knows who he really is. As she turns to leave, we see some guards show up. Chloe pulls a gun, so they respond and shoot her. Clark is stunned. Chloe says that she isn’t crazy, but is dying. I must say that Allison didn’t do a very good job dying. She overacted everything. Clark is very upset.

We then see him back at Fairview in restraints. He can’t believe this world is real. He doesn’t believe that Chloe could have died. Dr. Hudson is sorry. He tells Clark that he wants him to have a happy life. He feels that if the treatment is done, Clark will achieve that. Clark implores that he will not go through with it. He says he knows who he is. Dr. Hudson isn’t sure Clark really does. He tells Clark that his name IS Clark Kent, not Kal-El. He also states that Jor-El isn’t his father. He grabs a bottle of soap called Jorel. Clark is really confused. We then hear the loudspeaker asking for a Dr. Milton Fine to report to level three right away. We then span the room to find two books, “Fortress of Solitude: A Prison Memoir” & “The Crystal Ship” on the shelf. He also notices the employee of the month is a man named Oliver Queen. On the table in front of him is a magazine called “Phantom Zone”. Dr. Hudson feels that Clark has taken bits and pieces of his surrounding and created his own fantasy world where he is safe and secure. He tells Clark that in a world where he truly had no power, he chose to give himself superpowers. Meanwhile, Clark continues to scope out the room and notices that the other patient’s names are Victor Stone & Arthur Curry. He is still stunned when a nurse comes in. Her name happens to be Raya. Finally, we see that the building capacity is 331, but a black spot makes it look like 33.1. Dr. Hudson then grabs a piece of meteor rock from Smallville. Clark gets scared and moves to the corner. He tells Clark that it’s okay. He puts the rock next to Clark and there is no affect. He informs him that it’s just a rock, not a kryptonite as he calls it. He finally accepts that Chloe is dead. Dr. Hudson says he will get the treatment ready. Clark slumps down into the corner a seemingly defeated man.

Later, we see Clark in his cell. We hear the voice of John Jones telling him that he must resist and not give in. He is being told that none of this is real. The mysterious man from Mars tells Clark that when he was attacked in the barn, it was the doing of a phantom. Clark doesn’t think the Phantom Zone exists. Jones tells him that it DOES exist. He mentions that if Clark was human, the phantom would have taken him over with ease, just like what happened with Lex Luthor and Zod. Clark thinks that the man is a patient in a mental hospital and just as crazy as he is. Jones informs Clark that if he gives in to the treatment, the entity will gain full control of Clark’s body and powers. The being would unite with the other Zoners and enslave mankind. Clark wants to know how Jones is there? He tells Clark that he’s in his mind as well, trying to help. He informs Clark that the only way to destroy the phantom is to kill Dr. Hudson. Clark says he can’t kill a man. He is told that Dr. Hudson isn’t a man, but a phantom. Clark wants to know why he should trust him. Jones tells him that he knows who he is and needs to trust himself. We then see some orderlies go to Jones’s cell and try to drag him away. He makes one last attempt to convince Clark by stating that the future of mankind depends on his decision. An orderly holds up a flame to Jones, which is his weakness. They then punch him out. The other orderly tells Clark that it’s time for his treatment.

We see Clark arrive in the operating room to find Lana. Once again, she is dressed straight out of the early seasons of Smallville. She doesn’t want Clark to go through this alone. Lana thinks that Clark will get better and they can finally be together. Clark mentions that he wants Lana to be real. She tells him that she is real.

“Let’s say that I am a hallucination, and that your world really does exist. I’m about to marry your greatest enemy, and you’re an alien from another planet who’s responsible for so much tragedy. Do you really want to live in that reality?”

“I don’t’ know what to believe anymore.”

“Wouldn’t you just wanna take this treatment and be with me?”

“Of course I wanna be with you. More than you could ever imagine.”

“Then stop fighting, please. You’ve lived like this for so long, carried this burden of being a hero. It’s time to just let go and live a normal life.”

“I’ve never been normal.”

“Your destiny isn’t to save the world, Clark. It’s to be with me for the rest of our lives.”

That seems to get to Clark and Lana leans up and kisses him on the edge of his lips and cheek. She smiles as Dr. Hudson comes in the room. He tells him that the procedure is quite painless. MAN Lana was REALLY creepy in that scene.

We then see Clark on the operating table. We see a drill start up to his right. Lana is watching the procedure from the adjacent room. She is smiling at Clark. We hear some ruffled sounds which seem to be distracting Clark. Also, at the last second, we see Lana begin to disappear and this alerts Clark. He realizes that the sounds are barks from Shelby and that he is still in the barn. He struggles to break free as he realizes who he really is. He then chokes Dr. Hudson. He tells Clark to think about Lana. He says they could finally be together at last. Clark then drags him the table and continues to choke him and tells him to get out of his mind. Eventually, we see the phantom’s black eyes.

At just that moment, we see the man from his dream standing before him with a red crystal capturing the phantom.

“It’s you.”

He nods and says, “Welcome home, Kal-El.”

Just then, Chloe arrives and the mysterious man flies away in a flash of red light in the sky. Clark gives Chloe a hug as she is actually alive. Clark then thanks Shelby for saving his life. WOW, that was some dream.

Afterward, we see Clark and Chloe sitting in front of the fireplace. Chloe tells Clark that he was only out for a second. She was walking from her car when she heard him fall, and by the time she reached him, he was fine. He says it felt like a lifetime. Chloe wants to give the phantom props for dangling the Lana carrot. She feels it was probably a tempting offer. However, she doesn’t think that the phantom ever came across someone with the steel will of Clark Kent. He says that she doesn’t understand. Clark mentions that he was willing to give up everything and everyone he cares about for Lana. Chloe has an awkward look on her face. She felt that based on the pending nuptials that Lana was past tense. Clark admits that he still loves Lana. Chloe says that kryptonite isn’t his only weakness. Chloe wants to know what role she played in his alternate universe? She thinks she would have been a Pulitzer winner or editor in chief of the Daily Planet. Clark refrains from mentioning her being in the institution as well her dying. He just tells her that she was the one who believed in him. He notes that Chloe means a lot more to him than she knows. This allows Chloe to crack a smile.

Finally, we see Clark walk into the Talon. We hear Hefshill’s “Yesterday” playing in the background. This is significant because it’s not the first time we have heard the music. It played during a loft scene with Clark and Lana in Season 2’s Lineage. He is taking in the sight, realizing that it’s still up and running. As people part from the counter, we see that someone familiar is in the building. Lana Lang, sporting the same hair style & dressed VERY similar to Martha from his dream, walks up to him. She really looks stunning in this scene. Maybe their best job on hair & make up the whole season up to that point.

“You look like you’ve got something on your mind.”

“It’s that obvious, huh?”…Clark grins

“You don’t hide your feelings as well as you think.”

“How are you doing, I mean with the”…

“Fine, yeah, everything’s fine.”


“So are you going to tell me? What is that look in your eye?”

“Oh, I had a dream about you last night.”…HOLY sh*t, Clark actually told the truth.

“I hope that it wasn’t a nightmare.”

“No”…Lana is almost surprised at his candidness. “We were 10 years old and I gave you a plastic ring from a gumball machine at Quinn’s Market.”

Lana smiles and says “Sweet. What was the occasion?”

“It was an engagement ring.”…once again HOLY sh*t, is this Clark Kent.

Lana seems to be shocked by his openness, but continues, “What happened next?”

Clark hesitates in thought, “I woke up.” …he seems disappointed in saying it.

At that moment, we see Lex arrive to check on Lana. Lex f**king with the Clana moment. Lex mentions that he should have guessed her delay wasn’t the herbal tea. GOD DAMN that f**king herbal tea in season 6. He then walks up to Lana and in a TOTAL marking his territory moment kisses Lana in front of Clark. What a douche bag! Afterward, he finally acknowledges Clark’s existence. Clark tells him that it’s good to see him out and about. Lex says that Clark almost sounded convincing when he said that. He appreciates the civility. He asks if Lana is ready to go. She has an uncomfortable look on her face. Lex tells her that they can’t leave the wedding planner waiting. Lana mentions that they were just saying goodbye. They leave, but as she leaves, Lana looks over her shoulder and seems to give a slight smile to Clark. Ah, despite the pathetic Lex, I love that scene.

We open at the Talon during a Valentine’s Day party. Chloe enters with Clark and is trying to cheer him up. Clark looks NONE to pleased to have any of it. Clark tries to leave, but Chloe tells him that he isn’t going to spend the rest of his life hiding in the barn. Clark reminds Chloe that she once said Valentine’s Day was a sneak peak at hell. Chloe mentions that after being in the front seat to the Clark-Lana operetta, she deserves a good V day. You know Chloe, it’s YOUR choice to keep a hold of Clark’s balls. Why don’t you give them back if you have such issues with Clark & Lana’s relationship? Clark thinks that Chloe is the only person who can make him feel guilty, relieved and a little sad with one sentence. Chloe thinks that it’s a gift. She wants him to stop worrying. Chloe feels that his “achy breaky heart” will go away some day. She wants him to give it time, but never know when the next love of your life is right around the corner. Oh God, I can guess who is showing up now. Of course, Lois comes around the corner just after and is joined by Jimmy. Why must they drill us over and over with this horse-sh*t? Lois seems to be none to thrilled about Valentine’s day as well. Jimmy is also using his crazy logic to convince Lois to stick it out. Chloe sees Jimmy and looks happy, but questions why he brought Lois along. Clark welcomes Lois to the love fest in his most monotone voice ever. Chloe grabs Jimmy and wants to talk to him. She asks him why he brought Lois. He feels that she looked lonely and thought that MAYBE Lois & Clark would be good together. Chloe thinks that her boyfriend has lost his mind. He thinks they got MAD chemistry. Oh I see Brian & Kelly wrote this episode. Good Clois tease for season 8 & 9. Chloe doesn’t think it’s a good idea at all, but walks away from Lois & Clark. We then get the awkward moment where they realize they have been set up. Lois thinks that is like hot fudge and halibut. Clark interprets that to mean that he is the halibut. Lois says “naturally”. Well, something tells me that the ladies on this site would probably reverse the terms with the two characters. Anyway, they think it’s a horrendous idea and they part ways. Lois is then confronted by a lady asking if she is down on love. She offers Lois a romance elixir. She has her try on some lipstick made from red meteor rocks. She is told she will fall for the first man she looks at. We then get an EXTREME close up of Lois putting on the lipstick. Lois has a bit of a mustache going near the side of her lip. Of course the person she sees after applying the lipstick is who else…Clark Kent. We see Lois smiling. Oh lord.

We are now at the Kent farm as Martha is looking at an engagement party invitation for Lana and Lex. She is calling to RSVP her invite. Question, WHY the f**k is she going to that engagement party. I know in the deleted scene, we see Lana basically convince her after she gives Lana a gift, but this is just weird. Clark then joins her and wants to know how the party went. Clark feels he lived to see another day. Martha seems to want to give him some advice, but he tells her he doesn’t want to hear it. We then hear a knock at the door. Who is at the door? Well, none other than Lois looking like a total hooker. She seems to be WAY overdoing the make up. I don’t want to get into actress bashing, but the make up crew should be ashamed. She looks completely different in an episode like Solitude than this episode, and I DON’T mean that in a good way for this one. Martha seems to be shocked by her appearance. Martha’s voice sounds similar to the scene with Clark in Spell where they discuss the party. Lois wants to speak with Clark. She is acting like a love sick school girl. Martha seems to have NO idea what to make of this. Clark hears that Lois has arrived and begins to apologize for the events of the previous night and mentions her just dealing with Oliver. Clark looks up and is shocked when he sees Lois. She mentions that Oliver is history. Clark looks behind Lois to his mother, but she is just as shocked as he is. Lois wants Martha to give them a couple minutes alone. She then walks over to Clark and starts to attempt to seduce him. She thinks he has strong hands. Clark thinks she is teasing him and that something is going on. She mentions that she isn’t any good with words. A future Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist who isn’t very good with words. Lois takes out a mixed tape for Clark. We see a White-snake design on the cover. Oh Lord Lois. Clark acts like he is impressed. Lois tells him that there is NOTHING she loves more than slow dancing with big strong arms around her. Clark is completely dumbfounded by the current events and asks Lois to go put the CD on. As soon as she walks away, he runs off roadrunner style for Metropolis. Now I actually liked this scene, because Lois throws EVERYTHING she has at Clark and his natural reaction is to run away from her. What does it say about the ICONIC Lois & Clark where he runs away from her at the first inference of her being interested?

Meanwhile, we see Lana run into Chloe at the Talon apartment. She recognizes that their last conversation didn't have a great ending. Lana tells Chloe that she can’t afford to lose her as well. She feels that since she has been with Lex, she has lost everyone else in her life. Chloe wonders if she lost them or if she was being forced to leave them behind. She mentions that Lana has been walled up in the mansion. Lana tells Chloe that she knows she is just looking out for her and doing her maid of honor duties, but she was hoping they could just get passed this. Hold on…MAID OF HONOR. First off, why would you WANT Chloe as your maid of honor? Do you really have no other friends Lana? Oh right, somehow she doesn’t. Chloe then notices the maid of honor line and she accepts the job. Oh Lord, way to stand up for a marriage made in hell Chloe. Some friend you are. You know sometimes friends have to make the tough decisions for a friend, no matter the cost. Chloe seems to want to play it both ways. She wants to be a maid of honor for the Lexana wedding, but she wants to help take Lex down for his nefarious actions (which Lana doesn’t know about) in the previous episode. Ugh. Chloe. They hug and Chloe asks if they should just ignore the Clark elephant. Lana mentions that whatever he is hiding, he chose to confide in the people he trusts the most. Lana wishes she had been one of those people, but she can’t hold it against Chloe. Lana tells her that she won’t ask her to betray Clark’s secret, she just wants her to admit he has one. Chloe seems to nod her head at the notion. This was a good Chlana scene, but parts of it just don’t make sense with both parties.

Later, we see Chloe arrive at the Daily Planet. She notices a bouquet of flowers on her desk. It seems Jimmy sent her a belated Valentine’s Day gift. Clark then shows up wondering where Chloe has been. She lies and tells him she was stuck in traffic. Chloe notes that she has also been looking into the Martian Manhunter. Clark worries that there is another manhunter on the loose. Chloe is confused. She pictures Lois with an axe chasing the men of Metropolis. He tells her that Lois is only into one man. Clark notes that Lois is “into him”. Tom’s delivery of that line was AWESOME. He was embarrassed and didn’t know how to really come out with it. Chloe doesn’t quite understand what he means. Clark then pulls out the case for the White--snake mixed CD. Chloe’s mentions that Lois has pulled out all the stops and starts laughing. Clark doesn’t think this is funny and that something must have happened to Lois. He feels that they need to find out what happened before she strikes again. At that moment, Lois arrives having FINALLY found him. She comes up to him and shows him a new tattoo she got on her left breast. “Lois & Clark Forever”. Lois wants Clark to get one to match. Chloe realizes that SOMETHING is very wrong at this point and tells Clark she will look into the situation. She leaves him and he tries to follow her, but Lois cuts him off and starts caressing his face. Clark tries to get Lois out of the room, but she takes him into the phone booth. Lois continues to hit on Clark. He is wondering what the hell happened last night. Lois mentions that she went home alone, but she wanted to be with him. She grabs his face and lays one right on him. Oh boy, we can clearly see the red kryptonite effect on Clark. His eyes burn red and all of a sudden Kal seems to realize that he hasn’t gotten laid in QUITE a while and I think he figures Lois is a sure bet. They continue to make out in the phone booth. Afterward, they find an empty room to continue the fun. Kal throws some papers off a desk. Lois thinks this is all a little sudden. She wants to know if this is REAL. Kal tells her that it couldn’t be more real. Then from what I can tell, we get the usual closed mouth Clois or in this case Kalois kisses we usually get. She recognizes his lips and kissing style as the Green Arrow. Kal admits that he was just helping Oliver to confuse her. Lois gets a little upset when she realizes all the times Oliver disappeared. Kal gets close to her and she notes that she finally found a normal guy. Kal doesn’t understand what she means. He feels that Oliver isn’t in the same league as him. Oh boy Kal is jealous. Lois doesn’t think he needs to be macho for her. She likes the dorky farm boy routine. Kal mentions that just because he doesn’t wear a costume or splash his face all over the paper…but he is cut off by Lois who mentions that she doesn’t care that his signature move is driving a tractor. Okay, I don’t CARE that this is Kalois. THAT is an AWESOME LINE. Anyway, Lois thinks driving tractors is adorable. Kal thinks it’s time for Lois to meet the REAL Clark Kent. Okay, despite the vomit inducing Kalois, that entire sequence was enjoyable. We had Clark being all embarrassed around Chloe and Lois. We had Chloe thinking it was all a big joke and Lois, well Lois is Lois.

Later we are in the Luthor mansion as Lana is grabbed from behind by Lex. He tells her he has a gift for her. She opens a door and finds a nursery all set up. Lana is quite touched, but also has a sense of realization of what this really means and I think it scares her. Lex mentions that he can’t decide between stegosaurus or Mr. Duck. Lana smiles and tells him it’s sweet. Quick comment…if THIS was really Lex (you know if he didn’t kill people or basically rape Lana’s body) he would seem like quite a nice guy. He genuinely seemed like a proud soon to be father in that moment. Okay, back to the recap. She wonders if this is kind of early. Lana then goes on about how about nobody except Clark and Chloe know about the pregnancy. Lex wonders if everyone should know. She notes that people are always wondering about their engagement. Lex wonders if he is that hard a sell. Lana tells him she doesn’t want people to think she just married him because of the baby. She wants them to know she is with him because she loves him. Oh Lana, you try to kill me sometimes, we both know if there was no baby, you would have dropped Lex like a bad habit in Hydro. Overall, that was actually a decent scene for Lexana standards as I only had to throw up one time.

Now we are back at the Daily Planet at night. We see Kal & Lois on the rooftop. He wants to show her just what he can do. He takes her up to the ledge and super jumps all the way over to Oliver Queen’s penthouse. Lois mentions he can leap tall buildings in a single bound. She wants to know what other skills he has. He mentions he is fast, but not too fast. Lois feels that Clark is acting very bad. She tells him that the last time she was here was with a very good friend of his. Kal tells her that he wasn’t that good. He rips open her top to make sure she spelled his name right. He then picks her up and places her on a chair. He gets ready to go for it with Lois, but something distracts him. He notices Lana Lang’s name on something. He grabs it and finds out the invite to the Luthor-Lang engagement dinner. Lois seems to notice his interest has went away. Lois mentions that was planning to go with Oliver before everything went south. Kal decides they shouldn’t disappoint the future Mrs. Luthor and that it’s not a party until someone crashes it. YEAH, Kal turned down sex with Lois to crash a party. What love and lust?

Meanwhile, we see Chloe at the Daily Planet. Jimmy joins her and talks about the engagement party. Chloe mentions that she needs to leave, but has a lead on what may have happened to Lois. Jimmy wants her to just admit that he was right about those two. Chloe doesn’t think there is any chance a normal Lois would land anywhere near Clark. Jimmy thinks Chloe is jealous of anyone getting between her and Clark. Ooh. Chloe gets upset and tells him that paranoia isn’t a quality she likes. Jimmy tells her that Clark is a big boy and that Lois can’t do any real damage. She asks Jimmy if he could check out the store and see if any possible answers and she leaves for the party. Chloe tells Jimmy he’s her guy. I don’t like Chimmy, but at least we had Jimmy calling Chloe out on her interaction with Clark.

Later, Jimmy arrives at the store with the lady who gave Lois the lipstick. He asks her about some of the concoctions. He wants to know about the stuff she gave Lois the previous night. She admits that she has an antidote, which is green kryptonite spray. However, something tells her that Lois & Clark’s destiny is more entwined than they realize. Good lord Brian & Kelly, enough with the anvils. My head is throbbing in pain. BTW, how does this lady know Clark’s name? Anyway, she gives him the antidote and he leaves.

At the mansion, we see everyone enjoying their dessert. For some reason, Martha looks so happy. Lex is obviously quite pumped about things. Lana on the other hand, just looks like she is living in her own world, without much thought. Lex wants to propose a toast. He thanks everyone for being there and mentions that his upcoming marriage isn’t settling for anything. He feels that she has made him happier than he ever thought he could be. At that moment, we see the doors fly open and Kal and Lois show up to crash the party. Oh yeah, BRING IT ON. You know what, this scene deserves ACTUAL dialogue.

“Looks like we missed dinner”…Kal has a smug look on his face.

“Clark, what are you doing here?”…Lex already looks pretty upset.

“Come on, Lex, you didn’t think I was gonna miss this, did you?”…

Lana is looking a little worried about where this might go.

“And look, my own mother would rather raise a glass with the enemy than stand by her own son.”…

“Clark, you’re not yourself.”…

“It’s okay mom. You’re more of a Luthor than a Kent now these days. I mean, Dad’s been, what? Dead a year?” Martha gets a REAL pissed off look on her face at this moment.

“Who can blame you for joining the race with Lana to see who’s gonna add the Luthor monogram to their name first.”…

Lana is getting upset…”Lex, he’s obviously on something and he wants us to react. Please don’t”…

Kal moves over to Chloe. “Chloe I can’t say that I’m surprised that you’re celebrating here. After all, once Lana’s off the market, all those years of unrequited pining may actually pay off. I can’t say I haven’t thought about it.” OH MAN, that was BRUTAL. It should be noted that Lois is intrigued by these words as well.

“And you. You know, I gotta hand it to you. If you were gonna rebound, why not choose the one person I hated the most? But I mean, come on, Lana. The jokes over by now, isn’t it?”…

Lex then has had enough. “Clark, I think you’ve done enough damage. Why don‘t you leave?”


“Besides Lex, I haven’t given you my gift yet.” Kal then grabs a drink and wants to raise a toast.

“Congratulations on sealing the deal.” Kal then throws a baby rattle at Lex. Lana looks crushed at this moment.

“To Baby Luthor. The REAL reason Lana is marry you”….

That really didn’t make either Lana or Lex happy. Lex would then run towards Clark, but he is pushed aside into the table holding the champagne glasses. That was quite a feat of strength Clark. Lana is outraged at his actions. Kal grabs her by the arm to leave

“How dare you?”…

“Come on Lana, if no one else in this room is gonna save you from Lex, then I will.”…

They start to head for the exit, when Lois confronts them.

“I don’t think so, Lana is your past, I’m your future.”…

“This is the present.”… BURN BABY BURN.

Lois looks crushed and we see Clark dragging Lana out of the room in her heels.

MAN WHAT A SCENE. That was just awesome. Everyone got what was coming to them and it was GLORIOUS.

Later, we see Lois picking at some food. At the same time we see Martha talking to Chloe about Clark’s actions. She believes that he was exposed to red kryptonite. Chloe notes that Lois became hopelessly devoted at the same time. Martha is confused how this could happen. Chloe tells her that Lois probably kissed him big time to get the red kryptonite into his system. Lois then notes that Clark wasn’t good enough for her anyway. Martha leaves to try to find Clark before Lex does. At just that moment, Jimmy arrives with the antidote. Lois wants to know what Lana has that she doesn’t? In a word EVERYTHING. Jimmy finds it weird that Lois is actually acting like a girl. Chloe goes up to Lois to try to spray her with the antidote, but she pushes her away. Lois thinks Chloe is jealous of her feelings. She thinks that just because Clark never wanted her doesn’t mean she should try to ruin it for her. The antidote is rolling off the table, but Jimmy is able to secure it and hit Lois with the spray. The charm is immediately worn off and she seems to have no memory of the events. She think’s she is at a costume party. Oh well, that was a decent scene as well.

Meanwhile, we see Kal and Lana arrive back at the loft. First off, how did they get there. I can’t believe he dragged her across town in her heels. Did he has a truck to drive her in? He obviously didn’t super speed over. Oh well, here they are. Lana is upset that he humiliated her in front of all her friends. Kal notes that she hardly knew anyone at the party. Lana looks at him and asks what he wants from her? He tells her that he wants her to be happy. She wants to know how that feels, but every time she gets close to that feeling, Clark rips it away from her. Kal feels like Lana is kidding herself and that she will never be satisfied with Lex. She has an odd response, I assume due to his lack of satisfaction during the majority of their relationship Kal wisely moves on to mention that she can’t marry him. Lana tells him that she already made up her mind. She starts to walk away and Kal notes that she is still in love with him. That stops Lana dead in her tracks and her eyes are getting watery. She asks him what makes him so sure. He grabs her and informs her that he is still in love with her. Lana starts to cry. He then kisses her. Lana relents at first, but seems to give in to her feelings.

"Don't marry Lex, marry me." OH GOD KAL, that was a DUMB move. Lana seems to get angry at that.

“I have given you every chance. I have stood in this spot so many times, just waiting for you to say something and you decide to do it now? You don’t love me, Clark. You just can’t stand the idea that I love someone else.”

That was tough to hear for Kal/Clark, BUT it’s the truth. Lana feels that if he truly felt this way he should have done something before she got into this position. Now she is left pregnant and engaged to Lex. She has a right to be pissed at Clark.

Anyway, we then hear Lex arriving in the barn. Lana runs towards Lex. Clark then confronts them.

“Go ahead, Lana, tell him that you’d rather be with me.”…

“Don’t listen to him, he’s on something”…

“Well, that didn’t seem to bother you two minutes ago when you were kissing me.”…

“What do you really expect is gonna happen now, Clark?…

“Exactly what you’re afraid of.”…

“I’m not a competition.”…

“You are to Lex. He didn’t tell you? He’s always wanted everything I’ve ever had. And you were at the top of that list. You’re just a trophy to him, and he’s nothing but your consolation prize. Tell me you don’t love me.”…

Lana can’t seem to bring out those words. Clark continues to ask her.

“Lana, tell me you don’t”…

“Stay away from her.”…We see Lex pull a gun on Clark to keep him away.

“You don’t wanna do that. You can’t win. You don’t even know the rules of the game.”

Kal then grabs the gun & pushes Lex through some posts and slams him into the wall. He begins to choke him. Lana tries to stop him. Quick thought, if Clark REALLY wanted to kill Lex, it would take less than a second with his strength and power. Anyway…

“If I’d have known who you were gonna turn out to be, I never would have saved you on that bridge.”…

Lex then grabs a chisel from a toolbox and stabs Clark with it. At the same time, we see Martha Kent holding a meteor rock which puts Clark down on the ground. She implores Lana and Lex to just leave. Lana notices the chisel is all mangled on the ground. To say she is intrigued would be an understatement based on her eyes. Martha then kneels by Clark and the effects of the red kryptonite are sweated out of him. That was an unbelievable scene. Clark better thank his ASS that Kal decided to come out and play. He finally did some things that the REAL Clark didn’t have the balls to do. First and foremost, make his feelings to Lana known and second, finally standing up to Lex.

The next day, we see Clark and Martha looking out the loft. He is wondering what would have happened if she hadn’t shown up. Clark can’t believe all the things he did under red kryptonite. Martha mentions that she can believe it. Clark is a little confused. She notes that he is always holding things inside and making decisions in other people’s interest. Martha feels that there was a grain of truth in all of his action and feelings. She notes that red kryptonite doesn’t change who he is, just takes away his inhibitions. She wants him to start being more honest about how he feels. Clark interprets that as him wanting to kiss Lois, keep Chloe in his back pocket, all while still being in love with Lana. She tells him that he needs to sort that all out on his own. Clark tells Martha that when he kissed Lana, he could tell she still felt something for him and he can’t let her marry Lex. YEAH…GO CLARK. Martha wants him to leave Lana alone. MARTHA WTF. You supposedly say you love Lana like a daughter for so long and you want her stuck with Lex Luthor, someone you KNOW has committed numerous crimes. That GOD she would be written properly in Promise I hate pod person Martha. Good scene, but upsetting to hear some things.

Now Lois shows up and Martha leaves them to talk alone. Talk about awkward. Lois mentions that Chloe filled her in on Lois Gone Wild. She shows Clark the tattoo and Clark jokes that he had no idea she felt that way. Lois is getting irritated and wants to know if he remembers anything else. Lois can’t picture the two of them together. She specifically wants to know if they had sex. Of course, Lois can’t even say the word, which is HILARIOUS coming from her. Clark tells her that if they did, he would remember. Lois being the egomaniac that she is notes “of course you would, time of your life.” Clark then mentions the mixed CD. Lois realizes that she must have really liked him. Again, the scene doesn’t really bother me, because it’s played for the joke of it all.

Back at the Daily Planet we see Jimmy meet up with Chloe. She tells him that Lois & Clark are back to normal. Jimmy is surprised she is just going to sweep everything under the rug. Chloe tries to justify Clark’s actions at the party to Jimmy. He is shocked and notes that he crashed the party and told everyone that Lana was pregnant and kidnapped her. She wants him to stop the Clark bashing. He says not until she admits that he royally screwed up. Chloe notes that he doesn’t know him like she does. He feels that is abundantly clear and she reminds him of that every day. Jimmy tells her that if he acted that way, she would never speak to him again. He wonders if she had a choice if she would rather be with Clark. Chloe doesn’t respond back to him and he starts to cry. Chloe then notes that he’s her guy. VERY CONVINCING CHLOE. He doesn’t seem to believe her. He tells her that’s the point, neither of them believe the other. He wants to take a break and walks away. Chloe is left alone to think about her actions and starts to cry as well. Good scene and it was nice to see Jimmy stand up for himself.

Later, we see Lana in her bedroom with the doctor. It seems everything is fine with Lana. Lana apologizes for what happened last night. Lex doesn’t think that what they have doesn’t have anything to do with Clark. Lex is so full of sh*t. He then notes that he wasn’t the one kissing him. Lana then says that she didn’t have a gun to his head. Lana wants to know if he was really going to shoot him. Lex admits he would if he had to. She wonders if that was to save her or hurt him? He tells Lana that considering his actions, he had every right to come after Clark. Lex says he doesn’t blame Clark, because if he ever let Lana slip through his fingers, he doesn’t know what he would be capable of. WOW that is quite a line from Lex. Awkward moment of silence as Lex places his forehead against hers. He then leaves the room and meets up with the doctor. He tells Lex it’s not a typical pregnancy, but everything is on schedule. Lex has a devious look on his face. Meanwhile, back in her room, we see Lana going to sit in front of her mirror. She grabs something in red cloth. Oh my, it’s the chisel from the farm. Yes, that chisel is CLEARLY f**ked up and Lana realizes that SOMETHING is up with Clark. Very good closing scene.

(Overall, this is a great episode. There are some nausea inducing moments with Lois and Kal, but generally speaking it’s played as a joke. There are several great lines from Kal once he is with Lois which kept me entertained. I also liked how Clark tried to avoid Lois’s advances before he was affected by the red Kryptonite. The look on Chloe’s face when Clark told her Lois was “into” him was hilarious. In terms of Chloe and Jimmy, I liked seeing Jimmy call Chloe out on her defending Clark over him. It’s about time he mentioned that. In terms of the engagement party, the scene is astounding. Everything that Kal says in that scene is delivered perfectly by Tom and truly cuts everyone on the receiving end deep. The lines to Lois about it being the present were great to here, but make the fact that we have to SEE the future in s9 and 10 upsetting. The interaction with Clana & Clexana in the barn were truly great. Once again Kal isn’t holding back from Lana and Lex. When you think about it, Clark should be thankful that Lois kissed him with the red kryptonite. If she didn’t, the future may have been TOTALLY different. Due to Kal’s involvement, this episode led Lana down the path of realizing Clark’s origin and powers. Finally, we see that there is something MORE to the pregnancy based on Lex’s discussion with the doctor. When I look at this episode, despite the flaws early in the episode, the end is off the charts. In terms of a grade, I would go with an A-.)

The episode opens with a montage of sorts. The music is “You Could Be Happy”, by Snow Patrol…Before I continue, I would like to list the lyrics. Again, perfect choice by the producers and music department. It describes the last 12 months of Clark and Lana’s life in spades.

You could be happy, and I won’t know But you weren’t happy the day I watched you go And all the things, that I wish I had not said Are played on loops, till it’s madness in my head

Is it too late to remind you, How we were But not our last days of silence, screaming, blur Most of what I remember, makes me sure I should have stopped you from walking out the door

You could be happy, I hope you are You made me happier than I’d been by far Somehow everything I own smells of you And for the tiniest moment, it’s all not true

Do the thing that you always wanted to Without me there to hold you back, don’t think just do More than anything I want to see you go Take a glorious bite out of the whole world

We start by seeing Chloe bringing programs to the wedding planner. She has an uneasy look to herself. Meanwhile, Lana and Lex are observing an ultrasound. One thing is truly obvious in this scene. Despite her hesitations about Lex, without other options, she will do what’s best for her baby. I think Lana looks at it as one person who will always love her, no matter what. Of course, knowing the truth of this situation, makes it all the more sad. Lex stands there like a loving, soon to be father, but we know the truth isn’t close to that. We cut away to Clark taking his suit out of the closet. He grabs a tie and looks at it and places it on the bed. Back at the mansion, we see Lex observing his wedding band. Elsewhere, Lana is trying on her dress. She has an uncomfortable look on her face. She doesn’t look like a woman who’s 100% psyched to get married. Finally, we move back to the loft to find Clark opening his trunk. He finds a picture of himself and Lana at the Prom in Spirit. You can tell there’s a sense of loss as he looks at it. It represents everything he’s ever wanted, but his decisions have placed that seemingly out of the realm of possibilities. Perhaps, due to being upset he takes the picture and chucks it into the sky.

Near perfect opening. The music ties everything together. We get the sense of where the characters are at. Clark is reminiscing and upset at the notion of looking to a future without Lana. Lex is enamored with the idea of Lana being his bride. Lana is willing to accept her place in life when she sees images of her baby, but when not thinking about the baby, she seems less certain.

We return to see Lana & Lex in front of the altar. It’s like a wedding is taking place, but no one is in attendance. As the vows are being recited, Lex is stabbed in the back with a dagger. It turns out that Clark killed him. Lana is in shock.

Clark says, “I saved you.”

“I loved him.”

“You don’t mean that.”

She then takes the dagger and forces it into her stomach, killing her. At that moment, we see Clark wake up screaming, “No”. Seems Clark was just having a nightmare.

Wedding Day - 11:03 AM Clark walks out to the barn and begins to toss bails of hay around the barn, causing damage. Someone is really pissed off. During his hay tossing fun, he gets a phone call from Chloe. He figures she should be at the mansion, arranging flowers. Chloe says that there’s a problem and she needs his help. She is stuck in the wine cellar. Seconds later, we hear Clark arrive. Clark goes to the cellar door handle, but breaks it. He figures the better option would be to remove the door. He rips it off, allowing Chloe to walk out. Chloe mentions how sorry she is. It seems Lana wanted her to get a present for Lex, and the door just closed on her. Clark places the door back and uses his heat vision to seal the door. He then turns and begins to walk out.

Chloe says, “that’s it? You filled your damsel in distress quota for the day and your just going to walk away?

“What am I supposed to do?”

“I guess I always juts thought that you would sweep in and save the day, but your not gonna do that are you?”

“If Lana didn’t want to marry Lex, she wouldn’t.”

“Lana’s not my hero Clark, you are. And this whole idea that you’re still hiding who you really are, that you’re giving up the one person that you totally love…”

“I’m protecting her.”

“Good job. She’s marrying a monster and trapping herself in a loveless life.”

“Chloe, you think this is easy for me?”

“I think it’s easier than getting hurt. You don’t hesitate to run into a burning building or jump in front of a bullet, because nothing can penetrate that iron flesh of yours. But the one time saving Lana means putting your heart on the line, the man of steel is nowhere to be found.”

“Letting Lana go was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, Chloe. If you don’t know that, then you don’t me as well as I thought you did.”

Clark then speeds away, leaving Chloe alone.

      • First off, I am ONLY commenting on this point of view. I enjoyed seeing Chloe act like the person she SHOULD be. There’s no reason she should be totally fine with Lana marrying Lex. Despite her continued Clark-focus, she knows where his true feelings lie and she is doing a good job trying to refocus him on what Lana needs. ***

Shortly after, we see Clark back at the farm holding his father’s watch. Martha shows up and Clark has some questions for her.

“How did you know dad was the one? How’d you know he felt the same way?”

Martha walks towards Clark and answers, “I think when you’re young, like you are, like we were, nothing is that simple.”

She sets her things down and sits next to him.

“I know this is a really hard day for you, Clark.”

Clark gives her that “you better believe it” type look and says, “You know, I can’t help but wonder if all those things I told myself, that knowing the truth about me would be too much for Lana to handle. If she knew my secret, she’d be in danger. What if I just made up all those excuses because I was scared?”

Martha smiles at him and says, “Then you’d be just like the rest of us.”

“What do you mean?”

Martha continues, “Your father and I almost didn’t get married. I broke it off after a year. We had a horrible argument and I thought I’d never see him again. Yeah, we came from such different worlds. Our families, the paths we were on, everything was stacked against us.”

“Then why’d you get back together?”

Grinning, she replies, “Because I, I couldn’t stop thinking about him.”

“What if I take that risk, and Lana really is happy with Lex?”

“All I can tell you, Clark, is that if I hadn’t taken that chance, I would have lost everything that’s ever meant something to me.”

Martha smiles and grabs his hand.

That was a very nice mother-son scene. Again, Martha is shown to be the loving mother that’s been missing since Jonathan died. Martha knows how much Lana truly means to Clark and doesn’t want him to be unhappy. Clark is considering taking action, but needed some parental guidance on just what was the right thing to do. ***

Later, we see Lana sitting in front of the fireplace in the mansion. She is busy writing a letter. Clark is standing in the doorway watching her. He looks like he’s ready to just take the leap of faith. Lana notices him standing there and stops writing.


“I can’t let you go through with this. Not unless you know everything.”

She places her things down, stands up and walks over to him.

“Clark, it’s okay, you don’t have to explain.”

“I owe it to you.”

“No, you don’t owe me anything. I’m the one who’s been in denial. I thought that the love that I have for Lex would be enough, but I can’t keep turning my back on the truth.”

Clark is grinning and says, “what are you saying?”

“I’m not going to marry Lex. I don’t have time to explain right now. I’ll meet you at the barn at 5.”

We can hear someone coming to the room.

“You have to go, I’ll be there, I promise.”

Lana then gives Clark a quick kiss and he smiles back at her.


He leaves the mansion, just as someone else enters the office. Creepy music plays us to a break.

Tremendous scene. I love how focused Clark was on Lana. He wasn’t afraid and showed confidence. He was so excited when she kissed him and he had a little pep in his step as he left. On the other hand, something is up with Lana, she’s very adamant about her actions.

We return to see a close up of Lex Luthor. He’s staring at the ultrasound of the child. All of a sudden, the fetus faces him and shows bright white eyes. Lex freaks out of he wakes up from his dream. He gets up and notices that Lana is already up.

Wedding Day - 7:14 AM Lex walks into the office and notices Lana standing near the fire-place. He asks her how she slept. Lana says like a baby. Lex doesn’t know if he can wait for the wedding. He jokes about running off and eloping. Lana says that it would be a waste of 400 game hens. She says that there are a few loose ends that need to be tied up. She mentions needing to meet Chloe, so she needs to get ready. She gives him a quick kiss on the lips. You know, that might be the first time she’s kissed him on the lips in SEVERAL episodes. She was pretty disgusted with him at times recently. Throughout this exchange, Lex seems to notice a bit of nervousness with Lana.

Later, at Luthor Corp, we see Lex staring out the window. Lionel shows up to talk to him.

“Busy day at the office?”

“I just had some papers to sign before the wedding.”

“Could it be you’re avoiding the fact you’ve got no one to be with today and nothing to do?”

“Fine, Dad, you pegged me. I’m a little nervous.”

“You remember when you were a little boy, I’d bring you up here to the office?”

“I used to pretend it was all mine to control.”

Lionel laughs…

Lex continues, “like I could just reach down and move all the cars as if they were toys. Pull all the strings and make people do what I wanted. But I guess it’s all out of your control, isn’t it?”

“I should hope I taught you better than that.”

“You know, Dad, ever since I’ve been with Lana, I wake up wondering, is today gonna be the day she sees who I really am? What if she doesn’t show? I honestly don’t know what my life is without her.”

“What would you be willing to do to make sure that Lana is standing at the altar this afternoon?”

Curious, Lex turns to him and replies, “anything.”

“Then she will be, I promise you.”

Lionel then turns around and walks out of the office. At the same time, Lex gets a call from someone. He isn’t pleased, but asks if something is wrong? It seems he will be meeting someone. We see Lionel outside the room, listening in.

A very good scene between Lex and Lionel. We see that Lex is completely aware that Lana doesn’t know the real him. I think Lionel knows that as well, seeing as he once said that Lana could never really love him…the real him. This is the second time in the episode that a character has made a “promise” to someone else.

Wedding Day - 4:43 PM Lex enters a crypt below the church and finds Dr. Langston. He wants to know if the call was about Lana and if she’s okay? Dr. Langston thinks that’s a bit ambiguous, after what Lex’s done to her. Lex wants to know what’s so urgent that he needed to speak on the wedding day. He tells Lex that he doesn’t want anything to come between him and Lana, especially the truth. It seems that Dr. Langston is picking the wedding day to blackmail Lex for 2 million dollars. He begins to walk away, but Lex stops him. He says he won’t give in to blackmail.

“Oh I think you will. No man sinks as low as you have if he isn’t driven by desperation. Knowing what you’ve kept from her. I wouldn’t recommend putting her love to the test.”

This pisses off Lex and he begins to punch him as we hear loud cryptic organ music playing in the background. Man, Lex is really taking it to Dr. Langston.

“I won’t let you take her away from me.”

He gets ready to punch him again, but Dr. Langston falls backwards, hitting his head on a tomb and cracking his head open. He bleeds all over the ground. Lex picks him up and places him inside the tomb. Okay, Lex has TOTALLY lost his mind. He covers it up and leaves. We then see him washing his hands in the sink. Lex quickly puts on his shirt, but is still bleeding and it seeps through to his cuff. There is a knock on the door. He has no time, so he just takes the tux jacket and answers the door. Chloe is standing there. Lex asks if it’s time. She says it was time 10 minutes ago. BTW, HOW IN THE HELL are these two in the same room together after Freak? Anyway, Chloe tells him that Lana hasn’t shown up.

Well, that scene was certainly something. Lex is shown to be the pathetic man he’s always been. A billionaire refuses to pay off two million to shut up Lana’s doctor, instead opting to beat the sh*t out of him, causing his death. Only Lex Luthor could go directly from committing murder to putting on a tux for his wedding, while still bloody. Dr. Langston…may you NOT RIP for your actions against Lana.

Suddenly, we are in the midst of the tornado in Vortex. Lana is inside the truck and notices Clark diving to cover her. Lana immediately wakes from her dream with a stunned expression. She takes a deep breathe and notices Lex still sleeping next to her. She gets up and walks out.

Wedding Day - 7:09 AM Lana is now in the office library. She’s going through a scrap book containing stories on rescues. She finds the newspaper clipping on her escaping death during the tornado. Something is definitely on her mind. She hears someone approaching, so she heads back down the steps towards the fire-place. Lana tries to get herself ready for Lex’s entrance. Once again, he asks her how she slept. We see Lana place a smile on her face as she turns around, answering him, “like a baby”. Everything about the scene is opposite in terms of the Lana’s emotions. From her point of view, she’s doing her best to be confident and not show nerves. Exactly 180 from what Lex saw in his point of view. They have their conversation about the wedding and Lana mentions needing to meet with Chloe and leaves. As she walks away, we see an interesting look on her face. It’s like she thinks, “I think he bought it.”

Quick scene, already discussed. Again, this is where the point of views become apparent. As I mentioned, in Lana’s mind, she’s not giving away anything, but as we can see from Lex’s end, her nerves were showing, she just didn’t notice it. Everything she did in this version showed confidence.

Shortly after, Lana is looking conflicted. We see Lana joined by Aunt Nell. By God, what’s it been 4 years Nell? She says that she’s so proud of Lana. WHY? I suppose Nell is pumped that Lana is marrying into serious money. Lana doesn’t look thrilled.

“I know that look, Lana. This may be the most important day of your life. What’s wrong?”

“It’s just…”

Lana has a hard time figuring out where to start. She sits down and continues, “If there were something that you had to put past you to get on with your life, and you tried every way that was fair and honest to do that and nothing worked. Is it really wrong to bend the rules just once?”

“Well, what would put those doubts to rest?”

“The truth.”

“But if you are going to promise your heart to Lex, you cannot go to that altar with anything unresolved. When it comes to protecting ourselves, we do what we have to do Lana.”

Wedding Day - 10:55 AM Lana and Chloe are walking down the hallway. They are discussing the events for the afternoon. She notices that Lana is a little out of it. She asks Lana if she slept at all? Lana says that there’s been a lot of pressure. Chloe tells her she will ignore responding since it’s her big day. Then Chloe asks if there’s anything else she can do? Lana wants her to go and grab Lex’s wedding gift, which is hiding in the wine cellar. She tells her that it’s a little blue box inside the cooler. Chloe walks away to find it and Lana is left taking a deep breathe. Oh boy…

Shortly after, we see Chloe walking into the wine cellar. She is impressed with the nice selection of wines. She walks to the cooler and opens it. She finds the present, but the door is shut before she can get out. On the outside, we see that Lana locked her in the cooler. She then begins to make her way to the side of the room, hiding behind some bottles. Chloe calls Lana, but gets no answer. She then makes the call to Clark. Lana is standing outside as Clark walks through the door. She is stunned that he’s already there. Lana watches him walk over to the cooler and breaks the door handle. She is in shock when he pulls the door off the hinges. Many aspects of the scene are exactly the same as previously shown, but some of the dialogue is different from Lana’s point of view. I will try to describe some of it.

In this version, Lana hears Chloe say, “I know you’d rather be tied to a boulder of kryptonite than come here to ground zero of the Luthor-Lang wedding.”

At this moment, Lana notices Clark using his heat vision to put the door back together. We can see her breathing really hard and her eyes are the only part of her face we see. She truly has incredible eyes. We see her reacting to Chloe talk to Clark about NOT sweeping in and saving the day. Her eyes are getting watery as Clark mentions Lana not marrying Lex if she didn’t want to. The scene continues and almost all the dialogue is heard with Lana’s eyes reacting. When Clark mentions it not being easy for him, Lana turns back to him. Lana then hears Chloe mention Clark being bulletproof and indestructible.

“Giving up Lana is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.”

Lana is extremely focused on those words.

Clark continues, “If you don’t know that, you don’t know me very well.”

He then super speeds away, but the great thing is the way it’s filmed. We are seeing Clark’s actions from Lana’s point of view, so there is no red-blue blur on the screen. Clark moves WAY too fast for a human to be able to see him. In effect, Lana just saw Clark disappear in front of her. Again, she is nearly in tears.

Now this was a good scene at the beginning of the episode, but from Lana’s point of view, it truly become special. Lana hears Clark reveal his abilities, but almost more importantly admits that he never wanted to give up Lana and still loves her. While Tom & Allison are very good in the scene, Kristin is unbelievable…and she doesn’t say a word. All that was needed were her eyes. I don’t know many people (if at all) whose eyes can tell a story on their own. The writing and direction for this episode is out of this world. The idea that they remembered that Lana wouldn’t see him speed away is great. Top notch stuff.

Wedding Day - 1:35 PM We return to Lana by the fire-place, writing her letter. Again, it’s the same scene as before, just with Lana’ s point of view. We can see Clark standing in the background and Lana notices him. He wants to tell the truth, but she says it’s not necessary. She wants him to meet her at 5 o clock. Lana says 5 o’clock, whereas when Clark heard her, it was just 5. In other words, Clark is so excited he doesn’t even really hear the other part of her dialogue. Also, from Lana’s point of view, the kiss lasts much longer than Clark’s. I guess you could say maybe from Clark’s point of view, he’d been waiting for this again that it flashed by in a split second. Anyway, once again Clark leaves and this time we find out who’s behind the door.

Lana turns and notices Lionel walk into the room.

“Miss Lang, shouldn’t you be leaving for the church?”

Lana is a little distant and Lionel notices the letter on the table.

“What’s this?”

He picks it up, despite Lana’s efforts to stop him.

The letter reads, Dear Lex, I’m so sorry, but I can’t go through with this.

Lionel realizes just what this is and turns to Lana and says, “this will destroy Lex.”

“Mr. Luthor, I’m sorry, but this is none of your business.”

“Well I’m making it my business. I can’t let you call off the wedding.”

“Things have changed, and it wouldn’t be fair to Lex to pretend like they haven’t.”

Lionel stares deeply at Lana and says, “You know Clark’s secret, don’t you?”

Lana gets nervous at the question.

Lionel continues, “I’ve been watching you, since you started seeing my son and you’ve been getting closer and closer to finding out the shocking truth about Clark Kent. What a surprise it must have been to realize that Clark has kept up the deception for so long, right under your nose?”

Lana turns around to face him and replies, “he was trying to protect me. And he’s not gonna let you threaten me now.”

“You think Clark’s invincible, not so. Like every hero, he has an Achilles heel, a weakness. I know what it is, and I know that it could kill him.”

Lana shakes her head and says, “NO, you could never hurt him.”

“Would you bet Clark’s life on that?”

Lana has a very worried look on her face.

“I give you my word, Miss Lang. If you don’t honor the promise you made to my son, or I find out you’ve told anyone about this conversation, I will kill Clark Kent.”

Lana looks terrified at the notion. Lionel walks away, leaving Lana alone. She looks like she’s going to throw up.

VERY effective scene. We get the return of the magnificent bastard. Lionel is such a slimy son of a bitch. I love how quickly Lana defended Clark against Lionel. Her reaction to his blackmail was great. She’s stuck in a situation that she doesn’t know a way out of. This is what happens when you tangle with the Luthor’s.

Later, at the church, we see everyone getting set to start. Of course, the bride is still absent. Lex is concerned, but Chloe tries to calm him down. We see Nell and Martha sitting together. Lex asks the preacher if Lana said anything to him. He tells Lex to be patient and that wedding day jitters are to be expected. People in the congregation begin to turn to talk to one another. Lex is really getting worried. OH, poor f**king Lex Luthor. He figures that Lana’s not coming.

Meanwhile, we see Clark in the loft.

“I’ve loved you since the first moment I saw you. Will you marry me?”

Clark is practicing a proposal to Shelby. However, Shelby doesn’t look very impressed.

“It’s too corny, huh?”

Clark sits down next to Shelby on the couch.

      • Cute little scene. You have to love Shelby. ***

Back at the church, we hear the brides music playing. Oh no, Lana has arrived. Lex is suddenly much happier. Chloe doesn’t look that thrilled to see Lana. Lana is trying to act strong, but you can see this is not where she wants to be. They proceed to the altar.

Meanwhile, Clark is still sitting with Shelby. He seems to be very nervous. Oh God, the feeling of waiting for someone who just isn’t coming. He puts on his jacket and heads out.

Back at the ceremony, we see they are now exchanging vows.

“Do you Alexander Luthor, take Lana Lang to be your wife in the holy state of matrimony? Do you promise to love her, comfort her honor and keep her in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer and forsaking all others as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.”

Lana places Lex’s ring on his finger.

“And do you Lana Lang take Alexander Luthor to be your husband in the holy state of matrimony? ….

Meanwhile, we see that Clark has shown up at the wedding. Martha notices him. Poor Clark looks like he’s going to lose his mind. Lionel sees him as well and has a smug look on his face.

“…and forsaking all others as long as you both shall live?”

At this moment, Lana notices Clark in the back of the church. She can see the devastation written all over his face. However, she knows what needs to be done, and turns to Lex.

“I do.”

As she says it, a tear drops from her right eye. Clark looks like he might cry as well. However, Lex seems relieved. He places Lana’s ring on her finger. Poor Martha feels so bad for her son. Lex then mouths “I love you”…sure you do you son of a bitch. Lana doesn’t respond as she continues to cry out of her right eye. Lex uses his thumb to dry her tears.

Then the preacher announces them as Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Luthor. Lex is thrilled, Lana fakes it. However, she’s crushed when she sees that Clark isn’t there anymore. Lex gives her a kiss…thankfully were only shown it from the distance. Meanwhile, Clark is in the narthex contemplating his next move.

Poor Clark and Lana. f**k Lionel & Lex. I can’t imagine being in Clark’s shoes in that moment. Thinking that everything was going to finally be all right, only to have it all taken away. Sadly, that seems to be a common occurrence for Clark.

Afterward, we see Lana in the brides dressing room. She is looking at herself in the mirror, visibly shaken and upset. Lex walks over to her and she does her best to fake a smile.

“I never though it was possible to be this happy. How did I ever turn out to be the man who gets to spend the rest of his life with you?”

Lana tries to smile throughout Lex’s words, but just looks like she’s trying not to cry.

Lex continues, “Okay, I’ll just get my things, Mrs. Luthor.”

Comments on the first part of the scene. I don’t want to tarnish Clana with this thought. How naïve and blind is Lex. There is no way a person couldn’t notice Lana current state. She is NOT a happy bride and his delusional “me first” attitude causes him to totally miss it. In Lex’s mind, he’s got the prize, nothing else matters.

After Lex leaves, Lana loses it and is hyperventilating and almost crying as she hears a knock on the door. She says she’ll be right there. She gets up, turns around and sees Clark. It has to be said that Clark looks like someone shot his dog. He is a man absolutely devastated.

“I waited for you.”


“What happened?”

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, but I want to be with Lex.”

Clark walks closer to her, “that’s not true. He got to you, didn’t he.”

“Please, just believe me and let it go.”

Clark won’t and says, “let it go? Let it go? Lana, I love you. I love you.”

“Clark, don’t.”

“Tell me what he did, what did Lex do? You don’t have to stay with him.”

Lana, not being able to face him says, “he didn’t do anything. I’ve made my decision. I just wanna be with him.”

“Why do you keep saying that? Lana, we should be together. I want this more than I’ve ever wanted anything, and I know you do too.”

Lana shakes her head, trying not to break down. She says, “I’ve had a change of heart.”

She begins to walk away, but is stopped when Clark says, “you don’t mean that”

At this point, Lana is ready to ball her eyes out. If she was facing him at this instance, her cover would be totally blown.

Clark continues, “is this because of my secret? Lana, I’ll tell you. I’m not like everyone else. I‘m…”

Lana turns to him and says, “Clark, you have to go.”

“NO. NO. Not until you look me in the eye and tell me that you’d rather spend the rest of your life with Lex Luthor instead of me.”

Lana replies, “I’m sorry, Clark. I love Lex.”

She turns and walks away, leaving Clark alone in the room. He just doesn’t know what to think. He’s laid it all on the line and has come up empty.

That was an amazing scene. Tom and Kristin really showed some amazing acting skills in this scene. We see Lana as barely keeping it together. Clark is desperate and will seemingly do anything to find his way back to Lana. The scene itself is a reverse Hypnotic. In that episode Lana wanted Clark to look her in the eye and say he didn’t love her. Clark was able to lie to Lana’s face and say he didn’t. In this episode, Clark basically wanted her to do the same. However, Lana said she loved Lex, not that she didn’t love Clark, or wouldn’t rather be with Lex. God, you feel so bad for Clark after this scene. Interesting, it's time for Lana to protect Clark.

Meanwhile, Lex is in his room with a smile on his face. Lionel shows up to congratulate him. Lex says thanks, but feels that there’s more to Lionel’s visit.

“Good to see the euphoria of your wedding day hasn’t tempered your cynicism.”

Lex gets up and says, “I guess old habits die hard.”

“And apparently some are next to impossible to kill, aren’t they?”

Lex smirks and says, “do you sit up at night, practicing this stuff?”

HOLY sh*t, Lionel just back slapped Lex on the face. In fact, Lex is bleeding from his lip.

“How could you be so stupid? A grown man on his wedding day and you need me to come to the rescue again. You are pathetic.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t play the fool with me, Lex. There’s a crypt down below that has gotten a little over-crowded.”

“It was an accident.”

“Of course it was. You don’t have the guts to plan a successful murder. And if anyone should discover that the fresh corpse downstairs happens to be your bride’s physician, they just might stumble onto the truth about Lana’s pregnancy. She’s made a desperate man of you, Lex.

Lex walks up to Lionel and says, “Okay, you win. Whatever you want, it’s yours. Control of Luthor Corp, 33.1?”

“You don’t have to worry, Lex. You’ll know when it’s time for me to collect.”

At this moment, Lana enters the room. Lionel walks over to her and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Lana looks pretty uncomfortable around him. He welcomes her to the family. Lionel leaves and Lana puts on a smile for Lex.

…cue “Heavenly Day”, by Patty Griffin.

We see them walk out the church doors. Everyone is cheering the newlyweds. Lana gets into the limo. Lex goes to the other side and before getting in, turns to see Clark. He gives him a smug look, as if to say, I WIN. He then gets in and gives Lana a quick kiss. Once again, she acts happy, but we can see the truth. She then turns to look at Clark standing in the background. He looks so hurt and dejected. The limo pulls away and Lana turns around and we get a close up on her eyes, which once again tell the real story…

(WOW, what an episode. There are many reasons that Promise is my favorite episode. Of course, Lana finds out the truth about Clark. The way she found out was creative and finally shows Lana really thinking. From what I know, it’s very similar to silver age Lana (I think) who would try to find out the truth about Super Boy.

I also loved the point of views. The first time you watch the episode it’s a little confusing, but it makes each viewing unique. You can pick up on subtle differences in the way the characters act. Again, as individuals, we interpret our own actions differently than other people might. I loved the small changes done to the reveal scene. In terms of that scene, again Kristin’s eyes were incredible. Another thing is that characters finally act the way they should. Some would say it’s a flaw of this episode (acting out of character), but I look at it more so of a flaw from the last season. Chloe and Martha SHOULD be wanting Clark to in essence SAVE Lana from Lex, not push her towards him. In this episode, Chloe is acting as a true friend to both Clark and Lana. Martha is being the mother she should be, giving the right advice to her son.

This episode is like one long winding journey towards another bittersweet result. However, we know the truth about how the characters truly feel about each other. The reason I bunch this in with Reckoning is that in many ways, they are like book ends or combo episodes. Reckoning was in many ways the end of Clana…However, Promise was a new beginning. In terms of the grade…what else, an A+.)

We open with Lex walking through some sort of tunnel system. He runs into Lionel. Lionel mentions Lex always needing to meet outside regular business hours. He wants to know what is so compelling about these tunnels, which have been abandoned for years. Lex says he’s involved in a water purification program. SURE Lex. Lionel doesn’t buy that explanation and wants to know how long Lex has been looking into the tunnels. He figures that something very important to Lex is in the tunnels. Lex tries to change the subject, but Lionel interjects. He wants to know about Project Ares. This seems to cause Lex to ponder his next thought, but it’s interrupted by the sounds of someone welding. Lex mentions that this is a restricted area. The lady says that Lex is right on time. He wants to know what she’s doing there. She says that she’d love to tell him, and has already arranged somewhere a little more private. He follows her down the tunnel. Lionel notices an explosive hanging from the wall. He runs to Lex, but the lady says invitation only and sets off the bomb, causing the walls and ceiling to cave in. Lex screams “Dad”, but no sounds from Lionel. The lady then goes knocks Lex out with her welders helmet. She then drags his body down the tunnel. That is one pissed off woman. What did you do this time Lex?

Shortly after, we see Clark pull up to the medical center in a nice Red Toyota Tundra. Things can’t be going THAT bad on the farm. He finds Martha and asks her what’s going on. They find Lionel being brought in. He is trying to say something about Lex. Martha says she left a message for him. Lionel notes that he’s still down there and is being held hostage. He wants Clark to find him. Lionel mentions that Lex has done something terrible down in the tunnels. Lionel feels that Lex is the only one who can stop what he’s started.

Meanwhile, we see Lex in restraints in an underground room. Lex asks her what she wants. She tells him that she wants her husband. He’s a US Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, by the name of Wes Keenan. Ms. Keenan feels that Lex was responsible for “plucking” him from the battlefield. Lex denies this action. She tells him she received a notice several months back about him dying in a chopper accident in Afghanistan.

“I knew in my heart it wasn’t true.”

“It’s hard to accept, but the heart sometimes lies.”

She grabs him by the face, “when you love somebody, really love them, you know when you’ve lost them.”

Ms. Keenan mentions that there were no chopper accidents that entire month in Afghanistan. They also failed to deliver the body. Lex claims he’s got friends at the Pentagon who can help them. She isn’t buying his story. Ms. Keenan has done serious research, and found a file on Wes Keenan, with a Luthor Corp logo on it. She wants to know what he could possibly want with a green beret. Lex won’t answer the question and threatens that his security will arrive shortly. She’s not concerned, because there are no city blueprints for the tunnels. She then grabs some c-4 and notes the whole tunnel system is rigged with explosives. Ms. Keenan is very familiar with explosives, because she was in the US Army’s explosives ordinance control. She thinks that the project he’s doing down in the tunnels is worth more than his life. If she doesn’t talk to Wes in 20 minutes, they die.

As she is leaving, she asks. “What’s wrong, Mr. Luthor? Haven’t you ever done anything crazy for love?”

Back on the surface, we see Clark and Chloe discussing the situation. Clark realizes that Lex could die if he doesn’t go down there. Chloe mentions that after what he did to her mom, she wouldn’t mind the idea of Lex cohabitating with rats for all of eternity. Yeah Chloe, but you BITCHED out Lana for spying on Lex several months later. Another example of ALL TALK, NO ACTION…Chloe Sullivan. Clark has thought about the world and how much better it might be without Lex. Chloe realizes that Clark doesn’t get to choose who he’s going to save. He feels that whatever’s in the tunnels, could be the first step in taking Lex down. Clark then decides to make his move to get in the tunnels.

Meanwhile, we see Lex looking at the timer. He manages to get out of his restraints, but Ms. Keenan shows up with a gun to stop him. She wants him to call Wes. She feels that her life is over, without Wes. Ms. Keenan is losing her mind, so finally Lex blurts out that Wes is dead. Lex says that Wes died after being shot by a firearm. He tells her that Luthor Corp tried to save him with an experimental procedure, but it was too late. He says that the lie was easier than the truth. She can’t take the truth and Lex uses her weakness the engage in a struggle. We hear a gunshot and realize she’s been shot. Lex grabs the gun and points it at her. He wants her to deactivate the explosives and get out of there alive. However, she’s got another idea. She then sets off another explosive killing herself and causing the door to blow off, sending Clark to the ground. We see that there is kryptonite in the tunnels. Oh sh*t…

Later, we see Lana and Martha hugging at the medical center. Martha asks if there’s any word on Lex. BTW, before I forget, this is another episode you have to ignore the bomb time-line. It makes NO sense. Remember that the explosives were set to go off in like 15 minutes…doesn’t make sense. Anyway, she’s glad Lana is here for Lionel. She asks Martha to go get some tea to help with the nerves. She walks over to a doctor and asks to speak to Lionel. She is told he’s being prepped for surgery. Lana goes off saying that her husband is missing and that Lionel is the last person who saw him. She says if Lex doesn’t survive, Lionel’s her only family left. The doctor says she can have a minute. NO guy can resist Lana’s charms. I am loving the dark Lana attire she is rocking. She then walks up to Lionel and grabs his hand.

“I understand you’re in a lot of pain…Good.”

She presses down on his hand where the IV is inserted, causing pain.

“You knew what Lex was doing to me. Orchestrating a fake pregnancy and making me believe that I lost a baby. And you still trapped me in a marriage with him.”

“I didn’t know then what Lex…”

“Shhh, save your oxygen. You wouldn’t want to jeopardize your surgery. With Lex missing, it turns out that I’m in charge of your medical decisions today. Looks like I’m not the only one who’s trapped. Why did you threaten to use Clark’s weakness against him if I didn’t marry Lex?”

Lionel doesn’t respond and this REALLY pissed off Lana.

“Tell me!”

He still refuses, so she stops his IV by tying it up.

“If I killed you right now, I’d be free. Give me one reason why I shouldn’t.”

“I’m protecting Clark.”

Lana is shocked to here this. At that moment, the doctors arrive and say it’s time for surgery.

Afterward, Lana hears some officers talking about a briefcase they found in Lex’s Porsche. She walks over to them and takes it. Lana says they can use it for evidence, but only if they show her a warrant for Lex’s car. She tells them to call with any news and walks out.

Man, bad ass Lana kicks ass and really knows how to manipulate all the men.

Back in the tunnels, we find Clark trying to pick himself up, but he’s struggling with all the kryptonite near him. He calls for Lex and finally finds him on the ground. Clark tells Lex that Lionel sent him. Lex wants to know how Clark found him and no one else could? Clark says that no one else is trying, due to the explosives. Lex shows Clark that in 14 minutes, the whole tunnel system will blow up. Lex walks away, but notices Clark bleeding. He's got a piece of shrapnel stuck in his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Lana arrives back at the mansion with the briefcase. She sets it down and turns up the music. She finds Lex’s gun and fires two shots at the briefcase to destroy the lock. My Lana sure has grown up from the girl of season 1. Anyway, Lana finds a disc labeled Ares inside. This intrigues her. She shuts off the music and sits down at Lex’s laptop. She finds the footage from Argentina of the man and woman, attacked by a creature.(Bizarro Phantom) Lana is shocked by what she’s viewing.

"You’re the last person I ever expected to be pulling shrapnel out of. I saw what happened when I stabbed you with that chisel, Clark. The thing accordion-ed like it hit solid rock. I don’t know why I needed to believe that you were more than human.”

“Nothing’s ever good enough for you.”

“Yeah, well, the truth would have been. You may be flesh and blood, but you’ve been hiding secrets from me ever since we met. You never trusted me.”

“Would it have mattered? What are you really doing down here? Trying to find ways to exploit the people that have different abilities than you?”

Lex is silent, so Clark walks away.

“There’s no gray area with you, is there? It’s either all good or all evil. Did you even try to see my humanity before you decided I had none?”

“I did, Lex. And look where we are.”

They realize the clock is ticking, so they try to find a way out. Lex is able to find a small hole to get out of, but Clark struggles due to several meteor rocks near the entrance. He slowly makes his way through and Lex helps him get through. They continue through the tunnels. We see a charge that says a little over 7 minutes left.

Outside, we see Chloe on her cell phone calling Clark. She wants to know where he’s at? Chloe mentions feeling like his “stalker ex-girlfriend”, but admits that she was never really his girlfriend. God, Chloe this is a pathetic conversation to say the least. She realizes it as well and says to just call her. She overhears some people talking about another explosion. A bomb squad member says they haven’t found anyone. Chloe notices some green dust on his clothing. He mentions that there are meteor rocks down in the tunnels. Chloe is concerned about Clark’s condition.

Back in the tunnel, Clark and Lex run into a dead end. There is a steel gate blocking the way. Clark tries to destroy the lock, but is too weak due to the kryptonite. Lex feels that they need to go back. Clark doesn’t think there’s time and he sits on the ground. He seems to think it’s over. He mentions that no one else likely knows about the tunnels. Lex figures he means Lana and notes that he doesn’t bore Lana with the daily minutiae of his work. Clark figures that Lex doesn’t trust her. However, Lex says that Lana is the first person he does completely trust.

Clark doesn’t buy it and responds, “then why’d you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Why’d you force her to marry you?”

Lex looks puzzled at Clark’s accusations.

“I saw Lana, the day of the wedding. She was going to leave you. What did you do to her?”

“I don’t know, the answer must have gotten lost in that dark abyss we call my soul. I mean, what would I know about holding my breath in front of a congregation. Praying that the love of my lief wouldn’t leave me at the altar. Not being sure on that day was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure. Now you can believe that or not. I stopped expecting you to act like a friend a long time ago.”

Clark looking really tired and weak asks, “were we ever really friends, Lex?”

“I don’t know. I have nothing to compare it to. You were the only real friend I’ve ever had, Clark.”

Lex turns his back to Clark and continues, “Then somewhere along the way, you saw me as your nemesis and turned your back on me.”

At that moment, the ceiling collapsed on Clark. Somehow he’s able to get parts of it off his head. Why isn’t he in SERIOUS pain right now? He can barely move due to the kryptonite, but concrete drops on his head and he’s okay?

“Lex, help get this off of me.”

Lex just stares at him, barely moving. He then looks at his watch.

“Don’t leave me here.”

Lex turns and runs away, leaving Clark alone under the debris.


That was a great scene. It was like they knew the end could be coming soon and just let it all out there. Tremendous stuff from Tom & Michael.

Meanwhile, we see Lana back at the mansion. She is looking over the tunnel blueprints. She realizes that there may be a way out, but doesn’t seem too interested in helping out. Chloe then arrives and mentions that she’s been calling all morning. She wonders why Lana’s not with search and rescue. Lana says that she thought she’d be of more use here. She asks Chloe if there’s any news. Chloe tells Lana that Clark went into the tunnels, and that she hasn’t heard from him since. This immediately intrigues Lana.

“Clark’s down there?”

“He went down to help, and now even the bomb squad can’t find a way in.”

“But he’ll be okay, right?”

Chloe has a stupid look on her face and responds, “I don’t know.”

“But he’s…I mean he’s Clark…Chloe.”

“Lana, whatever it is that you know or think you know about Clark, he’s not invincible. He has a…” “Weakness.”

“Look, Lana, he will die if we don’t find a way in there soon.”

“I think I know another way in.”

She then goes over to the laptop and logs in. Chloe is surprised that she can get through his fire-wall. She shows Chloe the blueprints to the tunnels. Chloe is shocked that Lana’s been sitting on the plans all morning and didn’t say anything. TECHNICALLY, Lana JUST found out about the plans when Chloe showed up, but regardless, she didn’t seem to have any interest in revealing the plans.

Shortly after, we see Lex return to help Clark. He found a large pipe and uses it to remove the piece of concrete.

“Did you really think I was going to let you die alone down here, Clark?”

Clark has a shocked look on his face.

Lex continues, “I guess you never knew me at all.”

They get up and race towards an exit that opened up during the last cave in. We can see that there’s a little over a minute until the explosives will go off. They find a ladder and slowly climb it. Clark just doesn’t have much energy. Halfway up, Lex slips, but Clark grabs his hand and uses all the energy he has to pull him back up. They finally reach the man-hole cover and push it aside, just as the tunnels explode. Huge fireball rises from the opening to the tunnels. Clark is lying on the ground, looking at the sun. He seems to be slowly gaining his energy back.

Okay, that was very cool. Great action sequence and even though you know they will survive, you’re on the edge of your seat.

In the aftermath, we see police and ambulance crews arriving. Lana gets out of a car with Chloe and she immediately is looking for someone. (I wonder who?) She goes through a maze of people and finally sees the person she was looking for, Clark. She walks over to him and they stare at each other for a few seconds. She notices the bandage on his arm. Of course, he’s not really bleeding anymore…only a reminder of the dangers of the tunnels. As she goes to touch it, he grabs her hand and moves to place it on his heart. He moves closer and his lips are just near her forehead. At that moment, Lana notices the OTHER person involved in the explosion, Lex. She slowly moves her hand off his heart, but slides it all the way across his chest as she heads over to her husband. When she reaches him, she hugs him. We can see Lex looking at Clark, almost gloating that he’s got Lana. Clark seems a little upset, but deals with it. However, we can see that Lex has done nothing to “get” Lana, as she’s obviously upset that she’s still stuck with him.

Incredible little scene. You could light Metropolis for weeks based on the electricity that was pulsating through that brief encounter. It’s like I noted in my 100 Scenes From Smallville, that was Clana Hand Sex. Just want to mention that Lana looks so pretty in this scene. She played the bad ass the entire episode, but the moment she sees Clark, her guard is down and we see the loving, emotional Lana we’re used to. Tremendous job of acting by everyone in the scene. No words were needed by any of them to convey the thoughts.

Later, we return to Smallville Medical Center. Lionel is busy reading a book after his operation. He notices Lana standing at the door. They have a few lines of chit chat involving Lex and then she gets into the reason for her being there. She wants answers. Lana is confused because Lionel threatened to kill Clark, now he tells her that he’s protecting him.

“What in the hell is going on?”

Lionel mentions that Clark is very lucky to have someone like Lana who loves him so much. He tells Lana that he had to use that love to get her close to Lex, in order to keep Clark safe.

“I don’t understand, what harm? What’s Lex doing and why am I a part of it?”

“You need to trust me Lana, because Clark’s life depends on it.”

Lana wonders how Martha Kent would feel if she found out her son was used as a bargaining chip. She wants the whole truth. Lionel gives her a weird smirk and says that Lana has really embraced what it means to be a Luthor.

Meanwhile, back near the tunnels, we see Clark talking to Chloe. He mentions that the tunnels all lead to Reeves Dam. Clark wonders if Lex really was telling the truth. Chloe says maybe, but someone wanted to kill him in regards to them. Clark asks how they found them? She tells him that Lana led to rescue team. He figures she must really love Lex and that he was wrong about the wedding. Chloe says he shouldn’t back down from his hunch just yet. She mentions that Lana was aware of the tunnels, but didn’t mention anything until she was told Clark was down there. Clark is shocked to hear that Lana was going to let Lex die. Chloe feels that there must be more secrets in the Luthor mansion than they realize.

That night, we see Lex sitting in his office. Lana comes in gives him the briefcase. She notes that the police must have broken into it. She asks him if he wants to watch a movie with her? He’s not interested and she says good night. Holy sh*t, what a “marriage” these two have. Could Lana look any less interested in the marriage? She just gets up and leaves the room like she’s leaving a buddy for the day. There is just NOTHING on screen with these two sexually. I know that on Lana’s end, she’s not interested, but jeez Lex show some emotion. (okay please don’t, as a Clana fan I prefer it this way) It’s amazing how much better these two worked together when he was her “older brother”. Anyway, as she leaves he asks her if Clark talked to her on the wedding day. He wants to find out if it’s true that she was leaving him. Lana is quick on her feet and says she thought something was wrong with the baby and was scared and needed someone to talk to. She knows how much the child would have meant to them. Lana says that they would have been perfect parents. She feels that if something had happened to the child, it would destroy Lex and he wouldn’t love her. She is sorry that she lied to him about it. Lex tells her that nothing could stop him from loving her.

“That’s why I married you. I wish I was that strong. If someone lied to me like that, they would lose my love forever.”

Lex just stares at her and Lana smiles.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”

He then hugs her. Lana has a very annoyed look on her face.

Creepy scene. Man, Lana has Lex wrapped around her finger. This idiot will believe anything she says, no matter how absurd.

Meanwhile, in the loft, we see Martha bring Clark some dinner. They talk about how the water purification plant seams real, and may not have just been a cover for Lex’s nefarious actions. Clark says that in the moment Lex helped him out of the rubble, he saw his friend, and hadn’t seen “him” in years. Martha tells him that things have changed and he needs to let go. He mentions Martha didn’t give up on Lionel. Seriously Clark, you mean the guy you blasted her for being around in Crimson. Clark wonders if he was too quick to give up on Lex? WHAT, how about too f**king slow to drop his ass.

Martha says, “You’ll never give up on anyone, because your greatest strength might be your greatest weakness…your hope.”

Finally, we see Lex arriving back at Reeves Dam. He goes over to a glass window and turns on a light to reveal Wes Keenan or something that USED to be Wes Keenan.

“Thanks to your wife, I almost died for you. Let’s hope there’s nothing you can’t do for me.”

(Man, that was a GREAT 40 minutes. It had so many edge of your seat moments. We had the Clex revelations in the tunnel. Lana being an absolute bad ass was incredible. Kristin was so hot shooting that gun. Anyway, the Lexana was not horrible, mainly because Lana is playing him like a fiddle. Oh and how can I forget to mention Lana’s scenes with Lionel. Man, Kristin even has a good vibe with John. My only REAL complaint would be Clark once again waffling on whether he was right to give up on Lex. Even if he WAS truthful about the water purification plant (which he’s not) what about all the other horrible things he’s done? Oh well, this is the last truly great episode of Smallville. Legion would come close 1 ½ years later, but not to this level. Anyway, I give Nemesis a strong A.)

We open in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec at night in an old house. We see a lady crying. She opens the door to find Martian Manhunter. He says he has come to help her father. He walks into the room and sees a man convulsing on the bed. A priest is trying to exorcise the demon. Jones tells the man to back away. At this moment, the old man’s eyes open and they are black. John knows that this is the final phantom. He begins to rise and look at Jones. He gives him his red Martian eye glare, but the man smashes his fist into John’s side, wounding him. He smashes John through the roof and he flies off in a a red streak through the sky. The phantom stalks the rest of the members of the home. However, at that moment, a squadron of soldiers break into the house and try to stop him. Right behind them is Lex Luthor. He demands that they need him alive as the entity is inside of him. We then see the phantom rips through the body of the host and flies away. Lex is left looking to the sky.

We return the next day to the Luthor mansion. Lex is on the phone with one of his employees. He is discussing how the entity can’t live without a human host. He wants them to check the eyes of every man, woman and child until it’s found. At this moment, we see that Lionel has joined Lex in the office. Lionel asks Lex if everything is okay. He wants Lionel to tell him. He senses that ever since the wedding, Lionel has been one step ahead of everything. Lionel tells him he doesn’t have time for this. Lex then mentions having a private screening of the DVD that Lana stole from him and gave to Lionel. Lionel thinks that Lex is paranoid. Lex mentions that he has security footage showing Lana pocketing the DVD. He doesn’t think Lana would EVER do something like that unless she was being coerced. Lex believes that Lana actually loves him. “Oh you know so little about women, Lex. I suppose losing your mother at such an early age didn’t help matters. Lana doesn’t love you. The only reason she agreed to marry you was that I gave her a gentle, yet very firm, nudge.”…

Wow, that hits where it hurts most. Lex is furious that he used his wife against him. He feels that it’s deplorable, even for Lionel. He wants Lionel out of his life for good. Lionel doesn’t think he will be able to get rid of him that easily. AWESOME scene between Lex & Lionel, although that seems to be the issue almost all the time with those two.

Later, we see Martha looking at a picture of Jonathan and little Clark. She has a smile on her face. It seems she is getting ready to leave for Washington D.C. Clark tells her that if she is half as good a senator as she is a mom, the country is in good hands. Martha always thought that Clark would be the first to leave the farm. She notes how tough a year it has been for Clark. She tells him that if distance would be better for him, not to think he has to stay on the farm. Clark informs her that the farm is his home and it’s been in the family for 100 years. Someone needs to take care of it. Martha doesn’t think that person has to be him. At that moment, one of Martha’s aids tells her they need to leave. Martha tells Clark she loves him very much. They hug and we see Martha take one last walk out the door and leaves Clark with a smile. Very nice scene, but WAY too short.

Meanwhile, at the Talon apartment, we see Lois doing research on the situation dealing with Wes. She is going over some numbers that Wes was repeating before he died. She can’t seem to figure out what the numbers mean. Chloe arrives and tells her that she should just forget about it and to stay away from business involving the Luthor's. Chloe tells her it’s a battle she can’t win. Lois thinks that Chloe is right. She informs her that she will stop pursuing the matter. She then rips up the card with the numbers on them. Of course she magically has two sets of numbers. SOMEHOW Lois decides that thy might represent latitude and longitude. Okay, no matter how f**ked up some of Chloe’s computer hacking skills have been at times. THIS is the most ridiculous thing I have seen from one of the conniving cousins. How the f**k does Lois Lane decide that would be the meaning of the numbers?

Later, at Reeves Dam, we see Lex looking at another dead body. It seems the phantom struck again. Lex feels he has to find it alive in a living host. It’s the only way to make his army. He then walks over to look at a warehouse full of clones. If you look close, it’s obvious that the writers were teasing Lana’s situation a mile away as the spotlighted clone has long dark hair. Lex is just really creepy and delusional at this point. He is so off his rocker.

We now cut to the Kent farm. We see Lana looking out of the loft as Clark comes up the steps. I love the lighting, it hearkens back to their fallout and break up in Hypnotic, but is the opposite. In that scene we watched as the sun was setting. In this scene, it’s still morning & the sun is still rising and it creates a lovely sheen around the loft. He is surprised to see Lana there. She informs him that she is leaving Lex. Clark tells her that he knows he is supposed to say that he is sorry, but he can’t. Lana wants to say goodbye to Clark. She mentions that Lex is going to be very angry and it’s too dangerous to stick around. Clark implores her to not worry about Lex. He feels that he can protect her from anything. Lana tells him that she can’t protect him this time. Lana says that she is sorry, but wants him to know that she will always love him. She then starts down the stairs. Clark is left alone for a few seconds to make a decision on what to do. He super speeds to Lana and Lana is surprised at his actions. He doesn’t want to lose her again. He wants to tell her the truth about him. Lana informs him that she already knows about his powers.

“There’s more. I’m from another planet. It’s called Krypton. It’s light years away, and my parents sent me here to save me. They sent me to Earth just before Krypton was destroyed.”

Lana just stares at Clark for a few seconds. He is getting worried and wants her to say something. She comes up to him and kisses him. Afterward, Lana has a HUGE grin on her face. She tells him, “You’re still the same Clark Kent to me.” Clark seems happy and that there is no reason she needs to go. Lana feels that he still won’t be safe. He tells her not many things can hurt him. She mentions his weakness. She walks away as Clark asks her if Lionel told her about his weakness. Lana admits that Lionel threatened to kill Clark if she didn’t marry Lex. Clark then grabs Lana and gives her a hug. Very great scene, BUT I want to know what happened after this moment. There are so many things they should have discusses before she continued with her plans.

Later, we see Lionel on the phone, it seems he is leaving a message for Martha about her job with the United States Senate. He is shocked when he sees Clark Kent waiting outside his office. Clark grabs Lionel and throws him across the room. Lionel seems to realize that Lana has spoken to Clark. Clark doesn’t want to hear any of it. Lionel mentions that Lex is tracking a wraith from the Phantom Zone and he needed Lana to help get information to help Clark. Lionel tells him that Clark isn’t a murder. He is Kal-El. Clark doesn’t want Lionel to call him by that name. He lifts his hand to smash Lionel’s face in, but is stopped by Martian Manhunter who tells him that Lionel is an emissary of Jor-El. That was intense.

We are now back at the mansion, where we see Lex telling someone on the phone that he will be at the base shortly. It seems they have the host on route. As he gets ready to leave, he is confronted by Lana. She tells him that they need to talk. Lex agrees, but that it will have to wait until tonight. Lana informs him that she won’t be here. She can’t keep living like this. He doesn’t blame her. It must be tough living a lie in an a marriage you didn’t want. Lex feels that it must take its toll after a while. Lana thinks that Lex is the expert and mentions the nursery and the tears in his eyes when he saw the ultrasounds. She wants to know what kind of a toll that takes. Of course, Lex acts like Lana is crazy. She mentions the hormones that were pumped into her body to make her believe she was pregnant. She wants to know what kind of a monster Lex is? Lex tells her that all this information is slander. Lana informs him that it’s too late to keep lying. She informs his that the marriage is over. Lex admits that he is far from perfect (REALLY), but she can’t deny what they have. Lana feels that all they have are lies on top of lies. He notes that everything he has ever done, was because he loves her. Lana doesn’t think that Lex is capable of love. This seems to cut him pretty deep and he walks behind her to close the doors. He asks if this is about Clark. Lex feels she never got over him. He is shocked since Clark is the greatest liar of them all. Lana tells him that Clark means more to her then he ever will. This seems to piss of Lex and he strikes her on the face. She has a little blood on her lip and tells him that is the last time he will ever touch her. He grabs her and tells her that he can’t just let her walk away. She asks him if he is going to kill her, because that is the only way she is going to be kept in the mansion. She leaves Lex alone to his thoughts. MAN that was a GREAT scene. Kristin and Michael KILLED in that scene.

Meanwhile, back at Luthor Corp. BTW, we seem to have some weird time anomaly’s in this episode. It goes from daytime just a little while ago, to night-time NOW in Metropolis, and shortly after this, it will be day time again. Oh well. We see Clark talking to John and Lionel about their roles in everything. Lionel mentions his methods seem cruel, but necessary to protect him. Clark doesn’t seem to understand any of this. Lionel tells him that when Lex was possessed with Zod, he was possessed by Jor-El. Jon thinks it was a beacon. He then discussed his past with Jor-El. Clark wonders why he didn’t help him in the past. John mentions that he has lost a step since his previous phantom battles. Clark is able to see his ripped up body. Clark wants to go after the phantom with the crystal. They tell him that it won’t work because it’s not an ordinary phantom. It’s the product of a Kryptonian lab experiment. It seems the only host that will ensure its survival is a Kryptonian. Clark wants to know where it’s at. They tell him that the phantom could infect him and kill him. Clark doesn’t care and wants to track it down.

Later, we see Lois arriving at the coordinates and realizes that it’s Reeves Dam. BTW, its bright outside again. She seems ready to investigate.

Meanwhile at the Daily Planet, we see Chloe and Clark searching for news on the phantom. She finds some information about a boy who disappeared from a hospital. He had symptoms that fit a phantom victim. The boy was seen being loaded into an unmarked helicopter. Clark is sure that it’s Lex. Chloe is confused by all the excitement today. Lex is tracking a phantom and Lionel is a new father figure. Clark then tells her that Lana is leaving Lex. Clark mentions that Lana knows everything. Chloe has a weird look on her face. She mentions that there is a new member of the Clark Kent secret-keeping club. I don’t know about the rest of you, but Chloe seems MAD jealous in this scene and is doing everything in her power to not completely expose herself. Chloe wants to know what Lana said. He tells her that she kissed him and Chloe forces a smile for him and says it’s fantastic. She notes that he must be on cloud 99. He feels that he will be, but first he needs to take care of the phantom.

Now, back at Reeves Dam, we see Lois breaking in. She is confronted by a guard who asked what she is doing down there. Lois comes up with some lame ass excuse that nobody would believe. The man tells her to get out the way she came in. Lois tells him that she isn’t going anywhere until he tells her what is going on at the dam. He pulls a gun on her. Lois acts all tough. She then pushes the gun aside and starts to fight with him. REALLY…REALLY. He pulls out a knife and forces her against the wall. Eventually, Lois is stabbed. YEAH…go nameless guard. Lois head-butts him and knocks him out. Of course, she realizes that she is REALLY f**kED. She pulls out the knife and she is dripping blood. Lois, it was nice knowing you, but you GONNA die. She grabs her phone and calls Chloe, but can’t get through as she falls to the ground.

Meanwhile, Lionel is on the phone with Lana. She tells him that she is through with the Luthors and is leaving Smallville. Lionel implores her to stay where she is at, he is only a few minutes away. Lana doesn’t trust anyone anymore. Lionel wants her to stay calm. She says it’s too late. Lana mentions that Lex hit her. Lionel arrives, just as we see Lana running up to her Jeep. Of course at that exact moment, an ice cream truck pulls right in front to block the view. Right after, we see the car explode. Lionel is thrown to the ground from the force of the explosion. LANA is DEAD…okay maybe not .

Later, we see Lionel having a drink in front of the fireplace when he is joined by Clark. He goes on about how Lex has kidnapped a boy containing the phantom. Lionel seems preoccupied with his thoughts. Clark wants to know what is wrong. Lionel informs him that Lana is dead. Clark doesn’t seem to believe him. He tells him that there was a bomb in her car. Further, he notes that he was at the scene of the explosion. Clark still doesn’t believe what he is saying. Clark gets upset and mentions that she was going to leave Lex and he wouldn’t let her. Lionel tries to console him, but Clark seems to have vengeance on his mind. Clark speeds away in search of Lex. In terms of this scene, I would have liked to see a little more emotion from Tom. He is upset, but give me some tears dammit.

Meanwhile at the Dam, we see Chloe. She finds Lois on the ground. Lois looks pretty much dead. Chloe tells her that she is a fighter. She starts to cry and when her tear hits Lois, a bright light appears and Lois appears to be healed. She is shocked to see that the stab wound has vanished. However, she then sees Chloe who is unconscious, or seemingly dead.

Later, Lex has arrived at the facility. He is observing the little boy. He draws blood from the boys body. The doctor takes the vial of blood and begins to examine its contents. He places it under a slide and realizes its exactly what they need. At the same moment, the child breaks through the glass. The phantom has taken over. Lex pushes a doctor in the phantom's way in order to attempt to escape. Lex tries to lock the doctor in the room with the phantom. At the same time, the phantom attacks the doctor. However, the phantom is still able to escape the room.

Meanwhile, we see Lionel arriving at the Dam. He is carrying kryptonite with him to stop Clark if necessary. Clark has followed Lionel to the dam and races inside, despite Lionel’s pleas. We then see Lex running down a hallway, but is slammed into the wall by Clark. He wants to know why Lex did it. Lex is confused by what he is talking about. He feels that there are better times to lecture him about his marriage. Clark wants to know why he killed Lana? Lex is confused. Clark thinks that Lex already knows. He tells her that Lana is DEAD. Lex looks shocked and can’t believe what he is hearing. Clark doesn’t think Lex needs to act surprised, because Lex killed her. Man, he is REALLY getting upset.

At the same time, we see the phantom arrive. Lex wants Clark to get out of there, because the phantom will kill them both. Lex runs away as we here the phantom mention that he finally found a Kryptonian. The phantom escapes the boy and flies towards Clark. Clark tries to stop him with the shield, but it’s no use. He is thrown through the way. Shortly after, he notices someone else next to him. He looks up to see himself. The phantom has taken a part of Clark’s DNA and feels a whole lot better. He wants to take Clark’s life. He then throws Clark into some equipment.

Outside the dam, we see Lex trying to drive away, but he is stopped by police. They inform him that he is under arrest for the murder of Lana Luthor.

Back inside, the battle between Clark and Bizarro continues. Their battle is destroying the dam and making it unstable. We then see Lionel making his way through the corridor. Right in front of him, we see Bizarro crashing into a wall. Lionel thinks it’s the real Clark. Clark then shows up noting that it’s not him, but the phantom. He tries to use kryptonite on Bizarro, but it only seems to make him stronger. He then throws Lionel into a wall. Clark wants to know what he is. “I’m you, only a little more bizarre.” The two then run towards each other and crash together. Clark crashes through the wall of the dam. Finally, we see Bizarro flying out of the dam towards Clark.

Meanwhile at the Dam, we see Chloe. She finds Lois on the ground. Lois looks pretty much dead. Chloe tells her that she is a fighter. She starts to cry and when her tear hits Lois, a bright light appears and Lois appears to be healed. She is shocked to see that the stab wound has vanished. However, she then sees Chloe who is unconscious, or seemingly dead.

Later, Lex has arrived at the facility. He is observing the little boy. He draws blood from the boys body. The doctor takes the vial of blood and begins to examine its contents. He places it under a slide and realizes its exactly what they need. At the same moment, the child breaks through the glass. The phantom has taken over. Lex pushes a doctor in the phantom's way in order to attempt to escape. Lex tries to lock the doctor in the room with the phantom. At the same time, the phantom attacks the doctor. However, the phantom is still able to escape the room.

Meanwhile, we see Lionel arriving at the Dam. He is carrying kryptonite with him to stop Clark if necessary. Clark has followed Lionel to the dam and races inside, despite Lionel’s pleas. We then see Lex running down a hallway, but is slammed into the wall by Clark. He wants to know why Lex did it. Lex is confused by what he is talking about. He feels that there are better times to lecture him about his marriage. Clark wants to know why he killed Lana? Lex is confused. Clark thinks that Lex already knows. He tells her that Lana is DEAD. Lex looks shocked and can’t believe what he is hearing. Clark doesn’t think Lex needs to act surprised, because Lex killed her. Man, he is REALLY getting upset.

At the same time, we see the phantom arrive. Lex wants Clark to get out of there, because the phantom will kill them both. Lex runs away as we here the phantom mention that he finally found a Kryptonian. The phantom escapes the boy and flies towards Clark. Clark tries to stop him with the shield, but it’s no use. He is thrown through the way. Shortly after, he notices someone else next to him. He looks up to see himself. The phantom has taken a part of Clark’s DNA and feels a whole lot better. He wants to take Clark’s life. He then throws Clark into some equipment.

Outside the dam, we see Lex trying to drive away, but he is stopped by police. They inform him that he is under arrest for the murder of Lana Luthor.

Back inside, the battle between Clark and Bizarro continues. Their battle is destroying the dam and making it unstable. We then see Lionel making his way through the corridor. Right in front of him, we see Bizarro crashing into a wall. Lionel thinks it’s the real Clark. Clark then shows up noting that it’s not him, but the phantom. He tries to use kryptonite on Bizarro, but it only seems to make him stronger. He then throws Lionel into a wall. Clark wants to know what he is. “I’m you, only a little more bizarre.” The two then run towards each other and crash together. Clark crashes through the wall of the dam. Finally, we see Bizarro flying out of the dam towards Clark.

(Overall, this was a satisfying conclusion to season 6 and I immediately wanted to watch Bizarro to see how this would conclude. I enjoyed the first Lionel/Lex conversation about Lana. It was nice to hear Lionel be brutally honest with his son. The goodbye between Clark and Martha was nice, but a little to short. The Clark and Lana scene in the loft was very enjoyable. I like how he made the decision to tell her everything on his own. I only wish we didn’t have to see that damn wedding ring when they kissed. The Lexana scene was magnificent. Finally, the truth comes out and Lex even slapped Lana. I wasn’t expecting that. The whole Lana “blowing up” thing was pretty obvious, but I guess they felt they needed MORE drama. Of course we have Lois seemingly dying only for Chloe to use her meteor power to save her. The short confrontation between Clark and Lex was pretty good and left you wondering just what Clark is capable of if his anger gets the best of him. The final battle with Bizarro, was just a tease at what would come in Bizarro. I loved the closing image of Bizarro flying away. Overall, the performances were very solid and the story kept me interested throughout. I would give Phantom an A-.)