Tess Mercer (Smallville)
Biographical Information
  • Smallville Universe
  • Deceased
Cause of Death:
  • Killed by Lex Luthor.
  • Lionel Luthor
Media Information
Portrayed by: Cassidy Freeman
First appearance: Odyssey
Lana Lang was born to be a martya.
Tess to Edward Groll in Power

Tess Mercer (of Smallville-Earth), was Lex Luthor's sister and Lana's ex sister-in-law. Tess's crimes against Lana were numerous, however, Lana forgave her for all of it, she even went so far as to offer her advise.


In 2008, Tess was ordered by Lex Luthor to kidnap Lana and to force her to create a farewell videotape to Clark before transporting her to a secret facility for her own safety. She was reassured by Lex that it was for her own safety and that the coma that Lana had been in was because of Clark Kent.

Tess learns the truth about Lex.("Bulletproof")

After Lana Lang returned to town, Tess was approached by her and confronted with the knowledge that Lex was alive and that Tess knew where he was. Tess denied that statement and after she learned that Lana had stolen information about a secret survival project of Lex denominated Project Prometheus, she confronted Lana and started a fight. Lana won the battle and exposed to Tess the nano-transmitter that Lex implanted in her optic nerves. Feeling betrayed, Tess decided to repay Lex by closing his bank accounts and offered Oliver Queen the chance to merge with LuthorCorp.

Tess ready to kill Lana.(" Power")

When Lana went missing, Tess revealed to Clark everything that happened to Lana after awakening from her alien coma. After being confronted by Lex's right-hand man, Regan Matthews, who was revealed to know about the transmitters in her eyes, they got into a fight and Tess managed to killed him. Keen to prevent Lex from getting his hands on the Prometheus suit, Tess tracked it down to Dr. Groll's laboratory and was prepared to kill Lana in order to destroy the suit. However, Lana managed to defeat her and then tried to convince Tess to let go of her desire for vengeance against Lex.

After a long struggle against her dark side, Tess finally chose a side in the battlefield and finally was killed by her brother Lex, but not without getting the redemption she longed for by erasing all of Lex's memories and thereby protecting Clark's secret.