Smallville-Earth Location
General Information
Status: Destroyed
Character Affiliations
Owner: Lana Lang (founder/assistant manager (2002-2004) ) -Lex Luthor (co-founder/owner (2002-2008) ) - Tess Mercer (owner (2008-2010)
Media Information
First Appearance: "Leech"
My mom and dad met here.
Lana to Clark in Leech.

The Talon was the local coffeehouse and hang-out of Smallville.

The Talon was built by vaudevillian and Smallville native William Talon and opened in September 1939 with a matinee screening of the Wizard of Oz. Though primarily a movie house, the theater also hosted the Kansas Philharmonic when the orchestra visited Smallville.

The Talon burned down in the Main Street fire of 1955 and William Talon immediately made plans to rebuild and expand. On November 29, 1955, the Talon reopened its doors to a full house of teenagers eager to see James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. During this period of time, Laura Lang and Lewis Lang met for the first time into the theater.

To celebrate its 60th anniversary in 1999, the Talon showed a restored re-released version of the Wizard of Oz. Having remained family-owned and operated until 2000, the Talon saw its patronage fall over the years due to the proliferation of large-chain multiplex theaters, and on February 26, 2000, the Talon Theater dimmed its lights for the last time.

In 2000, Nell Potter acquired the Talon Theater but unable to find a new tenant to revive the old movie house.

In 2002, Potter sold the property to local businessman Lex Luthor who along with Lana Lang renovated the building and converted the site into a modern coffee shop. It offers a full-service espresso bar and pastries, has wireless Internet access, occasional live music, and karaoke.

Niner years later, in 2011, after everything Lana had done to preserve it, the Talon was completely destroyed when a rogue government operative named Rick Flag blew up it up in on attempt to kill Lois Lane's father, Sam Lane.