Stacy Haiduk
Cast Member
Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Birthdate: April 24, 1968
Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Media Information
Portrays: Lana Lang

Stacy Haiduk is an American actress. She played Lana Lang in the TV series “Superboy” from October 8, 1988 to May 17, 1992 (4 seasons).

Stacy Haiduk-Lana Lang Fun Facts:Edit

  • Stacy Haiduk character’s name during her guest appearance in the TV Series “Life” was “Dr. Lana James”
  • Dean Cain (Superman in “The New Adventures of Lois & Clark) and Stacy worked together in the made for TV movie “Final Approach.”
  • Stacy and John Glover, who played Lex Luthor's dad Lionel Luthor on "Smallville" appeared together in the TV Series "Brimstone".
  • Stacy Haiduk recently guest starred in the T.V. series 'Hawaii 5-0' (2012) and Annette O'Toole, who played Lana Lang in 'Superman III', also guest starred in 'Hawaii 5-0' T.V. series (1960s-1980s).

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