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The Adventures of Superboy (Cartoon)– An animated television series produced by Filmation that ran for three seasons on the CBS network. It premiered on September 10, 1966 and was based on the popular Superboy comics of that time. Its stories focused on the early years of Superboy/Clark Kent and his many adventures in and around the imaginary town of 'Smallville'. His super powered dog Krypto often joined him in his adventures as did Lana Lang who appeared in several of its episodes.

The show's first season was a 30 minute program titled The New Adventures of Superman and it consisted of two Superman cartoon shorts with the one 7 minute Superboy segment shown in between. During its second season, which aired on September 8, 1967, the program was re-titled The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure. It became a 60-minute program that included both Superboy and Superman cartoon segments along with a new short featuring Aquaman and his sidekick Aqualad. In its third and final season, the program was once again re-titled The Batman / Superman Hour and premiered on September 14, 1968. It also featured new Superboy and Superman segments, but this time they were paired alongside the adventures of Batman, Robin and Batgirl.

In all the Superboy shorts Bob Hastings played the voice of Superboy/Clark Kent and Janet Waldo played the voice of Lana Lang. This cartoon series also marks the animation debut of both Superboy and Lana Lang!

Episode Index of all Lana Lang appearances and or references in “The Adventures of Superboy” Animated television series

Season 1 (1966-1967)

  • 15 - "Hurricane Fighters" - Aired: December 17, 1966
  • 17 - "A Devil of a Time" - Aired: December 31, 196618- “The Revolt of Robotville” – Aired: January 7, 1967

Season 2 (1967)

  • 20 - “The Gorilla Gang” – Aired: September 16, 1967
  • 21 - “The Chameleon Creature” – Aired: September 23, 1967
  • 26 - "The Terrible Trio" - Aired: October 28, 1967

Season 3 (1968)

  • 34 - “The Great Kryptonite Caper” – Aired: November 2, 1968
DVD/Special Features for Lana Lang

The first 36 episodes of The New Adventures of Superman have been released on DVD. Unfortunately, the set does not include the Superboy shorts with Lana Lang due to the ongoing litigation problems between Warner Bros. and Jerry Siegel’s estate over the rights to the "Superboy" name.