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Superman’s Family Album – An animated television series produced by Ruby-Spears Productions and Warner Bros. Television that aired for just one season on CBS. It premiered on September 17, 1988 which coincided with Superman’s 50th anniversary and the debut of the live action television series Superboy of that same year. The animation series, which was simply titled Superman was a half-hour show that included a one 18 minute Superman adventure and a 4 minute segment called Superman’s Family Album. The Superman’s Family Album segments aired during the final four minutes of each Superman episode and they literally highlighted a brief snapshot of Superman’s family album (hence the name).

These biographical stories chronicled a young Clark Kent’s life focusing on key events, such as his adoption, his first day of school, his first date, his High School graduation, and ultimately his public debut as Superman. Lana Lang appears in several of these episodes as a little girl and as a teenager. The idea for the Superman’s Family Album segments came from former CBS children's department head Judy Price.


Lana and Clark.

Episode Index of all Lana Lang appearances and or references in “Superman’s Family Album” Animated television series:

Ruby-Spears Superman (DVD Released: Nov. 3, 2009)

Season 1 (1988)

Includes all of Lana Lang’s episode appearances

  • 4 - “The First Day of School” – Aired: October 8, 1988
  • 8 - “The Birthday Party” – Aired: November 5, 1988
  • 10 - “First Date” – Aired: November 19, 1988
  • 12 - “Graduation” – Aired: December 3, 1988
DVD/Special Features for Lana Lang

The complete animated series is available on DVD. There is only one special feature included in the set focusing on Lex Luthor.