Tyler Small
Biographical Information
  • Smallville Universe
  • Alive
Media Information
First mentioned: "Lineage"

Tyler Small (of Smallville-Earth), is the son of Henry Small and Jennifer Small, Tyler has two siblings, a younger sister Kaitlyn Small and an older half-sister Lana Lang, he attends a Metropolis boarding school with his sister Kaitlyn. It was implied that he and his father Henry weren't that close, Tyler's mother Jennifer told Lana that Henry never committed to anything, not even their children, (Tyler and his sister Kaitlyn) and she felt it was unfair that he was attempting so hard to have a relationship with Lana. Tyler's mother threatened to divorce Henry because he had been showing so much interest in his daughter Lana. Jennifer eventually decided to go through the divorce, Tyler presumably didn't get a chance to know his newly-discovered sister.