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Speed Bart, the fastest speedster in the Smallville Universe.

Super speed is the ability to run, move and react at superhuman velocities often near to and even beyond the speed of sound. Even those with minimum super speed are capable of exceeding the estimated maximum human running speed. The fastest of those with super speed are easily faster than speeding bullets. Similar to its physical counterpart, super strength, super speed is often regarded as a upper-level power by those who behold it.

Prime Earth Lana Lang and Smallville Earth Lana Lang both possess this power. Their speed is comparable to that of Superman.


Speedsters moving at super speeds will often only appear as a blur or a bolt of lightening to others. Some Speedsters can reach such tremendous acceleration that they can run up the sides of buildings, across water or across ceilings.

List of usersEdit

This list features users from a number of different universe


  • Bart Allen - Bart can easily run and or exercise at speeds that greatly exceeds the speed of light itself, making him the fastest being by far, other than Jay Garrick, in the world. He is much faster than Clark, as shown in the episode Run. Bart can exceed a Kryptonian's top speed simply by light jogging.
  • Bizarro - Bizarro, after replicating some of Clark Kent's DNA strands, could run and or exercise at speeds that greatly exceeded the sound barrier.
  • Brainiac - Brainiac, as a Kryptonian machine, can move and react faster than the human eye can see and follow. He could do this even when possessing Chloe Sullivan's body.
  • Jor-El - Jor-El was able to run and or exercise at speeds that greatly exceeded the sound barrier.
  • Lana Lang - Lana currently wears a specialized nano-suit that grants the wearer extraordinary powers, including super speed. She is capable of moving her body at incredible speeds and is one of the fastest entity on earth, she can also perceive the world in slow-motion while she's moving at super speed.
  • General Zod - Zod, by possessing a human's body, could run and or exercise at speeds that greatly exceeded the sound barrier.



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